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Nailing it! 5 Ways to Win with the NIST Cybersecurity Framework

The NIST Cybersecurity Framework (CSF) is the chosen path for thousands of organizations. Why? Because resilience is their most critical need in the face of changing threats, ever-present vulnerabilities, and a sprawling attack surface. NIST CSF provides a blueprint for cyber resilience. But turning theory into reality can be a challenge.

In this webinar, you’ll drop in on a conversation between our featured guest, Forrester’s Renee Murphy, Principal Analyst for Security and Risk; and Absolute’s Josh Mayfield, Director of Solutions. They will discuss the clear and tangible steps at work within leading organizations pursuing NIST CSF.

You will gather insights and avoid the pitfalls with your rollout of NIST CSF, including how to:
1- Identify endpoint devices: on and off network
2- Validate configurations for optimal data protection
3- Detect compliance drift within your endpoint population
4- Respond to endpoint security incidents
5- Recover from security incidents and iterate for continuous compliance

Featured Speakers:
- Renee Murphy | Principal Analyst for Security and Risk Professionals | Forrester
- Josh Mayfield | Director of Solutions | Absolute
Recorded Jun 21 2018 64 mins
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Presented by
Renee Murphy | Forrester & Josh Mayfield | Absolute
Presentation preview: Nailing it! 5 Ways to Win with the NIST Cybersecurity Framework

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  • Endpoint Resilience as a Proactive Security Strategy - with guest Forrester Recorded: Jul 19 2021 42 mins
    Chris Sherman, Forrester Analyst & Jason Short VP, Product Management at Absolute
    Resilience. It’s a word we’ve heard a lot this past year. From supply chains to telework infrastructure, and even our own mental health, we’ve all shown resilience in the face of the pandemic. Have our devices done the same?

    The realities of digital transformation, combined with widespread work-from-home solutions, have ushered in a new wave of threats to endpoint devices. The result is a security landscape more complex than ever.

    We commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a study surveying IT and security professionals about the challenges they face today and uncovered an essential capability to overcome them: endpoint resilience.

    Join Absolute and out guest speaker, Forrester’s Senior Analyst for Security and Risk, Chris Sherman, for a live discussion on the key data points and findings—and three recommendations to help your organization take a more proactive approach to endpoint security.

    You'll learn:

    - What endpoint resilience is, and how it solves current security challenges
    - Ways to balance endpoint threat protection with detection, visibility, and control
    - How to prove the ROI of security investments with a proactive strategy
  • The Third Question: What CISOs Aren't Asking, and What's at Stake Recorded: Mar 16 2021 48 mins
    Charles Blauner, CISO in Residence, Teams8 Group; President, Cyber Aegis Consulting & Christy Wyatt, CEO of Absolute
    Join renowned cybersecurity innovator and former CISO of Citi, JP Morgan, and Deutsche Bank, Charles Blauner, for a fireside chat with Absolute CEO, Christy Wyatt, as they explore managing complexity amidst the ever-evolving threat landscape

    Together, they'll explore the biggest challenges facing security teams today, with topics including:
    • The evolving role of CISO – where to focus amidst competing priorities
    • How to measure – and mitigate – the impact of complexity
    • The critical question that CISOs aren’t asking today – and what’s at stake when it’s overlooked
    • The importance of endpoint resilience in risk management strategies

    All attendees will also receive The Third Question white paper, featuring additional insight from Charles and:
    • Todd Inskeep, former Cybersecurity Executive, Booz Allen Hamilton
    • Lou Klubenspies, CISO and Senior Director, IT Risk, PerkinElmer
    • Malcolm Harkins, Former CISO, Intel


    Featured Speakers:
    • Charles Blauner - Former Global Head of Information Security, Citi; former CISO, JP Morgan and Deutsche Bank; Partner & CISO in Residence, Teams8 Group; President, Cyber Aegis Consulting; Strategic Advisor, Absolute Software
    • Christy Wyatt - President & CEO of Absolute
  • Application Persistence: How to Secure Your Security Recorded: Dec 4 2020 34 mins
    Isha Khaira, Customer Success Manager & Neeraj Annachhatre, Product Marketing Manager
    You’ve made a solid investment in IT security. After all, you're not about to let your organization fall prey to cyber threats.

    Here's the bad news: those top-rated, ironclad applications you've got securing your endpoints?

    They are going to fail.

    Causes can range from inadvertent user interference to conflict between competing applications. And whenever a failure occurs, remediation can take days. Or weeks.

    If only there was a way to make those critical applications self-healing.

    There is.

    And our product experts can’t wait to show you how in our latest webinar.

    You'll learn:

    • What Application Persistence means, and why it’s so important
    • Applications that can be persisted
    • How to enable, configure and activate Application Persistence policies
    • How to report on app health & compliance


    Featured Speakers:

    Isha Khaira / Customer Success Manager / Absolute
    Neeraj Annachhatre / Product Marketing Manager / Absolute
  • Distance Learning’s Impact on Education IT Recorded: Nov 4 2020 44 mins
    Surita Bains, Director, Product Management & Dave Mundo, VP, Data Intelligence, Research & Development
    Our study of over 10,000 schools and districts examines the effects of distance learning on endpoint health, device usage, safety, and security as schools adapt to remote and hybrid learning models in 2020/21.

    Join us as we review the findings of our landmark report, highlighting key trends and revealing a strategic blueprint for modern learning environments. This is a must-see event for IT professionals working in K-12 education.

    Learn vital insights on these topics and more:

    • Managing school devices in distance and hybrid learning environments
    • Visibility into remote classrooms
    • Keeping data and devices safe


    Featured Speakers:
    Surita Bains, Director, Product Management | Absolute
    Dave Mundo, VP, Data Intelligence, Research & Development | Absolute
  • Standardize your compliance reporting & control your remote devices Recorded: Nov 3 2020 42 mins
    Bryce Ashdown, SD UX Design/Product Management & Kenny Pak, Lead Onboarding Specialist, Customer Experience
    This new era of remote work could just as easily be known as the era of sensitive data on remote devices. In fact, we've tracked nearly a 60% increase in instances of sensitive data on endpoints since the end of March*.

    That's why we're providing you with even more ways to control yours — which we can't wait to show you in our latest webinar.

    Our product experts will demonstrate the intelligence and tools you can use to manage devices with at-risk data — anytime and from anywhere.

    You'll learn:

    • How to improve critical compliance reporting using custom scheduled reports
    • What to do when a device with sensitive information goes missing — but you’re not at your computer
    • How to ensure security controls and freeze missing devices remotely using our new mobile app.

    *Impact of COVID-19 on Remote Work and Distance Learning Dashboard


    Featured Speakers:
    Bryce Ashdown, Senior Director, UX Design/Product Management | Absolute
    Kenny Pak, Lead Onboarding Specialist, Customer Experience | Absolute
  • 3 Essential Actions to Manage and Secure Remote Devices Recorded: Oct 29 2020 40 mins
    Troy Knihnitski, Senior Customer Success Manager & Murray Maleschuk, Senior Technical Product Manager
    As an Absolute customer, you understand the importance of securing your devices, apps, and data. But a world of remote work has introduced new challenges. Since the end of March, we've tracked a 43% rise in incidences of sensitive data on endpoints.

    You already have the tools at your disposal to manage and secure remote devices — and we’ll show you how to best make use of them.

    • How to use Absolute to restrict access to devices and protect sensitive data — within your existing IT processes
    • The many uses of Device Freeze, including forcing updates and responding to security threats
    • Data protection tips using Device Wipe and Data Delete
    • Plus: best practices for optimizing end-of-life workflow with Absolute

    You’ll leave this session with practical advice for managing and securing remote endpoints.


    Featured Speakers:
    Troy Knihnitski, Senior Customer Success Manager | Absolute
    Murray Maleschuk, Senior Technical Product Manager | Absolute
  • The State of Endpoint Resilience in 2020 | Featuring Forrester Recorded: Oct 19 2020 57 mins
    Chris Sherman, Senior Analyst at Forrester & Ameer Karim, EVP Product at Absolute
    Absolute and featured guest Forrester, reveal key trends impacting endpoint health, fragility, and complexity – and the unexpected challenges introduced by remote work and distance learning.

    Increased spend hasn’t improved endpoint security. New tools have introduced new vulnerabilities. The need to support remote work and learning environments has increased complexity on the endpoint – making existing approaches less effective overall.

    Backed by results from The State of Endpoint Resilience™ 2020 – Absolute’s breakthrough annual study of 8.5 million devices, this webinar explores the hidden forces threatening endpoint resilience – and the steps necessary to protect against them.

    Join Absolute’s EVP of Product, Ameer Karim; and Forrester’s Senior Analyst, Security and & Risk, Chris Sherman as they reveal the most significant trends shaping data and device security now and in the year ahead, including:

    • Global trends in endpoint resilience – what IT and security teams are prioritizing and what’s getting missed
    • Emerging challenges for CIOs and CISOs as environments evolve in the face of COVID-19
    • Data-driven strategies for ensuring resilient, unbreakable endpoint protection


    Featured Speakers:
    Chris Sherman - Senior Analyst Serving Security & Risk Professionals - Forrester
    Ameer Karim - Executive Vice President, Product - Absolute
  • K-12 Peer Advice Forum - What’s Working for IT and Security Teams Recorded: Oct 16 2020 41 mins
    Eric Ramos, CTO at Duarte Unified School District & Surita Bains, Director of Product Management for Education at Absolute
    Success stories from the front lines of the remote learning transition with Eric Ramos, CTO of California’s Duarte Unified School District, as guest speaker.

    Preparing for a new school year is always challenging — and never more so than now.

    The learning environment you support could be a classroom — or a kitchen table. Devices need to be configured, issued, tracked, and monitored — whether new, returned this year, or still in students’ hands. New apps may introduce new vulnerabilities, and new programs will require new ways of measuring success.

    The only certainty? Preparing for any eventuality — but how?

    Amidst this year’s chaos, success stories have emerged. Absolute’s K-12 peer advice series is a forum for you to learn what’s working in other schools and districts, share your challenges, and gain insight from others tackling the same.

    Our first session features Eric Ramos, CTO of California’s Duarte Unified School District, sharing the steps they’ve taken to:

    • Maintain student/teacher connectivity and access to online curriculae
    • Protect student safety by identifying and taking action on risky online activity
    • Measure application ROI to justify budget expenditures
    • Confidently leave their fleet with students — even turning the impossibility of device collection into an opportunity for emotional connection


    Featured Speakers:
    - Eric Ramos - Chief Technology Officer - Duarte Unified School District
    - Surita Bains - Director of Product Management for Education - Absolute
  • 3 Immediate Actions to Save Time While Managing Online Learning Recorded: May 1 2020 41 mins
    Surita Bains | Director of Product Management, Education & Jordan Kauffman - Former Director of Student Technology | Absolute
    Securing devices and empowering educators during COVID-19

    School districts are facing a challenge: transitioning programs online while keeping students safe and devices visible.

    There are a lot of unknowns. Are student using their devices at home? How much time is actually being spent on school work vs other web activities? How will you track and get the devices back? And what needs to be done now to prepare for an uncertain start to the next school year?

    We can help. Our director of product management for education, Surita Bains, will join former director of student technology at Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School, Jordan Kauffman, for a live demo, featuring:

    • New Web Usage reporting that shines a light on exactly where, and how long, students spend their time online - not just what they have open
    • How to manage year-end device reclamation, while physical distancing measures remain in place, thanks to Absolute’s remote-scripting capabilities
    • Supporting student and staff security and productivity while you’re operating a remote helpdesk


    Featured Speakers:

    - Surita Bains - Director of Product Management for Education - Absolute
    - Jordan Kauffman - Former Director of Student Technology, The Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School Technical Consultant - Absolute
  • Critical Steps to Secure and Manage Your Remote Workforce Recorded: Apr 23 2020 42 mins
    Dianne Lapierre, CIO & Jason Short, VP Product Management, Absolute
    Keeping data safe and staff productive during COVID-19.

    IT and security teams may not be front-line crisis workers in the traditional sense, but keeping the world’s organizations running smoothly is as critical a task as any right now.

    We’re asking every user tasked with this massive responsibility to join us for a 45-minute product briefing. Dianne Lapierre, CIO of Absolute, will join Jason Short, VP of Product Management, to take you through a live demo on optimizing your Absolute instance to best support your mobile workforce.

    We’ll cover:

    • Configuring and maintaining a persistent, self-healing VPN connection
    • Managing remote devices at scale, including enforcing Windows updates, device configuration, and resolving issues from helpdesk tickets to security events
    • Maintaining system health and device visibility using tools
    • Optimizing your reporting for key security apps like SCCM, encryption, and anti-malware

    You’ll leave this session with concrete steps that you can immediately take to create a more secure environment.

    **The ability to persist VPN clients and access to workflow automation scripts are being provided at no cost to every Absolute customer through August, 2020.**


    Featured Speakers:
    Dianne Lapierre - Chief Information Officer
    Jason Short - Vice President, Product Management
  • Tracking and Recovering Missing Devices Recorded: Feb 4 2020 45 mins
    Jeff Gambrell - Senior Manager, Investigations & Barkha Ramnauth - Customer Success Manager
    Understanding the new tools for managing your lost or stolen devices with the Absolute console.

    As an IT professional in education, you know better than anyone that lost or stolen devices are a fact of life.

    Absolute’s latest release introduces a level of transparency around missing devices – where they are, who’s using them, how to locate – previously only available to law enforcement.

    It’s important that your team knows how to use this new functionality, so we’re hosting a 45-minute training session to bring you up-to-speed.

    Everyone with a role in your school’s missing device workflow should attend to learn:

    • Where to find and how to use the new information in the Absolute console
    • How to verify if a device has truly been stolen, and what to do next
    • Filed a missing device report before? – what’s changed and what stays the same

    We’re excited to expose this new degree of visibility and control, and look forward to sharing it with you.



    Featured Speakers:
    BARKHA RAMNAUTH - Customer Success Manager - Customer Experience
    JEFF GAMBRELL - Senior Manager, Investigations - Customer Experience
  • Success Story: Learn how the Sheriff’s Office fortifies its endpoint security Recorded: Jan 17 2020 2 mins
    Keith Morrison - Director of Information Security at Cook County Sheriff's Office
    The Cook County Sheriff’s Office uses Absolute to fortify its endpoint security with a self-healing, persistent connection to devices, data, and critical applications.

    - Strengthening compliance
    The Sheriff’s Office has more than 6,900 members and the IT security team oversees a device population of 40,000+. Mobile devices are often on the move, which makes it hard to safeguard sensitive data and stay compliant with the Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS).

    - Responding to threats immediately
    The team uses the Absolute platform as its single source of truth. With visibility down to the individual user, the team can act swiftly if a device is lost or stolen by clearing data or freezing the device. This minimizes the risk of a security breach.

    - The value of Absolute
    Keith Morrison, Director of Information Security at Cook County Sheriff’s Office, says, “The data on each individual device that we’re tracking through Absolute is way more valuable than the actual hardware itself.”


    Speaker: Keith Morrison - Director of Information Security at Cook County Sheriff's Office
  • Success Story: Learn how Apria Healthcare gains unmatched asset intelligence Recorded: Jan 16 2020 4 mins
    Dave Ochoa, Manager of Information Security Operations & Senior Director of User Support, Janet Hunt
    Learn how Apria Healthcare secures 10,000+ laptops, desktops, and tablets and stays compliant with industry regulations by using Absolute software.

    - Persistent security controls:
    Apria Healthcare is a leading provider of home respiratory services and certain medical equipment, with over 400 locations and 8,000 employees throughout the United States.

    In this interview, Senior Director of User Support, Janet Hunt, discusses the unique differentiator that Absolute offers: protection from the BIOS. The result is superior, more accurate asset tracking.

    The team at Apria Healthcare has visibility into the status of every device, with a persistent connection that cannot be seen or removed by the user. As Dave Ochoa, Manager of Information Security Operations, says, “I can’t protect what I don’t know exists”.

    - Proving compliance:
    In cases of lost or stolen devices, Absolute acts as a kind of insurance policy. The InfoSec team presents regulators with a full profile of the device, including its location, encryption status, other controls, and a list of freeze or wipe commands if the device goes back online.

    Absolute records a snapshot of each device every fifteen minutes, which Apria Healthcare can provide to auditors as proof of a full history of protection.

    - Visibility and control:
    Absolute has transformed how Apria Healthcare manages its devices, and how it keeps sensitive patient data secure.

    Janet Hunt summarizes the partnership by saying, “If Absolute were to disappear, I would retire because I would have no idea where anything was. That was the greatest thing about bringing Absolute in.”
  • Data Privacy and Data Protection | Cybersecurity Insights Series Recorded: Jan 16 2020 8 mins
    Director of Security Strategy | Absolute
    Data Privacy is today's greatest challenge for IT and security teams, and with 35% of sensitive data out-of-sight on endpoints, there has never been a stronger need for persistent endpoint visibility and control.

    Data privacy is a big concern for individuals and organizations alike. The EU’s General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) has brought the topic to the forefront of society’s collective consciousness recently.

    People have always been conscientious about their personal privacy; however, with The Digital Transformation of our world, who we are has become a collection of individual pieces of data called Personally Identifiable Information (PII). And our PII is everywhere. Business, government, school, research, and even friend-to-friend interactions, all happen in the digital sphere making our data easily accessible and open to exploits by cybercriminals.

    Learn how the laws designed to protect the privacy of personal information.
    - The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR),
    - Canada’s Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA)
    - In the US: HIPAA (for health information) and S-P and S-ID statutes for financial records, enforced by the SEC. There is also the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). But no national privacy standard. Yet.

    Thwart attackers and stay audit-ready with these three steps:
    1. See everything
    2. Analyze the risk
    3. Apply rapid response

    Learn tips and strategies for maintaining data privacy and data protection with confidence.
  • K-12 Cybersecurity Crisis: Five Steps to Safeguarding Your Digital District Recorded: Nov 14 2019 56 mins
    Surita Bains | Director of Product Management, Education & Josh Mayfield | Director of Security Strategy | Absolute
    Schools are more vulnerable to data breaches & ransomware attacks than ever before. But solutions are at hand.


    Technology in our schools enables modern learning paths, and brings a new level of innovation to the classroom. But it needs to be managed with care.

    School-provided and personal devices are proliferating. Application management is increasingly complex. And students are the most digitally savvy in history.

    The result? Schools are more vulnerable to data breaches and ransomware attacks than ever before. But solutions are at hand.

    Join Absolute education experts as we share findings from our one-year study of 3.2 million K-12 devices, including:

    • How cybercriminals exploit the complexity of the digital district
    • Areas of vulnerability from “unintended” insider threats
    • Five steps for protecting schools and students, and ensuring cyber resilience

    Register today for the insight you need to keep students, devices, and data safe.


    SURITA BAINS | Director of Product Management, Education | Absolute
    JOSH MAYFIELD | Director of Security Strategy | Absolute

    *This is a rebroadcast, due to popular demand. Feel free to submit any questions as you watch, and we’ll follow-up with you directly. Thank you!
  • Success Story: How Santa Margarita High School delivers a successful 1:1 program Recorded: Nov 5 2019 2 mins
    Peter Leonard - Director of Information Technology - Santa Margarita High School
    Santa Margarita Catholic High School (SMCHS) is located in California and employs a faculty of almost 400 staff to educate around 1,600 students. When researching best practices for providing classroom technology tools insecure learning environments, SMCHS found that many other schools trusted Absolute software for its complete device and data protection capabilities.

    Today, Santa Margarita Catholic High School’s one-to-one learning program is a successful, digital learning program using smart classroom technology to provide safe online learning. It has also increased student technology usage remarkably, with daily utilization near 100%.

    Absolute provides the asset management required by IT to maintain control of a large fleet of devices. When a student changed their device’s operating system within six hours of receiving it, the school had the endpoint visibility to correct the issue within a day.

    The data safeguards inherent within Absolute also help to prove CIPA compliance, which unlocks E-rate discounts. As the program continues to evolve, Santa Margarita Catholic High School considers Absolute the partner to grow with it.

    Key results:
    ● A successful one-to-one program used daily by every single student and teacher
    ● Complete visibility for the school’s IT team to remediate issues on devices
    ● A solution that protects students as the program continues to improve and grow

    The benefits of Absolute for Education:
    ● Keep a persistent, self-healing connection between your school’s IT team and all your devices, both on or off the network
    ● Prove CIPA compliance for E-rate discounts
    ● Use insight from Student Technology Analytics to secure future technology funding.

    Peter Leonard - Director of Information Technology - Santa Margarita High School
  • Success Story: How Anaheim High School District fosters safe learning Recorded: Oct 29 2019 2 mins
    Erik Greenwood - CTO - Anaheim Union High School District
    AUHSD is a trailblazer for providing classroom technology that enables digital learning programs. With almost 30,000 devices for students and teachers in its system, the district understands the importance of asset management and data safeguards.

    Using Absolute software, the IT team has complete endpoint visibility and can easily manage each device whether it’s within the school’s network or not.

    The impact of safe online learning has been felt, with teachers observing positive changes in student participation. Anaheim Union High School District (AUHSD) uses Student Technology Analytics to measure student technology usage and correlate it with improved learning outcomes.

    Key results:
    ● A safe online learning environment that protects students
    ● Visibility for IT to see where devices are, and how they’re being used
    ● Classroom technology tools that prove CIPA compliance for E-rate discounts

    Absolute for education is the only endpoint visibility and control platform that provides a persistent, self-healing connection between your school’s IT team and all of your devices — on or off your network.

    Erik Greenwood - CTO - Anaheim Union High School District
  • Success Story: How Greenville Health System Ensures HIPAA Compliance Recorded: Oct 15 2019 8 mins
    Chris Schmidt - Manager, Information Security - Greenville Health System
    How gaining asset intelligence helped ensure HIPAA compliance for Greenville Health System

    As a large, U.S.-based healthcare organization, Greenville Health System (GHS) needed to adhere to the regulatory standards of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). GHS’ employees and devices are geographically dispersed, making it incredibly challenging to apply and maintain the necessary security measures to protect their devices and sensitive data.

    Absolute’s team performed an Endpoint Risk Assessment to find and identify every device that belonged to Greenville and benchmark internal controls against HIPAA requirements and security best practices. Once the security gaps were identified, they then developed a remediation action plan to improve workflows and ensure security requirements.

    With the Absolute Platform deployed, GHS is confident that their devices and the sensitive data that they contain are always protected. Absolute’s firmware-embedded technology provides continuous visibility and the ability to rapidly remediate at-risk devices. The IT team now has current and historical evidence that encryption is in place on their devices to ensure that they are compliant with HIPAA.

    Key Results:
    • Visibility and protection of data
    • Automated remediation
    • Proof of HIPAA compliance
    • Reduced risk of breach
  • Complexity is Killing IT | Talks with Cybersecurity Experts Recorded: Oct 7 2019 17 mins
    Dr. Nicko van Someren - CTO & Josh Mayfield - Director of Security Strategy | Absolute
    Discover how and why organizations should focus on cyber resilience, with expert recommendations from Absolute’s Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Nicko van Someren.

    Organizations are investing more than ever in cybersecurity and yet device vulnerabilities and data breaches are also on the rise. How can organizations eliminate exposures before they become exploits and build a more resilient security stack?

    In conversation with Absolute’s Josh Mayfield, Nicko discusses the importance of endpoint visibility and control in countering the threats of cyber adversaries. He outlines how advances in machine learning and big data can be used to create more resilient IT systems, while also reducing the challenges of the cybersecurity skills gap.

    From kill chains to zero trust, data analytics and the role of cybersecurity frameworks like NIST, find out how security teams should invest their time and effort to minimize the risk of cyberattacks.

    Q1: Why is cyber resilience so important and how can organizations become more resilient? 0:35
    Q2: With the prevalence of kill chains, zero trust, and cybersecurity frameworks like NIST, is failure inevitable? 1:47
    Q3: Can we compress the skills gap by leveraging the powers of AI and machine learning? 4:05
    Q4: What’s the distinction between machine learning, artificial intelligence and linear regression? 5:37
    Q5: How do we distinguish statistics from machine learning and how do they differ in being able to look for signals? 7:27
    Q6: What data should organizations collect in order to be able to look for signals and avoid exposures? 9:43
    Q7: What’s the best way of understanding how IT applications and agents are behaving together in a security ecosystem? 12:21
    Q8: What practical steps can Chief Security Officers and Chief Information Officers take to make their organizations more resilient? 14:34
  • Success Story: How a Multi-Billion Dollar Private Company Secures Every Endpoint Recorded: Oct 6 2019 2 mins
    George Gunther - VP and CIO Asplundh Tree Expert Company
    Learn how Asplundh, the largest tree pruning and vegetation management company in the US, protects 7,000 devices across North America with Absolute Software.

    As a full-service utility contractor with over 35,000 employees – many of whom are remote, on-site workers – Asplundh needs to manage and protect their dispersed devices and the data they contain.

    Asplundh relies on the endpoint visibility and control that only Absolute Software provides. With Absolute active, they ensure their devices and their data are always secure, no matter where they are.

    "As a CIO, Absolute gives me peace of mind so I can sleep at night. It has strengthened our security posture, allowing us to stay in compliance and giving us that extra level of comfort."
    George Gunther - CIO | Asplundh Tree Expert

    By activating Absolute Software on their endpoints and incorporating into their standard device image, Asplundh gained uncompromised visibility of its entire device fleet. Beyond this, they can now make critical security applications self-healing on all endpoints, on and off their network, providing a persistent protection layer that could prevent compromise.

    As a result, if a negligent user or an external attacker ever tries to disable or remove an application that should be running on the device at all times, such as endpoint protection or DLP, Application Persistence by Absolute will automatically reinstall it to maintain endpoint compliance and data protection. This takes away the human factor and prevents major issues.

    If a device is stolen on the road, Asplundh’s IT team can now track its location with Absolute and recover it or remotely delete the data for compliance reasons. They can also write scripts or be alerted if something out of the norm is happening.

    Finally, Absolute makes both hardware and software inventory management much easier for Asplundh, increasing its efficiency and accuracy.
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Absolute Software is a leader in Endpoint Resilience™ solutions and the industry’s only undeletable defense platform embedded in over a half-billion devices. Enabling a permanent digital tether between the endpoint and the enterprise who distributed it, Absolute provides IT and Security organizations with complete connectivity, visibility, and control, whether a device is on or off the corporate network, and empowers them with Self-Healing Endpoint™ security to ensure mission-critical apps remain healthy and deliver intended value. For the latest information, visit www.absolute.com and follow us on LinkedIn or Twitter.

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