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CloudNAS - the next evolution of storage

Join Paul Tien, CEO and Founder of Morro Data (previously the founder of ReadyNAS – acquired by Netgear) as he discusses how combining the ubiquity of the cloud with the performance and local network server access of the NAS is the next evolution of storage. The Morro Data CloudNAS in combination with Backblaze B2, is a plug and play solution which allows prosumers, small office/home office power users, and small- and medium-sized businesses to move their primary file server to the cloud while keeping the local gigabit performance of their on-premise NAS solution.
Recorded Aug 11 2017 45 mins
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Presented by
Paul Tien, Morro Data and Andrew Klein, Backblaze
Presentation preview: CloudNAS - the next evolution of storage

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  • Best Practices in Backup and Archive from the Creative Agency Baron & Baron Recorded: Dec 13 2019 37 mins
    Janet Lafleur, Backblaze and Dr Marc Batschkus, Archiware
    Baron & Baron´s IT Director was tied up in tape and didn’t have what he needed. He wanted to ensure their content was protected every day, preserved for the long-term, and most critically - that his creative team could access everything directly themselves. And with Baron & Baron’s 30-year legacy of building brands for the biggest names in fashion and luxury, doing so was no small feat until he found the right backup and archive solution.

    Attend this webinar and learn how Baron & Baron deployed Archiware software with Backblaze cloud storage for a backup and archive solution that allowed them to:

    Operate a single, integrated system for both backup & archive

    * Enable creative team members to retrieve content directly
    * Browse the archive using previews and proxies
    * Use customizable metadata fields to search and retrieve files
  • Announcing Backblaze Personal Backup 7.0! Announcement and Live Q&A Recorded: Oct 15 2019 26 mins
    Yev Pusin
    Backblaze is proud to announce the availability and launch of Backblaze Personal Backup v7.0! Tune in to learn about the new features and capabilities, including dramatically expanding file Version History. Your host, Yev Pusin will take you through the new features and answer your questions LIVE.
  • Ransomware: Prevention and Survival Recorded: Jul 17 2019 44 mins
    Natasha Rabinov, Product Marketing Manager, Backblaze, Ford Winslow, CEO & Steven Rahseparian, CTO, Ice CyberSecurity
    Are you interested in assessing the risk to your business? Would you like to learn how to protect your business from ransomware? To better understand innovative ways that you can protect business data, we invite you to attend our Ransomware: Prevention and Survival webinar on July 17th. Join Steven Rahseparian, Chief Technical Officer at Ice CyberSecurity and industry expert on cybersecurity, to hear stories of ransomware and to learn how to take a proactive approach to protect your business data.
  • The Five Steps to Taming Unstructured Multi-Cloud Data Recorded: Jun 13 2019 45 mins
    Jonathan Calmes, VP of Business Development, Aparavi and Skip Levens, Director, Product Marketing, Backblaze
    Your business generates a lot of unstructured data – and all those files, documents, images, spreadsheets, recordings are the lifeblood of your operation and make up 90% or more of most business data today. With the rise of cloud storage taking and the need to work with company data across multiple kinds of storage, organizations are struggling to manage and retrieve all this data for compliance, historical reference, efficient business workflow and intelligent re-use.

    In this webinar Aparavi (Aparavi Active Archive) and Backblaze (Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage) will cover five key steps to transforming unstructured content into intelligent, multi-cloud data management to answer your long-term retention and active data management needs.

    We’ll cover how you can:
    • Organize your unstructured business data with classification and tagging
    • Archive it to one or more cloud destinations
    • Access it to find any file anytime
    • Move it to the most economical cloud
    • Prune it based on retention policies

    Jonathan Calmes, VP of Business Development, Aparavi
    Skip Levens, Director, Product Marketing, Backblaze
  • Evading Extinction: Migrating Legacy Archives Recorded: Mar 28 2019 49 mins
    James Gibson, Ortana and Janet Lafleur, Backblaze
    Is your content stuck on a dying archive platform? You may see the signs coming: the vendor increases support charges, product enhancements slow down and marketing ceases. Once the rumors start, it won’t be long before the vendor announces end-of-life plans. If decades of your content are archived in a closed-format, proprietary platform you’ll need to migrate immediately, before it’s too late.

    Join this webinar with experts from Ortana and Backblaze and learn how to:
    - Migrate even the largest libraries in short timescales, with zero down time
    - Preserve valuable editorial metadata during the migration process
    - Use AI based image detection and speech to text to augment metadata
    - Choose the right mix of formats and storage for your new, everlasting archive
  • Evolving for Intelligence: MAM to MAM Migration Recorded: Mar 15 2019 46 mins
    Jason Perr, Workflow Intelligence Nexus and Skip Levens, Backblaze
    Is your MAM holding you back? With so many new ways to monetize content, keeping your assets organized and accessible is more important now than ever. Switching to a more intelligent MAM can simplify content reuse, improve collaboration, and give your business a competitive advantage as markets evolve and new opportunities emerge.

    Join this webinar with experts from Workflow Intelligence Nexus and Backblaze and learn how to:
    - Determine when it’s time to migrate and what to look for in a new MAM
    - Quickly and cleanly migrate to a new MAM without losing content value
    - Add value during migration with intelligent metadata extraction
    - Simplify the migration with cloud storage, and streamline collaboration and distribution too
  • Announcing Backblaze Cloud Backup 6.0 Recorded: Jan 30 2019 44 mins
    Yev Pusin, Backblaze
    Join us as we introduce the new and updated features of Backblaze Cloud Backup 6.0.

    This release for consumers and businesses delivers:

    - Restore by Mail hard drives that are twice the size - up to 8TB.
    - The ability to archive data directly to Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage.
    - Up to 50% faster backups.
    - Create your own network blocklist to help avoid data caps.
    - More efficient and performant Mac and Windows applications.
    - Mobile enhancements for iOS and Android.
    - SSO support with Google, and more

    We'll walk you through many of these features such as archiving to B2 and explain how they can be helpful to you.
  • Backblaze Hard Drive Stats for 2018 Recorded: Jan 24 2019 44 mins
    Andrew Klein, Backblaze
    At the end of 2018 Backblaze had over 750 petabytes of data storage on over 100,000 hard drives. We’ll examine the quarterly, yearly and lifetime failure rates for the hard drive models in service in our data centers. We’ll get our first look at the new 14 TB drives we started using in Q4 and get updates on the 8, 10, and 12 TB drives currently in service. In addition, we will:

    •Take a look at the SMART stats we are collecting and what they are telling us.
    •Compare the failure rates of consumer hard drives versus enterprise hard drives
    •Compare the failure rates of helium-filled versus air-filled hard-drives

    Join us.
  • From LTO to the Cloud: Your Last Data Migration with Backblaze and StorageDNA Recorded: Dec 14 2018 32 mins
    Tridib Chakravarty, StorageDNA and Nilay Patel, Backblaze
    Do you have content archived on LTO-5 or LTO-6 tape? If so, what’s your plan for migrating it before it’s too late? LTO-8 is available now, and manufacturers only guarantee at most two generations of backward compatibility. That is, presuming the tape doesn’t fail first.

    With the right strategy, modernizing your archive by migrating from LTO to the cloud doesn’t have to be painful or time-consuming.

    Join this webinar with experts from StorageDNA and Backblaze and learn how to:
    - Avoid the pitfalls of manual LTO migrations with StorageDNA Smart Migration
    - Build a cloud-based archive with Backblaze B2 that you never have to migrate again
    - Unlock the value of your archival content though fast, direct cloud access
  • 3 Steps to a Self-Serve Media Archive with Archiware and Backblaze B2 Recorded: Dec 6 2018 25 mins
    Marc Batschkus, Archiware and Skip Levens, Backblaze
    A great media archiving solution gives you peace of mind knowing that your content is securely stored, and can easily scale to any size you need while easing the pressure on your local storage. And, ideally your users can use it themselves.

    This webinar will show you a demo of the three steps it takes to install and configure a media archiving solution using Archiware and Backblaze. You’ll see how your media archive transforms from files and folders on a server to a web-based, searchable and previewable catalog that can be used by everyone on your team.
  • 3 Steps to Making Your Cloud Media Archive ‘active’ with iconik and Backblaze B2 Recorded: Nov 20 2018 30 mins
    Mike Szumlinski, Cantemo and Nilay Patel, Backblaze
    Do you have terabytes of video sitting in a Backblaze B2 bucket, or project files and content trapped on USB hard drives in the closet, waiting to upload it to B2?

    Cantemo’s newest iconik cloud-based asset management service is here - and works seamlessly with Backblaze B2. iconik allows your media files stored in B2 to come alive, for less than $100/user/month.

    In this webinar you’ll see a demo of the three simple steps to get up and running with iconik and Backblaze B2. You’ll see how your content can be easily searched, filtered, sorted and previewed all from a web browser, from anywhere. Also, we will show how AI is used for automatic metadata creation and how this all works with editing tools like Adobe Premiere.
  • Ransomware: Getting ready for the next wave Recorded: Sep 12 2018 47 mins
    David Gugick, CloudBerry Lab and Andy Klein, Backblaze.
    It has been over a year since the ransomware attack known as Wanna Cry first struck fear into businesses, organizations, and individuals around the globe. While ransomware attacks have leveled off since then, it is only a matter of time before the next wave of ransomware takes advantage of an obscure or newly found vulnerability. One prediction suggests that there will be a ransomware attack on businesses every 14 seconds by the end of 2019. But, ransomware is only effective if regular backups are not kept. Join CloudBerry Lab and Backblaze as they show you how easy it can be to protect your data and your organization from falling victim to the next wave of ransomware.
  • [Ep.18] Founders Spotlight: Gleb Budman, CEO, Backblaze Recorded: Aug 1 2018 47 mins
    Gleb Budman, CEO and Co-Founder, Backblaze and Kelly Harris, Senior Content Manager, BrightTALK
    This webinar is part of BrightTALK's Founders Spotlight Series, where each month we feature inspiring founders and entrepreneurs from across industries.

    In this episode, Gleb Budman, CEO and Co-Founder of Backblaze, will share his behind-the-scenes insight into what it's really like to found a tech startup.

    Backblaze delivers astonishingly easy and low-cost cloud storage and cloud backup services. They currently store over 600 petabytes of data for customers in over 150 countries and have won a spot on Deloitte's Fast 500 list three consecutive years.

    Gleb is founder of three companies, leader in two startups from pre-launch through acquisition, and a seasoned executive. He is on a mission to make storing data astonishingly easy and low-cost.
  • How to optimize on-premise to cloud workflows for digital media Recorded: Jul 18 2018 60 mins
    Dave Clack (CatDV) and Nilay Patel (Backblaze)
    Creating today’s media requires a media asset management (MAM) system to be flexible enough to handle projects ranging from small in-house efforts to those requiring a global workforce. Traditional (MAM) systems that utilize on-premise server and LTO based media assets are often slow and inflexible when faced with a global cloud-based workforce. The result - costs rise, margins shrink, and deadlines are missed. Join Cat DV and Backblaze as they walk you through the details on how you can have on-premise to cloud-based media workflows that cost effectively deliver the flexibility you need to work locally or globally.

    CatDV has provided its pioneering media asset management suite to creative and business teams since 2003. Backblaze B2 is affordable, high performance, cloud storage used by thousands of organizations around the globe.
  • 3 Easy Steps to replace LTO with Backblaze B2 in Veeam Recorded: Jun 6 2018 34 mins
    Max Kolomyeytsev, Director of Product Management, Starwind and Nilay Patel, VP of Product and Sales, Backblaze
    Are you using tape jobs in Veeam? Backblaze B2 has supplanted LTO as the least expensive storage to archive your Veeam backups. Backblaze B2 is now being adopted by many customers who are choosing to abandon LTO. Aside from saving money and eliminating on-premise tape infrastructure, this backup strategy allows you to automatically practice a 3-2-1 backup strategy and quickly recover VMs in the cloud, too.

    Join this webinar to see how Starwind’s Storage Gateway of Backblaze B2 allows you to continue using your current Veeam tape jobs with B2 without changing any Veeam processes!
  • Avoid Invaluable Media Loss with eMAM & B2 Recorded: May 24 2018 28 mins
    Dave Miller, eMAM. Nilay Patel, Backblaze
    Any organization that creates rich media under tight deadlines and budget constraints knows the pain of losing data. Learn how using eMam and B2 together can help you avoid losing access to your valuable media through misplacement, accident, or hard drive failure. Backblaze B2 provides a permanent, secure, low-cost cloud archive that can grow with your needs. The eMAM media asset management system can work locally or in the cloud to provide you with proxy copies to search, find, use, and share your media. With the combined solution, you can manage your media from anywhere with any connected device, delivering it however and wherever it may be needed. You can save money on expensive storage systems and time lost in finding or reshooting media. Rest assured, your media will always be protected and accessible with an eMAM managed Backblaze B2 archive.

    The webinar will be 30 minutes followed by 15 minutes of Q&A.
  • Preserving Austin City Limits Recorded: Mar 16 2018 28 mins
    James Cole, KLRU-TV and Andrew Klein, Backblaze
    KLRU-TV, Austin PBS created Austin City Limits 43 years ago and has produced it ever since. Join us as we interview James Cole of KLRU-TV as he gives us an insider’s look at the process they used, and the challenges they faced, in preserving the Austin City Limits catalog for future generations. James will tell us how they were able to capture and restore over 4,000 hours of aging videotape, combine it with their existing digital library, and preserve their one-of-a-kind content using the B2 Fireball and B2 Cloud Storage.
  • Backblaze for Business Demo Recorded: Feb 16 2018 18 mins
    Sona Patel, Backblaze
    Spending too much money and time on computer backup for your company? Join us to see how you can get automatic, unlimited data backup for just $60/year per Mac or PC client. Learn how easy it is to manage your backups with our flexible administrative console. With our Group Management functionality you can map your backups to your organizational needs. In addition, you will see how easy it is to back up and store data for Windows servers, Linux servers, or NAS devices for just $5/TB/month. Sign up today to learn more.
  • Backblaze Hard Drive Stats for 2017 Recorded: Feb 9 2018 43 mins
    Andrew Klein (Backblaze)
    It’s time for our 2017 Hard Drive Stats year-in-review. This past year we added 10TB and 12TB drives to our cache of nearly 100,000 hard drives. This gives us over 500 petabytes of customer data under management. We’ll start with looking at the failure rates of all of the drives we’ve used since we started keeping the stats in 2013. Then we’ll cover 2017 and look for trends over the years. We’ll finish up by comparing the failure rates of our 8 TB consumer drives and our 8 TB enterprise drives. Join us.
  • MSP Case Study: How to simplify customer backups to drive more revenue. Recorded: Dec 12 2017 42 mins
    David Gugick (Cloudberry), Andy Klein (Backblaze)
    Join us to see how Managed Services Providers have turned customer backup into a profitable and growing business. If your current backup solution is hard to set-up, a pain to manage, and has unpredictable storage costs, then you’re in the right place. The CloudBerry Managed Backup Service combined with Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage delivers an easy to use, secure, and amazingly inexpensive comprehensive backup solution you can provide for your customers.
Cloud Storage and Cloud Backup
For over a decade, Backblaze has been a transparent company in the opaque world of cloud data storage. We've written on our blog about hard drive failure rates, data center internals, our open source high density storage design, and more. Here we are on Brighttalk and each month our goal is to bring you a webcast or video that sheds some light behind the scenes of a Cloud Storage company. And yes, we'll have a sales pitch or two the "off" weeks. Join us when you can!

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  • Title: CloudNAS - the next evolution of storage
  • Live at: Aug 11 2017 5:00 pm
  • Presented by: Paul Tien, Morro Data and Andrew Klein, Backblaze
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