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Seeing the Forest and the Trees – Unique Security Challenges of Financial Data

Financial organizations are entrusted with the some of the most sensitive data and face a constant onslaught of attempts by insiders and hackers to steal incredibly valuable and easily monetized data. In this informative webinar, Kim Ellery, Director Product Marketing at Absolute, will discuss the increasing risk from both advanced attacks and insider threats. Attendees will gain actionable insights on how to balance the emphasis between detecting threats and preventing them in the first place, starting with visibility and actionable intelligence, to gain complete visibility and control of every endpoint device … no matter if they’re on or off the network.

Join the Absolute team on January 25th for an informative webinar on improving your visibility, get actionable insights and strategies to help you detect threats faster or prevent them entirely
Recorded Jan 25 2017 28 mins
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Presented by
Kim Ellery, Director, Product Marketing, Absolute
Presentation preview: Seeing the Forest and the Trees – Unique Security Challenges of Financial Data

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  • Complexity is Killing IT | Talks with Cybersecurity Experts Recorded: Oct 7 2019 17 mins
    Dr. Nicko van Someren - CTO & Josh Mayfield - Director of Security Strategy | Absolute
    Discover how and why organizations should focus on cyber resilience, with expert recommendations from Absolute’s Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Nicko van Someren.

    Organizations are investing more than ever in cybersecurity and yet device vulnerabilities and data breaches are also on the rise. How can organizations eliminate exposures before they become exploits and build a more resilient security stack?

    In conversation with Absolute’s Josh Mayfield, Nicko discusses the importance of endpoint visibility and control in countering the threats of cyber adversaries. He outlines how advances in machine learning and big data can be used to create more resilient IT systems, while also reducing the challenges of the cybersecurity skills gap.

    From kill chains to zero trust, data analytics and the role of cybersecurity frameworks like NIST, find out how security teams should invest their time and effort to minimize the risk of cyberattacks.

    Q1: Why is cyber resilience so important and how can organizations become more resilient? 0:35
    Q2: With the prevalence of kill chains, zero trust, and cybersecurity frameworks like NIST, is failure inevitable? 1:47
    Q3: Can we compress the skills gap by leveraging the powers of AI and machine learning? 4:05
    Q4: What’s the distinction between machine learning, artificial intelligence and linear regression? 5:37
    Q5: How do we distinguish statistics from machine learning and how do they differ in being able to look for signals? 7:27
    Q6: What data should organizations collect in order to be able to look for signals and avoid exposures? 9:43
    Q7: What’s the best way of understanding how IT applications and agents are behaving together in a security ecosystem? 12:21
    Q8: What practical steps can Chief Security Officers and Chief Information Officers take to make their organizations more resilient? 14:34
  • Customer Success Story: Asplundh Tree Expert Company Recorded: Oct 6 2019 2 mins
    George Gunther - VP and CIO Asplundh Tree Expert Company
    Learn how Asplundh, the largest tree pruning and vegetation management company in the US, protects 7,000 devices across North America with Absolute Software.

    As a full-service utility contractor with over 35,000 employees – many of whom are remote, on-site workers – Asplundh needs to manage and protect their dispersed devices and the data they contain.

    Asplundh relies on the endpoint visibility and control that only Absolute Software provides. With Absolute active, they ensure their devices and their data are always secure, no matter where they are.

    "As a CIO, Absolute gives me peace of mind so I can sleep at night. It has strengthened our security posture, allowing us to stay in compliance and giving us that extra level of comfort."
    George Gunther - CIO | Asplundh Tree Expert

    By activating Absolute Software on their endpoints and incorporating into their standard device image, Asplundh gained uncompromised visibility of its entire device fleet. Beyond this, they can now make critical security applications self-healing on all endpoints, on and off their network, providing a persistent protection layer that could prevent compromise.

    As a result, if a negligent user or an external attacker ever tries to disable or remove an application that should be running on the device at all times, such as endpoint protection or DLP, Application Persistence by Absolute will automatically reinstall it to maintain endpoint compliance and data protection. This takes away the human factor and prevents major issues.

    If a device is stolen on the road, Asplundh’s IT team can now track its location with Absolute and recover it or remotely delete the data for compliance reasons. They can also write scripts or be alerted if something out of the norm is happening.

    Finally, Absolute makes both hardware and software inventory management much easier for Asplundh, increasing its efficiency and accuracy.
  • IT on Trial — Guilty Until Proven Innocent? [PANEL DISCUSSION] Recorded: Jun 18 2019 62 mins
    Dr. Nicko Van Someren, CTO, Absolute | Maninder Malli, VP Legal, Absolute | Josh Mayfield, Director Of Security Strategy, Abs
    Experts debate the legal and technical requirements for data privacy

    The expectations of IT teams are often in conflict — enable increased employee productivity through technology while protecting the data entrusted to the organization. Privacy laws, such as GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA give organizations parameters to work within and help to ensure accountability. However, in the face of resource constraints and rapidly evolving threats, IT is often caught in the crossfire in choosing where efforts should be focused.

    Join our interactive, video panel discussion with experts from two sides — legal and IT — as they lay out a path for harmonious co-existence between working within the law and advancing technology.

    You will learn:

    • Legal and ethical considerations for data privacy
    • The value legal frameworks provide to technological advancement
    • Predictions about the direction and increasing importance of privacy laws


    DR. NICKO VAN SOMEREN | Chief Technology Officer | Absolute
    MANINDER MALLI | VP, Legal | Absolute
    JOSH MAYFIELD | Director of Security Strategy | Absolute

    *This is a rebroadcast, due to popular demand. Feel free to submit any questions as you watch, and we’ll follow-up with you directly. Thank you!
  • Five Easy Ways to Transform Your Absolute Account Recorded: Jun 6 2019 39 mins
    Matt Meanchoff | SVP, Customer Experience & Kristin Padilla | Manager, Customer Success
    Diet and exercise. They’re essential to our health — no shortcuts. But we all know that’s easier said than done.

    Fortunately, maintaining a healthy device population isn’t nearly as demanding.

    By protecting your data and devices with Absolute, you’re already in great shape. And the good news is, Absolute offers shortcuts galore to transform your endpoint security — quickly and painlessly.

    The first is this webinar — an easy, 45-minute investment packed with tips to strengthen your protection. Join your team of account experts as they share:

    • What a “healthy” account looks like and why it’s critical to maintain
    • How to benchmark your account health today
    • Five easy-to-implement features guaranteed to produce remarkable results

    Don’t leave your account health to chance. Sign up to learn “Five Easy Ways to Transform Your Absolute Account” today.


    MATT MEANCHOFF | Senior Vice President, Customer Experience | Absolute
    KRISTIN PADILLA | Manager, Customer Success | Absolute
  • Security Frameworks: NIST CSF & HITRUST | Cybersecurity Insights Series Recorded: Apr 25 2019 16 mins
    Josh Mayfield - Director of Security Strategy | Absolute
    Fast-track your understanding of cybersecurity, data regulations, and cybersecurity frameworks with the Cybersecurity Insights series from Absolute.

    > NIST Cybersecuriy Framework
    In this episode, Absolute’s Director of Security Strategy, Josh Mayfield, explains the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) cybersecurity framework (CSF). We overview the five pillars of NIST: Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond, and Recover. Each pillar works toward the goal of creating cyber resilience by default and increasing compliance. Josh reveals that implementation of NIST may seem daunting, but in reality, the framework simply formalizes standards and controls that IT and security teams are already doing. From IT asset inventory of resources and finding vulnerabilities to incident response plan and mitigating future cyber risks, NIST increases your security posture in the unknown future.

    > HITRUST Common Security Framework
    What is it, who is it for and why do you need it? Find out these answers and more in this episode of Absolute’s Cybersecurity Insights video series. Josh Mayfield explores HITRUST and breaks it down into three control categories: user security, asset security, and data security. By controlling who has access to PHI and other sensitive information (as well as in what circumstances), HITRUST gives a solid step toward the ultimate goal — cyber resilience.

    Watch these episodes to learn how you can maintain line of sight on all your devices to achieve and prove endpoint compliance with internal and regulatory requirements (including CIS, COBIT, GDPR, HIPAA, NIST, HITRUST and more).

    >>To watch the rest of the series, please visit our YouTube Channel.
  • The State of Endpoint Security in 2019 | Video Panel Recorded: Apr 4 2019 63 mins
    Renee Murphy | Forrester & Josh Mayfield | Absolute
    New endpoint risks discovered in a study of more than 6 million devices.

    Global cybersecurity spend is up – way up. Yet, 77% of IT and security teams report having little-to-no confidence to prevent or mitigate cyber risks. Why is that?

    We analyzed six million endpoints and one billion change events over the course of one year and uncovered staggering risks. Absolute's Josh Mayfield teams up with featured guest speaker Renee Murphy, Forrester’s Principal Analyst for Security & Risk, in a webinar to reveal the results of our study, including:

    • Why 23% of endpoint security controls fail within weeks
    • Why nearly half of ‘healthy’ agents break, reliably and predictably
    • How auto-updates have done little to improve windows of vulnerability (WoV)
    • Why 91% of devices violate compliance standards and data privacy laws
    • How endpoint security can flourish by persisting the controls, apps, and agents you already own

    Unmask true risk in your device population, and discover actions toward real-world resilience. Don’t miss The State of Endpoint Security in 2019.


    • JOSH MAYFIELD - Director of Security Strategy | Absolute
    • RENEE MURPHY - Principal Analyst for Security and Risk Professionals | Forrester
  • Effective Asset Lifecycle Management with Absolute Recorded: Feb 14 2019 45 mins
    Mitch Kelsey – Lead Consultant, Risk and Security Solutions and Dean Fogarty – Director, Information Technology | ABSOLUTE
    Maximize Absolute for IT asset management across your organization. Learn Absolute’s best practices for deploying, managing, monitoring, and decommissioning your IT assets.

    The investment your organization expends in acquiring and securing IT assets is substantial; therefore, the management and governance of them is critical. As an Absolute customer, there’s a lot you can do to keep your devices safe, visible, and under your control at all times.

    In this webinar, we will explore how to optimize Absolute to effectively manage your assets throughout their lifespan and extend their value. From initial deployment to the eventual end-of-life process, find out how to use Absolute to its fullest in order to maintain the integrity of your devices.

    Join us to learn:
    • how to best organize devices in Absolute, according to your asset management plan
    • ways to keep your devices visible and healthy using the Absolute console
    • the importance of planning and executing the end-of-life process for your devices


    About the Speakers:

    > Mitch Kelsey, Lead Consultant, Risk and Security Solutions at Absolute. With a background in strategic risk management, threat analysis, and project implementation in North America and the Middle East, he delivers assessment and advisory services on Risk and Information Security issues for Absolute’s customers in both the public and private sectors.

    > Dean Fogarty, Director, Information Technology at Absolute. Dean and his team are responsible for managing the assets distributed across the Absolute organization. They leverage the tools available in the Absolute console to track their inventory of assets to ensure that they maintain a healthy and protected state throughout their lifespan.
  • HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules | Cybersecurity Insights series Recorded: Feb 11 2019 5 mins
    Josh Mayfield - Director of Security Strategy | Absolute
    Fast-track your understanding of cybersecurity, data regulations, and cybersecurity frameworks with the Cybersecurity Insights series from Absolute.

    > HIPAA Privacy Rule
    In the first episode, Absolute’s Director of Security Strategy, Josh Mayfield, reveals what healthcare IT and security teams need to know to better protect sensitive personal health information (PHI).

    > HIPAA Security Rule
    In the second episode, Josh explores the HIPAA Security Rule to find out how to protect your organization’s personal health information (PHI). We outline the three safeguards of the HIPAA Security Rule: administrative, physical and technical. The Security Rule Safeguards are legal requirements that must be adhered to. The right technology can shield our most valuable data and help prove compliance should a data breach occur.

    Watch these episodes to learn how you can maintain line of sight on all your devices to achieve continuous compliance, mitigate the risk of a breach and avoid costly penalties from the Office for Civil Rights (OCR).

    >>To watch the rest of the series, please visit our YouTube Channel.
  • 5 Essentials for Securing and Managing Windows 10 Recorded: Jan 29 2019 54 mins
    Josh Mayfield - Director of Security Strategy & Kim Ellery - Senior Director Product Marketing
    With great power comes great responsibility. Learn how to safely unleash the powerful new security features in Windows 10.

    Microsoft has levelled up security capabilities with Windows 10. Virtualization-based security, kernel isolation, recursive data encryption, and Defender’s new cloud brain with block-at-first-sight capabilities are just some of the enhancements. However, this progress also brings challenges for IT and security teams - challenges that could be avoided with the right information.

    Whether your project is in the planning stages, already underway, or close to completion, this one-hour investment will pay dividends during your migration and beyond, as we share how to best deploy and utilize the many security enhancements in Windows 10, while avoiding common – and costly! – migration pitfalls.

    You will learn how to:

    • Identify relevant security controls based on your organization
    • Automate assessments for device readiness
    • Reduce complexity and improve security post-migration
    • Maximize protection in Win10 by leveraging Absolute


    • Josh Mayfield - Director of Security Strategy | Absolute
    • Kim Ellery - Senior Director Product Marketing | Absolute
  • SANS Webinar | Cyber Threat Checklist: Are You Prepared? Recorded: Nov 5 2018 61 mins
    Alissa Torres | SANS Institute & Kevin Golas | Absolute
    Learn the must-have items to include in your plan.

    The moment you realize a cybersecurity incident has occurred is critical. Reacting in panic can create more harm and expose your organization to further liabilities. You need a tested cyber threat response plan at-the-ready to jump into action immediately and neutralize the threat. Before it takes control.

    SANS Institute and Absolute have teamed up to assemble the key components you need to include when building your plan. Having a checklist ensures that you don’t miss an important step. Register for this webinar to find out the must-have items to include in a cyber-threat checklist and, ensure that never happens again.

    You will learn how to:

    • Validate, measure and communicate risk
    • Ensure your company is prepared for a breach
    • Find the balance of in-house and outsourced resources
    • Reduce your threat of being breached by up to 80%

    Featured Speakers:
    • Alissa Torres - SANS analyst and certified SANS instructor | SANS Institute
    • Kevin Golas - Senior Director of Risk Management and Investigations | Absolute
  • SANS Webinar | 7 Steps to Protecting Data in the Era of Digital Care Recorded: Aug 20 2018 62 mins
    Dave Shackleford | SANS Institute & Josh Mayfield | Absolute
    Healthcare is data. Every stitch of a patient’s health record, diagnoses, treatments, and provider interactions are fueled by information.

    And with PHI, IP, and other sensitive information readily accessible on all types of devices, it’s no wonder that healthcare and life sciences organizations are now prime targets for cyber criminals.

    In this webinar, you’ll drop in on a conversation between Dave Shackleford, Analyst and Senior Instructor at SANS Institute; and Absolute’s Josh Mayfield, Director of Solutions. They will discuss the key steps required to keep sensitive healthcare data safe and avoid disastrous data breaches.

    You will learn:

    - How to pinpoint sensitive data — even if it’s hiding on lost or stolen devices
    - Which bad endpoint hygiene habits are making your devices vulnerable to attacks
    - The cost of not complying with shifting regulations and OCR requirements

    About the Speakers:

    JOSH MAYFIELD | Director of Security Strategy | Absolute
    DAVE SHACKLEFORD | Analyst @ Voodoo Consulting | Senior Instructor and Course author @ SANS Institute
  • Data Visibility: Your Path to Regulatory Compliance Recorded: Jul 10 2018 45 mins
    Kim Ellery - Senior Director of Product Marketing | Absolute
    Whether for GDPR, HIPAA, or other regulations, successful compliance initiatives require knowing the location of your sensitive information.

    But with mobile workforces equipped with devices that go off-network every day, is that even possible? For most organizations, the reality is that critical data resides on endpoints they can’t see or secure.

    Watch “Data Visibility: Your Path to Regulatory Compliance” now and understand the steps you need to take to:

    • Identify which of your endpoints contain sensitive information
    • Understand your at-risk data to determine cost of exposure
    • Ensure continuous compliance through rapid remediation
    • Prove compliance should an incident occur

    Make sure your organization is always audit-ready, and avoid data breaches and compliance-related penalties.
  • Nailing it! 5 Ways to Win with the NIST Cybersecurity Framework Recorded: Jun 21 2018 64 mins
    Renee Murphy | Forrester & Josh Mayfield | Absolute
    The NIST Cybersecurity Framework (CSF) is the chosen path for thousands of organizations. Why? Because resilience is their most critical need in the face of changing threats, ever-present vulnerabilities, and a sprawling attack surface. NIST CSF provides a blueprint for cyber resilience. But turning theory into reality can be a challenge.

    In this webinar, you’ll drop in on a conversation between our featured guest, Forrester’s Renee Murphy, Principal Analyst for Security and Risk; and Absolute’s Josh Mayfield, Director of Solutions. They will discuss the clear and tangible steps at work within leading organizations pursuing NIST CSF.

    You will gather insights and avoid the pitfalls with your rollout of NIST CSF, including how to:
    1- Identify endpoint devices: on and off network
    2- Validate configurations for optimal data protection
    3- Detect compliance drift within your endpoint population
    4- Respond to endpoint security incidents
    5- Recover from security incidents and iterate for continuous compliance

    Featured Speakers:
    - Renee Murphy | Principal Analyst for Security and Risk Professionals | Forrester
    - Josh Mayfield | Director of Solutions | Absolute
  • Total Economic Impact of Endpoint Security, featuring Forrester Recorded: Mar 29 2018 55 mins
    Chris Sherman, Senior Analyst at Forrester Research & Chris Schmidt, Director of IT at Greenville Health System
    What is the real value of deploying an endpoint visibility and control platform? Which benefits and risks should your organization anticipate?

    That’s what we commissioned Forrester Consulting to quantify for The “Total Economic Impact™ of the Absolute Platform,” a 2018 study.

    Our guest speaker Forrester Analyst Chris Sherman co-presents the results, and examines the benefits of deploying the Absolute platform for endpoint and data security, compliance, and remediation, in typical organizations as found in the commissioned study. In addition, Chris Schmidt, Director of IT at Greenville Health System is sharing first-hand experience deploying Absolute,

    Join us as we uncover:
    - Key challenges faced by organizations and the results they achieved
    - Current trends within the Endpoint Visibility and Control landscape
    - How automation of IT tasks can provide significant efficiency gains
    - The total economic benefit of the Absolute platform, including 146% ROI and payback in six months

    Watch now to better understand the financial and business benefits that can be realized by the Absolute platform.

    Guest Speakers:
    > Chris Sherman - Senior Analyst | Forrester Research
    > Chris Schmidt - Director of IT | Greenville Health System
    Host: Kim Ellery - Senior Director, Product Marketing | Absolute
  • Four Essential Strategies for Endpoint Security and Protection Recorded: Feb 22 2018 62 mins
    Richard Henderson, Global Security Strategist, Absolute
    When it comes to endpoint security, the playing field has changed. Threats are more dangerous and prevalent than ever before. Global security standards are more rigid, and the penalties for non-compliance more severe. Yesterday’s security strategy isn’t going to protect you from tomorrow’s attacks.

    Register now for this important webinar that takes a deep dive into the four essential strategies for endpoint security and protection. Featuring Richard Henderson, Global Security Strategist at Absolute, you’ll learn how to:

    • Get ahead of threats and prevent incidents before they happen
    • Implement continuous assessment for regulatory compliance
    • Dramatically minimize risk through effective technologies and processes should an incident occur

    Learn the key strategies for building and maintaining a comprehensive ecosystem of management and security controls for all of your endpoints. Register to watch this webinar now.
  • El nuevo estándar de seguridad: por qué la auto-recuperación es imperativa Recorded: Sep 7 2017 61 mins
    Juanma Rodriguez, Absolute
    Las estrategias tradicionales de protección de dispositivos están perdiendo la batalla. Los ataques son incesantes y cada vez más sofisticados. Esto ha aumentado la exigencia de los profesionales de seguridad y obliga a las empresas a adoptar nuevos paradigmas que faciliten que los sistemas se auto-recuperen. Para frenar las fugas de datos, debemos ser más inteligentes al detectar y responder a las amenazas.

    Este oportuno webinar de Absolute explora cómo conseguir que sus sistemas se auto-recuperen y que estén preparados para enfrentarse a amenazas cambiantes.
  • Introducing Absolute Reach: Complete Endpoint Visibility and Control Recorded: Aug 29 2017 37 mins
    Phil Shomura, Absolute
    When endpoints go rogue or become invisible, you need to act quickly to protect your organization and mitigate risk. But with limited visibility and a lack of dependable deployment methods, that hasn’t always been possible—until now.

    Absolute Reach™, a flexible endpoint security feature within the Absolute Platform that gives you the power to execute custom discovery, compliance, and remediation tasks across 100% of your endpoints on-demand, anytime or anywhere:

    • Assess and enhance security posture: Always-on visibility and control—on and off the network
    • Eliminate blind spots: Remediate known vulnerabilities on the spot
    • Gather precise insights from any endpoint: Evaluate risk and prove compliance
    • Remediate with lightning speed: Script once. Deploy everywhere
    • Validate delivery for compliance assurance: Receive confirmation of successful delivery and execution

    Find out how to ensure protection in the event of emerging threats, such as ransomware and other endpoint vulnerabilities. Register for the webinar now.
  • The Cost of Insecure Endpoints – New Findings from Ponemon Institute Recorded: Jul 27 2017 64 mins
    Dr. Larry Ponemon, Chairman and Founder, Ponemon Institute & Richard Henderson, Global Security Strategist, Absolute
    Just how dangerous, inefficient, and ineffective are the endpoint security solutions used in most organizations today? Ponemon Institute independently surveyed hundreds of IT security professionals to find out — and are ready to share the surprising results in this important webinar.

    On July 27th, join founder and chairman, Dr. Larry Ponemon, and Richard Henderson, global security strategist at Absolute, for an interactive webinar on the results, including:

    • Exposing the largest dangers and greatest inefficiencies with endpoint security management today
    • Average financial and productivity costs associated with insecure systems – and how to mitigate in your organization
    • Steps you can take now to prevent attacks and stay compliant
  • GDPR: Global Implications of EU Legislation Recorded: May 23 2017 62 mins
    Jonathan Armstrong, Cordery & Nima Baiati, Absolute
    Enforcement of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is looming, giving you less than 12 months to prepare. And it has major implications for every organization that processes EU personal data – regardless of where they are based.

    With the cost of non-compliance set at an astronomical 4% of global annual revenue – not to mention damage to reputation – the time to protect yourself is now.

    On May 23rd, join Absolute’s data protection experts alongside leading technology and compliance lawyer Jonathan Armstrong, as they share practical insights on the global implications of GDPR. Register today and learn:

    • GDPR compliance – what’s required and what’s at stake
    • Organizational steps you need to take now to avert disaster
    • The best security approaches to ensure compliance and protect your data – and your brand
  • The New Threshold of Comprehensive Security – Why Self-Healing is Imperative Recorded: Mar 23 2017 30 mins
    Kim Ellery, Director, Product Marketing, Absolute
    Traditional strategies for protecting endpoints are failing as attacks increase in relentlessness and sophistication. This reality has elevated the demands on security professionals and requires that organizations adopt new security paradigms that unlock the power of self-healing systems. To stop security breaches at the source, we must become faster at intelligently detecting and responding to threats. This timely webinar from Absolute explores how to realize self-healing systems in your own organization and ensure preparedness in the face of evolving threats.
Webinars and Videos
Absolute empowers more than 12,000 customers worldwide to protect devices, data, applications and users against theft or attack—both on and off the corporate network. With the industry’s only tamper-proof endpoint visibility and control solution, Absolute allows IT to enforce asset management, security hygiene, and data compliance for today’s remote digital workforces. Patented Absolute Persistence™ is embedded in the firmware of Dell, HP, Lenovo, and 22 other manufacturers’ devices for vendor-agnostic coverage, tamper-proof resilience, and ease of deployment.

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  • Presented by: Kim Ellery, Director, Product Marketing, Absolute
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