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Predictive Sales Strategies

Is it possible to improve the predictability of sales? Actually, yes! As a sales rep or sales manager, there are keys to building a reliable pipeline and closing viable opportunities. This session will provide a strategic and practical game plan for predictive sales.

A bonus gift from speaker and world-class trainer, Michael Griego, will be offered to each attendee.
Recorded Mar 27 2020 41 mins
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Presented by
Michael Griego, The Enterprise Sales Effectiveness Expert
Presentation preview: Predictive Sales Strategies

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  • Evolving Perspectives - Episode 3 Mar 10 2021 7:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Tom Pisello, The Evolved Selling Expert and Isabelle Papoulias, The Evolved Marketing Expert
    Evolving Perspectives - Episode 3: How to Create Interactive Content and Presentations for Remote Selling

    The entire world seemed to shift to a remote work model overnight. With almost all sales interactions now happening from home, how are you ensuring your sellers grab your buyers’ attention and keep it?

    Static, linear PowerPoint presentations and pdf product brochureware don’t cut it anymore. Watch as Isabelle Papoulias, Evolved Marketing Expert and CMO at Mediafly, and Nathan Jackson, EVP Presentify at Mediafly (formerly Managing Director at Presentify), discuss:

    How to successfully enhance the digital presentation experience while selling to remote buyers
    How to transform your existing PowerPoint presentations, documents, and PDFs into interactive sales content assets that wow buyers and accelerate sales
    Real-life examples of interactive sales presentations and collateral and why they’re driving improved sales results including shorter sales cycles, more deals won and increased revenue
  • The Street Smarts MBA for Small Businesses - Episode 3 Mar 10 2021 6:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Sonia Dumas, The Payday Conversations Expert and Hugh Tafel, The Profit Accelerator Expert
    The Street Smarts MBA show features Sonia Dumas and Hugh Tafel sharing practical tactics and strategies that any small business or professional practice owner can use immediately to generate more leads, close more sales and increase their bottom line.
    Each action packed episode will showcase Sonia and Hugh’s unique take about -
    • The Great Reset & Economic Pivoting
    • Marketing & The Conversion Formula
    • Profit Acceleration
    • Small Business Sales
    • Referrals & The Customer Experience
    • Payday Conversations & B2B Marketing
    • Guest Experts in Finance, Human Resources, Technology, Leadership, & More
    All to give you an extra edge!
    We study and share multi-million dollar strategies that turn chaos into prosperity.
  • All Things Are Possible - Episode 10 Mar 10 2021 5:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Carla Arnold, The Inspiring Sales Expert
    Weekly inspirational word to uplift & motivate your mindset!
  • The Modern Sales Mastery Show- Episode 10: 10 Steps to a Digital Selling Program Mar 9 2021 7:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Mario Martinez, Jr., The Modern Selling Expert, Viveka von Rosen, The LinkedIn Expert & Kurt Shaver, The Digital Sales Expert
    The 10 steps taught in this episode will help you launch a digital sales program with your team to build your pipeline, create more sales conversations, and improve your win rates!

    The Modern Sales Mastery Show, hosted by Mario Martinez Jr, Founder and CEO of Vengreso, Kurt Shaver and Viveka von Rosen, is the go-to show for sales leaders and everyone responsible for generating revenue. The show features practitioners in the trenches, experts in their profession and influencers who are leveraging modern selling techniques to inspire you to create more sales conversations with your target buyer.
  • The Smarter Sales Show - Episode 10: Tech Tools for Prospecting Success and Ease Mar 9 2021 6:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Merit Kahn, The Sales Mindset Expert and Julie Holmes, The Sales Tech Expert
    As always, Julie will blow you away with tech tips, tools and strategies that will make prospecting so much easier and more effective!

    Selling is different now… and remote selling is here to stay. Want to differentiate yourself and rise to the top of the new virtual sales game? Listen to The Smarter Sales Show to master the tech and technique to sell more and stress less.
    Tune in each week to learn, laugh and get a shot of sales motivation from Merit Kahn, sales technique expert, and Julie Holmes, sales technology guru.
    Inside each episode, these two sales-savvy funny women address your biggest sales challenges with solutions from a technique and technology perspective. No fluffy sales theory or coding talk… you get practical, easy to implement sales soundbites and tools to sell more and sell more easily… and you’ll laugh throughout the show and all the way to the bank.
    You will take on the tough topics like building remote relationships, mastering virtual sales meetings, keeping prospects engaged and excited during the sales process, the latest and greatest apps and gear you need (or don’t need) to be confident and successful in virtual sales and much more.
    Don’t miss a single episode… your prospects (and your bank account) will thank you!
  • What Sales Can Learn - Episode 3 Mar 9 2021 5:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Carole Mahoney, The Sales Coach Expert
    It’s Not About You

    Do your sellers jump to demo too quickly? Or spend the majority of their calls doing the talking?

    Have you considered the impact you have as a leader when you are (or are not) other focused?

    Join Carole Mahoney and guest expert Robin Dreeke, as they dig into the behavioral science of building trust, the impact it has as leaders, and how to build trust with your teams virtually.
  • Stop Killing Deals - Episode 5 Mar 9 2021 3:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    George Bronten, The Sales Effectiveness & Tech Expert
    In this webinar series, we interview non-sales experts about fascinating
    topics and then explore insights and advice for salespeople, sales
    managers, and company leaders involved in complex B2B sales. Because HOW
    you sell matters!
  • The Diamond Group - Episode 10 Mar 8 2021 10:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Fred Diamond, The Excellence in Sales Expert
    Join Institute for Excellence in Sales Cofounder Fred Diamond and his panel of sales experts, pundits and fixers every Monday at 4PM CST for the sales industry’s hottest show on solving the sales challenges you are facing.
    Each week, The Diamond Group will tackle perplexing sales problems submitted by in-the-field sales professionals that are stopping them from achieving their goals and hindering their performance.
    Diamond and his rotating expert panel of sales thought leaders and sales executives will go deep into solving the problem utilizing their collective wisdom, years of experience and been-there, done-that fortitude.
    Challenges include obstacles to successful prospecting, hindrances to deal flow, process glitches, mindset issues and other deterrents.
    Listeners will get real, thoughtful and implementable solutions to help them solve the problem and move forward. It will be a great way to find answers to what might be hindering your sales success.
    This is “appointment webinar.” Once you start attending, you will not want to miss a show.
    See you Monday at 4pm!
  • All Things Sales Success - Tales from the Trenches - Episode 3 Mar 8 2021 8:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Scott Ingram, The Sales Success Expert
    On All Things Sales Success you'll find Scott Ingram, host of the Sales Success Stories podcast, going deep into what's working with real sales professionals who are generating real results on the 2nd Monday of each month in 2021. Sometimes he'll bring favorite podcast guests on to go deeper into the specific tactics and strategies they're leveraging to attain and sustain their top 1% ranking. Other times he'll bring on top LinkedIn Sales Stars to talk about what's work on LinkedIn and more.
  • Making Sales Social: Digital Strategies to Grow Your Business - Episode 10 Mar 8 2021 5:00 pm UTC 25 mins
    Bill McCormick, The LinkedIn Sales Conversations Expert and Brynne Tillman, The LinkedIn for Sales Expert
    On Making Sales Social each week we’ll be interviewing some of the top sales & marketing experts of our time to identify the tips and strategies that are truly working for their clients today. We’ll discuss how we can transform those skills to succeed with virtual and social selling.
  • Monday Morning Sales Rally - Episode 10 Mar 8 2021 2:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Deb Calvert, The People Engagement Expert
    What Is the Monday Morning Sales Rally? It's not like anything else! Live audience participation, contests, games, networking, and even an occasional role play. Sales hacks, best practices, proven strategies, and encouragement to improve your sales outlook and results. You won't want to miss a minute!

    Join the Monday Morning Sales Rally every week to:
    + Wake Up and get motivated for a week of selling success!
    + Take Up the mantle of leadership to engage your buyers
    + Shake Up the status quo for continual, incremental improvement
    + Break Up with bad habits, stale leads, and time-sucking tasks.
    + Make Up your mind about what to focus on so you can make things happen
  • The DRIVE with Darryl Praill - Episode 9 Mar 5 2021 8:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Darryl Praill, The Sales Engagement Expert
    What a week! You barely had time to grab lunch or plan your next steps with a potential client when you were suddenly pulled into your next meeting. Did you make time to keep up on the latest news and views from the world of sales? Are you kidding!

    Well don’t stress, because we have the solution! Join VanillaSoft CRO Darryl Praill on Friday afternoons for The DRIVE. Darryl will highlight the latest and greatest, the news and opinions from the week in sales… in a fun and entertaining way that only Darryl can!

    What sales strategies work best? What’s driving the market? Who should you be paying attention to? What should you avoid doing? What drives salespeople?

    Darryl will cover it all!

    So, block your calendar every Friday at 3:00pm ET, and spend part of your Friday afternoon drive home (does anyone do that anymore?!) with Darryl on The DRIVE.
  • XO: eXtraordinary Outcomes - Episode 9 Mar 5 2021 2:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Subhanjan Sarkar, The Buyer-Led Sales Expert
    Selling Remote is here to stay. Face to face meetings - which were already super difficult to land, are unlikely to remain the primary go to option for Sales folks. While the world changed practically overnight, we seem to have missed the writing on the wall. The fact that The Buyer Has Changed. And she is not buying the way she used to even 10 years back.

    The core of the value transaction process is now hinged on the Buyers desired outcomes. Because, although we believed otherwise - every single sale is closed by the buyer. We need to refocus our attention to the Buyer who is at the center of our success. We need to unlearn and now relearn the way to engage with this new buyer. On her terms.

    The eXtraordinary Outcomes Show will do just that. Bring you face to face with the New Buyer. And let you into her world. So together we can create eXtraordinay Outcomes!

    See you every Friday at 9am EST.
  • Modern Sales Straight Talk - Episode 3 Mar 4 2021 7:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Mike Kunkle, The Sales Transformation Expert and Doug Wyatt, The Buyer-Centric Selling Expert

    Too many salespeople ask the wrong questions or conduct Discovery superficially. This results in a weak or non-existent business case and information gaps that prevent the rep from communicating value in a compelling way. Asking questions to uncover details of the customer’s situation certainly isn’t a new idea. Great sales discovery is a hallmark of elite salespeople and a significant differentiator.

    On this episode of Modern Sales Straight Talk, hosts Mike Kunkle and Doug Wyatt dig into discovery and share frameworks to ensure your sellers can get the most out of this critical stage of your sales process. With the right approach, discovery gives you sales superpowers!

    Tune in to learn:

    1. What sellers most often get wrong during discovery
    2. What to ensure you learn when conducting discovery
    3. How to structure your questions to create a logical flow
    4. How to apply what you learn from discovery later in the sales process
    And more!

    Join us on the first Thursday of each month at 2:00 pm Eastern on The Sales Experts Channel!
  • Accountability is a Sales Strategy - Part 2 Mar 4 2021 6:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Kristie Jones, The SaaS_Startup Expert
    A culture of accountability isn’t a nice-to-have, it’s a sales strategy. Having a culture of accountability at your organization will increase the chances that you will achieve plan, attract top talent, retain reps, and build a team that not only trusts each other but management as well. As such, it deserves the same time, attention, discussion, and thoughtful planning as your new 2021 go-to-market strategy.

    In part 2 of this 4 part series, we’ll explore:
    - Getting buy-in regarding expectations
    - Determining how you'll inspect what you expect
    - Establishing consequences for not meeting expectations

    Kristie Jones is a startup strategist helping founders formalize sales process and strategy, create a top of the funnel strategy, hire top startup sales talent, and create a culture of sales accountability. Here 15+ as a SaaS sales leader is what ignited her passion for helping other SaaS and startup companies achieve their goals.
  • How Sales Managers Can Get More Reliable Forecasts from Salespeople Recorded: Mar 3 2021 47 mins
    Steve Bistritz, The Selling to Senior Executives Expert
    As a sales leader you rely on your forecast data to be accurate. But your salespeople feel providing sales data doesn’t help them sell, and view it as extra “paperwork.” As a result, the forecast data you receive from your salespeople is typically incomplete, inaccurate, or irrelevant.

    What if your organization used an opportunity management process that salespeople knew would help them sell and enticed them to provide accurate information for their own benefit, while also providing sales management the data they need in the process?

    In this webinar we’ll present an opportunity management process that salespeople embrace because it helps them close deals more quickly and also provides sales managers the information they need to forecast more accurately.

    You’ll learn how you and your salespeople can…

    • Quickly and effectively assess the status of each sales opportunity
    • Shorten sales cycles and dramatically impact the outcome of critical sales campaigns
    • Improve your ability to forecast deals with a higher level of confidence
    • Communicate the status of sales opportunities to others in the sales organization
  • All Things Are Possible - Episode 9 Recorded: Mar 3 2021 9 mins
    Carla Arnold, The Inspiring Sales Expert w/guest Bill McCormick
    Join me and my special guest, Bill McCormick, Sales Social Link as we discuss his best sales tip!
  • The Everyone Sells Something Show - Episode 3 Recorded: Mar 3 2021 24 mins
    Liz Wendling, The Authentic Selling Expert
    Everyone sells something! Every business stays in business because someone is closing business. Smart salespeople and enlightened business owners recognize that knowing how to sell with authenticity and integrity gives them a significant competitive advantage.

    It’s not too late to create immediate change and grow your business. If you want to survive in this rapidly changing marketplace, you need to learn how to sell and become more comfortable with the sales process.

    When you embrace and harness all the skills and capabilities that go with selling, you will be unstoppable.
  • How to Improve Your Sales Strategy to Be Successful During a Recession Recorded: Mar 2 2021 46 mins
    Steve Benson, The Field Sales Efficiency Expert
    In this webinar, Steve Benson, field sales expert and CEO of Badger Maps, discusses how to be a great salesperson in a time of economic crisis. To outsell the recession, salespeople need to be willing to adapt their sales strategy and find creative solutions. Here are some actionable steps salespeople can take to ensure they not only survive a poor economy, but also maximize their sales productivity.
  • The Modern Sales Mastery Show - Episode 9: Generate High Quality LinkedIn Leads Recorded: Mar 2 2021 44 mins
    Mario Martinez, Jr., The Modern Selling Expert, Viveka von Rosen, The LinkedIn Expert & Kurt Shaver, The Digital Sales Expert
    Are you ready to cut through the noise on LinkedIn and generate a steady flow of high quality leads each week? Learn how in this episode of the Modern Sales Mastery Show.

    The Modern Sales Mastery Show, hosted by Mario Martinez Jr, Founder and CEO of Vengreso, Kurt Shaver and Viveka von Rosen, is the go-to show for sales leaders and everyone responsible for generating revenue. The show features practitioners in the trenches, experts in their profession and influencers who are leveraging modern selling techniques to inspire you to create more sales conversations with your target buyer.
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