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Making patent searches more effective with Boolean

Patent searching is something most IP counsel is very familiar with. It's your day to day when looking at Freedom to Operate, competitive analysis and portfolio management.

However, it can be hard to predict what you need in a search when you are not a technical expert. In this webinar, we will teach you how to construct the most effective searches using boolean and a few other tips and tricks on how to ensure you include all the technical detail you need.
Recorded Feb 28 2018 49 mins
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Presented by
Dvorah Graeser from KISSPatents and Ruta Sudmantaite @ PatSnap
Presentation preview: Making patent searches more effective with Boolean

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  • How Automotive and CPG Industries are broadening their patent claims using UX Jun 20 2018 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Jason Lye, IAM 300 Strategist and CTO of Lycoworks with Ruta from PatSnap
    With innovation budgets increasing each year and R&D efficiency decreasing in the western world, many companies are starting to get creative with how they structure and what claims they include in a patent. This is not only to give their technology better protection but to also increase the value of their claims.

    One of the methods that is becoming prevalent in the Automotive and Consumer Good Industries is the use of Human Experience factors in a patent. By link your technology to the User Experience provided by it. This is useful when filing in crowded patent spaces, enabling broader protection at lower cost than a "picket fence" IP strategy.

    Jason Lye (IAM 300 Strategist), and Founder of Lyco Works, who has used this technique with many of his clients will be exploring some of these patents and how to make the most out of User Experience in this webinar.
  • How smart manufacturing is digitally redefining the automotive industry Jun 6 2018 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Paul Mairl, Chief Digital Officer at GKN Metallurgy
    In an age where technology and cars have never been more intertwined, experts believe the automotive companies that are leaders in the smart manufacturing race will be the ones who benefit from competitive advantages in the future. A recent survey of automotive companies by Capgemini’s Digital Transformation Institute revealed that 49% of automotive companies have invested over $250mn in smart factory innovation.

    The ability to integrate currently siloed systems throughout manufacturing processes with smart manufacturing techniques is clearly a move in the right direction. And of course, the integration isn’t just about software and connectivity tools, it's about making better business decisions by using data to solve problems before they happen.

    However, the reality of integrating such innovative processes for many companies can be challenging—especially for large organisations. So how can you integrate smart manufacturing techniques, and what are the short, and long-term benefits of doing so?

    PatSnap is pleased to welcome Paul Mairl, Chief Digital Officer at GKN Metallurgy, to explore the barriers, and techniques of successfully integrating smart manufacturing processes into your business. Paul has worked in various roles within GKN for over 25 years and is now responsible for setting up GKN Metallurgy’s digital system in line with Industry 4.0.
  • Practical tips for using patent data to track your competitors May 30 2018 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Christopher Ralph, Technical Training Expert at PatSnap
    In a recent survey by Harvard Business Review, it was revealed that on average, only 23% of participants said they learned about a competitors innovation early enough to respond before it hit the market. Whilst competition is inevitable, there are strategies you can implement to decrease the risk they pose to your business.

    Join our upcoming webinar, hosted by Christopher Ralph as we explore how to successfully track the activities of your competitors using patent data. Other themes covered in this webinar include:

    • Identifying emerging players in your market
    • The benefits of keeping, or bringing your competitor tracking back in-house
    • Communicating competitor intelligence to colleagues
    • Competitors as opportunities, not just threats.
  • Chemical patents: What can they tell us about failing drug discovery? May 23 2018 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Roshan Jumnah, Chemical IP Data Analyst at PatSnap
    Modern drug discovery appears in many ways to be well-defined with tried-and-tested approaches to acquire success. However, some research processes often lead to very few new discoveries and sometimes stagnation of an entire research area.

    So, does it always have to be this way? One method to re-boot a failing area of research is to employ disruptive chemical methods and thinking to kick-start a process of rejuvenation.

    We invite you to our webinar with Roshan Jumnah, Chemical IP data analyst at PatSnap to explore:

    - Can we identify the reasons why drug discovery is failing?
    - Chemical disruption, its uses, and the impact of this new approach
    - The ways chemical disruption can reverse failing drug discovery in the future.
  • Steps to successfully manage your IP in China Recorded: May 16 2018 57 mins
    Ian Harvey from Tsinghua University, Beijing & Imperial College Business School, London
    Over the last 10 years, China has evolved from a cheap manufacturing engine to one of the worlds largest patent filers. With initiatives like 'Made in China 2025,' we are seeing China set clear goals, moving away from imitation to strategic innovation.

    So what does this mean for your business? Should you see China as a threat or an opportunity? And how can you take advantage of this IP and innovation powerhouse in the future? PatSnap is pleased to welcome back Ian Harvey from Tsinghua University, Beijing & Imperial College Business School, London to share how he thinks many businesses should be managing the opportunities China's innovation holds.

    Other themes explored in this webinar include:

    - What Chinese innovation means for your intellectual property
    - How to track current and emerging competitors in the market
    - What IP litigation in China is really like
  • Effective FTO searches: How to lay good groundwork before outsourcing Recorded: May 9 2018 52 mins
    Dylan O. Adams: Senior patent attorney & Amazon best-selling author
    Conducting thorough freedom to operate (FTO) searches is an essential part of R&D and IP strategies for many companies. Outsourcing searches to external professionals can be highly effective but can come with its own list of risks and costs.

    So what are the ways you can lay the most effective freedom to operate searching foundations, before contacting a legal professional for their advice?

    PatSnap will be joined patent attorney, and Amazon bestselling author Dylan Adams, for an insightful webinar into how you can lay the most effective groundwork throughout your FTO search, whether you're using an in-house counsel team or an external law firm.

    This webinar will explore key themes including:

    - Where to get started with an FTO search
    - How to effectively communicate your invention to an attorney
    - What an attorney needs to make their searching faster and more effective
  • How to make the IP system work for technology transfer Recorded: Apr 18 2018 48 mins
    Jeremy Holmes, Head of Intellectual Property at Imperial Innovations
    Technology transfer offices are often seen as the facilitators of innovation between academic institutions and industry. However, they have a massive responsibility to transfer the wealth of innovation from within universities to the commercial world, in the most timely and cost-efficient way possible. Does the current Intellectual Property system facilitate their requirements, or can it sometimes hinder innovation?

    In this webinar, we will be joined by Jeremy Holmes, Head of intellectual property at Imperial Innovations, the technology transfer office of Imperial College, London. Jeremy will be talking about the ingredients needed for a successful partnership, and future, between technology transfers and commercial world. We will also be discussing:

    • The power behind freedom to operate when making judgements on the commercial opportunity of an idea
    • Why education of IP is so important, for academics & business professionals
    • How to find the balance between freedom & creativity, with the need for intellectual property protection
    • Whether you need patents to have a successful university spin out.
  • Intellectual Property and its role in strategic decision making Recorded: Apr 12 2018 43 mins
    Pete Hotten & Nick Pay from NuAge Vision
    Although intellectual property is often a large asset to any innovative company it can be hard to justify to senior management the costs that come with it. Patents especially, need to be renewed yearly and also can become very costly in the case of infringement that leads to litigation.

    So how can you explain to your senior management that your IP is a key essential asset? This is what Nick Pay and Pete Hotten will be discussing in this webinar.

    You will learn:

    - How to best showcase the value of your IP
    - The language you should use with senior management
    - What steps can you take to integrate IP into your whole business
  • How to be due diligent with IP in M&A Recorded: Apr 4 2018 43 mins
    Logendra Naidoo from Planetary IP and Jessie Parker @ PatSnap
    Intellectual property is fast becoming one of the largest, and most valuable items on many organisations balance sheet. These assets can bring to light considerable risks, and opportunities, during M&A.

    By looking at the IP portfolio of an organisation, you can get an idea of whether you're strengthening, or weakening your market position and which assets will be the most valuable after the M&A.

    In this webinar, we'll be looking at the role IP plays in mergers and acquisitions, as well as:

    - What kind of due diligence to consider when looking into patent portfolios
    - How to use intellectual property to highlight, and avoid risks during M&A
    - How to make better decisions when navigating risks and opportunities
  • Protect your innovations, products and business with IP insurance Recorded: Mar 21 2018 37 mins
    Erik Alsegard & Lewis Parle from CFC Underwriting | Ruta from PatSnap
    The primary reason why people register their IP - including trademarks patents - is to protect their ideas from being used and monetized by others. Companies across the world spend trillions of dollars on research and patent thousands of new technologies each year, so why would you ever need IP insurance?

    We see dozens of cases each year where companies and individuals are claiming infringement upon their IP and that's when IP insurance comes into play.

    PatSnap is joined by Erik Alsegard, IP Practice Leader and Lewis Parle, In-House Solicitor and IP Underwriter, from CFC Underwriting to discuss the whys and hows of IP Insurance.

    Join this webinar to learn about the risks of IP, if you should consider insurance and what are the pros and cons of the options available to you when it comes to protecting your Intellectual Property assets.
  • Mitigating risk through IP strategy and innovation alignment Recorded: Mar 7 2018 60 mins
    Candice Landry from 10e5 Solutions | Jon Calvert from ClearViewIP | Jim Hinton from Bereskin & Parr
    The term innovation can refer to various stages within a product development cycle, and an invention created in this process can be protected by various forms of intellectual property. Most inventions are created to solve and address consumer needs and problems. To do that job, products enter the market, creating opportunities for the business or the inventor who owns it. A businesses’ IP strategy plays an important role in the success of a new product by ensuring competitive advantage in the market, for now and the future.

    However, IP protection can often be seen as an output of product development, leaving the organisation open to risk—whether it's in a new or an existing market. So how can you align IP protection with your invention creation to ensure your IP team is involved at the most effective points throughout the product development process? Too early could mean a slower time to market, and too late could mean lost opportunities in the market.

    In this webinar, we’ll be discussing how your organisation can mitigate risk, by aligning your IP and innovation strategy. We will also be looking at:

    - Examples of successful organisations who have aligned their IP and innovation
    - Intellectual property & open innovation
    - Why IP should be a part of the innovation process, not an event
  • Making patent searches more effective with Boolean Recorded: Feb 28 2018 49 mins
    Dvorah Graeser from KISSPatents and Ruta Sudmantaite @ PatSnap
    Patent searching is something most IP counsel is very familiar with. It's your day to day when looking at Freedom to Operate, competitive analysis and portfolio management.

    However, it can be hard to predict what you need in a search when you are not a technical expert. In this webinar, we will teach you how to construct the most effective searches using boolean and a few other tips and tricks on how to ensure you include all the technical detail you need.
  • How Nanotech IP is influencing the whole semiconductor industry Recorded: Feb 21 2018 36 mins
    Dr.Shafiq Kabir CIO of Smoltek AB and Ruta @ PatSnap
    Many companies have influence in markets because they make essential products. Think about the products all around us the metals, plastics and various other materials that make up our world. We can see how a change in manufacturing processes or supply could influence the whole industry.

    We are joined by Dr.Shafiq Kabir, Chief Innovation Officer at Smoltek AB, to learn how companies who rely on only Intellectual Property are working to change the market. Smoltek specialises in nanomaterials and their applications and brings together industry, intellectual property and manufacturers together.

    This is essential viewing for anyone interested in nanomaterials/nanotechnology, IP, licensing and market penetration.
  • 5 ways to successfully commercialise your intellectual property Recorded: Feb 14 2018 59 mins
    Annelie Viksten from AWAPatents | Carol David Daniel from City University | Duncan Clark from PatSnap
    In this webinar, PatSnap will be joined by Annelie Viksten, Carol David Daniel and Duncan Clark to explore what ingredients are needed to create an environment that promotes the best possible chances of market success for new projects.

    Other discussion points include:

    - The importance of a fully integrated, end to end commercialisation strategy
    - How to identify the differences between projects that create new revenue, versus those that don't.
    - How to extract more ROI from your existing intellectual property
    - Understanding the difference in approaches to innovation in academia, and the commercial world.
  • The Rise of Blockchain: Applications, IP and the future Recorded: Feb 7 2018 42 mins
    Raphael Roche from EdenLit Techlab | Ruta Sudmantaite @ PatSnap
    Since Blockchain was conceptualised in 2008, it has been expanding rapidly in popularity and trend. Originally used by the likes of Bitcoin to track payments it has a multitude of different applications and is now regarded as a "Foundational Technology".

    In this webinar Raphael Roche will be talking about:

    -Blockchain today
    -Applications and big players in the industry
    -Intellectual Property tied to Blockchain
    -Creative applications
    -The future of the technology

  • Introduction to searching/using Markush structures from Patents Recorded: Jan 17 2018 34 mins
    Roshan Jumnah and Ruta Sudmantaite @ PatSnap
    Chemical Patents are often very long and difficult to read. Markush searching can enable you to easily categorize and filter the information you need, giving you the insights that a paper sometimes cannot.

    In this webinar you will learn:

    -How to get started with patent search
    -Basic patent language you need to be aware off
    -How to create Markush searches to yield the best results when researching.
    -Benefits of patent search for your processes
  • Evolution and Adoption of Biometrics Recorded: Dec 6 2017 41 mins
    Niosha Kayhani | Cubics and Ruta Sudmantaite from PatSnap
    Biometrics has slowly become more and more present in our everyday lives. We no longer bat an eyelid when our phones require us to use a finger print for a payment or even when its how you get into your gym. So whats the next step?

    Cubic, who are the people behind the payment technology of the London Transport System, have devised a system that can double the “throughput” of an entrance—from 25 people crossing a gate’s threshold per minute, to about 50 or 60. This idea could mean that we would no longer have gates at tube stations across London and instead your phone in combination with your face.

    Niosha Kayhani of Cubic will be taking us through the development of this Technology and also the growing uses and industry that is Biometrics.
  • Patents: Sell, License or Scrap Recorded: Nov 23 2017 53 mins
    Duncan Clark at PatSnap
    A well-managed patent portfolio will protect your most valuable assets, while delivering a strong return on investment. But actively managing your intellectual property assets is time-consuming and complex – particularly if your portfolio spans across multiple territories and INPADOC families.

    IP managers often have to make difficult renewal or abandonment decisions without the benefit of detailed technical knowledge, working via spreadsheets or collaborating via emails to understand the importance of a particular patent. The risk of making a wrong choice when it comes to selling, licensing or abandoning patents can sometimes push them to the safe option of ‘do nothing’.

    For businesses, doing nothing means wasting budget on unnecessary or inflated renewal fees or missed opportunities to generate new revenue. How can we resolve some of these inefficiencies?

    In this webinar, Duncan Clark will be discussing how patent portfolio managers can make better decisions on whether to sell, license, or scrap patents. Attendees will learn about common approaches to portfolio management and how to reduce costs and improve portfolio ROI through the strategic use of tools and innovation data.
  • Patent Protecting Human Experiences - a methodology to broaden claim language Recorded: Nov 15 2017 53 mins
    Jason Lye | Lyco Works and Ruta Sudmantaite from PatSnap
    This webinar demonstrates how broad patent claims can be structured to include the impact and experience associated with using the invention along with the invention configuration. This approach can be particularly useful when filing in crowded patent spaces, enabling broader protection at lower cost than a "picket fence" IP strategy.

    Jason Lye (IAM 300 Strategist) and Founder of Lyco Works will be exploring these ideas in an upcoming webinar. Several Lyco Works customers have also found this approach useful to increase the value of their patent claims vs. their larger and more litigious competitors.
  • Patent Monetisation: Markets, Litigation and Legislation Recorded: Nov 8 2017 59 mins
    David Pridham and Brad Sheafe from Dominion Harbor and Jessie Parker from PatSnap
    David Pridham, Chief Executive Officer and Brad Sheafe, Chief Intellectual Property Officer of Dominion Harbor will be taking us through their recent acquisition of the Kodak Patent Portfolio and the steps they are taking to monetise over 4000 patents.

    Unfortunately patent monetisation isn't as simple as selling or licensing, it depends heavily on the other players in the market, where the market is moving and also the litigation and future legislation when it comes to that particular technology.

    This webinar will cover:

    - The analytical approach (using technology to help assess the opportunity)
    - The go-to-market strategy development
    - How to present this strategy to potential buyers without being exposed to litigation risks
    - Building global partnerships to maximise the monetisation potential of the portfolio in a heterogeneous, world-wide marketplace
    - Managing prosecution, maintenance, divestiture and abandonment
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  • Title: Making patent searches more effective with Boolean
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  • Presented by: Dvorah Graeser from KISSPatents and Ruta Sudmantaite @ PatSnap
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