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Sales Legends Series - An Interview with Jon Ferrara

Join Deb Calvert as she interviews Sales Legend Jon Ferrara. Jon is a CRM and Relationship Management entrepreneur and noted speaker about Social Media's effects on Sales and Marketing. He has re-imagined CRM by building a Simply Smarter Social Sales and Marketing platform, his most recent venture Nimble.com.
Recorded Mar 12 2018 46 mins
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Presented by
Deb Calvert with special guest Jon Ferrara
Presentation preview: Sales Legends Series - An Interview with Jon Ferrara

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  • Influence Customer Decision-Making from Within Nov 21 2019 8:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Jeffrey Lipsius, The Customer Awareness Expert
    As a salesperson, can you remember a time when you said all the right things but your customer still wouldn’t buy? The problem wasn’t you. We all observed that decision-making ability varies between customers. Since your customer’s decision process is internal, it’s hidden from view. You can’t control it, but this doesn’t mean you can’t influence it for the better. In this webinar we’ll examine the customer’s internal decision process. We’ll present ways for you to influence decision-making in a positive way.

    You will learn:

    How to influence customer decision making without power struggles
    The importance of facilitating high quality buying decisions
    How you and your customer can work together as a team
  • Creating A Vision for the Large Account Buyers’ Journey Nov 20 2019 4:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Barbara Weaver Smith, The Large Account Sales Expert
    Part #11 in the series Your Growth Ecosystem: Don’t Think Small About Your Big Accounts. For CEOs, Presidents, Founders/Owners, Business Development Heads, Sales VPs, and Key Account Managers of companies of any size, with special relevance to those with $10 million to $500 million in annual revenue. The series is a strategic, high-level approach to managing your organization to successfully sell and grow sales to multinational and global corporations.
    Typical sales training focuses on discovering the customer’s vision or probing for relevant problems. But that presumes that customers know what outcomes are possible, what it will take to achieve them, and how to build consensus to make a big change possible. Today, sales training is very focused on matching your sales process to the buyers’ journey, assuming that buyers as a group have a plan and a path. In my experience this is seldom the case in large account, complex sales. This webinar deals with how your large account sales team can create a vision with the buyers’ and lead their journey to fulfill that vision.
    You will learn:
    1. The sales leader’s role in the buyers’ vision.
    2. How to prepare to develop the buyers’ vision.
    3. How to gain the essential insights.
    4. How to lead the buyers’ journey.
    5. How to break internal barriers.
  • LinkedIn as a Next-Gen Sales Acceleration Tool Nov 14 2019 6:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Brynne Tillman, The Leveraging LinkedIn Expert
    While most everyone knows that LinkedIn is a powerful tool for business development, very few are optimizing this as a sales accelerator. In this webinar we will cover how to really use LinkedIn to start more sales conversations.

    You will learn:

    1. How to Move Your LinkedIn Profile from a Resume to Resource
    2. Finding Buyers and Stakeholders on LinkedIn
    3.Re-engaging Targeted Connections that Have Been Ignored
    4.Leveraging Social Proximity to Gain Access to Prospects
  • Future-Proof Your Sales Career and Beat the Bots! Nov 14 2019 4:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Deb Calvert, The People Engagement Expert
    As a salesperson, you need confidence and passion to win. But as buyers and AI options continue to gain power, it’s easy to feel beaten down in a world where customers no longer seem to need you. As deals fall through and commissions dwindle, you feel desperation begin to sink in. Blow after blow, you wonder: Am I going to lose the career I love—to a robot?
    Join Anita Nielsen, author of Beat the Bots, and host Deb Calvert to learn strategies so you can get up off the mat and come out swinging.

    You will learn:

    1.How to use the power of personalized value to differentiate yourself.
    2.Make Human-to-Human connections with your buyers.
    3.Use the new ABC: Always Be Considering your client’s needs.
    4.Psychological principles that make you more effective in delivering value.
  • Tool or Fool: Why Sales Technology is NOT a magic bullet. Nov 13 2019 6:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Melissa Madian, The Sales Experience Expert
    There are SO MANY sales technologies out there, all claiming to solve the sales productivity
    challenge; but putting a piece of technology in place is only part of the solution. This session
    will cover how to set up a process that technology can support and enhance, instead of hinder.
    You will learn (List 3-5 bullet points that state benefits for viewers)

    1. How to make sense of the sales technology stack in your organization.
    2. How the sales tech stack can be leveraged in an efficient manner to optimize your sales team’s
    3. Things to consider when putting sales technology in place to maximize your investment and
    enable your sales team
  • How to Build the Ultimate Sales Playbook w/Kevin Quan, CEO, CloseQuickly Nov 7 2019 6:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Liz Heiman, Chief Strategy Officer
    Learn the critical components of an effective sales playbook, why they matter and how to make them work for your team. Veteran Sales Strategist, Liz Heiman, will talk with Sales Playbook expert Kevin Quan about the process of developing a playbook, some of the mistakes people make and how to get it right the first time.
  • The Best “Just show me a demo” Demo Oct 30 2019 5:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Julie Hansen, The Sales Presentation Expert
    Demonstrating a product or solution without knowing enough about your customer is a recipe for disaster. But the reality is that you may find yourself in this situation more frequently as customer’s demand shorter and shorter response times. Without sufficient discovery, however, most sellers deliver a boring overview demo that misses the mark entirely. Yet you need to do something when a customer says “Just show me a demo.” In this session you’ll discover the best way to satisfy a customer’s request for a demo without clicking around in the dark. You’ll learn how to create a vision of what’s possible AND gain enough insight on-the-spot to create a winning demo that’s tailored to your customer’s needs.

    You will learn:

    1. Why overview or “educational” demos fail miserably
    2. How to quickly identify your customer’s primary challenge
    3. How to use a Customer Success Story for guidance
    4. How to present a key example of what your product can do
    5. How to use “quid pro quo” to gain insights to tailor your demo
  • The Seller’s Challenge—Work with or Around Procurement! Oct 24 2019 4:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Thomas Williams, The Complex Sale Expert
    Is Procurement a “friend or foe”? B2B sellers globally struggle with this seemingly simple question. The answer depends on many factors including geography, industry, regulations, the product your selling and company policy.

    Conventional wisdom has been to avoid Procurement and sell directly to end users by selling value. This is often sound advice and the preferred pathway to the sale. For this pathway to work the end user must have the interest, power and influence to relegate Procurement to the issuance of a purchase order.

    For many sellers, however, it is simply not possible to get to end users without first engaging with Procurement. In these organizations, end users are required to work collaboratively with Procurement.

    In this webinar we’ll unlock the Procurement function and show sellers how to win.

    You will learn:
    Two sales strategies for sellers
    Understand the Procurement Department: its objectives, functions, sourcing strategies and how they are measured internally
    The common myths that sellers have of Procurement
    The eight Steps top sales performers take to collaborate and win the sale
  • How to Use Your Sales Funnel to Grow Your Business Oct 23 2019 6:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Liz Heiman, Chief Strategy Officer
    The funnel is a powerful sales tool. Once you understand what the stages of the funnel are and how the sales math works, the funnel will become the tool you use to manage your sales team as well as the corporate resources needed to support sales and delivery.

    The stages of the funnel
    The Sales Math
    Using the Funnel to Predict
    Using the Funnel to Manage Resources
  • Preparing Leaders of Large Account Sales Teams Oct 23 2019 4:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Barbara Weaver Smith, The Large Account Sales Expert
    Part #10 in the series Your Growth Ecosystem: Don’t Think Small About Your Big Accounts. For CEOs, Presidents, Founders/Owners, Business Development Heads, Sales VPs, and Key Account Managers of companies of any size, with special relevance to those with $10 million to $500 million in annual revenue. The series is a strategic, high-level approach to managing your organization to successfully sell and grow sales to multinational and global corporations.

    Many people are involved in a buying decision on the customer’s side in a very large company, and all of them want some attention. They want to meet with your company’s subject matter experts, not just the lead salesperson. When you have multiple people on your side involved in a sale, how well your team collaborates during your sales process makes the difference between success and failure. This webinar is about how to prepare your key large account salespeople to become team leaders.

    You will learn:
    1. How to build the culture of cooperation and collaboration within your company.
    2. How to understand the complexity on the buyers’ side.
    3. How to lead people who do not report to you.
    4. How to prepare for team sale activities and events.
    5. How to lead channel sales.
  • Accelerate Your Enterprise Sales Success with Team Selling Oct 23 2019 3:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Barbara Giamanco, The Strategic Social Selling Expert
    Many companies salivate at the thought of landing the big deals that will boost their credibility in the marketplace. While earning the bragging rights that comes with landing recognized logos sounds exciting, closing enterprise deals is far from easy. As Brian Sullivan at Sandler wrote, enterprise accounts are marketplaces in and of themselves, creating unique selling challenges far beyond what’s faced with small and medium-sized businesses.

    There is a huge cost associated with chasing enterprise deals – people, time, operational resources. The ability to pull together your most important company assets to win enterprise deals is an absolute survival skill. When pursuing enterprise deals, your organization also faces one of the toughest challenges to enterprise selling - team buying!

    You will learn:

    How to make the alignment of team buying with team selling a winning competitive advantage
    The power of identifying and acting on the traits and tendencies of different types of accounts
    The importance of determining each major account’s customized definition of success
    How to craft a Go/No-Go process to provide guidance regarding pursuits and after the client decision
    The importance of identifying and acting on a client retention framework specific to each account
  • What Sales Can Learn From a Wall Street Investor Recorded: Oct 18 2019 25 mins
    Carole Mahoney with special guest, Howie Kra
    Join host Carole Mahoney as she talks with Howie Kra, a highly energetic and dynamic entrepreneur who has been inspiring people, driving revenues, and providing sales leadership for nearly 30 years.

    In this 30 minute interview, Carole and Howie discuss:

    - His #1 thing about how people make buying decisions
    - Why so many salespeople are uncomfortable negotiating, or having strategic financial discussions
    - Advice for an experienced salesperson trying to adapt or new salespeople right out of college
    - Why resilience is so important
    - And more!
  • The Inner Game of Prospecting: How to Overcome Sales Call Reluctance Recorded: Oct 15 2019 48 mins
    Connie Kadansky, The Sales Call Reluctance Expert
    We all know that you cannot sell to someone you cannot get in to see.
    Many sales trainers and managers give the glib advice of "just pick up the phone."
    Well, for many salespeople, that advice just doesn't cut it.
    Sales Call Reluctance is an emotional hesitation to initiate contact with potential buyers. It is fear, which is a mental response to a perceived threat. The good news is that it is a learned habit. You can unlearn it. Our habits are written in our bodies. Trying to overcome Call Reluctance mentally does not work in the long run. To become confident lead generators who are unstoppable, you need to involve your whole being, which includes your body posture, your emotions, and your language. When you are prospecting, your emotions are controlling the show.

    You will learn:

    1.The four different body postures that will positively influence your lead generation.
    2.The emotions and feelings that stop most salespeople from being their best and what to do about them. You will learn how to navigate through the emotions of prospecting.
    3.The internal language that can shift your focus and attention while prospecting and also on your sales calls.
  • Effective Negotiation for High Stakes Deals Recorded: Oct 10 2019 44 mins
    Paul Watts, The Consultative Selling Expert
    Top performing salespeople understand that the ability to negotiate is key to maximizing profit for their organizations. In this webinar we will cover how to effectively plan for and execute on strategic negotiations in high stakes deals.

    You will learn:

    1.The different types of negotiation
    2.How to identify which type of negotiation is suitable for different situations
    3.An in-depth planning process for important negotiations
    4.How to effectively handle negotiations to achieve Win-Win outcomes
  • How to Get Your Leadership Development to Really Work Recorded: Sep 30 2019 45 mins
    Kevin Eikenberry, The Remarkable Leadership Expert
    Do you need more and more effective leaders in your organization? Are you unhappy with the efforts you have made in developing leaders in the past or just wish you could do more? Do you wish you got a higher ROI on your leadership development investments?

    If you are interested in helping more leaders create better results for the benefit of their teams, themselves and your organization, this will be a great investment of your time.

    Our organizations have never needed more effective leaders more than now; and yet most organizations feel something from a mild frustration to a serious pain regarding the effectiveness of their leadership development processes.

    In this practical and relevant webinar we get back to basics and explore proven principles of leadership and learning. Then we will introduce a framework that will work; and give you a plan for applying your organizational needs, goals, and culture to the framework to create more effective leaders in your organization.

    You will learn:

    1.Identify the specific challenges with your current Leadership Development process
    2.Describe a comprehensive framework that provides a starting point to create your organizational model
    3.Identify a roadmap to implementation
  • How to Become a STAR Sales Leader Recorded: Sep 24 2019 51 mins
    Steven Rosen
    Join sales management expert Steven Rosen and his guest sales leadership expert Jonathan Whistman for an insightful Fireside Chat. In this episode, they will share their insight on what it takes and how to become a STAR sales leader and Sales Boss.

    Few PowerPoint, no videos, just open and frank discussion.

    Expect an action-packed webinar filled with sales management gems, pearls, powerful insights and stories that will help you crush your sales numbers.

    Effective sales leaders/sales bosses can produce tremendous results. The challenge is most sales managers are too busy to focus on becoming a STAR sales leader.
    You will learn:

    - How to become a STAR sales leader/Sales Boss
    - What are the right Behaviors that sales bosses exhibit
    - How Bosses impact the outlook of the team
    - The skills necessary to be a STAR sales leader
    - The impact your stature has on the team
  • Marketing & Sales Pipeline Strategies: Threats and Opportunities Recorded: Sep 19 2019 45 mins
    Christopher Ryan, The B2B Revenue Growth Expert
    Companies of all sizes thrive or simply survive, based on their ability to develop a strong, consistent and repeatable pipeline. According to CSO Insights, 67% of CEOs polled stated that their #1 goal is acquiring new customers. Experts Jim Hale and Chris Ryan will share their top strategies used to accelerate pipeline growth at some of the most dynamic U.S. and international companies. In this dynamic and fast-paced presentation, you will learn the threats on both the marketing and sales sides, that can prevent pipeline growth and also discover the best opportunities you have to stop revenue leakage and get on a solid growth path.

    Ryan and guest expert Hale will discuss important topics like: how to ensure that your pipeline numbers are accurate; why too much technology and processes can hurt you; why your messaging can be even more important than sales skills; how marketing and sales can work together synergistically to boost revenue faster; and why an account-based marketing (ABM) program may be your best bet for selling larger deals. Specific examples will be provided of companies that used these strategies to go from low-growth to high-growth.

    You will learn:

    1.What you need to fix now to get your pipeline in order.
    2.The danger signals that your pipeline is in trouble.
    3.How to use opportunity assessments to improve pipeline accuracy.
    Why marketing plays a big role in sales pipeline growth.
  • How to Manage Your Team’s Performance Inside A Large Account Recorded: Sep 18 2019 35 mins
    Barbara Weaver Smith, The Large Account Sales Expert
    Description: Part #9 in the series Your Growth Ecosystem: Don’t Think Small About Your Big Accounts. For CEOs, Presidents, Founders/Owners, Business Development Heads, Sales VPs, and Key Account Managers of companies of any size, with special relevance to those with $10 million to $500 million in annual revenue. The series is a strategic, high-level approach to managing your organization to successfully sell and grow sales to multinational and global corporations.
    When you have sold a deal into a big corporation, you will often have a delivery team inside that account, led by a project manager, at the same time that another sales rep or account manager from your company is working to land new business. The new business opportunity may be in another facility—in another region, a different subsidiary, even another country. Far too often, there is no contact between the team inside and the team selling new business. That’s a huge lack of foresight and opportunity, both to serve your client better and to improve your chances of success. This webinar is about how to manage your inside team(s) to produce steady new revenue from your large account.

    You will learn:

    1. What assumptions you should make about your global clients.
    2. How management training and sales training needs to address these issues.
    3. What opportunities you should be looking for.
    4. How to use this circumstance to become a trusted advisor.
    5. How to align your sales strategy with your customer’s strategic objectives.
  • What Sales Can Learn From A Firefighter Recorded: Sep 16 2019 22 mins
    Carole Mahoney, The Sales Coach Expert
    Join host Carole Mahoney as she talks with Peter Cutrer, a 15-year Firefighter/EMT, Fire Marshal, Fire Instructor and Deputy Chief who now trains public safety agencies like NASA, Disney, Boston Fire, FDNY, and ESPN.

    In this 30 minute interview, Carole and Peter discuss:

    1. How training and preparation allow you to respond to situations appropriately when they arise.

    2. How to determine if you are cut out for a certain type of training and career.

    3. How to maintain a level of emotional control in stressful situations.
    Advice that sales executives and leaders should know in regard to how they think about training their teams.
  • Who’s Eating Your Lunch - The 7 Deadly Sins That Prevent Channel Sales Recorded: Sep 9 2019 48 mins
    Barbara Giamanco, The Strategic Social Selling Expert
    Are you trying to build a profitable business using 3rd party partners to sell for you and can’t figure out what’s going wrong?

    Many companies operate under a channel sales model without ever having heard of the term, much less understand how to create a channel selling team that sells their products profitably and consistently.

    This session focuses on the 7 deadly mistakes companies make when putting a channel selling strategy in place.

    You will learn:

    The skills you need to sell through 3rd parties.
    How to choose the right partners and onboard them for success.
    About a system of tools to help you plan, manage and steer a straight course to powerful, profitable partner-centric partnerships.
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