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How to Make your Marketing Strategy Customer Obsessed

As marketers, today, we face more challenges and higher business demands than ever before. Our reality is “do more with less, using new technologies”. No small feat, indeed.

To succeed, we have to rethink our marketing and do away with the hurdles that hold us back. As marketers, we must demand – and deliver – more transformation.

Join us to learn:
- Forrester’s five market imperatives for becoming customer obsessed
- Why a “mobile first” strategy will not be enough to win and retain your customers
- How context is transforming marketing, and what it means for your business

You’ll walk away with powerful, proven ideas for delivering amazing customer experiences and keeping your marketing relevant during future, inevitable disruptions!
Recorded Dec 12 2016 50 mins
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Presented by
Thomas Husson, VP and Principal Analyst, Forrester
Presentation preview: How to Make your Marketing Strategy Customer Obsessed

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  • Getting Ready for Next-Generation Commerce Recorded: Feb 20 2018 62 mins
    Jill Finger Gibson, Digital Clarity Group & Nate Barad, Sitecore
    Next-generation commerce is more than just the purchase transaction. And it delivers a seamless experience across channels, even IoT devices. Most important, it focuses on continuing the customer conversation throughout the end-to-end experience. Join this session and learn how to manage people, processes, and technologies for next-generation commerce.
  • Five consumer and commerce trends for 2018 and beyond Recorded: Feb 13 2018 62 mins
    David Mattin, Global Head of Trends & Insights, TrendWatching
    Technology is rapidly changing the way brands interact with consumers. So you’ll want to understand the key commerce trends for 2018, how they are reshaping consumer expectations for the retail experience, and how smart brands around the world are already putting them into action.
  • Where mobile-first is not enough Recorded: Oct 17 2017 64 mins
    Polle de Maagt, Founder, Ministry of World Domination
    So, what if all customer interactions would be mobile... Are you ready for that? What would you do? The last couple of years we have moved to a reality where the majority of interactions is on mobile. It is not so much about the device, as well as the superpowers it unlocks in terms of relevancy, personalization and relationships. But are we ready?
  • Digital marketing has 99 problems. Are you one? Recorded: Oct 10 2017 31 mins
    Arturo Mendiola & Matt Fairchild, Horizontal Integration
    In this webinar, we will outline how to connect your paid, earned, search, and organic marketing to Sitecore’s capabilities like personalization, path analyzer, engagement plans, and more.

    It also includes an examination of how data captured within Sitecore can inform and optimize media campaigns in real time. Last, we will share a broader view of how traditional offline tactics like broadcast and print play a role within the digital ecosystem that has Sitecore at its center.
  • Content Management in your rearview mirror: a look back to look forward Recorded: Oct 3 2017 49 mins
    John Mancini, Chief Evangelist, AIIM
    Feel like you’re trying to run with great marketing campaigns but not as fast as you hoped? It’s time to stop pushing forward and look back at what is causing the resistance. Delivering the best experiences start with your web content management approach.

    In this webinar you will learn how to manage content at scale, document management versus content management, and different types of content and how it can serve a variety of outputs and composite content applications.
  • Inclusive Design: building a better digital world Recorded: Sep 26 2017 56 mins
    Michael Miles, Senior Technical Solutions Manager, Genuine
    There are many differences that impact the way people experience the digital world, including (but not limited to) age, gender, vision, dexterity, location, and education. Each difference affects digital inclusion and experiences. As creators of the digital world it is our job to build products that are usable by, and inclusive of, as many people as possible. To do so, it is important that we plan for the many differences that make up our users.

    Inclusive Design is the process of creating products and/or services that are accessible to, and usable by, as many people as reasonably possible... without the need for special adaptation, architecture, development or specialized design.
  • How to use context to create digital success Recorded: Sep 19 2017 57 mins
    Paul Boag, Founding Partner, Boagworks
    Customizing the online experience users receive based on their context has become the holy grail of personalized marketing. But do we know as much about our users as we think we do or are we making assumptions? What knowledge can we realistically gather and what can we do with it? In this presentation, Paul Boag looks at context and how it can influence our digital products and services.

    By the end of this webinar you will:

    • Have a better understanding of the different context that impacts user behavior
    • Have a clear path to discovering more about the user's context
    • Know how to target users based on their context and what exactly is possible
    • Be aware of the dangers involved in making assumptions and know how to avoid them
  • How to Deliver a Standout Customer Experience Recorded: Aug 8 2017 64 mins
    Kathleen Kimple (FitForCommerce), Mara Seigerman (FitForCommerce), Thadd Tucker (Pet Supplies Plus), Nate Barad (Sitecore)
    Truly succeeding at enabling a standout customer experience depends on your ability to seamlessly and consistently deliver a strategic blend of the right content and commerce at all customer touchpoints. But how to get started? Join FitForCommerce experts and a leading retailer’s e-commerce director in this webinar.

    You will learn:
    • How to adopt a customer-centric mindset
    • How to make product specifications relevant
    • How to serve up a digital experience that’s seamless and consistent across channels
    • How to personalize your customers' experience with content and commerce based on their past and current interactions
  • Building an agile team to drive amazing customer experiences Recorded: May 31 2017 54 mins
    Jeff Julian, co-founder of Enterprise-Marketer.com, CEO of Squared Digital
    In recent years, you can’t read a trade pub without hearing about the explosion and effectiveness of content marketing. More than 90% of marketers cite it as a key strategy in their mix. As marketers, we know we need content. We know audiences want it. But the question becomes, how to do it, do it well, and get it done on time?

    According to Jeff Julian, Co-founder of EnterpriseMarketer.com, the power is in planning. Jeff will share how marketing teams he has led have employed sophisticated and agile techniques to deploy content that works.

    About the presenter: Jeff Julian has been helping companies develop content strategies for over ten years, after launching one of the largest blogging communities, Geekswithblogs.net. He’s been a web developer since 1994, and a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional in XML and SharePoint. He is also the best-selling author of a book on SharePoint development and Jeff recently published a book titled, Agile Marketing: Building Endurance for your Content Marketing Teams
  • How to optimize the digital experience with personalization Recorded: Apr 5 2017 49 mins
    Lars Birkholm Petersen, VP of Business Optimization, Sitecore
    According to recent research, organizations who optimize their digital experiences with personalization see a 19% increase in conversions.

    Register for this webinar to discover how you can increase conversions by delivering more tailored, contextual experiences.

    Key takeaways include:

    · Which data you can and should collect to better understand customer intent
    · How to overcome organizational barriers preventing getting started with personalization
    · What other organizations are winning more conversions by personalizing their experience for customers

    Register today and also receive a new Personalization Toolkit, filled with resources to help you deliver contextual, relevant experiences that boost conversion rates.

    Lars Birkholm Petersen is the VP of Business Optimization at Sitecore and co-author of Connect: How to Use Data and Experience Marketing to Create Lifetime Customers.

    Lars has many years’ experience with strategy, marketing, digital analytics and optimization. He has consulted with hundreds of organizations to improve their use of technology in connecting with their customers.

    Today Lars heads the Sitecore Business Optimization Services (SBOS) global team of consultants. Through SBOS, Lars helps Sitecore customers and partners with their transformation from marketing with a brand-centric, static web presence to marketing with a personalized, contextual, omnichannel digital platform that creates great customer experiences and builds loyal customers.
  • How to Deliver a Better Digital Experience to your Customers Recorded: Mar 28 2017 28 mins
    Mick MacComascaigh, Research Vice President, Gartner; Scott Anderson, CMO, Sitecore
    Managing an end-to-end digital experience is a necessity for meeting the rapidly changing expectations of today’s consumer.

    Hear Gartner’s Mick MacComascaigh, research VP, and Sitecore’s Scott Anderson, CMO, speak on what is mission critical for your customer’s digital experience management.

    In this new webinar on Delivering the Next Best Digital Customer Experience, you will learn:

    - Why and how web content management (WCM) is the foundation for digital experience management platforms
    - Key future trends in digital experience management
    - How WCM and digital experience management systems impact the bottom line
    - What marketers can do today to stay current and meet consumers’ rapidly changing expectations

    Your customers are more digitally savvy than ever, on more devices than ever, and demanding more from your business than ever. Register now to learn how to provide the better customer experience.
  • How to personalize commerce experiences Recorded: Jan 31 2017 59 mins
    Simon Crawley, Project Manager, Vanson Bourne
    The fight for market share is online. Does your organization have the strategy and technology in place to win customer experiences?

    Register today to hear analyst Simon Crawley from Vanson Bourne provide best practices, based on results from a new commerce experience survey, for optimizing analytics to create an engaging customer journey.

    Key Takeaways:
    - Understand where businesses struggle most in creating personalized commerce experiences
    - How to avoid departmental silos and bad lines of communication
    - Why, and how, a contextualized experience must go beyond the point of purchase

    Inspire your organization to deliver the personalized, contextualized commerce experience your customers expect. Register for this free webinar today!
  • Analyst Report: Connecting Customer Experience to Revenue Recorded: Dec 15 2016 62 mins
    Kelsey Parish, Senior Project Manager, Vanson Bourne
    Customers are demanding better experiences, and businesses are seeing no choice but to adapt to these demands. But is delivering better customer experiences actually contributing to the bottom line of these businesses?

    To answer this question, Sitecore partnered with Avanade and analyst group Vanson Bourne to investigate the financial impact of CX. This webinar brings you the results of this study, and spoiler alert, CX’s bottom line impact was found to be significant.

    Join us to hear the full results and analysis of this study, including:

    - How much return your business can expect to receive for every $1 spent on customer experience
    - The biggest obstacles preventing businesses from delivering an outstanding CX
    - The quantifiable impact of quality CX on customer lifetime value.

    You’ll walk away with the ammunition you need to convince your organization to take customer experience to the next level – from the boardroom to the bottom line!
  • How to Make your Marketing Strategy Customer Obsessed Recorded: Dec 12 2016 50 mins
    Thomas Husson, VP and Principal Analyst, Forrester
    As marketers, today, we face more challenges and higher business demands than ever before. Our reality is “do more with less, using new technologies”. No small feat, indeed.

    To succeed, we have to rethink our marketing and do away with the hurdles that hold us back. As marketers, we must demand – and deliver – more transformation.

    Join us to learn:
    - Forrester’s five market imperatives for becoming customer obsessed
    - Why a “mobile first” strategy will not be enough to win and retain your customers
    - How context is transforming marketing, and what it means for your business

    You’ll walk away with powerful, proven ideas for delivering amazing customer experiences and keeping your marketing relevant during future, inevitable disruptions!
  • Mobile Moments: Where and How your Brand Fits In Recorded: Nov 29 2016 55 mins
    Ted Schadler, VP & Principal Analyst, Forrester; Scott Anderson, Chief Marketing Officer, Sitecore
    Mobile technology has reprogrammed our brains—we turn to our mobile devices the instant we want to know, buy, compare, connect, learn, and more. In a split second, wherever we are, we can tap or swipe our way to satisfaction.
    If your brand isn’t yet delivering experiences in context of these mobile moments, you risk being shunted aside in favor of nimbler competitors. Join us to hear a discussion on how to win on mobile with Forrester Vice President and Principal Analyst Ted Schadler. You’ll learn:

    • What the mobile mind shift means for consumer expectations and business opportunities
    • How to create your own mobile moment journey map
    • Why contextual content improves the effectiveness of mobile moments

    “Mobile” is much more than a channel or device—it’s wherever your digital interactions occur. Register now to hear why effective mobile moments rely on context marketing, how to get started, and what’s required in your technology to deliver mobile content in context.
  • How-to: Orchestrating a Customer Experience Across Marketing Channels Recorded: Nov 10 2016 44 mins
    Tanya Osterfield, Digital Marketing Manager, New England Biolabs
    Creating outstanding customer experiences can be like conducting an orchestra. Marketing elements, including content, personalization, omni-channel, and commerce, need to fit together in harmony to help you gain customer insight to deliver the right content at the right time.

    Register for this upcoming webinar for a step-by-step tutorial on how to set goals, work cross functionally, harness your data, and sync your channels to improve the customer experience.

    You'll learn how New England Bio Labs integrated its marketing pieces and built a solid foundation that empowered them to capitalize on best-in-class collaboration, support, engagement, and satisfaction.

    You'll also learn:
    • How to set expectations and priorities to orchestrate a strategy for digital maturity
    • How to integrate actionable data from a number of systems
    • Tips for optimizing the interactions that create lifetime customers

    Don't miss this chance to hear practical, real-world advice on building excellent customer experiences!
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  • Live at: Dec 12 2016 4:00 pm
  • Presented by: Thomas Husson, VP and Principal Analyst, Forrester
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