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How to Double Your Sales Team's Productivity

Most sales professionals waste an astounding amount of time. Some is due to lack of discipline; some poor corporate policies, processes, and requirements. Learn the most frequent & heinous culprits reducing productivity and take away numerous strategic and tactical best practices to increase productivity and results without breaking the bank.
Recorded Jan 5 2017 34 mins
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Presented by
Matt Heinz
Presentation preview: How to Double Your Sales Team's Productivity

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  • Sales Success - Looking through your Customer's Lens Feb 22 2017 6:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Janice Mars, Principal and Founder/Lisa Dennis, President and Founder and Lisa Magnuson, President
    If you were honest with yourself, could you say that your sales aids, value propositions, sales and forecasting processes are designed from a customer point of view, or are your tools company-centric? Join Janice Mars, Principal and Founder of SalesLatitude and Lisa Dennis, President of Knowledgence Associates for a fun and action-packed 45 minutes on not only how to see things through your customer’s lens, but also how to build it into your sales toolkit.

    Lisa Magnuson President of TopLine Sales to moderate
  • How to Build a Sales Process That Drives Successful Behaviors Recorded: Feb 21 2017 32 mins
    George Bronten
    In times of change and increased competition, HOW you sell is becoming your primary differentiator. Learn how to build a sales process that makes it easy to execute your b2b sales strategy, by driving the behaviors needed to consistently achieve your targets.
  • The Experience Factor in Sales Recorded: Feb 16 2017 45 mins
    Barbara Giamanco
    By 2020 customer experience will overtake price & product as the key brand differentiator according to the Walker 2020 Customers Report. Your focus on demonstrating value NOT selling features is how deals get closed. Learn strategies for getting buyers at hello and delivering a great sales experience at every step in the buying process.
  • The Lies Salespeople Believe That Prevent Sales Growth Recorded: Feb 16 2017 40 mins
    Carole Mahoney
    Why do the majority of salespeople struggle to have conversations with buyers that build trust and add value? Learn what science has found are the hidden, but most common, mindsets and beliefs that the majority of salespeople struggle with and discover how they impact sales performance and growth.
  • Six Core Competencies For Strategic Account Managers Recorded: Feb 15 2017 35 mins
    Ago Cluytens
    In this webinar, Ago Cluytens will take a deeper dive into the six core competencies that are required for Strategic Account Management success. Based on in-depth, current research around what high-performers do differently, Ago will give a detailed breakdown of how your organization – and you – can increase account penetration, protect your most valuable account from competitors, and generate substantially more revenue.
  • Love Your Metrics: The Prospector's Guide To Easy Goal Setting Recorded: Feb 14 2017 49 mins
    Marylou Tyler
    Marylou Tyler (Best-selling author of Predictable Revenue & Predictable Prospecting) shares 5 powerful top-of-funnel activity metrics that are simple to implement & focus your efforts for creating sales opportunities. Consistently & predictably.
  • How to Create a Value Proposition that SELLS Recorded: Feb 14 2017 46 mins
    Lisa Dennis, President, Knowledgence Associates
    With today’s sophisticated and well-informed buyers, the “standard” value proposition just doesn’t cut it anymore. That, coupled with increasing competition, makes communicating the uniqueness of your offer and what truly differentiates you from all the other available alternatives very challenging. Learn how to create a buyer-focused message that SELLS.
  • Sales Management Case Studies: Coaching Difficult Salespeople Recorded: Feb 9 2017 49 mins
    Steven Rosen
    I have been repeatedly asked to provide sales managers with case studies on how to coach difficult sales reps. All sales managers have had to find ways to coach difficult reps that. In this webinar, there will 5 case studies of difficult sales people. The master class will be interactive with participants’ feedback and possible coaching solution.
  • Aligning Learning Systems & Selling Systems for Breakthrough Sales Results Recorded: Feb 8 2017 48 mins
    Mike Kunkle
    Disciplined, focused execution of talent development, process, systems, and methodology are the key to Sales Readiness and improving sales productivity. In this presentation, Sales Expert Mike Kunkle will share how to create and align an Effective Selling System and an Effective Learning System to achieve breakthrough sales results.
  • 5 Simple Strategies to Dramatically Increase Your Email Sales Prospecting Result Recorded: Feb 3 2017 46 mins
    Kendra Lee
    Email is the number one tool for sales prospecting. But with prospects’ inboxes overflowing with over 100 emails per day, it’s nearly impossible to break through the noise, distinguish your message and get a reply. Now’s your chance to figure out what to do differently to differentiate yourself.
  • Collaborative Selling Recorded: Feb 2 2017 45 mins
    Tony Alessandra
    Selling today requires creating long-term customers rather than one-shot sales. It has evolved from a transaction mentality to building relationships; from persuading and telling to problem-solving and helping; from low-price selling to value-added selling. In this webinar, Dr. Tony shows you how to turn customers into business apostles who “preach the gospel” for your company.
  • Sales Enablement Recorded: Feb 2 2017 46 mins
    Elinor Stutz
    A holistic approach to sales enablement will be provided in this webinar. Sales training is only one piece of the puzzle. The webinar will include communication and collaborative strategy; social media company policy; and recruitment practices. Participants will learn how these elements are to function together for an effective program.
  • How to do anything better Recorded: Feb 2 2017 46 mins
    Tim Hurson
    Imagine a team that’s always in fierce competition with its’ rival. It has fewer resources than its’ opponents – less money, fewer players, older equipment, less data. Yet this team has the best record in its’ league – by far. Tim will show you how you can apply the performance principles this team uses to your business and to your life.
  • The Payoff for More Women in Sales & Leadership Recorded: Feb 1 2017 33 mins
    Lori Richardson
    Does your company's sales team struggle to find, recruit, and retain great women sellers? Are you in tech, SaaS, telecom, manufacturing, distribution, or a utility? There is a big movement happening for companies to make their sales team reflect more of who their buyers are, and to find new ways to fill the many sales positions open on their team.

    In this session, learn five things that companies can do to increase the number of women sellers on their sales team and promote women into sales leadership.

    If you are a woman in sales considering sales leadership or a bigger sales role, we will talk about the five things you need to rise within your organization.

    If you are a young woman in school or just starting your career, learn more about this hidden career you may not know much about.

    This session is for sales leaders - men and women - and for women sellers.
  • The All-New Needs Assessment in the Age of the Customer Recorded: Feb 1 2017 41 mins
    Deb Calvert
    Our buyer research in the Stop Selling & Start Leading® movement revealed specific behaviors that buyers want to see from sellers. In this webinar, I'll share what this means for needs assessment and how you can shift from old-school diagnostic to buyer-preferred dialogic assessments.
  • Every Sales YES Begins with a KNOW Recorded: Jan 31 2017 49 mins
    Sam Richter
    Welcome to The Sales Experts Channel! We are a community of 63 sales authors, trainers, researchers and thought leaders collaborating here to answer your questions about how to sell more effectively.
  • The Top 3 Sales Productivity Ideas for 2017 Recorded: Jan 30 2017 32 mins
    Lori Richardson
    There is no doubt the single biggest request from sellers is on how to get their time back and be more productive in 2017. This session will cover research, resources, and 3 top tips for gaining more time in your day as a more “thoughtful” seller. We will be giving away 2 copies of Jill Konrath’s new book, “More Sales, Less Time”.
  • Emotional Intelligence - A Secret Weapon for Sales Leaders Recorded: Jan 27 2017 40 mins
    Jennifer Leake
    Salespeople skilled in EI outperform the competition in sales calls. Skilled EI leaders motivate and build better teams. The ability to understand the effect your emotions have on others and manage yourself accordingly is a competitive advantage to not only your sales force, but for you personally. EI is also the single biggest factor in driving employee engagement, commitment and results.
  • Power Persuasion: Influence Strategies to Sell More Now Recorded: Jan 27 2017 48 mins
    Maura Schreier-Fleming
    There are simple and effective ways to incorporate more persuasion techniques in sales as you work with prospects and customers. A few examples to become more persuasive are enhance your credibility, use persuasive words and offer the right proof. Shorten your sales cycle and sell more with power persuasion.
  • Closing Bigger - How to Close Large Complex B2B Deals Recorded: Jan 26 2017 47 mins
    Shane Gibson
    Closing bigger deals is a process not an event. The path to consistently close large accounts is about having a solid proven process to attract, develop and close large accounts – and then working that plan intensely. If you’re looking to attract larger clients, increase the average size of your deals or just shorten your sales cycle this event is for you.
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  • Title: How to Double Your Sales Team's Productivity
  • Live at: Jan 5 2017 6:00 pm
  • Presented by: Matt Heinz
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