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5 Secrets to Improve ITSM Profitability

Secret 1 - Be like Amazon not like Pentagon!
Recorded Jan 28 2017 38 mins
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Presented by
Richard Graves and Micah Garside-White
Presentation preview: 5 Secrets to Improve ITSM Profitability

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  • 2 Real-World Case Studies for Intelligent Virtual Agents Recorded: Jun 1 2020 3 mins
    See how enterprises use AI Virtual Agent to save time, reduce costs and provide stellar customer support. Support professionals now have time to work on the hard tasks and the AI Virtual Agent can work on the easy stuff!
  • Your Business Continuity Plan Is Not Complete Without A Virtual Agent Recorded: May 6 2020 41 mins
    Wai Wong, CEO, Serviceaide
    Preparing for the unexpected is critical for every business. It should be done at least yearly, if not more frequently. The current situation does highlight how technology can help, particularly with disruption, a remote workforce and the need to keep businesses running. A great example is the role of a Virtual Agent technology.

    You'll hear from Serviceaide CEO, Wai Wong on how employing a Virtual Agent can add value to your business during critical times and ensure seamless business continuity.
  • You Don’t Just Want Answers, You Want The Right Answers! Recorded: Feb 6 2020 57 mins
    Wai Wong, CEO, Serviceaide
    How Automation and Knowledge Management will be powering the smartest Virtual Agents

    You might have gotten away with a scripted Chatbot in 2019, but it’s 2020 and it’s no longer about getting ahead of the curve, it’s about not being left behind in the dust. Yes, the scripted chatbot was less expensive and easy to build and deploy, but that short term investment doesn’t scale and it won’t drive end-user/customer loyalty or satisfaction. AI in NLP Automation and Knowledge Management are enabling virtual agents to truly become digital labor for the business. These technologies together are transforming and harnessing intelligent conversations that have the right context, the right answers and the right actions to satisfy the service and support request.

    We’ll discuss the following:

    * What’s the difference again? Scripted Chatbot vs Intelligent Chatbot/Virtual Agent, deep-dive comparison

    * Why Digital Labor has most of the same analogies and where it can be leveraged to do more with less when paired with the appropriate processes.

    * Real-world examples, use cases and success stories that are using Intelligent Chatbots now.
  • Give Them What They Want! A Modern IT Service Desk... Recorded: Nov 7 2019 57 mins
    Wai Wong, CEO, Serviceaide
    ...That Can Keep Up With The “Always On” High-Tech World We Live In.

    Technology has changed our lives dramatically. Everyone is connected to a device and the internet, so the expectations are high when it comes to finding what you want, on-demand, at any time. The pressure is mounting and IT Service Desks are finding it hard to achieve customer satisfaction. The people they are servicing want a streamlined experience between the real world and the work world, and ITSM organizations are finding it hard to keep up due to processes and systems that are outdated and archaic.

    Does this sound familiar?
    * Can’t optimize the costs of a 24x7 service desk without compromising already tight budgets
    * Low Customer Satisfaction scores (CSAT) due to poor Demand Management
    * Burdensome and repetitive tasks consuming valuable time and energy

    What’s a solution that is easy to implement, fast to adopt and cost-effective? We’ll discuss how AI, Automation and Text/Voice (especially if you are using an IVR) are taking Chatbots to the next “intelligent” level. We’ll discuss real-world use cases and present where this technology is today and the next phases of advancement. Most importantly, how you can use this technology immediately and become a change agent in your organization.
  • [Panel] Automation in ITSM: Where Are We? Recorded: Nov 6 2019 42 mins
    Wai Wong - CEO, Serviceaide, Pierre-André Aeschlimann - Solution / Sales Strategist & Evangelist, Cherwell Software
    2019 has seen much of the ITSM industry focus on automation and its impact. From self-service, to AIOps and problem and incident management, the influence of automation has been far-reaching.

    Join this panel to hear ITSM experts take a look back at where automation has taken us, and look forward to where it’ll lead us next.

    Wai Wong, CEO, Serviceaide
    Pierre-André Aeschlimann - Solution / Sales Strategist & Evangelist, Cherwell Software
    Moderated by Harriet Jamieson, Global Content Manager, BrightTALK
  • Fireside Chat: Transform ITSM With An Intelligent Virtual Agent Recorded: Oct 29 2019 47 mins
    William "Bill" Guinn - As CTO, Bill brings more than 30 years of experience in the communications & enterprise IT industry.
    An invitation-only fireside chat with the Chief Technology Officer of Serviceaide, William Guinn. We will talk about the power of our Luma Virtual Agent and the newest product release. We'll discuss Luma's capabilities as a powerful, AI solution that automates repetitive tasks using a conversational approach.

    We will answer any questions you have in a forum of leading industry professionals and influencers. We will not only share how Intelligent Virtual Agent technology is used for Service Management, but we'll also welcome dialogue so we can address the business challenges you are facing.
  • 3 Real World ITSM Transformations Using Intelligent Chatbots Recorded: Jul 11 2019 53 mins
    Rich Graves | Director of Product Management at Serviceaide and Micah Garside-White | Solution Architect at Servi
    Chatbot technology is more than just hype, it’s transforming IT Service management. Learn how industry leaders are implementing this technology, and reaping the benefits of automation, self-service, and 24x7 support.

    Intelligent Chatbots or next level AI-powered Virtual Agents have digitally transformed IT Service Management resulting in innovative, accessible and “always on” customer support experiences. In this webcast, we’ll present successful Virtual Agent implementations done by leaders from the fast food and manufacturing industries. We’ll also review an MSP’s (Managed Service Provider) success story. Each implementation resulted in compelling improvements in customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.
  • The Bots are coming! Overview of Virtual Agents & How They Modernize Support Recorded: Apr 24 2019 61 mins
    Rich Graves, Director of Product Management at Serviceaide
    Are the machines out to get you? Are they going to replace you and your colleagues? The short answer is "No", but they have the potential to change how you do your job. This primer will enable you to be informed about these changes and proactive in making your job more productive and enjoyable.

    This presentation will dive into how components of artificial intelligence are being used to create modern conversational support experiences today. Learn about the differences between chatbots and virtual agents, discuss scenarios where virtual agents excel, and how virtual agents can improve key support metrics such as MTTR and customer satisfaction.
  • Q1 2019 Community Update: IT Service Management Recorded: Feb 7 2019 45 mins
    Harriet Jamieson, Content Manager - BrightTALK and Rich Graves, Director of Product Management
    Discover what's trending in the IT Service Management community on BrightTALK and how you can leverage these insights to drive growth for your company. Learn which topics and technologies are currently top of mind for IT Service Management professionals.
  • Automation: The Key to Self-Service Recorded: Jan 29 2019 38 mins
    Rich Graves, Director of Product Management at Serviceaide
    In this webinar, we will discuss how self-service can move from a request channel to a fulfillment channel for your end users. With a change in focus to automation, an organization can revolutionize customer experience without adding expensive headcount.

    We will walk through the challenges of self-service today and talk about the value of automation with a virtual agent that leverages artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing enable conversational approaches to issue resolution – and create more satisfying and productive service experiences for users.
  • Panel Discussion: ITSM and Digital Transformation – Where Are We? Recorded: Nov 27 2018 50 mins
    Doug Tedder; Rich Graves; Anne Morello; Daniel Blander; Roy Atkinson
    In this era of increasing digital transformation, ITSM needs to adopt a solid, modernized approach to ensure customer satisfaction, information security and operational excellence. ITSM practitioners must embrace new and innovative capabilities, practices and technologies so as to enable better customer service, flexible deployments and robust data protection. These include artificial intelligence, machine learning and process automation. In this panel, moderated by leading ITSM consultant Doug Tedder, our team of experts from Serviceaide, Cognizant, UBM and Virtual Clarity will discuss the journey ITSM is embarking on to ‘see the bigger picture’ in an increasingly digital world.

    Our panelists include:

    Rich Graves, Director of Product Management, Serviceaide

    Daniel Blander, IT Security Consultant, Virtual Clarity

    Anne Morello, Director of Software Engineering, Cognizant

    Roy Atkinson, Senior Analyst, UBM
  • It’s Time to Rethink IT Self-Service: How to Improve the Service Desk Recorded: Nov 15 2018 57 mins
    Rich Graves, Director of Product Management @ Serviceaide
    Self-service has been a key component of service desks for a decade but has yet to truly deliver the benefits that organizations were hoping for. Although self-service provides value for help desk teams, customers’ experiences often fall short of being satisfying. In fact, in a recent HDI survey, 71% of organizations say that improving customer experiences is a priority.

    This webcast discusses how service management teams can enable better experiences by providing conversational approaches to issue resolution using virtual agents. Luma, an innovative virtual agent from Serviceaide, guides users to create actionable tickets, performs knowledge lookups and streamlines tasks such as password resets, amongst other capabilities. Best of all, Luma is available 24x7 to ensure customers get their issues resolved rapidly anywhere, at any time. Attend this webcast to see how virtual agents can improve customer self-service experiences.
  • Introducing Luma for CA Technologies IT Service Management Recorded: Aug 9 2018 60 mins
    Dale Clark
    Introducing Luma the Virtual Agent with Artificial Intelligence. Learn how organizations using ITSM software from CA Technologies can rapidly leverage this powerful capability without altering their current implementations. •You will see Luma in action, automating self-service, guiding users to create actionable tickets, performing knowledge lookups, and automating tasks such as reset password.
  • Re-Inventing IT Service Management with Artificial Intelligence Recorded: Jul 18 2018 48 mins
    Rich Graves, Director of Product Management @ ServiceAide
    Artificial Intelligence has finally come to IT Service Management in the form of a Virtual Agent that can act as a Level-0 analyst. This webinar will explain how Luma, a virtual agent can perform the duties of a Level-0 technician, freeing organizations from the high cost of manning a help desk and providing round-the-clock support. You will see Luma in action, automating self-service, guiding users to create actionable tickets, performing knowledge lookups, and automating tasks such as reset password. Users stay informed of ticket status and can provide feedback whenever and wherever they are through the channel of your choice. Since a Level-0 tech should also unburden senior techs, you’ll see how Luma helps level-2 technicians improve their productivity by managing and assigning tickets, automatically following up with users, and enabling users to access and update ticket information without a human technician in the loop. Finally, see the no-coding tools available to create unique capabilities for your organization if the 200+ out of the box skills need to be extended.
  • Learn how AI will help you Conquer the Top 5 IT Service Hurdles Recorded: Nov 16 2017 62 mins
    William Guinn & Forrester Research 
    Learn how to overcome the 5 most common frustrations and efficiency impediments. ServiceAide’s CTO William Guinn will describe how artificial intelligence and a virtual support agent integrated into our Cloud Service Management™ products will aid you to overcome them, as well as how you can lower your ticket volume, resolution time, ticket processing costs, and increase customer satisfaction and IT/support job satisfaction.
  • Making technology projects succeed Recorded: Oct 24 2017 26 mins
    Micah Garside-White & Ken Laufmann
    25% of technology projects fail outright, 20-25% don’t show any ROI, and as much as 50% need massive reworking by the time they are finished.
    Join our open forum, and ask questions as we walk you through what it takes to have a successful a Ticketing Solution. Hear tips, tricks and horror stories from the best.
  • Ransomware: ITSM is the best defense Recorded: Sep 26 2017 28 mins
    Micah Garside-White
    Ransomware is hammering the Internet, and when a system is infected it is already too late for IT to help.

    IT cannot reverse the damage of most attacks, and a single compromised system is the gateway to an entire enterprise.

    After a brief discussion of what ransomware is, we will explore the people, processes, and technologies that are effectively securing the historically vulnerable parts of a company.
  • Assets vs. Configuration Items Recorded: Sep 19 2017 28 mins
    Ken Laufmann
    What is the difference between an Asset and a Configuration Item?
    There is a lot of confusion as to what the difference is between an Asset and a Configuration Item (CI). When should a new object be an asset and when should it be a CI? In a lot of ways, they are alike, but there are some very important differences between them.

    Presented by ServiceAide a provider of Cloud Service Management, a SaaS ITSM solution focused on Managed Service Providers and IT organizations.
  • Stop repetition, Save time and Be proactive with our Service Desk Edition. Recorded: Aug 8 2017 30 mins
    Mac Guinn, Micah Garside-White
    Participate in our webinar, and we will show you how to implement a service catalog, how you will benefit from asset management and why your company needs service level agreements.

    Asset Discovery & Asset Management provides value to you and your customers by expeditiously understanding and resolving issues by linking incidents and assets. This valuable information makes it straightforward to track what assets are in use, need updating, are problematic, or are a security risk.

    A Service Catalog saves your technicians time by having service requests as a digital one click store front. End-users love and benefit from a single source for all their needs, a search mechanism allowing them to easily find what they need without frustration, and obtain immediate feedback and status updates.

    Service Level Agreements prioritize your activities to ensure compliance. Give the tickets a voice let them automatically escalate when they are nearing an SLA breach. SLAs create automatic metrics that are used for analysis and reporting to highlight recurring issues and drive continuous improvement.
  • Nampa School District achieved high standards for IT Service Management. Recorded: May 25 2017 47 mins
    Peter Jurhs
    Please join us for a free interactive webinar to learn how Nampa School District achieved high standards for IT Service Management.

    Mr Peter Jurhs - Director of Information Services- will share his experience and knowledge during this 45 minutes Webinar.
    “My team is able to properly categorize and track issues so we can proactively fix things that are broken before productivity and/or learning are impeded. We can quickly triage and prioritize our activity letting us responsively fix things like a broken key on a computer keyboard and hence maximize the availability of that computer.”


    - 1 Administrator- 10 Agents
    - 57 tickets per day
    - 88% Customer Satisfaction

    - 17,000 K-12 Students
    - 23 schools - 14 Elementary Schools - 4 Middle Schools - 4 High Schools -1 Career Technical School
Re-inventing Service Management
Serviceaide’s vision is to transform Service and Support Management across IT, Enterprise, and Customer Service by applying breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing to deflect tickets and automate user requests through conversations.

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  • Live at: Jan 28 2017 6:35 pm
  • Presented by: Richard Graves and Micah Garside-White
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