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How to use your IP to influence an entire industry?

Many companies have influence in markets because they make essential products. Think about the products all around us the metals, plastics and various other materials that make up our world. We can see how a change in manufacturing processes or supply could influence the whole industry.

We are joined by Dr.Shafiq Kabir, Chief Innovation Officer at Smoltek AB, to learn how companies who rely on only Intellectual Property are working to change the market. Smoltek specialises in nanomaterials and their applications and brings together industry, intellectual property and manufacturers together.

This is essential viewing for anyone interested in nanomaterials/nanotechnology, IP, licensing and market penetration.
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Presented by
Dr.Shafiq Kabir CIO of Smoltek AB and Ruta @ PatSnap
Presentation preview: How to use your IP to influence an entire industry?

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  • How to identify threats and opportunities in M&A using patents Mar 28 2018 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Jessie Parker @ PatSnap
    Intellectual property is fast becoming one of the largest, and most valuable items on many organisations balance sheet. These assets can bring to light considerable risks, and opportunities, during M&A.

    By looking at the IP portfolio of an organisation, you can get an idea of whether you're strengthening, or weakening your market position and which assets will be the most valuable after the M&A.

    In this webinar, we'll be looking at the role IP plays in mergers and acquisitions, as well as:

    - What kind of due diligence to consider when looking into patent portfolios
    - How to use intellectual property to highlight, and avoid risks during M&A
    - How to make better decisions when navigating risks and opportunities
  • How can IP insurance lower risks in your business? Mar 21 2018 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Erik Alsegard from CFC Underwriting and Ruta @ PatSnap
    The primary reason why people register their IP - including trademarks patents - is to protect their ideas from being used and monetized by others. Companies across the world spend trillions of dollars on research and patent thousands of new technologies each year, so why would you ever need IP insurance?

    We see dozens of cases each year where companies and individuals are claiming infringement upon their IP and that's when IP insurance comes into play.

    PatSnap is joined by Erik Alsegard, IP Practice Leader and Lewis Parle, In-House Solicitor and IP Underwriter, from CFC Underwriting to discuss the whys and hows of IP Insurance.

    Join this webinar to learn about the risks of IP, if you should consider insurance and what are the pros and cons of the options available to you when it comes to protecting your Intellectual Property assets.
  • Making patent searches more effective with Boolean Feb 28 2018 4:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Dvorah Graeser from KISSPatents and Ruta Sudmantaite @ PatSnap
    Patent searching is something most IP counsel is very familiar with. It's your day to day when looking at Freedom to Operate, competitive analysis and portfolio management.

    However, it can be hard to predict what you need in a search when you are not a technical expert. In this webinar, we will teach you how to construct the most effective searches using boolean and a few other tips and tricks on how to ensure you include all the technical detail you need.
  • How to use your IP to influence an entire industry? Feb 21 2018 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Dr.Shafiq Kabir CIO of Smoltek AB and Ruta @ PatSnap
    Many companies have influence in markets because they make essential products. Think about the products all around us the metals, plastics and various other materials that make up our world. We can see how a change in manufacturing processes or supply could influence the whole industry.

    We are joined by Dr.Shafiq Kabir, Chief Innovation Officer at Smoltek AB, to learn how companies who rely on only Intellectual Property are working to change the market. Smoltek specialises in nanomaterials and their applications and brings together industry, intellectual property and manufacturers together.

    This is essential viewing for anyone interested in nanomaterials/nanotechnology, IP, licensing and market penetration.
  • 5 ways to successfully commercialise your intellectual property Recorded: Feb 14 2018 59 mins
    Annelie Viksten from AWAPatents | Carol David Daniel from City University | Duncan Clark from PatSnap
    In this webinar, PatSnap will be joined by Annelie Viksten, Carol David Daniel and Duncan Clark to explore what ingredients are needed to create an environment that promotes the best possible chances of market success for new projects.

    Other discussion points include:

    - The importance of a fully integrated, end to end commercialisation strategy
    - How to identify the differences between projects that create new revenue, versus those that don't.
    - How to extract more ROI from your existing intellectual property
    - Understanding the difference in approaches to innovation in academia, and the commercial world.
  • The Rise of Blockchain: Applications, IP and the future Recorded: Feb 7 2018 42 mins
    Raphael Roche from EdenLit Techlab | Ruta Sudmantaite @ PatSnap
    Since Blockchain was conceptualised in 2008, it has been expanding rapidly in popularity and trend. Originally used by the likes of Bitcoin to track payments it has a multitude of different applications and is now regarded as a "Foundational Technology".

    In this webinar Raphael Roche will be talking about:

    -Blockchain today
    -Applications and big players in the industry
    -Intellectual Property tied to Blockchain
    -Creative applications
    -The future of the technology

  • Introduction to searching/using Markush structures from Patents Recorded: Jan 17 2018 34 mins
    Roshan Jumnah and Ruta Sudmantaite @ PatSnap
    Chemical Patents are often very long and difficult to read. Markush searching can enable you to easily categorize and filter the information you need, giving you the insights that a paper sometimes cannot.

    In this webinar you will learn:

    -How to get started with patent search
    -Basic patent language you need to be aware off
    -How to create Markush searches to yield the best results when researching.
    -Benefits of patent search for your processes
  • Evolution and Adoption of Biometrics Recorded: Dec 6 2017 41 mins
    Niosha Kayhani | Cubics and Ruta Sudmantaite from PatSnap
    Biometrics has slowly become more and more present in our everyday lives. We no longer bat an eyelid when our phones require us to use a finger print for a payment or even when its how you get into your gym. So whats the next step?

    Cubic, who are the people behind the payment technology of the London Transport System, have devised a system that can double the “throughput” of an entrance—from 25 people crossing a gate’s threshold per minute, to about 50 or 60. This idea could mean that we would no longer have gates at tube stations across London and instead your phone in combination with your face.

    Niosha Kayhani of Cubic will be taking us through the development of this Technology and also the growing uses and industry that is Biometrics.
  • Patents: Sell, License or Scrap Recorded: Nov 23 2017 53 mins
    Duncan Clark at PatSnap
    A well-managed patent portfolio will protect your most valuable assets, while delivering a strong return on investment. But actively managing your intellectual property assets is time-consuming and complex – particularly if your portfolio spans across multiple territories and INPADOC families.

    IP managers often have to make difficult renewal or abandonment decisions without the benefit of detailed technical knowledge, working via spreadsheets or collaborating via emails to understand the importance of a particular patent. The risk of making a wrong choice when it comes to selling, licensing or abandoning patents can sometimes push them to the safe option of ‘do nothing’.

    For businesses, doing nothing means wasting budget on unnecessary or inflated renewal fees or missed opportunities to generate new revenue. How can we resolve some of these inefficiencies?

    In this webinar, Duncan Clark will be discussing how patent portfolio managers can make better decisions on whether to sell, license, or scrap patents. Attendees will learn about common approaches to portfolio management and how to reduce costs and improve portfolio ROI through the strategic use of tools and innovation data.
  • Patent Protecting Human Experiences - a methodology to broaden claim language Recorded: Nov 15 2017 53 mins
    Jason Lye | Lyco Works and Ruta Sudmantaite from PatSnap
    This webinar demonstrates how broad patent claims can be structured to include the impact and experience associated with using the invention along with the invention configuration. This approach can be particularly useful when filing in crowded patent spaces, enabling broader protection at lower cost than a "picket fence" IP strategy.

    Jason Lye (IAM 300 Strategist) and Founder of Lyco Works will be exploring these ideas in an upcoming webinar. Several Lyco Works customers have also found this approach useful to increase the value of their patent claims vs. their larger and more litigious competitors.
  • Patent Monetisation: Markets, Litigation and Legislation Recorded: Nov 8 2017 59 mins
    David Pridham and Brad Sheafe from Dominion Harbor and Jessie Parker from PatSnap
    David Pridham, Chief Executive Officer and Brad Sheafe, Chief Intellectual Property Officer of Dominion Harbor will be taking us through their recent acquisition of the Kodak Patent Portfolio and the steps they are taking to monetise over 4000 patents.

    Unfortunately patent monetisation isn't as simple as selling or licensing, it depends heavily on the other players in the market, where the market is moving and also the litigation and future legislation when it comes to that particular technology.

    This webinar will cover:

    - The analytical approach (using technology to help assess the opportunity)
    - The go-to-market strategy development
    - How to present this strategy to potential buyers without being exposed to litigation risks
    - Building global partnerships to maximise the monetisation potential of the portfolio in a heterogeneous, world-wide marketplace
    - Managing prosecution, maintenance, divestiture and abandonment
  • Open Source Software: IP risk and strategies to manage Recorded: Nov 1 2017 50 mins
    Martin Callinan from Source Code Control
    Open Source Software is now broadly used in the development of software applications. The ability to reuse components of code already created allows development teams to create more code, with more functionality, faster. It also promotes the adoption of standards and makes applications more interoperable.

    With the increasing adoption of open source software in software development there is an increasing need for organisations to understand free and open source software licensing obligations and compliance issues.

    PatSnap will be joined by Martin Callinan, Founder of Source Code Control. Martin has over 20 years’ experience providing organisations with strategies to manage business risks associated with open source software such as IP compliance, security vulnerability management and procurement. He is actively involved in the open source software industry to help create best practices and industry standards for the adoption and management of open source based software through organisations such as TechUK and OpenUK.
  • Patentability: A guide to a powerful search Recorded: Oct 25 2017 59 mins
    Dr. D’vorah Graeser, Founder of KISSPatent
    One of the most frustrating things for any innovation leader is their team coming up with innovative and exciting ideas only to realise they cannot be patented.

    Wouldn’t it be better if you could understand what you can and cannot patent much earlier? It would reduce the time wasted on ideation and increase the focus at the early stages of development, because you would have a better understanding of what can be achieved.

    In this webinar, PatSnap will be joined by Dr. D’vorah Graeser, Founder of KISSPatent and US patent agent with over 21 years of experience helping entrepreneurs around the world bring their ideas to life.

    Some key topics we will be covering include:

    - Identifying the differences between freedom to operate and patentability searches
    - What is prior art, and how to get the most from this functionality
    - Real use cases of successful patentability
  • How to identify the most valuable patents in your portfolio Recorded: Oct 17 2017 61 mins
    Dr. Dierk-Oliver Kiehne | InTraCoM GmbH and Ruta Sudmantaite from patsnap.com
    Intellectual property can account for 70% of a company’s value, but how can you be sure that you’re protecting the right patents. Being able to sift through your IP and pick out the gems amongst it can be a challenge, however, with the right strategic mindset, it can be done.

    PatSnap is very excited to welcome back Dr Dierk Oliver Kiehne CEO of leading patent valuation consultancy, InTraCoM GmbH. He’ll be sharing best practises and success stories of others being able to draw out their most valuable assets, and learning when it’s time to let go. This webinar is essential viewing for any innovation leaders who want to get the most value from their intellectual property, and make sure only the best of the best has a place in their portfolio.
  • How to engage senior management in patent strategy and corporate value creation Recorded: Oct 11 2017 58 mins
    Anthony Trippe, Managing Director at Patinformatics & Ruta Sudmantaite from patsnap.com
    In many companies the patent department is seen as a cost center, managed by attorneys, and seen as a necessary evil by corporate executives. In truly innovative companies the patent function is seen as a profit center, and is imperative for the delivering maximum shareholder value for the organization. These companies use patent analytics to understand the technology environment they operate in, and make certain that they are taking maximum advantage of the investment they make in research and development and the patenting process.

    These organizations also have highly engaged corporate executives that are actively involved in the development of the company’s patent portfolio. Patent professionals in these organizations use the principles of diversification, and risk management, concepts that are well understood by senior management to bring these critical participants into the development of the company’s patent strategy.

    We will be joined by Anthony Trippe, Managing Director at Patinformatics, who was also recently named as one of the Top 300 IP Strategists by IAM Magazine. He will be sharing examples of how patent analytics can be used to understand technology environments, and competitors will be combined with a discussion on risk and diversification as a framework for building patent portfolios that enable corporate objectives and financial goals.
  • How Cyber Security affects R&D Recorded: Oct 4 2017 30 mins
    Jeff Middleton | CEO of Lantium | Presented by Jessie Parker at patsnap.com
    The recent global hacks on companies and organisations including Merck, Mondolez International, Rosneft and the NHS have demonstrated that all different types of industries are at risk when it comes to cyber attacks/hacks.
    Most people think about the obvious affects such as consumer data infringement or loss of functionality but what can an attack mean for your R&D department?

    Jeff Middleton, CEO of Lantium, who build bespoke cyber security solutions, will take us through the learning's of recent "Petya" and "WannaCry" attacks, as well as how we can prevent and minimise losses in such instances.

    Topics covered in this webinar:

    - Recent Global Attacks and learning
    - How Cyber attacks affect R&D, M&A and IP
    - What to consider when creating a cyber-safety strategy.

    Essential viewing for anyone that runs a company where data could be at risk.
  • Global Innovation: Tax Relief Recorded: Sep 28 2017 41 mins
    Antoine Abbatucci | F. Initiatives | Jessie Parker from PatSnap
    Many companies are unaware of the different innovation incentives around the world. Some will go as far as applying for foreign patent protection but never looking into the Tax relief or grants that are available to them.

    In this webinar experts from one of the world’s largest specialist R&D Tax consultancies, F. Initiatives; Thomas Hayden and Antoine Abbatucci will be exploring the different funding options available for innovators across Europe, the US and Asia.
  • Patents and IP: In-house vs Outsourced Counsel Recorded: Sep 6 2017 17 mins
    Svend Littauer | Founder of Entreprenör | Hosted by Ruta at patsnap.com
    Many companies believe that outsourcing and in-house legal counsel is an either or option, but as many find out later that's definitely not the case. There are specific strengths and weakness to each option whether it comes to knowledge, cost, motive or efficiency.

    Svend Littauer, Founder of Entreprenör, has spent most of his professional career helping companies set up in the UK and advising them on Legal, HR and Tax topics.

    This webinar will explore:

    - Value of In-house and its limitations
    - Pros and Cons of Outsourcing
    - What to look for when hiring in-house?
    - How to find a law firm that's right for your company?
  • IP Innovation & Growth: An Australian Perspective Recorded: Aug 31 2017 45 mins
    Director General of IP Australia, Patricia Kelly & Ruta Sudmantaite from patsnap.com
    In 2015, the Australian Government commissioned a 12 month public inquiry into Australia’s intellectual property system. The subsequent report in 2016 outlined a number of recommendations, which, if implemented, may require amendments to existing legislation. In this exclusive webinar, Director General of IP Australia, Patricia Kelly, will explore the Australia Government’s response to the report, and its implications for the future of intellectual property in Australia.

    Patricia will also share insights on:
    • IP Australia’s role in shaping the effectiveness of this reform
    • How this will impacted Australia’s IP and Innovation landscape
    • How IP Australia supports Aussie innovation
  • Innovation Strategy: How to hire the best R&D Talent Recorded: Aug 30 2017 49 mins
    Cliff Emmons Founder of Accelerated Healthcare Innovations | Hosted by Ruta at PatSnap
    R&D success is dependent on many factors – the idea, the market opportunity, the technology readiness, and your company’s ability to deliver on the strategy.

    And at the heart of all these things is the R&D team. Different skill-sets and personalities are better suited to different types of innovation, and world-class innovation teams can find ways to make even the most challenging projects succeed.

    Join Cliff Emmons Former VP of R&D at Medronics and Founder of Accelerated Healthcare Innovations, LLC to learn:

    - The role that team structure plays in R&D success
    - How R&D leaders can build teams to fit their innovation strategy
    - What strategies the world’s most innovative companies use to build R&D A-teams
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  • Presented by: Dr.Shafiq Kabir CIO of Smoltek AB and Ruta @ PatSnap
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