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HR Analytics Made Simple: A Quick Start Guide

People Analytics is a buzzing topic, but how exactly do you apply it to your role in HR and where do you get started?

In this webinar, we'll be simplifying the core components of People Analytics to demystify how HR Leaders can use data to make better employee and business-related decisions.

Whether you're a small company with limited people data or a large organization with an integrated people analytics team, we'll discuss how to think through your data strategy with examples of how other companies have evolved through their journey.

We'll cover:
1. The connection between employee feedback & people analytics
2. The four stages of the people analytics journey
3. The core competencies of an exceptional people analytics function
4. How to use people data to make better business decisions
5. Best practices for success & common pitfalls to avoid

You'll walk away better equipped to evaluate where you are on the employee feedback and analytics roadmap and identify what you need to enhance your team's impact.
Recorded May 3 2017 50 mins
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Presentation preview: HR Analytics Made Simple: A Quick Start Guide

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  • How high performing teams can improve employee wellbeing Feb 19 2019 1:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Lindsay McGregor, Didier Elzinga
    Co-author of New York Times bestseller “Primed to Perform” and co-founder and CEO of Vega Factor, Lindsay McGregor, alongside Culture Amp Founder and CEO, Didier Elzinga, are here to talk about high performing teams - and how to improve employee wellbeing along the way.

    In this discussion, you will learn:

    - What drives elite performance
    - The relationship between culture and performance
    - How to cultivate wellbeing in elite teams

    With enough time for Q&A, they will share levers that can be addressed so you can walk away with steps to improve company performance.
  • Using people analytics to create exceptional employee experiences Jan 21 2019 12:00 pm UTC 30 mins
    Michal Livny - Innovid, Jessica Brook - Culture Amp
    Technological advances are disrupting the status quo and bringing huge turmoil in their wake. Industries are converging, and new competitors emerging, as never before. The nature of work is changing and demand for digital expertise is soaring, while other skills are becoming defunct. Join Culture Amp and Innovid for a discussion on how to make better decisions with people analytics, build a culture of innovation to stay competitive and explore how global organizations deal with cross-cultural differences through data.
  • Diversity & Inclusion: Build a bias-free hiring process Recorded: Jan 18 2019 29 mins
    Melissa Paris - Culture Amp, Kate Glazebrook - Applied
    Companies that focus on D&I have higher levels of employee engagement, innovation, and retention. Join Culture Amp and our partner Applied during this 25 minute webinar, the fifth in our January series, to learn more about how you can use data to drive your Diversity & Inclusion strategy. Removing bias from your hiring process sounds like a myth. It’s not. Hear Melissa and Kate discuss how you can use behavioural and data science to make recruitment smarter, fairer and easier. Melissa will also share the latest findings from Culture Amp’s Diversity, Inclusion and Intersectionality report.
  • How to create a culture that fosters innovation Recorded: Jan 17 2019 25 mins
    Melissa Paris - Culture Amp
    Businesses globally are constantly being challenged to ‘deliver’ innovation, to be ever more creative. It’s not as simple as having an ‘innovation team’ or ‘innovative’ being a company value so how do you stay in front? We will share examples of how customers are creating a culture that fosters innovation.
  • Democratise L&D, drive engagement & improve retention Recorded: Jan 16 2019 26 mins
    Melissa Paris - Culture Amp, Karina Brown - GroHappy
    Leadership & Development is a top driver of engagement and retention, however it often seems that the best development tools and opportunities are reserved for senior employees. How can you ensure every employee in your business has access to the things they need to learn and grow? This webinar, the third in our January series, will focus on; why this topic is now an important business imperative for any size of organization or industry; how businesses are making L&D accessible to all employees; and the impact this has on your business.
  • Using employee feedback to create exceptional experiences at Moneysupermarket Recorded: Jan 15 2019 27 mins
    Nina Hancock - Culture Amp, Alex Miell - MSM, Aneta Weedon - MSM, Chris Jones - Enboarder
    Join Culture Amp, Moneysupermarket and Enboarder for a discussion of how organizations are using feedback to create exceptional experiences across the employee lifecycle. Moneysupermarket will share their people strategy, approach to flexible working, investment in career development and how they’re empowering a culture that supports mental health. They will also cover their approach to a new system of onboarding with Enboarder.
  • 5 ways to use employee feedback to drive your 2019 business strategy Recorded: Jan 14 2019 27 mins
    Jessica Brook - Culture Amp
    The most successful companies use people data alongside other data types (sales, marketing, operations data) to fuel their business strategy. Culture Amp supports organizations to uncover the areas of focus to ensure they have the right data to make strategic decisions. This webinar, the first in our January series, will focus on; why this topic is now an important business imperative for any size of organization; the importance of having an employee feedback strategy; 5 simple steps to start your feedback strategy; and how (and why) to customize your approach.
  • How engaging employees at Condé Nast led to business success Recorded: Nov 14 2018 63 mins
    Mike Boudreau- Condé Nast, Justin Vandehey- Disco, Myra Cannon- Culture Amp
    Condé Nast is one of the most important and influential media companies of our time. Each day, more than 120 million consumers interact with Condé Nast’s iconic titles which include brands like Vogue, Vanity Fair, Glamour, GQ, The New Yorker, Wired, Allure, and Pitchfork.

    During this webinar, you’ll hear from Mike Boudreau, Executive Director of Community and Employee Success, on how Condé Nast uses rapid experimentation and lean startup thinking to measure, learn, and act on employee feedback.

    You’ll come away knowing:

    -What rapid experimentation and lean startup thinking means in practice
    -How to implement lean startup practices as part of your employee engagement strategy
    -How to empower your people and teams to drive culture change
    -How D&I shapes your company culture as you grow and scale

    You will also have an opportunity for a Q&A session with our resident experts.
  • Cultivate employee wellbeing to avoid burnout Recorded: Nov 13 2018 59 mins
    Chloe Hamman - Director People Science - Culture Amp & Dr. David Batman, International Occupational Health Adviser and Member
    In an increasingly busy working world, more is being expected of employees than ever before. Some people spend more than 50 hours per week at work - and this can lead to a stressed and burnt-out workforce.

    However, organisations who encourage workplace wellbeing are creating motivated, engaged, and productive employees.

    Are your employees set up to survive in this working world?

    On November 13, Join Culture Amp and Virgin Pulse for an interactive discussion about the importance of wellbeing in avoiding burnout. You will hear from Dr. David Batman, a registered medical practitioner and specialist consultant in occupational health, as well as Chloe Hamman, Director of People Science at Culture Amp.

    Register and learn:

    -What factors lead to workplace burnout

    -How to encourage wellbeing in the workplace

    - How to measure and understand wellbeing in your company

    - Best practices for individuals and organisations to adopt now
  • Insights for driving engagement and retention in Healthcare Recorded: Nov 7 2018 44 mins
    Danny Briskin - Vice President HR at One Medical Group, Ashley Sutton - HR Business Partner at One Medical Group
    The challenging nature of healthcare can lead caretakers to feeling burnt out, losing motivation and disengaging from patients.

    Culture Amp helps healthcare providers identify what’s driving engagement so data-driven decisions can be made to motivate and retain doctors and nurses.

    Join us on Wednesday, November 7th at 1 PM EDT / 10 AM PDT for an interactive webinar with Culture Amp’s Senior People Scientist Kenneth Mattos, One Medical’s VP of HR Danny Briskin and HR Business Partner Ashley Sutton.

    You’ll come away learning:
    - Why employee engagement matters in healthcare
    - The key drivers of industry engagement
    - Tactics to get and keep your best employees
  • Why belonging matters at work - A diversity and inclusion case study Recorded: Oct 2 2018 61 mins
    Pattie Money, Chief People Officer, SendGrid; Sameer Dholakia, CEO, SendGrid; Steven Huang, Head of D&I, Culture Amp
    Join Culture Amp and leading digital communication company, SendGrid, for a deep dive into why belonging is critical in the workplace. In this webinar, you’ll learn:

    - The three key findings from Culture Amp’s 2018 Diversity & Inclusion report
    - How to communicate and take action on diversity and inclusion issues
    - How SendGrid scaled diversity numbers and mitigated their gender gap while maintaining true to their values

    You’ll hear from SendGrid’s Chief People Operations Officer, Pattie Money, as well as their CEO Sameer Dholakia, and Culture Amp’s Head of Diversity & Inclusion, Steven Huang. To learn more about Culture Amp’s new Diversity & Inclusion survey, contact info@cultureamp.com.
  • How to craft high performing teams + Live Q&A with Lindsay McGregor Recorded: Sep 25 2018 93 mins
    Lindsay McGregor, New York Times bestselling author of "Primed to Perform" and co-founder of Vega Factor
    Co-author of New York Times bestseller “Primed to Perform” and co-founder of Vega Factor, Lindsay McGregor, is joining us for a replay of her popular talk “The science of total motivation - How to craft high performing cultures.” In this talk, Lindsay will:

    1) Define what performance is
    2) Define what drives elite performance
    3) Discuss how culture drives many of the requisites for elite performance

    She’ll share the levers that can be addressed so you can walk away with steps to improve company performance.

    Following the 55-minute keynote, Lindsay McGregor will be taking questions LIVE from the audience.
  • How to keep up with the pace of change in HR technology Recorded: Sep 18 2018 40 mins
    Dave Millner - HR Curator, Jessica Brook - Culture Amp, Heidi Coppin - MATCHESFASHION.COM
    Companies are looking beyond the automation of HR tasks to how technology can help amplify the potential of employees, managers and teams. In these transformation processes, technology often becomes the star of the show, when ultimately it’s how people use technology that determines its success

    The pace and scale of technological change has many implications for businesses striving to put culture first.

    You'll come away learning about the:
    * True meaning between digitize and digitalise in HR
    * Three themes that lead to a successful digital transformation
    * Role of data, how it can help mobilise your workforce in the face of change
    * Hear from Chief People Officer, Heidi Coppin about MATCHESFASHION.COM firsthand experience around making HR technology work in their organization

    Expect to walk away with practical examples and everyday tips to keep up with the pace of change in HR technology.
  • Recruiting and onboarding to maximize employee engagement Recorded: Jul 26 2018 59 mins
    Eryn Marshall, Director of Talent Acquisition, Culture Amp & Grant Battle, Senior HR Business Partner, Hired
    Human capacity is the world's greatest untapped resource. In the US alone the number of job openings increased to 6.6 million this year.

    With that kind of supply, it is a good time to be a candidate right now. Closing and retaining top candidates is a team effort that takes collaboration between talent acquisition, HR business partners and hiring managers. The most in-demand candidates want to be sure that before they sign an offer they are given the resources the need to succeed.

    Furthermore, Executives and Hiring Managers now rely on People Teams not only to close top talent but ensure foundations are set for employees to grow and contribute to the bottom line from day one.

    You will learn:

    -Recruiting tips to improve employee engagement and retention
    -Sourcing and hiring to maximize employee retention
    -Building and executing an exceptional onboarding program
    -Top drivers of employee engagement from Culture Amp's 2018 research
  • Harnessing employee feedback to manage the challenges of organisational change Recorded: Jul 4 2018 60 mins
    Regan Bunny, OD Manager at Vicinity Centers; Fiona Scullion, People Scientist and Didier Elzinga, CEO at Culture Amp
    Creating an environment for employees to share feedback is an important component of building a culture first company - particularly in times of change.

    Whether you’re a small company looking to grow, or a large enterprise in hyper-growth, the way you manage change will be the make or break of your culture, and in turn - your organisation.

    What steps are you taking to prepare for incoming change?

    On July 4, we invite you to join Didier Elzinga, Culture Amp CEO and Founder, as he talks to Regan Bunny, OD Manager and People Lead at Vicinity Centres - one of Australia's leading retail property groups - about how they used employee feedback stay on track post merger.

    Our expert People Scientist, Fiona Scullion, will co-host and share useful tips on handling organisational change.

    Register and learn:

    • How to process change in proactive ways
    • Handling common challenges when change has or will occur
    • The value of collecting employee feedback during change
    • How Vicinity implemented an employee feedback to strategy to keep employees engaged during, and post merger.
  • How two enterprise companies use engagement surveys to put culture first Recorded: May 17 2018 61 mins
    Craig Forman, Senior People Scientist; Andrea Reyes, Director of Field Training, Journeys; and Maribel Hines, Vice President
    Creating an environment for employees to share feedback is an important component of building a culture first company.

    For Universal Music Group and Journeys, launching a global employee survey was top priority when it came to enhancing the employee experience. They wanted to set the groundwork for continued success as they evolve.

    On May 17, we invite you to join Craig Forman, Senior People Scientist at Culture Amp as he moderates a fireside chat with Maribel Hines, Vice President - Talent & Organization Development at Universal Music Group and Andrea Reyes, Director of Field Training at Journeys.

    Whether you’re looking to launch your first survey or strategizing how to improve upon the next - you'll learn how these two leading organizations put culture first.

    You'll walk away learning:
    - What UMG and Journeys evaluated when deciding to launch a global survey
    - How they prepared for and overcame unexpected challenges
    - How they rolled out results to managers and leaders
    - What actions UMG and Journeys took post survey
  • Using people data as a key driver of growth Recorded: Apr 18 2018 47 mins
    Jessica Brook & Melissa Paris, People Science at Culture Amp; Dominic Jacquesson, Index Ventures; Dan Hynes, Atomico
    The most successful and fast-growing companies use people data to fuel their growth strategies alongside other data types (sales, marketing, operations data).

    Leading venture capital firms such as Index Ventures and Atomico have a key focus on ensuring that the organizations they invest in are set up for long-term sustainable growth by running their people strategy in the same way they run their product and marketing initiatives.

    Culture Amp help organizations to collect, understand, and act on employee feedback. We support fast-growing organizations to uncover the areas of focus to ensure they have the right data to make strategic decisions as they grow.

    Learn from Dominic Jacquesson, Director of Talent at Index Ventures, Dan Hynes, Partner and Head of Talent at Atomico alongside Culture Amp’s People Scientists Melissa Paris, and Jessica Brook.

    You’ll come away knowing:
    - Why this topic is now an important business imperative for any size of organization
    - The importance of having an employee feedback strategy
    - 5 simple steps to start your feedback strategy
    - How (and why) to customize your approach
    - A chance to partake in a Q&A with our resident experts!
  • Using Data to (Continuously) Develop a Culture First Onboarding Experience Recorded: Apr 10 2018 60 mins
    Stacey Nordwall, Senior People Operations Manager and Fresia Jackson, Senior People Scientist at Culture Amp
    A company’s onboarding experience is essential. You're orienting a new hire in the right direction and equipping them with the tools to become productive sooner.

    Though you may already have an onboarding program, what are you doing to further develop it? How are you leveraging employee feedback data to uncover trends and make meaningful changes?

    In this upcoming webinar, join Stacey Nordwall, Senior People Operations Manager and Fresia Jackson, Senior People Scientist; they’ll share how to collect and understand data regarding your onboarding experience to quickly iterate and improve your program.

    Join us to learn:

    - Why onboarding is important
    - What to measure in onboarding
    - How to take action with onboarding data
  • How to Prepare your Organization's Culture for Gen Z Recorded: Mar 28 2018 47 mins
    Kenneth Matos and Myra Cannon, Lead People Scientists, Culture Amp
    Tired of conversations about getting Millennials and Boomers to work together? Ready to look to the FUTURE of hiring and retaining the best talent? Then set your sights on Gen Z, the people set to fill your entry-level positions for the next 15 years.

    Myra Cannon and Kenneth Matos, Lead People Scientists at Culture Amp will present new research on Gen Z: what they think about work and life, what they want out of their careers and leaders, and how employers can prepare for what they're planning.

    If you don’t know who Gen Z is, you’ll want to tune in to understand who they are and how they will be taking over the future of work.

    Tune in to learn:

    - What sets Gen Z apart from other generations
    - Tips on how your company can adapt in recruiting to attract Gen Z
  • How to Craft your 2018 Employee Feedback Strategy Recorded: Feb 7 2018 46 mins
    Fresia Jackson, People Scientist & Christopher Woodcock, Customer Success Coach at Culture Amp
    With the New Year upon us, taking the opportunity to collect, understand, and act on employee feedback is crucial.

    As you begin to set the stage for 2018, what areas are you focused on improving for your organization and employees?

    On February 7, we invite you to learn from Culture Amp’s Fresia Jackson, People Scientist, and Chris Woodcock, Customer Success Coach, as they guide you in conversation on how to craft your 2018 employee feedback strategy.

    You’ll learn:
    - Objectives of a feedback strategy
    - 5 simple steps to start your feedback strategy
    - How (and why) to customize your approach
Webinars for the community of HR People Geeks
Webinars for the community of HR People Geeks

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