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Making patent searches more effective with Boolean

Patent searching is something most IP counsel is very familiar with. It's your day to day when looking at Freedom to Operate, competitive analysis and portfolio management.

However, it can be hard to predict what you need in a search when you are not a technical expert. In this webinar, we will teach you how to construct the most effective searches using boolean and a few other tips and tricks on how to ensure you include all the technical detail you need.
Recorded Feb 28 2018 49 mins
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Presented by
Dvorah Graeser from KISSPatents and Ruta Sudmantaite @ PatSnap
Presentation preview: Making patent searches more effective with Boolean

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  • IP Strategy: Tackling Open Source Software Jun 26 2019 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Martin Callinan, Source Code Control
    In this webinar, we'll dive into the latest developments in managing Open Source Software as part of your IP strategy. The webinar will review recent changes in the world of Open Source Software, including highlights of the 2019 Open Source Security and Risk Survey. There will be an assessment of the changing dynamic, using the example of Soundview. The webinar will cover advice on how to manage Openchain, which is on track to be a ISO Standard within 12 months. Additionally, this webinar will investigate the new PCI software lifecycle with an example of how to manage this on an ongoing basis – the process and the tools.
  • How to protect your blockchain idea Recorded: Jun 11 2019 47 mins
    D'vorah Graeser, KISSPatent
    What is the best approach for blockchain entrepreneurs to protect their ideas? During this webinar, Dvorah Graeser of KISSPatent will provide a step-by-step process on how to get IP protection for your blockchain idea, even if you are on a budget. It will cover:

    - How blockchain along with AI will shape our near future
    - The blockchain patenting race
    - Why new ideas need IP protection to win the blockchain patent race
    - How patenting blockchain is different than other technologies and why you cannot patent every blockchain idea
    - Options for idea protection beyond patents that can help blockchain entrepreneurs

    This is the first in our Academy by PatSnap Live series. Academy by PatSnap provides free on-demand courses on intellectual property. Find out more: https://academy.patsnap.com/
  • How to protect your blockchain idea Recorded: May 21 2019 48 mins
    D'vorah Graeser, KISSPatent
    What is the best approach for blockchain entrepreneurs to protect their ideas? During this webinar, Dvorah Graeser of KISSPatent will provide a step-by-step process on how to get IP protection for your blockchain idea, even if you are on a budget. It will cover:

    - How blockchain along with AI will shape our near future
    - The blockchain patenting race
    - Why new ideas need IP protection to win the blockchain patent race
    - How patenting blockchain is different than other technologies and why you cannot patent every blockchain idea
    - Options for idea protection beyond patents that can help blockchain entrepreneurs

    This is the first in our Academy by PatSnap Live series. Academy by PatSnap provides free on-demand courses on intellectual property. Find out more: https://academy.patsnap.com/
  • How to accelerate FTO searches on sequences by 70% Recorded: Nov 21 2018 35 mins
    Jessie Parker @ PatSnap
    Scientists in the biotech and pharma industries spend a large amount of time and resources on researching sequences. However, often as researches progress to the later stages of R&D, they become blocked by competitors and products that are already on the market.

    Using a sequence searching tool which links to patent data can help you identify obstacles and freedom to operate much earlier on. Having access to a full data set sooner, can help you save time, money and enhance your R&D.

    Join this webinar to find out how you can accelerate FTO searches on your sequences.
  • Tracking technology trends to maximise commercialisation value Recorded: Sep 26 2018 55 mins
    Mireya McKee CEO of McKee Innovation Consulting
    Technology commercialisation at its core requires for an invention to be applied to a use case in a specific market. Doing this successfully will ensure that you are getting ROI out of your research and inventions. Mireya McKee has over 16 years experience in research, academia and commercialisation and will be talking about how she utilises technology trends to maximise commercialisation value.

    Some of the topics discussed in this webinar will be:

    * How to track technology trends
    * What can patents tell us about technology trends
    * Technology adoption cycle
    * How technology readiness levels can affect commercialisation opportunities
  • Using sponsored research as a pathway to licensing early stage technologies Recorded: Aug 14 2018 46 mins
    Laura Schoppe, President and Owner of Fuentek
    Patent licensing negotiations have an extremely high fail rate- this can be down to unfavourable licensing terms or weak patent portfolios. One of the ways universities and industry are trying to bridge the gap between innovation and commercialisation is by working together much earlier.

    From a university standpoint, their research can be tailored to specific industry needs, as well as having research costs covered. Through the eyes of industry, they can get their hands on the latest research developments, and attract the brightest and talented individuals to their businesses.

    Laura Schoppe, President and Founder of Fuentek, who has years experience helping TTO's improve their chances of commercalisation will be joining us to discuss:

    - How to start sourcing strategic sponsorship deals
    - Where to begin with searching and conversations for partnerships
    - The benefits of this chosen pathway. i.e Minimising risk

    Please note: All viewers will have their data shared with our guest speaker.
  • How to create a 5-year M&A plan for dealing with patent cliffs Recorded: Jul 25 2018 40 mins
    Jurgen Vollrath, President at Exponential Technology Counsel
    A ‘Patent cliff’ describes a severe drop in revenue once the patent for a company’s leading product expires. The sharp revenue decline is a result of competitors being able to start developing and selling the product, often at a much lower price.

    As US biopharmaceutical company Celgene struggles to get regulatory approval from the FDA, the company is facing major market, shares and revenue losses, and is facing a phenomenal patent cliff. Furthermore, research from EvaluatePharma reports that an estimated $250 billion in projected sales is at risk between 2018-2024 as many drugs lose exclusivity.

    When it comes to acquisitions, the effects of a dwindling patent term can severely impact the value of your company. So how do you create 5-year plan to prepare for an inevitable patent cliff? We are very excited to welcome back Jurgen Vollrath, President of Exponential Technology Counsel, and customer of PatSnap. ET Counsel, advise clients on IP strategy & business alignment to ensure the most successful M&A and exit outcomes.

    In this webinar, Jurgen will be discussing:

    - Risk vs. reality when it comes to patent cliffs
    - How to create a 5-year M&A plan for your organisation
    - How to find potential acquisition targets
    - Predicting the potential impact a patent cliff could have on your business.
  • A guide for UK and Chinese patent collaboration Recorded: Jul 18 2018 56 mins
    Tom Duke attaché for UK in Beijing UK Intellectual Property Office
    UK Intellectual Property Office is going to be joining this webinar to explore some of the ways UK and Chinese companies can work together on innovation projects, where patents are involved.

    Some of the topics covered will be:

    - Different types of collaboration i.e. university, industry
    - Tips for setting up successful partnerships
    - Chinese Policy on Licensing and Ownership of incremental innovation
  • How to accelerate your innovation pipeline using Social Impact Investments Recorded: Jul 12 2018 45 mins
    Rosemarie Truman from The Center for Advancing Innovation
    Social Impact Investment brings together capital and experience from the public, private and non-for-profit industries to achieve specific social objectives. The return of these investments is measured typically by the social outcomes achieved.

    The Centre of Advancing Innovation is a public-private partnership non-profit focused on identifying breakthrough inventions hidden in portfolios, to maximise investor returns and commercial success. Research performed by the group has highlighted that Social Impact projects accelerate innovation, and result in higher returns.

    In this webinar, Rosemarie Truman, CEO and Founder of CAI will be discussing the positive implications of choosing social impact projects for your business, including:

    - Why they accelerate innovation
    - How these projects can increase your potential investment opportunities for the future
    - The influence on the future funding of projects.
  • How to broaden patent claims: Lessons from automotive and consumer goods Recorded: Jun 20 2018 40 mins
    Jason Lye, IAM 300 Strategist & CTO of Lycoworks
    With innovation budgets increasing each year and R&D becoming more competitive, many organisations are getting creative in how they increase the reach of their IP protection.

    One technique is to widen IP claims by patenting human experiences induced by the product or service. This is often seen in the automotive and consumer goods sectors, commonly describing visual and tactile sensations around the original technology.

    Jason Lye, IAM 300 Strategist & Founder of Lyco Works has worked with many clients using this technique and will be hosting this webinar to discuss how your company could benefit from broadening patent claims in this way. He will also cover:

    - What patenting human experiences really means and looks like
    - The importance of not forgetting the human-impact your technologies create
    - How claim-broadening technique offers another layer of protection for your technology
    - Why it will make it much harder for your competitors to trap you in litigation cases.
  • How to find new innovation opportunities using technology mapping and IP data Recorded: Jun 13 2018 39 mins
    Pari Datta, Senior innovation and research consultant at Cambridge Design Partnership
    Mature products, such as smartphones and cars, tend to become very similar – whether they are from different manufacturers or the latest model from the same manufacturer.

    Speed, power and slight changes in appearance become the focus for many companies. Marketing can make advances through insightful methods to dig deeper into opportunities from unmet needs – but the right science and technology are required to make them real.

    R&D teams have access to incredible developments in science and technology, such as artificial intelligence and the latest developments in genetics, but struggle to find how to link them with market opportunities. Opportunities become ‘market pull’ or ‘technology push’, without joining together. Innovation opportunities must connect customer needs with science and technology to be more than just ideas or technologies.

    This webinar will demonstrate how technology mapping can be used to discover new opportunities, whichever direction you start from, and how IP landscapes can then help you to make the right connections.

    Please note: Registrants details will be shared with the presenter after the webinar.
  • Integrating smart manufacturing techniques: A look at the automotive industry Recorded: Jun 6 2018 51 mins
    Paul Mairl, Chief Digital Officer at GKN Powder Metallurgy
    In an age where technology and cars have never been more intertwined, experts believe the most successful automotive companies in the future, are the leaders in the smart manufacturing race today. A recent survey of automotive companies by Capgemini’s Digital Transformation Institute revealed that 49% of automotive companies have invested over $250mn in smart factory innovation.

    The ability to integrate currently siloed systems throughout manufacturing processes with smart techniques is clearly beneficial, and of course, it isn’t just about software and connectivity tools, it's about making better business decisions by using data to solve problems before they happen.

    But how can you begin making your organisation smarter? PatSnap is pleased to welcome Paul Mairl, Chief Digital Officer at GKN Powder Metallurgy. Paul has worked within GKN for over 25 years and is now responsible for setting up GKN Powder Metallurgy's digital system in line with Industry 4.0.

    In this webinar, Paul will be sharing:

    - What smart manufacturing really means
    - How GKN successfully integrated it across their shop floor
    - Techniques you can use to successfully integrate smart manufacturing processes into your organisation
    - The benefits and barriers of these techniques
  • Practical tips for using patent data to track your competitors Recorded: May 30 2018 35 mins
    Christopher Ralph, Technical Training Expert at PatSnap
    In a recent survey by Harvard Business Review, it was revealed that on average, only 23% of participants said they learned about a competitors innovation early enough to respond before it hit the market. Whilst competition is inevitable, there are strategies you can implement to decrease the risk they pose to your business.

    Join our upcoming webinar, hosted by Christopher Ralph as we explore how to successfully track the activities of your competitors using patent data. Other themes covered in this webinar include:

    • Identifying emerging players in your market
    • The benefits of keeping, or bringing your competitor tracking back in-house
    • Communicating competitor intelligence to colleagues
    • Competitors as opportunities, not just threats.
  • Chemical patents: What can they tell us about failing drug discovery? Recorded: May 23 2018 49 mins
    Roshan Jumnah, Chemical IP Data Analyst at PatSnap
    Modern drug discovery appears in many ways to be well-defined with tried-and-tested approaches to acquire success. However, some research processes often lead to very few new discoveries and sometimes stagnation of an entire research area.

    So, does it always have to be this way? One method to re-boot a failing area of research is to employ disruptive chemical methods and thinking to kick-start a process of rejuvenation.

    We invite you to our webinar with Roshan Jumnah, Chemical IP data analyst at PatSnap to explore:

    - Can we identify the reasons why drug discovery is failing?
    - Chemical disruption, its uses, and the impact of this new approach on the pharmaceutical industry
    - The ways chemical disruption can reverse failing drug discovery in the future.
  • Steps to successfully manage your IP in China Recorded: May 16 2018 57 mins
    Ian Harvey from Tsinghua University, Beijing & Imperial College Business School, London
    Over the last 10 years, China has evolved from a cheap manufacturing engine to one of the worlds largest patent filers. With initiatives like 'Made in China 2025,' we are seeing China set clear goals, moving away from imitation to strategic innovation.

    So what does this mean for your business? Should you see China as a threat or an opportunity? And how can you take advantage of this IP and innovation powerhouse in the future? PatSnap is pleased to welcome back Ian Harvey from Tsinghua University, Beijing & Imperial College Business School, London to share how he thinks many businesses should be managing the opportunities China's innovation holds.

    Other themes explored in this webinar include:

    - What Chinese innovation means for your intellectual property
    - How to track current and emerging competitors in the market
    - What IP litigation in China is really like
  • Effective FTO searches: How to lay good groundwork before outsourcing Recorded: May 9 2018 52 mins
    Dylan O. Adams: Senior patent attorney & Amazon best-selling author
    Conducting thorough freedom to operate (FTO) searches is an essential part of R&D and IP strategies for many companies. Outsourcing searches to external professionals can be highly effective but can come with its own list of risks and costs.

    So what are the ways you can lay the most effective freedom to operate searching foundations, before contacting a legal professional for their advice?

    PatSnap will be joined patent attorney, and Amazon bestselling author Dylan Adams, for an insightful webinar into how you can lay the most effective groundwork throughout your FTO search, whether you're using an in-house counsel team or an external law firm.

    This webinar will explore key themes including:

    - Where to get started with an FTO search
    - How to effectively communicate your invention to an attorney
    - What an attorney needs to make their searching faster and more effective
  • How to make the IP system work for technology transfer Recorded: Apr 18 2018 48 mins
    Jeremy Holmes, Head of Intellectual Property at Imperial Innovations
    Technology transfer offices are often seen as the facilitators of innovation between academic institutions and industry. However, they have a massive responsibility to transfer the wealth of innovation from within universities to the commercial world, in the most timely and cost-efficient way possible. Does the current Intellectual Property system facilitate their requirements, or can it sometimes hinder innovation?

    In this webinar, we will be joined by Jeremy Holmes, Head of intellectual property at Imperial Innovations, the technology transfer office of Imperial College, London. Jeremy will be talking about the ingredients needed for a successful partnership, and future, between technology transfers and commercial world. We will also be discussing:

    • The power behind freedom to operate when making judgements on the commercial opportunity of an idea
    • Why education of IP is so important, for academics & business professionals
    • How to find the balance between freedom & creativity, with the need for intellectual property protection
    • Whether you need patents to have a successful university spin out.
  • Intellectual Property and its role in strategic decision making Recorded: Apr 12 2018 43 mins
    Pete Hotten & Nick Pay from NuAge Vision
    Although intellectual property is often a large asset to any innovative company it can be hard to justify to senior management the costs that come with it. Patents especially, need to be renewed yearly and also can become very costly in the case of infringement that leads to litigation.

    So how can you explain to your senior management that your IP is a key essential asset? This is what Nick Pay and Pete Hotten will be discussing in this webinar.

    You will learn:

    - How to best showcase the value of your IP
    - The language you should use with senior management
    - What steps can you take to integrate IP into your whole business
  • How to be due diligent with IP in M&A Recorded: Apr 4 2018 43 mins
    Logendra Naidoo from Planetary IP and Jessie Parker @ PatSnap
    Intellectual property is fast becoming one of the largest, and most valuable items on many organisations balance sheet. These assets can bring to light considerable risks, and opportunities, during M&A.

    By looking at the IP portfolio of an organisation, you can get an idea of whether you're strengthening, or weakening your market position and which assets will be the most valuable after the M&A.

    In this webinar, we'll be looking at the role IP plays in mergers and acquisitions, as well as:

    - What kind of due diligence to consider when looking into patent portfolios
    - How to use intellectual property to highlight, and avoid risks during M&A
    - How to make better decisions when navigating risks and opportunities
  • Protect your innovations, products and business with IP insurance Recorded: Mar 21 2018 37 mins
    Erik Alsegard & Lewis Parle from CFC Underwriting | Ruta from PatSnap
    The primary reason why people register their IP - including trademarks patents - is to protect their ideas from being used and monetized by others. Companies across the world spend trillions of dollars on research and patent thousands of new technologies each year, so why would you ever need IP insurance?

    We see dozens of cases each year where companies and individuals are claiming infringement upon their IP and that's when IP insurance comes into play.

    PatSnap is joined by Erik Alsegard, IP Practice Leader and Lewis Parle, In-House Solicitor and IP Underwriter, from CFC Underwriting to discuss the whys and hows of IP Insurance.

    Join this webinar to learn about the risks of IP, if you should consider insurance and what are the pros and cons of the options available to you when it comes to protecting your Intellectual Property assets.
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