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Monolithic Transformation: How Large Organisations Get Better at Software (EMEA)

The cliché we all recite is that technology isn't the problem, culture is. Put another way: if the hardware and software are fine and fresh, it must be the meatware that smells. Come hear several de-funking recipes from the world’s largest companies whose meat now smells proper.

Most large organisations struggle to deliver consistent, well-designed software to their customers. The usual schedule and budget delays persist and the resulting software is often lackluster at best. There are all sorts of tools and patterns like DevOps, lean product, and cloud-native that can make software better, but most organisations struggle to change the people side of the software stack.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss:
• How established organisations can learn to think of deliveries in terms of “products” instead of “projects”
•How DevOps and cloud platforms enable a product mindset
•The tactics and organisational structures that large organisations are using to improve their software

All of this is based on case studies and interviews with the world’s largest organisations over the past five years, with each point grounded in real-world examples and experience.

References and examples shared during this session are based on my book Monolithic Transformation (O'Reilly, Feb 2019).
Recorded May 16 2019 61 mins
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Presented by
Michael Coté, Pivotal
Presentation preview: Monolithic Transformation: How Large Organisations Get Better at Software (EMEA)
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  • Accelerate Your Kubernetes Adoption by Running and Managing Kubernetes at Scale Mar 16 2021 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Rick Walsworth, Group PLM Manager, Ning Ge, PLM Manager Keith Lee, Tech PLM Manager, Kyle Gleed, Staff Tech Marketing Arch.
    When your enterprise is ready to scale your Kubernetes adoption, you need to make sure your underlying infrastructure is scalable and flexible enough to handle the Kubernetes demand, and also put in place a way to properly govern and manage your Kubernetes footprint across the board with consistency and security.

    In this webinar, we will take you through the key capabilities of VMware Tanzu Standard edition, which delivers an open source-aligned Kubernetes distribution with consistent operations and management across environments. In addition, we will show you how to quickly establish your Kubernetes infrastructure by automating the deployment of the full stack hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI), and consistently manage them at scale leveraging the power of VMware Cloud Foundation with Tanzu Standard.
  • Solving Enterprise Data Sprawl with Modern Postgres Feb 18 2021 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Jacque Istok, VP of Sales, VMware, Jared Ruckle, Group Product Line Marketing Manager, VMware
    Businesses are generating data at an exponential rate. To compete effectively, IT leaders need to store, collect, and analyze their enterprise data. But with so many disparate sources - and types of data - how can an enterprise begin to tackle this challenge?

    Increasingly, organizations are turning to VMware Tanzu Greenplum. This solution, based on Postgres, has proven to work for a surprising variety of use cases.

    Join us for this webinar and learn how Greenplum:
    - Serves as a data lake, data mart, and data warehouse simultaneously;
    - Eases the consolidation of common data sources;
    - Handles transactional and analytics workloads natively;
    - Operates flawlessly at petabyte scale;
    - Has helped enterprises like you with their most pressing analytics challenges;

    See you at the webinar!
  • The Future of Software Delivery Needs DevSecOps Feb 16 2021 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Sandy Carielli Principal Analyst, Forrester, David Zendzian, VMware Tanzu Global Field CISO
    The DevOps movement, which seeks to unite software development teams and software operations teams, has spread to other areas of the software development and delivery cycle. One such spawn that’s gained traction is DevSecOps. But what is DevSecOps and is it more than just another buzzword?

    DevSecOps is the idea that security is incorporated through the software development and delivery process and includes app dev, operations, and security professionals. By incorporating teams from different parts of the software delivery cycle DevSecOps promises to at once enhance your security posture while streamlining a faster path to production and getting higher quality software to customers more quickly!

    As you start implementing DevSecOps practices you need to consider a number of practical aspects including tooling, platforms and people. Whether you are just starting to explore DevSecOps as a viable goal for your organization, or have already embraced it and want to bolster or hasten the benefits you can realize, this webinar panel with special guest Forrester analyst Sandy Carielli, is for you.

    Join us in conversation with Sandy as we explore:
    - Security baselines you should expect from your platforms
    - Why you should implement a dev security champions programs
    - Navigating the security tools landscape
    - Defining DevSecOps metrics and useful outcomes

    Sandy Carielli is a principal analyst at Forrester advising security and risk professionals on application security, with a particular emphasis on the collaboration among security and risk, application development, operations, and business teams. Download her report “Best Practices For Container Security” here: https://tanzu.vmware.com/content/analyst-reports/best-practices-for-container-security.
  • How to Manage Modern Apps atop Kubernetes with Popular Spring Tooling Feb 4 2021 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Sabby Anandan, Product Manager, VMware and Jared Ruckle, Group Product Line Marketing Manager, VMware
    How to Manage Modern Apps atop Kubernetes with Popular Spring Tooling (while enjoying peace of mind with JDK licensing)

    Spring is a popular enterprise development framework, while Kubernetes is the default infrastructure API for an increasing number of organizations. How can organizations get more from these two seemingly ubiquitous technologies?

    Join us for this VMware Tanzu webinar and learn:
    - How popular Spring components are being remastered and repackage for use atop Kubernetes
    - How to move from ticket-based API gateways into a modern developer-driven experience
    - How to modernize batch processing workflows with a more cloud-native approach

    We’ll also review how you can protect your organization from JDK licensing while delivering a secure, supported, and turnkey developer experience on any Kubernetes distribution. We’ll see you at the webinar!
  • Ask-Me-Anything with Joe Beda, Co-Creator of Kubernetes Jan 28 2021 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Joe Beda, Co-creator of Kubernetes and Principal Engineer at VMware
    Do you need help making sense of Kubernetes? Could you use guidance navigating the expansive Kubernetes ecosystem? Are you curious about the future of Kubernetes?

    Now’s your chance to ask a foremost expert.

    Joe Beda, Co-creator of Kubernetes and Principal Engineer at VMware, is taking your questions during an exclusive Ask-Me-Anything on Thursday, January 28, 2021.

    Register to save your seat.

    Don’t forget to bring your questions!
  • Démarrez votre plateforme Kubernetes avec VMware Tanzu Jan 28 2021 9:00 am UTC 45 mins
    Alexandre Roman, Platform Architect, VMware & Guillaume Morini, Senior Platform Architect, VMware
    Kubernetes s’est imposé comme le moyen de rassembler opérateurs et développeurs autour d’une API commune. Les opérateurs ont la capacité de décrire une infrastructure avec une API qui leur permet d’adresser des ressources “compute, storage et network”; tandis que les développeurs ont les moyens de déployer des applications selon des procédés de portabilité.

    Déployer Kubernetes en entreprise requiert un savoir-faire particulier et de nouvelles compétences. Le rythme soutenu de nouvelles versions impose une cadence d’exécution continue avec le risque d’introduire rapidement des failles de sécurité et une dette technique en cas de retard dans le déploiement. VMware Tanzu comprend un ensemble de solutions pour le déploiement et la gestion de Kubernetes à l’échelle, sur infrastructure on-premises et/ou du cloud public.

    Durant ce webcast, nos experts cloud-native expliqueront comment mettre en oeuvre Kubernetes à travers des cas d’usages concrets et démos :

    - Tanzu Kubernetes Grid - distribution K8s basée sur Cluster-API
    - Tanzu Mission Control - dashboard multi-cloud pour n’importe quelle distribution K8s
    - Tanzu Observability - outil de supervision multi-cloud, mixant infrastructure, middlewares et applications
    - vSphere et Tanzu - intégration de Kubernetes directement dans vSphere
  • Making the Kubernetes Developer Experience Better Jan 28 2021 2:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Guest, Jeffrey Hammond, Vice President & Principal Analyst, Forrester with Tiffany Jernigan & Jacob Bogie from VMware
    As enterprise developers race to adopt containers and Kubernetes, many find a steep learning curve that creates productivity challenges. Local Kubernetes environments don't always behave the same way as clusters in public clouds, while security and networking configurations can prove tricky to get just right. And as development and orchestration tools evolve, it can be a challenge to figure out how to assemble an effective tool-chain.

    Join guest speaker, Forrester Vice President and Principal Analyst Jeffrey Hammond and Tiffany Jernigan, Senior Developer Advocate at VMware for a discussion on the tools and processes that enterprise developers are adopting to improve their Kubernetes experience.

    - Compelling ways to make the dev experience easier on Kubernetes
    - The trade-offs between DIY and prescriptiveness and everything in-between
    - Some best practices to deploy clusters securely as part of your tool chain

    Guest, Jeffrey Hammond, Vice President and Principal Analyst, Forrester
    Tiffany Jernigan, Senior Developer Advocate, VMware
    Jacob Bogie, Cloud Platform Architect, VMware
  • Observability - The Evolution of Monitoring of Cloud Native Apps Recorded: Jan 21 2021 58 mins
    Iain Lambert and Rick Cronin
    Most enterprises have a plethora of traditional monitoring and APM tools and are now adding to these with open source tools like Prometheus and Grafana.

    With containers and multi cloud, the complexity of the infrastructure and applications you are helping support is increasing. You need something that can "observe everything" so that you don't spend hours on a Webex/Zoom shuttling across multiple tools. And you want analytics that will help you get to the issue-area quickly. Modernising applications that have front-ends in the cloud and back-end in the data centre don't make life any easier.

    Join us to learn how observability platforms like VMware Tanzu Observability by Wavefront enables you to:
    - Troubleshoot your cloud/hybrid/on-premises applications and environments
    - Anticipate possible problems, take corrective action, and prevent unexpected disruption in service
    - Use analytics-driven alerts to proactively resolve incidents across private, hybrid, and public clouds

    Our presentation includes a live demo and discussion – please bring all your questions.
  • Three Essentials for Delivering Containers at Scale: A Real DevSecOps Approach Recorded: Jan 14 2021 63 mins
    Dormain Drewitz, Sr. Director, PMM, Eryn Muetzel, Director, PM, Grant Shipley, Sr. Director - Kubernetes Field Engineering
    Your organization is committed to modernizing applications and that requires full adoption of containers. To manage the container lifecycle, from code to customer, you need to bring together several component technologies and operate across clouds. Despite the potential complexity, this is your chance to build a DevSecOps practice that can deliver better software to customers faster, and continuously.

    This webinar will introduce you to VMware Tanzu Advanced edition and cover three focus areas that are essential to any application modernization journey:

    - Simplifying operation of containers and clusters across clouds
    - Integrating security throughout the container lifecycle
    - Enabling developers to focus on coding, not containerization

    During the webinar, you’ll hear expert viewpoints on these topics and see a DevSecOps workflow with VMware Tanzu Advanced. Join us!
  • Multi-Cloud Kubernetes Operations and Observability with VMware Tanzu Recorded: Jan 13 2021 59 mins
    Chris Todd, SRE Architect, Scott Rogers, Tech MKTG Manager, Keith Lee, Tech PLM, Ning Ge,Manager, Gordana Neskovic, Sr. PMM
    As the adoption of microservices-based applications and Kubernetes accelerates, so does the number of disparate clusters that require consistent and secure management. The old, manual, cluster-by-cluster approach quickly becomes insufficient and error-prone. You need help to automate provisioning, managing, and operating Kubernetes clusters across different environments while having full-stack observability. In our webinar, we’ll:

    - Share how to manage and operate Kubernetes clusters across hybrid and multi-cloud from a single console with built-in security policies
    - Show you how to identify incidents within Kubernetes clusters and application workloads quickly
    - Demonstrate how highly efficient SRE teams troubleshoot their high-scale Kubernetes deployments and resolve CI/CD pipeline issues
  • High-performance remote software engineering Recorded: Dec 15 2020 60 mins
    Paul Sullivan, Solution Lead, VMware Pivotal Labs and Joe Moore, Staff Engineer Manager, VMware Pivotal Labs
    Software professionals are constantly deciding where to focus. Do we work on new features or do we need to respond to support tickets? How much time do we spend not coding in order to gather context and align on goals with the rest of the team? And is now the right time to review and update our toolchain and working agreements?

    Effectively balancing these demands can be even trickier when your team is working remotely, which many of us are doing for the first time due to the COVID crisis. How do you keep the big picture in mind while still shipping software? And what are the right tools and practices to being a healthy and effective software development team?

    VMware Pivotal Labs is a recognized leader in agile software development and has successfully delivered amazing business outcomes using distributed teams for hundreds of customers. Join us on May 14, 2020 to hear practical advice, processes, and practices we’ve developed for fully remote software development. Learn how to stay focused on business outcomes and high-velocity delivery. And discover why we are proponents of pair programming, and how to make remote pairing just as effective, regardless of where your pair is.
  • Full-Stack Observability of AWS and Cloud Applications Recorded: Dec 8 2020 49 mins
    Corey Kepler, Sr DevOps Engineer, Kyriba, Scott Rogers, TMM, Stela Udovicic, Director, Product Marketing, VMware
    Root-causing production incidents across your public cloud environment with 10+ monitoring tools across operations and developer teams is challenging. Join us to hear how Sr. DevOps Engineer at Kyriba achieved full-stack observability for their cloud applications while dramatically reducing cloud MTTRs and avoiding alert storms.We'll also showcase our Tanzu Observability integrations with AWS in a live demo. You'll learn how to optimize your resource utilization while improving reliability with real-time visualization and analytics-driven insights.
  • Reactive Spring Recorded: Dec 8 2020 90 mins
    Josh Long, Spring Developer Advocate, VMware
    Microservices and big data increasingly confront us with the limitations of traditional input/output. In traditional IO, work that is IO-bound dominates threads. This wouldn't be such a big deal if we could add more threads cheaply, but threads are expensive on the JVM, and most other platforms. Even if threads were cheap and infinitely scalable, we'd still be confronted with the faulty nature of networks. Things break, and they often do so in subtle but non-exceptional ways. Traditional approaches to integration bury the faulty nature of networks behind overly simplifying abstractions. We need something better.

    Spring Framework 5 is here! It introduces the Spring developer to a growing world of support for reactive programming across the Spring portfolio, starting with a new Netty-based web runtime, component model and module called Spring WebFlux, and then continuing to Spring Data Kay, Spring Security 5.0, Spring Boot 2.0 and Spring Cloud Finchley. Sure, it sounds like a lot, but don't worry! Join me, your guide, Spring developer advocate Josh Long, and we'll explore the wacky, wonderful world of Reactive Spring together.
  • No YOLO: Containers, Governance, and You Recorded: Dec 3 2020 59 mins
    Stephen O'Grady, Industry Analyst, Redmonk, Joe Beda, Principal Engineer, VMware, Graham Siener, VP of Product, VMware
    As you lead your organization to adopt containers and Kubernetes at scale, maintaining compliance with security policy and IT governance becomes increasingly complex. The idea of hundreds of thousands of containers in unmanaged repositories on the internet is especially unnerving to security and operations teams. Bad things can happen when developers and app operators use the wrong containers, so why would they do such a thing?

    They are under pressure to innovate rapidly, and by circumventing IT governance they can ship faster. “What’s in that database I got online? Who knows, but I have a deadline to hit! YOLO, right?”

    But there’s good news for those worried about YOLO ops. New approaches to software packaging with automated tooling and self-service models can make compliance frictionless and eliminate the need to go rogue.

    Join VMware Principal Engineer Joe Beda and VP of Product Graham Siener as they sit down with Stephen O’Grady from RedMonk to discuss how a new approach to the secure software supply chain can deliver superior outcomes on Kubernetes without sacrificing efficiency or security. Attend this webinar to hear a discussion about:

    - How container metadata enables information about the origin, contents, and security attributes of every container to travel with it through the software supply chain
    - How you can bake compliance into all of the software you run on Kubernetes, whether it is built in-house or consumed from external sources
    - How VMware is helping customers solve IT governance challenges with products and services in the Tanzu portfolio and through partnership with the broader cloud-native community
  • Monitoring.Next for Containers, Multicloud and Observability Recorded: Nov 25 2020 57 mins
    Clement Pang, Co-founder, Tanzu Observability by Wavefront, VMware & Steve Tilden, Manager, Platform Architecture, VMware
    Most organisations have 10-15 monitoring tools. With containers and multi cloud, the complexity of the infrastructure and applications you are helping support is increasing. You need something that can "observe everything" so that you don't spend hours on a Webex/Zoom shuttling across multiple tools. And you want analytics that will help you get to the issue-area quickly. Modernising applications that have front-ends in the cloud and back-end in the data centre don't make life any easier.

    Join us to learn how observability platforms like VMware Tanzu Observability by Wavefront enables you to:
    - Troubleshoot your cloud/hybrid/on-premises applications and environments
    - Anticipate possible problems, take corrective action, and prevent unexpected disruption in service
    - Use analytics-driven alerts to proactively resolve incidents across private, hybrid, and public clouds

    Our presentation includes a live demo and discussion – please bring all your questions.
  • Building Applications on Kubernetes: Setting up your Workstation Recorded: Nov 24 2020 109 mins
    Josh Rosso, Staff Kubernetes Architect, VMware and Eric Smalling, Staff Kubernetes Architect, VMware
    Are you a developer responsible for developing applications to run on Kubernetes, but not sure where to start? Join our webinar to learn best practices for setting up your workstation—derived from hosts Josh Rosso and Eric Smalling’s experience working with developers in the field. They'll begin by sharing some tools you will want to work with such as Docker and a locally runnable Kubernetes cluster. Then they'll teach you about the basics and best practices involved with running applications in containers and, finally, how to deploy them on Kubernetes.

    P.S. Are you a beginner with Kubernetes? We recommend taking the Containers 101 and Kubernetes 101 courses on KubeAcademy prior to the webinar. While this is optional, taking those foundational courses will help you get the most out of the webinar.

    Containers 101: https://kube.academy/courses/containers-101
    Kubernetes 101: https://kube.academy/courses/kubernetes-101
  • Build Trust in CI/CD : How AEO Delivers Value Swiftly to Customers Recorded: Nov 12 2020 42 mins
    Caitlyn Horn, Engineer, AEO
    In this presentation I will cover how to architect a CI/CD pipeline that allowed my team to speed deployment cycles up from six weeks to weekly deployments. I will focus on leveraging quality control standards using automated tests within an Atlassian Bamboo pipeline. I will also cover how to build full trust in the CI/CD pipeline, giving developers confidence to deploy whenever code changes are merged because the code has been fully tested via a progressive deployment pipeline. This presentation will highlight the benefits of thorough testing in CI/CD, exploring levels of testing e.g. unit, contract, integration, and end to end testing.

    This talk will be tailored to developers starting on their journey towards building a CI/CD pipeline. Developers leaving this talk will be more familiar with CI/CD best practices, especially how to build a robust testing system that enables more efficient development cycles.
  • Spring Boot Omakase - A Fast-Paced “Chef’s Choice” Dive into Fun & Useful Topics Recorded: Nov 12 2020 90 mins
    Mark Heckler, Spring Developer Advocate, VMware
    Spring Boot has revolutionised the Java space and continues to do so, evolving constantly to increase developers’ superpowers and advance the state of production-grade software development. Presenting a dynamic technology before vastly different audiences often limits what can be proposed and presented. Let’s fix that!

    This session is an omakase, a “chef’s choice” of key points and latest/coolest capabilities for developers in the Spring Boot ecosystem. Known by French chefs as m’étonner (“Astonish me!”), the goal is to combine useful patterns and new possibilities in one fast-paced live-coding adventure from which everyone leaves with something tasty to chew on. Come for the apps, stay for dessert, leave satisfied and excited for the next “course” of production software!
  • Smooth Sailing through Prod Incidents: Observability Lessons from the IT Pros Recorded: Oct 29 2020 60 mins
    Rich Lane, Sr. Research Analyst, Forrester, Corey Kepler, Sr. DevOps Engineer, Kyriba, Stela Udovicic, Director Product Mktg
    Root-causing production app incident with 10+ monitoring tools across operations and developer teams, from homegrown to open source to commercial, makes DevOps engineers' lives challenging. If you dread on-call duty, alert storms are part of your daily life, and war-rooms are a norm, then this webinar is for you.

    Join us to:
    - Hear how the DevOps team from Kyriba, the organization behind popular SaaS treasury management software, resolved their alert noise, alleviated their monitoring headaches, and empowered developers
    - Get the latest news on Tanzu Observability by Wavefront, and how it can help empower you to sail smoothly to the production nirvana
    - Learn about the latest trends in intelligent service and infra monitoring and how IT teams overcome their application modernization and hybrid cloud monitoring pains. This portion of the webinar will be delivered by our guest speaker, Forrester’s Rich Lane, leading infrastructure and operations authority
  • Ask-Me-Anything with Joe Beda, Co-Creator of Kubernetes Recorded: Oct 22 2020 63 mins
    Joe Beda, Co-creator of Kubernetes and Principal Engineer at VMware
    If you could ask the creators of Kubernetes anything, what would it be?

    Now’s your chance. Joe Beda, Co-creator of Kubernetes and Principal Engineer at VMware is taking your questions during an exclusive Ask-Me-Anything on Thursday, October 22, 2020.

    Whether you’re interested in best practices for migrating apps to Kubernetes or you’re curious about Joe’s predictions about the future of K8s, Joe has the answers to deepen your understanding of Kubernetes and help navigate your Kubernetes journey.

    Register to save your seat.

    Don’t forget to bring your questions!
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