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What Sales Can Learn - Episode 8 - New Gartner Data on the B2B Buyer Journey

New Gartner data shows the B2B buyer journey continues to evolve with 43% of buyers preferring a digital experience. Does that mean sellers will soon be obsolete?

Don’t miss this episode with Shari Levitin, one of the members of the Gartner thought leadership panel, on what this latest buyer behavior data means for sales and how you should be looking at your sales training and coaching programs.

‘What Sales Can Learn…’ is a monthly show that aims to take the guesswork out of sales performance by applying behavioral science to what is happening in sales today.
Recorded Aug 10 2021 35 mins
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Presented by
Carole Mahoney, The Sales Coach Expert
Presentation preview: What Sales Can Learn - Episode 8 - New Gartner Data on the B2B Buyer Journey

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  • How Storytelling is the Key to a Great Sales Experience Oct 1 2021 6:00 am UTC 40 mins
    Melissa Madian, The Sales Experience Expert w/guest, Svet Rouskov
    Every great story has a hero who we want to see live “happily ever after.” If you are a salesperson, the story you tell needs to center on your customer as the hero; yet most salespeople make the story about themselves instead. Join Melissa Madian and special guest, author and screenwriter Svet Rouskov, as they discuss how the concepts of storytelling can be applied to create a memorable sales experience that makes your customer want to buy from you.

    You will learn:

    1. The fundamentals of telling an effective story.
    2. Tips and techniques that the pros of storytelling use to make a compelling, engaging story.
    3. How to apply these techniques to create a valuable sales experience for your customer.
  • Effective Negotiation for High Stakes Deals Oct 1 2021 4:00 am UTC 44 mins
    Paul Watts, The Consultative Selling Expert
    Top performing salespeople understand that the ability to negotiate is key to maximizing profit for their organizations. In this webinar we will cover how to effectively plan for and execute on strategic negotiations in high stakes deals.

    You will learn:

    1.The different types of negotiation
    2.How to identify which type of negotiation is suitable for different situations
    3.An in-depth planning process for important negotiations
    4.How to effectively handle negotiations to achieve Win-Win outcomes
  • Flip Your Demo to Increase Win Rates! Oct 1 2021 3:00 am UTC 24 mins
    Julie Hansen, The Sales Presentation Expert
    Traditional linear demos are a thing of the past. New research shows that starting with the end in mind is the key to a successful demo with today’s busy buyers. Learn how to Flip Your Demo and increase your win rate!
  • Why ROI Selling doesn’t have to be hard Oct 1 2021 2:00 am UTC 49 mins
    Phillip Kreindler, The Winning Complex Sales Expert w/guest, Mike Genstil – CEO of VisualizeROI
    If you want to win deals quickly and at the right price, it’s essential to quantify the cost the buyer incurs with the status quo, and the value of moving to your solution. When you don’t present your value and ROI effectively, you will lose deals unnecessarily to no-decision, budget will be shifted to other projects or priorities, or you will only win with substantial discounts.
    Although presenting your solution’s ROI would seem an obvious step in any substantial sales opportunity, salespeople rarely attempt this exercise!
    What You Will Learn
    In this session, we will explore the following topics about ROI selling:

    1. At what stages in the sales process can ROI quantification be most effective?
    2. When do you not need an ROI?
    3. What barriers prevent sales organizations from effectively adopting ROI selling?
    4. Which types of organizations tend to succeed in operationalizing ROI selling, and which ones do not?
    5. What are the negative effects of not employing value selling across a sales organization?
    5. How do you calculate an ROI in the most basic form?
    7. What are best practices in showing your ROI visually?

    A methodology for ROI selling in your business will be presented during this session.
  • How to Win the Sale with the Discovery Call Sep 30 2021 9:00 am UTC 42 mins
    Welcome to The Sales Experts Channel! We are a community of 63 sales authors, trainers, researchers and thought leaders collaborating here to answer your questions about how to sell more effectively.
  • How To Easily Deliver Interest-Creating Prospecting Call Openings and Voice Mail Sep 30 2021 8:00 am UTC 47 mins
    Art Sobczak
    Most prospecting calls are doomed to failure because of what the salesperson says, and DOES NOT say in the opening (and voice mail). You will see exactly what to avoid, and what to say to get through, get in and sell! Lots of word for word messaging you will use right away!
  • 7 Phone Habits to Book More First Meetings Sep 30 2021 7:00 am UTC 47 mins
    Marylou Tyler
    Author Marylou Tyler (Predictable Revenue & Predictable Prospecting) gives you 7 telephone strategies designed to book more first meetings, schedule more appointments with decision makers and turn your phone into a powerful sales tool that makes prospecting into targeted accounts fun, consistent, predictable and successful.
  • 5 Simple Strategies to Dramatically Increase Your Email Sales Prospecting Result Sep 30 2021 6:00 am UTC 46 mins
    Kendra Lee, The SMB Lead Generation Expert
    Email is the number one tool for sales prospecting. But with prospects’ inboxes overflowing with over 100 emails per day, it’s nearly impossible to break through the noise, distinguish your message and get a reply. Now’s your chance to figure out what to do differently to differentiate yourself.
  • Crush It! Get Lead Conversion & Sales Acceleration w/5 Questioning Strategies Sep 30 2021 5:00 am UTC 33 mins
    Walker McKay, The Selfless Selling Expert
    Whether you're a business development rep, sales manager, or CEO, you need a smart sales strategy for prospecting and lead conversion. Your business growth depends on it.

    But there's a part of that sales strategy you might be overlooking. That would be a mistake, as research about customer engagement suggests this could be the most important element in lead nurturing and sales acceleration. It's also an essential ingredient for building trust and getting the human factor into your cold calling.

    The missing link is often in the questions asked, the sequencing of questions, and how they're asked. Join Walker McKay, the Selfless Selling Expert, to learn:

    -- 5 solid questioning strategies for every B2B seller and business owner
    -- How improving your questioning skills also improves your personal brand
    -- The questions you should always ask before you shift to pitch or presentations
    -- How questions get you "in the door" with prospects, at any stage of their buyer journey
    -- What they didn't tell you in sales training about getting to the truth with your buyers
  • Making Sales Social: Digital Strategies to Grow Your Business - Episode 1 Sep 30 2021 4:00 am UTC 21 mins
    Bill McCormick, The LinkedIn Sales Conversations Expert and Brynne Tillman, The LinkedIn for Sales Expert
    Meet Brynne Tillman and Bill McCormick your hosts for "Making Sales Social"- find out what making sales social means to them and how they entered into the social selling world!
  • In Lehman's Terms - Episode 1 Sep 30 2021 3:00 am UTC 18 mins
    Doug Lehman, The Virtual Selling Video Expert
    Episode 1 - How leveraging pre-recorded video content FAQ's, Video Case Studies and Virtual Speaking can improve sales performance and customer engagement.

    In Lehman’s Terms will be a produced show focusing on leveraging Video Engagement for better Sales Performance and Client Interaction. The show will provide tips, instruction and interview segments from Sales and Marketing Leaders on how to make an impact with video and visual story selling. Topics include, Video Marketing, Video book reviews, Sales Leadership Spotlights and more in our virtual business world.
  • All Things Sales Success - Tales from the Trenches - Episode 1 Sep 30 2021 2:00 am UTC 42 mins
    Scott Ingram, The Sales Success Expert
    On All Things Sales Success you'll find Scott Ingram, host of the Sales Success Stories podcast, going deep into what's working with real sales professionals who are generating real results on the 2nd Monday of each month in 2021. Sometimes he'll bring favorite podcast guests on to go deeper into the specific tactics and strategies they're leveraging to attain and sustain their top 1% ranking. Other times he'll bring on top LinkedIn Sales Stars to talk about what's work on LinkedIn and more.
  • All Things Are Possible - Episode 39 Sep 29 2021 4:00 pm UTC 6 mins
    Carla Arnold, The Inspiring Sales Expert w/guest Bill McCormick
    Join me and my special guest, Bill McCormick, Sales Social Link as we discuss his best sales tip!
  • Stop Killing Deals - Episode 18 - Change Management with Iiro Pohjanoksa Sep 28 2021 2:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    George Bronten, The Sales Effectiveness & Tech Expert
    In this Outside Perspective, we jump into the topic of change and why that is so hard for many us of, with top change management expert, Iiro Pohjanoksa. Join us to learn some fundamental mistakes to avoid when trying to implement change.
  • The Diamond Group - Getting Better at Sales - Episode 39 Recorded: Sep 27 2021 6 mins
    Fred Diamond, The Excellence in Sales Expert
    Join Institute for Excellence in Sales Cofounder Fred Diamond and his panel of sales experts, pundits and fixers every Monday at 4PM CST for the sales industry’s hottest show on solving the sales challenges you are facing.
    Each week, The Diamond Group will tackle perplexing sales problems submitted by in-the-field sales professionals that are stopping them from achieving their goals and hindering their performance.
    Diamond and his rotating expert panel of sales thought leaders and sales executives will go deep into solving the problem utilizing their collective wisdom, years of experience and been-there, done-that fortitude.
    Challenges include obstacles to successful prospecting, hindrances to deal flow, process glitches, mindset issues and other deterrents.
    Listeners will get real, thoughtful and implementable solutions to help them solve the problem and move forward. It will be a great way to find answers to what might be hindering your sales success.
    This is “appointment webinar.” Once you start attending, you will not want to miss a show.
    See you Monday at 4pm!
  • Making Sales Social: Digital Strategies to Grow Your Business - Episode 39 Recorded: Sep 27 2021 28 mins
    Bill McCormick, The LinkedIn Sales Conversations Expert and Brynne Tillman, The LinkedIn for Sales Expert
    On Making Sales Social each week we’ll be interviewing some of the top sales & marketing experts of our time to identify the tips and strategies that are truly working for their clients today. We’ll discuss how we can transform those skills to succeed with virtual and social selling.
  • The DRIVE with Darryl Praill & friends, weekly business news you need now: EP 37 Recorded: Sep 24 2021 44 mins
    Darryl Praill, The Sales Engagement Expert
    You're working to get business intelligence, marketing strategy, customer insight, sales analytics, and the best practices to build your business. Your business growth depends on knowing what's happening in the world of business. 

    The problem is time management. We're here to help! Here's a roll-up of current events for entrepreneurs, marketers, and sales leadership. It's a digest of the news that will impact YOU -- the mergers and acquisitions, brand positioning moves, business management, emerging technologies, high performance, and a little bit of gossip, too!

    It's the info you need for forecasting, decision making, problem management, innovation, strategic planning, troubleshooting, and staying in the know.

    Join VanillaSoft CRO Darryl Praill on Friday afternoons for The DRIVE. Darryl will highlight the latest and greatest, the news and opinions from the week in sales… in a fun and entertaining way that only Darryl can!

    So, block your calendar every Friday at 3:00pm ET, and spend part of your Friday afternoon drive home (does anyone do that anymore?!) with Darryl on The DRIVE!
  • In Lehman's Terms - Episode 9 - Visual Elements and Social Watching for Sales Recorded: Sep 24 2021 24 mins
    Doug Lehman, The Virtual Selling Video Expert
    Virtual Selling Video – using visual elements and repurposing video content to improve sales engagement.
    In This Episode we will be discussing the impact of visual elements, repurposing Video Marketing Content and leveraging Social Watching to improve sales messaging and customer engagement.

    Doug and Virtual Vonda will discuss the following topics and more.

    * Adding Visual Elements to improve visibility and engagement, pattern interrupts, supporting visuals
    * Virtual Backgrounds and Home Office Backgrounds
    * Building on your Sales Video Content Library.
    * Visual Research for better prospecting and sales discovery.
  • XO: eXtraordinary Outcomes - Episode 38 Recorded: Sep 24 2021 43 mins
    Subhanjan Sarkar, The Buyer-Led Sales Expert
    Selling Remote is here to stay. Face to face meetings - which were already super difficult to land, are unlikely to remain the primary go to option for Sales folks. While the world changed practically overnight, we seem to have missed the writing on the wall. The fact that The Buyer Has Changed. And she is not buying the way she used to even 10 years back.

    The core of the value transaction process is now hinged on the Buyers desired outcomes. Because, although we believed otherwise - every single sale is closed by the buyer. We need to refocus our attention to the Buyer who is at the center of our success. We need to unlearn and now relearn the way to engage with this new buyer. On her terms.

    The eXtraordinary Outcomes Show will do just that. Bring you face to face with the New Buyer. And let you into her world. So together we can create eXtraordinay Outcomes!

    See you every Friday at 9am EST.
  • All Things Are Possible - Episode 38 Recorded: Sep 22 2021 25 mins
    Carla Arnold, The Inspiring Sales Expert
    Do you need a pick me up to get through your week? Look no further. That’s what All Things Are Possible is all about. Join me each week to gain personal and sales insight from God’s Word.

    In All Things Are Possible together we will apply scripture and faith-based common sense to everyday sales activities, providing you with practices that can shift your approach and transfigure your sales.

    Utilizing a scripture and faith-based methodology allows you to:

    ¨ Understand the power within you better than ever before
    ¨ Personalize messaging
    ¨ Better position yourself to be the best you can be
    ¨ And most importantly, gain personal insight!

    Join me every Wednesday at 11:00 am CST on The Sales Experts Channel
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New and on-demand content from dozens of global sales authors, speakers, researchers, coaches, trainers & thought leaders. If it's about selling, sales management or sales productivity, this channel is where you'll find it!

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  • Title: What Sales Can Learn - Episode 8 - New Gartner Data on the B2B Buyer Journey
  • Live at: Aug 10 2021 4:00 pm
  • Presented by: Carole Mahoney, The Sales Coach Expert
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