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Defending Healthcare from Cyber Threats

JD Sherry/ Vice President of Technology & Solutions at Trend Micro
Every day seems to bring a new incident of a data breach to light, from healthcare to government to retail industries. Hospitals, medical device, healthcare insurance, and medical app companies all have sensitive and valuable PII that can attract hackers. Hackers are now well organized and funded. Mid-sized firms erroneously believe they are too small or unknown to be targeted by hackers or even internal threats. Recent data breach fines total millions of dollars. Join JD Sherry/VP of Technology & Solutions at Trend Micro who outlines best practices for protecting and preventing data breaches of mission-critical data.
Jul 22 2014
55 mins
Defending Healthcare from Cyber Threats
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  • How UNB is using policy, practice, and technology to enhance cyber security Recorded: Apr 7 2015 39 mins
    David Shipley, Director, Strategic Initiatives, Information Technology Services, University of New Brunswick
    Like many large universities, the University of New Brunswick (UNB) found itself increasingly targeted by a vast array of Internet threats. Originally designed to give large numbers of users broad access to data of all kinds, university IT systems like UNB’s are easy targets for cyber criminals.

    Join David Shipley from UNB for this live, interactive webinar, as he describes the ambitious process that he and his colleagues undertook to implement a proactive, intelligence-based cyber security strategy that gives them real-time visibility into attacks in progress, along with actionable insights to respond quickly and effectively.

    In less than an hour, David will tell you:
    • Why simply reinforcing perimeter defenses was not the right approach for UNB
    • How they were able to gain better security visibility and intelligence—and use it effectively
    • Which solutions combined to dramatically improve UNB’s cyber security without greatly increasing resource demands
    • And more…

    Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from an accomplished peer, and to discover how you too can create and implement an effective, intelligence-based security strategy for your organization.
  • A Clear and Present Danger: The Rise of CI Attacks in the Americas Recorded: Mar 31 2015 13 mins
    Tom Kellermann
    This webinar details the key findings for the Organization of American States collaborative survey with Trend Micro on the nature of attacks critical infrastructures in the Americas. Critical infrastructure owners and operators from 500 organizations from 22 countries participated in this in-depth survey. The webinar provides viewers with a greater understanding of the kinds of attacks experienced by critical infrastructures throughout the Americas and the best practices identified to mitigate them. You will learn which industries were most impacted, how attacks have escalated and what you should be expecting in 2015.
  • Special Q&A on FREAK SSL/TLS Vulnerability plus Virtual Patching Best Practices Recorded: Mar 12 2015 55 mins
    Steve Neville, Solution Marketing Manager, Trend Micro & Paul Henry, Senior Instructor, SANS Institute
    In most targeted attacks, threat actors use existing vulnerabilities as point of entry to exploit vulnerable systems. Many organizations understand the importance of closing the holes by patching the system immediately, however, in reality it is an impossible task. Zero-day vulnerabilities leave the system perpetually vulnerable, leaving attackers free to zero-in to take advantage of the hole. All it takes is one vulnerability for a system to be compromised.

    This Virtual Patching webinar discusses the options organizations have to better manage vulnerabilities. It presents new methods to help organizations adapt & mitigate known & unknown vulnerabilities.
  • Executive Action Plan for Cyber Security Recorded: Mar 5 2015 34 mins
    Tom Kellermann & Bob Corson
    Join Tom Kellermann, Chief Cyber Security Officer for Trend Micro, in an informative webinar specifically tailored for corporate executives and directors who are ready to take the reins of a real and effective plan to secure their organization, their data, and their careers against targeted attacks.

    During this live webinar, you’ll learn:
    • How to identify, classify, and protect your valuable data assets
    • How to assess your organization’s vulnerability to attack
    • How to measure and mitigate cyber risks cost-effectively
  • IT Security Budgeting and Decision Making in the Wake of Targeted Attacks Recorded: Dec 11 2014 41 mins
    John Kindervag/ Vice President at Forrester Research
    It’s the golden age of cybercrime. Major data breaches are being discovered at a truly alarming pace. Executives and board members are finally taking notice—but many still haven’t evolved beyond stale thinking about the role and value of IT security. So the day-to-day work of fending off attacks remains more challenging and complex than it needs to be.

    Forrester Research VP and Principal Analyst John Kindervag will present the results of a new study commissioned by Trend Micro about IT security budgeting and decision-making priorities. He’ll share how the priorities of your peers are shifting in response to the new reality.

    At the webinar, you’ll learn:

    • How outdated perspectives on security are complicating the fight against modern cyber threats
    • How shifting the focus from return on security investment to return on risk reduction can drive more effective decision-making
    • Why security professionals must take on the role of trusted advisor within their organizations
  • BlackEnergy: The latest SCADA Threat and How To Protect Against it Recorded: Nov 25 2014 52 mins
    Kyle Wilhoit/ Senior Threat Researcher at Trend Micro and Eric Skinner/VP of Product Solutions at Trend Micro
    The Department of Homeland Security announced recently that a malware program called BlackEnergy is targeting critical infrastructure in the U.S. Industrial control systems in many key industries are at risk from threats believed to have originated with Russian government-sponsored hackers. Join Trend Micro to learn how to protect your organization from sophisticated attacks aimed specifically at your users, your supervisory control (SCADA) systems and your customers’ information. Learn now to identify risks, discover unwanted malware, and mitigate threats.
  • AWS re:Invent 2014 Roundup Recorded: Nov 20 2014 38 mins
    Mark Nunnikhoven/ Vice President of Cloud Technology at Trend Micro
    Hopefully you had a chance to attend 2014 AWS re:Invent and learn how Trend Micro offers security solutions optimized for AWS environments. We’ll discuss the recent announcements made at the show and how Trend Micro can help you meet your shared security responsibilities with comprehensive, elastic security. Build with confidence in the cloud, with Smart. Simple. Security that fits.
  • Cloud Compliance: Avoid the Critical Mistakes That Can Cost Your Job Recorded: Nov 20 2014 50 mins
    JD Sherry, VP at Trend Micro & Purnima Padmanabhan, CEO of Cavirin Systems
    When it comes to ensuring compliance and security in an elastic cloud environment, a piecemeal approach is one of the most common—but treacherous—mistakes you can make. Security and compliance depend on a holistic, strategic approach, as well as a unified team with a common agenda. Join JD Sherry, Vice President at Trend Micro, and Purnima Padmanabhan, CEO of Cavirin Systems, as they outline how to build an automated system that spans from discovery through remediation.

    You will learn how to:

    • Establish and map policies
    • Evaluate and enhance your compliance posture
    • Remediate threats in an ongoing and continuous approach
  • PoS Security Threats: Increase Compliance While Reducing Costs Recorded: Nov 13 2014 62 mins
    Rik Ferguson/ Director of Security Research at Trend Micro
    Credit card data held by the retail and hospitality industry has attracted the attention of hackers who steal and sell this data for profit. More than 65% of retail transactions are done via credit, debit or gift cards; cash transactions continue to decline worldwide. Point of Sale (PoS) devices process these transactions and send data to payment processors, so PoS devices are at the heart of these data breaches. Learn the critical 3 types of retail PoS threats, how to increase your PCI DSS 2.0 compliance, and best practices for merchants approaching the critical holiday buying and hospitality season.
    You will learn:
    • The three types of retail PoS threat categories
    • Implications for the retail and hospitality/travel & leisure industries
    • Anatomy of an PoS attack/hacker threats
    • Best practices for merchants and payment processors
    • Resources available to protect valuable data
  • Architecting Security to Address Compliance for Healthcare Providers Recorded: Nov 12 2014 56 mins
    Nadia Fahim-Koster/ Dir of IT Risk Management for Meditology Services & Tracy Harris/ Director of Healthcare Solutions
    Healthcare organizations often lack the financial and human resources required to implement comprehensive information security programs. Increasingly complex healthcare IT systems, medical devices containing software, mobile devices, patient portals, legacy systems, and aging infrastructures, all combine to make comprehensive security of the healthcare organization’s environment ever more challenging. Join Tracy Harris/ Director of Healthcare Solutions at Trend Micro and Nadia Fahim-Koster/ Director of IT Risk Management for Meditology Services as they outline why healthcare organizations are a lucrative target for attackers. The lack of a comprehensive security program often leads to data breaches. In addition, healthcare organizations must comply with increasingly complex federal and state regulatory requirements related to the privacy and security of Protected Health Information (PHI). How can a healthcare organization achieve compliance and increase security in a comprehensive and effective way?
    Join this webcast to find out:

    • How health care organizations can address risk and achieve compliance by improving security.
    • What solutions are available to create a smart protection strategy for healthcare organizations.
    • How to architect a solution that can address endpoints, the cloud, data centers, and networks so that there is protection and insight before, during or after an attack.
  • The Evolving Threat Landscape: Advanced Persistent Threats Recorded: Oct 30 2014 45 mins
    Stephen Brennan, CSC Global Technical Consulting Lead and Robert Tavares, Trend Micro VP
    No industry or organization is safe from today’s advanced persistent threats (APTs). APTs are stealthy, insidious and mutate quickly targeting high-value assets within the target organization, such as financial data, trade secrets and source codes. A 2012 Ponemon study of 56 large US organizations concluded there are 1.8 successful attacks per organization per week with a median cost of cybercrime at $8.9M. With conventional security not being able to keep up and with industry and governmental regulations changing and growing in complexity, a new approach of security is needed to quickly detect, shut down and block APTS.

    We invite you to listen to CSC’s, Global Technical Consulting Lead, Stephen Brennan and Trend Micro’s Deep Discovery experts discuss how CSC’s Advanced Threat Detection (ATD) leveraging Trend Micro’s Deep Discovery toolset helps organizations:
    • Quickly detect evolving and sophisticated “zero-day” malware and other APTs
    • Protect their most critical information assets and intellectual property from damage, data loss and downtime
    • Continuously monitor their entire network 24x7x365

    Register today for this informative event and you would win a $100 AMEX gift card by attending.
  • FBI Insights on Fighting Cybercrime – A Trend Micro Thought Leadership Event Recorded: Oct 28 2014 61 mins
    Jon Clay/ Sr. Mgr in Threat Research at Trend Micro and FBI Special Agent
    National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) concludes with a focus on law enforcement. Join Jon Clay/Sr. Manager in Trend Micro Threat Research Communications as he moderates this LIVE session with a Special Agent who will share FBI insights on fighting cybercrime. Traditional criminals and cyber criminals are merging and the stakes have never been higher: U.S. organizations are the target of choice for intellectual property, trade secret resources and access to valuable Personally-Identifiable Information like credit cards and SSNs. Hear first-hand from the FBI Special Agent about previous complex investigations, international participation efforts and legal and investigative issues raised by computer and telecommunications technologies. Learn steps to take to detect and mitigate breaches, avoid jeopardizing digital forensics, and how to report cybercrime to the FBI or international authorities.
  • Shellshock Exploits Part 2: Learn from Experts Recorded: Oct 7 2014 59 mins
    Christopher Budd/Threat Communications Mgr - Trend Micro and Jamz Yaneza/Research Mgr - Trend Micro
    The Shellshock patch race is on. Patches for the critical Shellshock (aka Bash) vulnerability are out and deployments are happening. But the bad guys aren't standing still: attacks have started and are increasing. The Shellshock/Bash vulnerability is an unprecedented threat giving attackers potential unfettered access to critical LINUX systems. Join this ShellShock Part 2 webinar to learn:
    * The risks this vulnerability poses,
    * The challenges in protectcing against attacks
    * What Trend Micro knows of current attacks; and
    * What you can expect with future attacks
  • Optimized Security For Your Virtual Environment Recorded: Oct 1 2014 40 mins
    Steve Neville/ Director of Customer Solutions - Trend Micro
    As you build your modern data center, security is a critical consideration and yet often considered a painful necessity that slows down data center operations. Don’t let security slow you down. If you are using traditional security technologies built for a physical data center, there are better security options out there. Options that understand and take advantage of virtualization technology to fit your data center needs.

    Join this webinar to learn how the right security solution can automate security as part of provisioning process, reduce management burden while still ensuring a highly secure modern data center. Walk away with a better understanding of how security can be optimized for virtual environments to reduce impact on resources.
  • Don’t Get Rocked by ShellShock. What You Need to Know Recorded: Sep 26 2014 33 mins
    JD Sherry/VP of Technology & Solutions and Steve Neville/Director of Cloud & Data Center at Trend Micro
    The latest vulnerability to shake the internet to its core is called ShellShock. Learn more about how this vulnerability is potentially bigger in scale and size as Heartbleed and what you and your organization can do to mitigate it. Trend Micro has already pushed remediation patches for this particular exploit to its Smart Protection Network servers, updating customers using Host Intrusion Prevention (HIPS) modules within the Deep Security platform and letting them virtually patch all of their systems. Learn more on how the issue affects you and how your organization can be protected.
  • Securing Web Apps for Fed Agencies Recorded: Sep 17 2014 54 mins
    Dawn Smeaton/ Sr Manager - Customer Success at Trend Micro
    The increased use of web apps by Federal Agencies is revolutionizing the way citizens interact with government. But web apps are also a favorite target of hackers. Join Trend Micro to learn how to :
    * Expand Detection
    * Integrate Protection
    * Centralize Visibility
    Get the inside story on simple, cost - effective ways to make your agency's web apps more secure.
  • Ransomware Security Threats: Defending Against CryptoLocker & CryptoWall Recorded: Sep 10 2014 48 mins
    Jon Clay/ Sr. Manager of Global Threat Communications at Trend Micro
    Cyber criminals can hijack your business by encrypting your data and holding your systems hostage unitl you pay up. Hackers use ransomware like CryptoLocker and CryptoWall to target a wide range of organizations like yours, demanding thousands of dollars. Find out how you can protect your business from ransomware security threats. Join Jon Clay, Sr. Manager of Global Threat Communications at Trend Micro, as he outlines the latest criminal underground threats and best practices to protect your data and systems.

    This LIVE webinar will answer questions such as:
    • What industries and countries are being targeted?
    • Should firms pay criminals the ransom?
    • Should organizations notify the authorities?
    • How can ransomware be mitigated?

    Bring additional questions to this informative session and hear first-hand input from a threat defense expert.
  • Smart Protection Suites from Trend Micro Recorded: Aug 27 2014 41 mins
    Wendy Moore-Bayley/ Director of Customer Solutions at Trend Micro
    Extend better protection to the cloud, onsite, or both. Trend Micro Smart Protection Suites gives you complete visibility across multiple layers of interconnected threat and data protection. In this Live session, learn how organizations can achieve:
    * Better protection across all layers
    * User-centric visibility and control
    * Use any mix of cloud and on-premises
    * Lower complexity and costs
    It’s easy to switch to Complete User Protection with Trend Micro Smart Protection Suites.
  • Top 3 Ways to Improve Web App Security Recorded: Aug 26 2014 47 mins
    Dawn Smeaton/Director of Web App Security at Trend Micro
    Russian cybergangs recently stole more than one billion passwords by exploiting common web app vulnerabilities. Your organization doesn’t have to be the next victim. Join Dawn Smeaton/Director of Web App Solutions at Trend Micro, to learn the top 3 security strategies your business can’t do without. Discover the keys to:
    * Expanding detection
    * Integrating protection
    * Centralizing visibility
    Hackers don’t discriminate. No target was too big or too small. Learn ways to mitigate the risks.
  • Russian Cybergangs: What Businesses Should Know Recorded: Aug 21 2014 40 mins
    Jon Clay/ Sr. Manager of Threat Research Communication at Trend Micro
    It is being called the Hack of the Century with 1.2Billion stolen passwords and 420,000 websites breached. What can you learn from the Russian hack? Join Jon Clay, Sr. Manager of Threat Research Communication at Trend Micro, for a concise analysis. You will learn:
    * Which attack vectors were most effective in driving the attack
    * How the Russian underground is targeting your customers through you
    * Why most security pros overlook four highly cost-effective steps to protect networks

    You’ll also learn some of the newest technologies to fend off these attacks.
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