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Using Tanzu Kubernetes Grid to Deploy Kubernetes with Ease

Administrators are facing challenges trying to operationalize Kubernetes. Where do you start? Build a cluster from scratch? How hard is it to repeat? Is it still easily manageable and scalable?

In this session, we will take a look at deploying Kubernetes clusters with VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid. This session will go over the TKG architecture and core concepts with a technical overview on automated multi-cluster operations, integrated platform services, and the alignment to open source technologies.
Recorded Apr 30 2020 63 mins
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Presented by
Kendrick Coleman, Sr. Technical Product Line Manager, VMware
Presentation preview: Using Tanzu Kubernetes Grid to Deploy Kubernetes with Ease
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  • Application Platform Economics - Let's Look at ROI Nov 9 2021 2:00 am UTC 56 mins
    Charlie Dai, Principal Analyst, Forrester & David Kari, Head of Solution Engineering VMware Tanzu, APJ, VMware
    As organisations approach application modernisation and migration initiatives, they are looking at modern cloud-native architectures, utilising newer deployment approaches with higher levels of automation, to deliver speed, agility, flexibility and security. Using these approaches, application and operation teams are achieving amazing results for their businesses and customers by automatically deploying application code into production via an elastic, scalable and fully managed application platform.

    In this virtual event we will evaluate the key findings from the Forrester Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study, commissioned by VMware Tanzu, which examined the potential return on investment of VMware Tanzu Application Service. Based on customer interviews, Forrester calculated an ROI of 142%, with organisations achieving a 75% reduction in time spent deploying security patches and an increase in developer productivity by 80%.

    This session will:
    - Provide an overview of the cloud-native application delivery trends
    - Outline the key benefits of cloud-native for enterprise application modernisation
    - List some of the major challenges of embracing cloud-native technologies
    - Consider some of the selection criteria and requirements for development platforms

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  • Accelerating Innovation with Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence Sep 28 2021 3:00 am UTC 45 mins
    Woo Jung, Head of Data Science for Asia Pacific and Japan, VMware
    For enterprises, data science & machine learning are really all about leveraging data to increase what you know and reduce what you don’t know. Enterprises that do this successfully to innovate rapidly realise tremendous business value. The VMware Tanzu data science team partners with clients on this innovation journey to accelerate.

    In this session, we introduce how we engage with clients on their journey to become more data driven, with a focus on the following three accelerators:
    - Experience
    - Methodology
    - Technology

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  • Turning your Modernization Strategy into a Roadmap with VMware App Navigator Sep 9 2021 8:30 am UTC 60 mins
    Alex Ley, VMware Application Navigator Service, VMware
    Turning your Modernization Strategy into an Executable Strategic Roadmap with VMware App Navigator

    You’ve been working hard on digital transformation and understand the importance of cloud technologies to accelerate the journey. You may have even set a “Cloud First” policy for your new and modernised applications, along with big budget commitments for the public cloud. You have buy-in on your strategy from the leadership team and now it’s time to execute, but how? Where do you start? How do you ensure you are unlocking value for people outside of IT? And how do you go faster?

    In this webinar, we will cover the frameworks, techniques, and tools we use in our VMware Application Navigator service to take your current modernisation strategy and turn it into an executable Strategic Modernisation Roadmap. Alex will discuss everything from how to conduct outcome-orientated modernisation analysis and decision-making, to the funding models and governance structures that remove common sticking points when moving from theory into practice. Finally, we cover how to use outcome-based roadmaps to bring it all together and measure success.

    Alex Ley leads the VMware Application Navigator service in EMEA and has a wealth of experience supporting Fortune 500 companies on their application modernisation journeys.

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  • The Cloud Operating Model Sep 2 2021 3:00 am UTC 13 mins
    Mandy Storbakken, Cloud Technologist, VMware
    Much of the industry narrative around cloud, positions public cloud services as the solution to bring agility, scale, and flexibility to today’s enterprises. Simply consuming services from a public cloud provider is an option, but one that circumvents the processes, policies, and governance that have been put in place for your enterprise to protect you and your customers.

    By simply adopting some of the same processes that allow the hyper-scale providers to operate and innovate at the rate and scale that they do many enterprises are much closer to being able to deliver these same benefits on their existing platforms then they realize.

    In this discussion we’ll look at best practice for modernizing your on-premises environment to make it easier to adopt hyperscaler services and unify cost management, governance and automation across both environments.

    Learn more about Apps & Cloud: A Tale of Three Transformations at https://www.brighttalk.com/webcast/14883/500123.

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  • Apps & Cloud: A Tale of Three Transformations Aug 25 2021 3:00 am UTC 12 mins
    Betty Junod, Senior Director Cloud Solutions, VMware
    To remain competitive, organisations are transforming how they build and deliver innovative digital products. While it’s the application that ultimately powers customer interactions; transformation occurs at several layers to support these new digital initiatives. Businesses are looking at modernizing and building new applications to be deployed in the cloud, in managed data centres and in edge locations.

    To help you deliver your modern cloud strategy, join us as we introduce the three transformations that are accelerating the delivery of digital services:
    - App Transformation
    - DevSecOps Transformation
    - Cloud Infrastructure Transformation

    Learn more about the Cloud Operating Model at https://www.brighttalk.com/webcast/14883/500126.

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  • How Data Management for VMware Tanzu Makes Data Simple in vSphere Aug 24 2021 3:00 am UTC 45 mins
    Bob Glithero, Product Marketing Senior Manager, VMware & Rahmat Heikal, Advisory Solutions Architect, VMware
    Enterprises want to achieve digital transformation through modern application development strategies, but much of their data is anchored to legacy provisioning and management processes. How can we bridge these two worlds to bring the speed and agility of cloud-native processes to the vSphere data center?

    With Data Management for Tanzu, both enterprises and cloud service providers can deliver database-as-a-service for their own users or other organisations. The self-service provisioning and automated database lifecycle management enables developers and other end users to easily self-provision their choice of MySQL or Postgres database clusters. With Data Management for Tanzu, end users gain self-service convenience, while enterprises can enforce conformance to policies and standards.

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  • Data Management for VMware Tanzu: SQL Made Simple for vSphere Aug 19 2021 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Bob Glithero, Product Marketing Senior Manager, VMware
    Enterprises have an increasing need for innovation at speed and scale. However, most organizations still manage fleets of databases with obsolete ways of provisioning and management. It’s hard to manage mixed databases and versions, complex cloud and data center environments, variable capacity demands, backups, upgrades, and replication, all while delivering a simple, self-service experience.

    Data Management for Tanzu (DMS) is Data Made Simple in the vSphere data center. DMS is a customer-managed DBaaS solution that brings ease of operations, automation, and scalability for MySQL and Postgres in vSphere. In this session, we will demonstrate the simplicity and power of DMS to simplify the database provisioning and management lifecycle, including database creation, backups, replication, upgrades, and patching​.

    With DMS, end users gain self-service convenience, while enterprises can enforce conformance to policies and standards. Please follow the registration link and join us to take the next step in your data center automation journey!
  • Scatena la potenza di Kubernetes con VMware Tanzu Aug 10 2021 7:00 am UTC 46 mins
    Salvatore Incandela, Solution Engineer at VMware & Marco Mantegazza, Senior Platform Engineer at VMware
    Kubernetes è il sistema de-facto per orchestrare in modo dinamico applicazioni basate su container. Dopo quasi 6 anni dall'inizio del progetto open source, ha raggiunto uno stato di maturità con un gran numero di funzionalità e componenti al suo interno.

    In questo webinar, scoprirete come Tanzu Kubernetes Grid sia il miglior “vanilla Kubernetes”, completato da un set di estensioni a valore aggiunto e da diversi componenti Tanzu che arricchiranno i processi di integrazione continua e deployment delle vostre applicazioni moderne.

    Una demo pratica vi mostrerà quanto sia facile scaricare, distribuire e gestire Tanzu Kubernetes Grid, compresi i punti di integrazione out-of-the-box con le risorse dell'infrastruttura sottostante, e anche i punti di connessione con i livelli di osservabilità, connettività e sicurezza intrinseca.
  • Defining and Delivering DevSecOps Across Your IT Organization Aug 5 2021 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Derrick Harris, VMware, Alex Barbato, VMware Tanzu Labs, Lefteris Markakas, VMware Cloud, Ram Akuka, VMware Carbon Black
    It seems like the whole world is talking about DevSecOps—a turn of events that makes complete sense given the world in which we live. Between the benefits of cloud native software development, the ever-increasing focus of cybersecurity, and the ways in which the cloud has evolved IT operations, it’s hard to find a practice (or a word!) that encompasses three more important topics. And yet, because enterprise IT remains as complex as ever, it’s still tempting to view DevSecOps through our own lenses and biases—as developers, security experts, or operations engineers—without fully considering what a holistic approach might look like.

    Attend this webinar to hear VMware experts discuss:
    - What DevSecOps means to different teams across IT
    - The key processes and technologies behind DevSecOps
    - How to establish a DevSecOps practice that spans teams and maximizes benefits at every level

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  • Technology Adoption and Why It Matters for a Transforming Organization Jul 27 2021 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    JT Perry, Jesse Bean, Henri van den Bulk, Mark Carlson, Carl Coryell-Martin, Rick Clark, and Gautham Pallapa, VMware
    Organizations are under increasing pressure to deliver ever increasing business capabilities at high velocity. Customers expect deeper digital, customized experiences in this increasingly contactless, digital-first world. To differentiate from competitors, business must bring these experiences to life.

    Putting these experiences in the hands of customers frequently requires organizations to adopt new technology. Examples today include Artificial Intelligence, cloud computing capabilities, multi-cloud operations, and new security tools. All while continuing to operate, maintain, rationalize and retire legacy technologies.

    In this webinar, the Tanzu Value Advisory (TVA) team discusses how enterprises can adopt a mindset and practices for modern technology adoption. In addition, we will discuss anti-patterns that technology leaders and business executives must avoid, to increase their odds of success.

    For more information on privacy practices and how we process data, please see the VMware Privacy Policy: https://www.vmware.com/help/privacy.html
  • Application Platforms & A Product Mindset: Accelerating Value For Enterprise IT Recorded: Jul 21 2021 60 mins
    James McAfee, Application Platform Lead, APJ, VMware & guest speaker Sam Higgins, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research
    Firms have traditionally defined IT and digital strategies in terms of people, process, and technology. While this approach has driven meaningful change over the last decade, the growing consumption of cloud-native technology to address the demands of customers, and employees alike, is straining existing IT operating models. What began as a data centre alternative in the 2000s, became the foundation of digital transformation in the 2010s, and is now the engine of innovation for the 2020s and beyond. In response enterprises are seeking new, more contemporary, approaches to IT delivery that can overcome the challenges of increasingly rich but complex cloud environments, be responsive to business change and adapt to new opportunities at scale.

    Join VMware’s James McAfee and guest speaker, Sam Higgins, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, as they explore the importance of best in class platforms and product management practices as the building blocks to unlock IT value - fast.

    During the session you will learn:
    - Why falling technology-enabled productivity, rising digital sameness and growing technical debt requires a new approach to IT
    - How platform thinking delivers IT value at scale for modern applications from the cloud to the edge
    - What a product-centric culture can offer in terms of best practices for delivering customer-centric solutions and reducing the friction between business and technology teams
  • RabbitMQ Streams: Best of Streaming & Messaging in an Easily Scalable Service Recorded: Jul 19 2021 61 mins
    Ed Byford, Product Lead - Messaging and Streaming Program, VMware, Arnaud Cogoluegnes, Staff Engineer, VMware
    For years, one of VMware’s most popular blog posts has been on the topic of when to choose Tanzu RabbitMQ versus Apache Kafka. But what if you could get the best of both in a single message broker?

    In this webinar, we’ll introduce you to the new Streams feature, available in both the open source (3.9 and later) and Tanzu RabbitMQ editions. Streams is a new type of data structure in Tanzu RabbitMQ that models a Kafka-like append-only log on top of traditional Tanzu RabbitMQ queues. It delivers some of the benefits of Kafka, like fast data transfer and the ability to replay and reprocess messages, combined with the best Tanzu RabbitMQ features like flexible routing and command and response between applications, all with a high degree of data safety.

    If you’re an application developer tasked with integrating a wide variety of distributed applications and services, you will not want to miss this session!
  • Organizational Alignment for Successful Business Transformation Recorded: Jun 30 2021 62 mins
    VMware's Dr. Gautham Pallapa, Rick Clark, Henri van den Bulk, Mark Carlson, Carl Coryell-Martin, Bernard Golden, JT Perry
    The global pandemic has forced organizations to simultaneously adjust to the new reality of contactless customer interactions and a completely remote workforce., This contactless, digital-first business model with a remote workforce required them to rethink and reimagine the way that they develop customer-centric features that are market differentiators. Succeeding at this requires a strong alignment between business and technology, that most organizations do not possess.

    In this webinar, the Tanzu Value Advisory (TVA) team discusses how enterprises can enable Business and IT alignment, and share their experiences of effective patterns, in addition to anti-patterns that executives and transformational leaders must avoid for successful business transformation.
  • Get Started Using Distributed Tracing with OpenTelemetry in Tanzu Observability Recorded: Jun 24 2021 44 mins
    Mary Chen, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Scott Rogers, Technical Marketing Manager, Sri Harsha Yayi, Product Manager
    When managing a microservices environment, it’s critical for teams including developers, SREs and platform engineers to use trace data to fully understand the complexity for root cause analysis. A self-service model to actively trace and troubleshoot each service while also understanding how services interact is needed to shorten feedback loops to rapidly resolve application performance issues. Without traces, teams go blind into their production environment and incidents often involve many DevOps engineers just to establish a base understanding of what’s going on.

    We’ll show you how to use OpenTelemetry automated instrumentation to add automated tracing to your microservice-based Java application.

    We’ll also demonstrate how to use distributed tracing in Tanzu Observability to:
    - Visualize trace data and service maps with metrics
    - Trace sampling, save traces locally, and more
    - Create alerts and share insights with relevant team members
  • Observability: The Modern Surveillance Approach for the Cloud Era Recorded: Jun 24 2021 69 mins
    Yogi Rampuria, Advisory Platform Architect, APJ, VMware Tanzu & Machi Hoshino, Senior Solutions Engineer, JP, VMware Tanzu
    Today, it has become common practice to use the public cloud as the basis for running applications. With more organisations also leveraging containers in production environments, how can you achieve visibility across your infrastructure and application portfolio? You need something that can "observe everything" and deliver analytics that will help you get to the issue-area quickly.

    This session will cover:
    - An overview of the concept of "observability”, an approach that has been attracting attention in recent years with both application and operations teams
    - How observability enables organisations to monitor real-time everything from full-stack applications to cloud infrastructures, so that you can anticipate possible problems, take corrective action and prevent unexpected disruptions
    - The key features you should look for in an observability solution and how this applies to open-source vs commercial models
    - How you can make open-source tools like Prometheus enterprise ready
  • Empower your Developers with Kubernetes Governance Recorded: Jun 17 2021 52 mins
    Ronak Banka, Senior Solutions Architect, APJ, VMware Tanzu
    As organisations rapidly adopt Cloud Native platforms, operations are faced with the challenge of managing policies and ensuring governance of Kubernetes clusters across clouds.

    How can you consistently operate and secure your Kubernetes infrastructure and modern applications?

    In this session we will investigate how businesses can leverage a centralised management platform to increase developer productivity, enhance operational efficiency and strengthen security.

    Session Highlights:
    - Identity and Access Management overview for Kubernetes clusters
    - Introducing Tanzu Mission Control
    - How to leverage open policy agents to enforce policies across clusters
    - Container image management with Harbour
    - Key image registry policies
  • What’s new in Tanzu? June 2021 Update Recorded: Jun 16 2021 54 mins
    Dormain Drewitz, Senior Director of Product Marketing for VMware Tanzu
    As we cautiously return to some pre-pandemic ways, some habits are forever changed. Online shopping. Telehealth. Remote work. Fitness apps. The dust hasn't settled (and may never do so) on our new normal digital load. The pressure on companies, governments, and other entities to digitize and modernize remains.

    Supporting digitization and modernization are three layers of transformation: applications and APIs, DevSecOps, and cloud infrastructure. VMware Tanzu is a portfolio of products and services designed to simplify operations across multi-cloud infrastructure, accelerate software delivery with DevSecOps, and modernize applications and APIs.

    Join Dormain Drewitz, Senior Director of Product Marketing for VMware Tanzu, for a rapid-fire update on all the latest capabilities from VMware Tanzu. In this one hour session, you’ll learn:
    - New ways Tanzu is enabling transformation at the data layer
    - New ways Tanzu is simplifying how developers adopt new application patterns
    - New ways Tanzu is automating chores for platform teams building DevSecOps platforms
    - Where to find resources to learn more
  • Ask-Me-Anything with Joe Beda, Co-Creator of Kubernetes Recorded: Jun 10 2021 61 mins
    Joe Beda, Co-creator of Kubernetes and Principal Engineer at VMware
    Do you need help making sense of Kubernetes? Could you use guidance navigating the expansive Kubernetes ecosystem? Are you curious about the future of Kubernetes?

    Now’s your chance to ask a foremost expert.

    Joe Beda, Co-creator of Kubernetes and Principal Engineer at VMware, is taking your questions during an exclusive Ask-Me-Anything on Thursday, June 10, 2021 at 1:00pm ET / 10:00am PT.

    Register to save your seat.

    Don’t forget to bring your questions!
  • Production Kubernetes: Building Successful Application Platforms Recorded: Jun 3 2021 60 mins
    Josh Rosso, Staff Engineer, Rich Lander, Staff Field Engineer, and John Harris, Staff Field Engineer, VMware
    Meet the Authors | Production Kubernetes: Building Successful Application Platforms

    Kubernetes has become the dominant container orchestrator, but many organizations that have recently adopted this system are still struggling to run actual production workloads.

    In this webinar, authors of the recently published book, Production Kubernetes (O'Reilly), John Harris, Rich Lander and Josh Rosso come together to discuss the impetus behind writing Production Kubernetes and share what they hope readers will take away from the book to apply toward developing and maintaining their own Kubernetes application platforms.

    During the panel, the authors discuss:
    - The impetus behind writing Production Kubernetes: Building Successful Application Platforms
    - The various paths to success implementing a production Kubernetes app platform.
    - The pitfalls platform developers encounter while developing a Kubernetes-based platform.
    - The various technology, pattern, and abstraction considerations in developing a production-grade Kubernetes platform.

    Attendees of the webinar will have an opportunity to ask the authors questions and gain clarity on issues related to developing and running Kubernetes-based app platforms at scale.
  • [EMEA] Start and Scale Your Cloud Initiative Faster Than You Thought Possible Recorded: Jun 3 2021 56 mins
    Matt Russell, Senior Director, VMware App Navigator advisory consulting practice for application modernization
    Cloud and application transformation is easy to talk about but harder to do. 451 Research has suggested that while three out of four organizations have invested in cloud presence, only one in ten have leveraged cloud-native tooling across their heritage portfolio.

    While there is no silver bullet for app modernization, there are proven ways to kickstart an initiative, deliver quick wins and enable your team for continued success. VMware App Navigator is the antidote to sluggish and ineffective modernization and migration programs, delivering unparalleled, measured results in just days and weeks--regardless of app portfolio size.

    Join this webinar and demo to learn about effective techniques and powerful tools that will accelerate your transformation initiative! We’ll cover:
    - Creating an effective portfolio analysis framework
    - Picking the metrics that matter to measure success
    - Reducing risk and making better-informed decisions about strategy
    - Generating fast results with practitioner-inspired tools and proven methods
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