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Realize Higher ROI On Security Spending

Organizations are seeing large increases in targeted attacks and advanced persistent threats (APTs). Often these advanced attacks involve multiple stages, spanning email, web, traditional endpoints, and corporate servers. Security professionals invest in security controls at each layer of the network stack to protect against these multi-faceted attacks. While multiple security point-products may be used, some prefer to purchase their solutions from a single vendor for better overall management and fewer gaps in security. Forrester, in a recent Total Economic Impact™ Study commissioned by Trend Micro, interviewed current Trend Micro customers, who identified reduced security-related issues and remediation time, faster security reporting tasks, consolidated vendor costs, improved end-user productivity, and overall a positive ROI since investing in and deploying a solution based on Trend Micro enterprise security products.
Recorded Nov 13 2013 56 mins
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Presented by
Sean Owens - Forrester Senior TEI Consultant; Chris Sherman - Forrester Security Analyst
Presentation preview: Realize Higher ROI On Security Spending

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  • Optimizing Hybrid Cloud Security in the Software-Defined Data Center Sep 27 2016 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Mike Smith, Director, Modern Data Center Solutions, Trend Micro If that’s too long, go with Director, Customer Solutions
    Join us as we discuss how Trend Micro and VMware have partnered to deliver an optimized hybrid cloud security solution architected for VMware virtualized data centers, virtual desktops, and multi-cloud deployments that include AWS and Microsoft Azure.

    In this webinar you will learn how to….
    -Optimize data center resources with virtualization-aware security
    -Deliver automated security across environments
    -Manage and deploy security efficiently
    -Achieve cost effective compliance
  • Protecting Your Applications and Data in AWS Sep 15 2016 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Saif Chaudhry, Principal Architect at Trend Micro; Dwayne Hoover, Sales Engineering Manager, Sumo Logic
    Enterprises are running their workloads across complex, hybrid infrastructures, and need solutions that provide full-stack, 360-degree visibility to support rapid time to identify and resolve security threats. Trend Micro Deep Security offers seamless integration with Sumo Logic’s data analytics service to enable rich analysis, visualizations and reporting of critical security and system data. This enables an actionable, single view across all elements in an environment.

    In this webinar, you will learn how to:
    •Leverage Trend Micro Deep Security’s seamless integration with Sumo Logic’s data analytics service to enable rich analysis, visualizations and reporting of critical security and system data
    •Accelerate compliance by using a single tool that meets most compliance requirements when combined with Sumo Logic
    •Live demo showing how to integrate Deep Security with Sumo Logic Platform in three easy steps.
    •How to leverage out-of-the-box dashboards and saved-searches to improve your security posture
    •See a live use case to show the trail of an attack in Sumo's and how to remediate it quickly with Deep Security
  • Monthly Threat Webinar Series: June 2016 – Exploit Kits Recorded: Jul 1 2016 21 mins
    Jon Clay, Sr. Manager, Global Threat Communications at Trend Micro
    This month’s webinar will cover the latest trends in exploit kits and how to protect against them. Recent developments by the actors behind the exploit kits have caused some shifts in which ones are being used. We will also cover the vulnerabilities utilized within a number of the most popular exploit kits.
  • Realities Of Defending Multiple Cloud Services In Today’s Enterprise Recorded: Jun 18 2016 101 mins
    Mark Nunnikhoven, VP, Cloud & Emerging Technologies, Trend Micro
    How do you properly evaluate the risk across cloud computing services? Can you move beyond knowing what services are in use to knowing how they are being used? Can your choice of service provider reduce your risk and the operational impact of adopting cloud services?

    Join us as we discuss the scope of the issue, the roadmap to resolve it, and share experiences and perspectives of two leading executives grappling with these issues today.
  • May Monthly Threat Webinar: Go From Hunted to Hunting Recorded: May 31 2016 48 mins
    Jon Clay, Sr. Manager, Global Threat Communications at Trend Micro
    Data breaches and targeted attacks continue to plague organizations across the globe. Threat actors seem to be able to penetrate and then reside within a network for a very long time, siphoning off data they can use to profit from. In this webinar, learn what the latest attack techniques are and how to change your strategy to one which takes you from being hunted to becoming the hunter.
  • Cloud automation in Microsoft Azure with CHEF and Trend Micro Deep Security Recorded: May 26 2016 39 mins
    Keith Vidal, Microsoft; Jessica Devita, CHEF; and Jeffrey Westphal, Senior Sales Engineer Trend Micro
    Join us to hear from Microsoft Azure, Chef and Trend Micro experts on how to best develop a cloud automation strategy in your Azure environment, keeping the agility of the cloud while ensuring that your Azure workloads are protected.

    You will learn how to:
    • Automate your security posture within Azure
    • Use Chef to build compliance and resiliency into your Azure workloads
    • Take security automation to the next level
  • Life after platform EOS: Vulnerabilities keep coming…and they don't expire Recorded: May 19 2016 31 mins
    Steve Neville, Director of Hybrid Cloud Security Solutions, Trend Micro
    If you’re like 58% of organizations out there, you're still in the process of migrating off Windows Server 2003...almost a year after it went End of Support. Regardless of the end of support environment you’re dealing with, vulnerabilities will still keep coming...and so will the attacks looking to take advantage of them, including high profile varieties like Ransomware. The good news is that there are effective ways to deal with end of support platforms while you transition. In this session you will learn about:
    • The latest in vulnerabilities, including those affecting EOS platforms like Windows Server 2003
    • Best practices for protecting EOS platforms from attacks, including Ransomware
    • How Trend Micro’s proven security can help
  • 3 Secrets to Becoming a Cloud Security Superhero Recorded: May 16 2016 34 mins
    Pat McDowell, Solutions Architect, AWS; and Dawn Smeaton, Director AWS Workload Security, Trend Micro
    Learn how to leverage AWS and security ‘super’ friends like Trend Micro to create an impenetrable fortress for your workloads, without hindering performance or agility. Join this session and learn three cloud security super powers that will help you thwart villains interested in your workloads. We will walk through three stories of Amazon EC2 security superheroes who saved the day by overcoming compliance and design challenges using a (not so) secret arsenal of AWS and Trend Micro security tools.
  • April Monthly Threat Webinar – 0-Days & Virtual Patching Recorded: Apr 29 2016 31 mins
    Jon Clay, Sr. Manager, Global Threat Communications at Trend Micro
    This month’s threat webinar will discuss how 0-days are used, who uses them, and what the good vulnerability researchers do to ensure people and organizations are protected.
  • How to Defeat Ransomware Recorded: Apr 27 2016 63 mins
    Ed Cabrera, VP Cybersecurity Strategy. Jon Clay, Cybersecurity Expert
    Join Ed Cabrera, former CISO for US Secret Service and now VP Cybersecurity Strategy and Jon Clay, Cybersecurity Expert for Trend Micro in a webinar that will give you the latest information you need to know on how to effectively protect you and your organization from ransomware and the more insidious crypto-ransomware. Ed and Jon will share the latest trends being used by cybercriminals into this threat which the FBI recently asked for support from businesses and security organizations due to the invasiveness of the attacks against businesses. Trend Micro will also share best practices you can implement to minimize the risk but also specific advanced detection capabilities available within multiple solutions to block the threat across its entire lifecycle.
  • Times of Risk and Cybersecurity Recorded: Apr 22 2016 29 mins
    Fernando Thompson, CIO, UDLAP
    This is the 2nd installment of this webinar series and features Fernando Thompson Chief Information Officer of UNIVERSIDAD DE LAS AMERICAS PUEBLA (UDLAP). Universidad De Las Americas Puebla. Fernando’s presentation will centre around:
    • the biggest security challenges are that are facing the university,
    • what lead him to look for a breach detection solution,
    • how he and his team went about researching the best solution,
    • if they used third party/industry tools to help validate their decisions on breach detection solutions.
    • What other solutions they looked at besides Trend Micro Deep Discovery,
    • why they chose Deep Discovery,
    • how they deployed,
    • the results they have achieved; and
    • recommendations on best practices for organizations looking to select a breach detection solution.
  • Accelerating PCI Compliance in the Hybrid Cloud Recorded: Apr 21 2016 98 mins
    Steve Neville, Director of Hybrid Cloud Security Solutions, Trend Micro
    The modernization of the data center and move to the cloud—in combination with increasing consumer pressure to protect cardholder information and an expanding corporate focus on data protection—can make the process of PCI compliance daunting. The good news is that help is available and can make things easier for CISOs trying to balance security and compliance with business agility.
  • How to Make Ironclad Security Purchase Decisions Recorded: Apr 20 2016 31 mins
    Andrew Braunberg, VP, NSS Labs; and Thomas Skybakmoen, VP, NSS Labs
    Andrew Braunberg and Thomas Skybakmoen of NSS Labs discuss:
    • The nature and role of third-party testing.
    • Trend Micro Deep Discovery’s results in the 2015 BDS Testing.
    • Considerations for decision makers when making security purchasing decisions.
  • PCI Compliance for the Enterprise Recorded: Apr 18 2016 28 mins
    Farshad Ghazi, Global Product Manager, HPE Security; Steve Neville, Director, Hybrid Cloud Security, Trend Micro
    Protecting PCI was difficult enough when US-based consumers thought it was done by mirrors and magic. For the past six months, consumers have had hands-on experience with chip-protected bank cards, yet data breaches still occur. This webinar will look at how PCI compliance is changing due to pressures from consumers on one side, corporate management that finally is starting to take data security seriously, and the CISO in between them who must implement bank card security while balancing the pressures from consumer and management.
  • Thinking About Replacing AV with Next Gen Endpoint? Recorded: Apr 12 2016 44 mins
    Andrew Stevens, Director, Global Product Marketing User Protection - Endpoint Solutions
    Organizations are looking at their endpoint security with a critical eye these days, with more awareness than ever that traditional signature-based antivirus (AV) alone is not enough against modern threats. Learn about next gen techniques like behavioral analysis / machine learning, application whitelisting / control, vulnerability shielding, memory inspection, endpoint detection & response (EDR), lateral movement protection and what the 2016 Gartner Endpoint Magic Quadrant says about endpoint protection. In this webinar, you’ll also learn about Trend Micro’s 's combination of proven and next gen endpoint capabilities, which will help your organization protect, detect, and respond to threats better in an automated, integrated solution.
  • March Monthly Threat Webinar - Business Email Compromise Recorded: Mar 31 2016 32 mins
    Jon Clay, Sr. Manager, Global Threat Communications at Trend Micro
    Hear the latest on the most recent data breaches, web threats, and cyber security topics in the news.
    In this month's threat webinar, Jon will be sharing the latest trends we've seen with a new threat recently identified by the FBI called Business Email Compromise. Learn how it works and how best to protect your organization from this threat.
  • Deploying Scalable & Secure Web Apps with AWS Elastic Beanstalk & Deep Security Recorded: Mar 15 2016 30 mins
    Paul Hidalgo
    Elastic Beanstalk gives developers and system administrators a fast and easy way to deploy and manage their applications without worrying about AWS infrastructure. Explore the best ways to use AWS Elastic Beanstalk to automatically provision your AWS workloads and fit your security strategy. You’ll see how AWS Elastic Beanstalk works with Trend Micro’s Deep Security to take security automation to the next level.
  • February Monthly Threat Webinar Recorded: Feb 25 2016 39 mins
    Jon Clay, Sr. Manager, Global Threat Communications at Trend Micro
    Hear the latest on the most recent data breaches, web threats, and cyber security topics in the news.
    In this month’s threat webinar, Jon will be sharing the latest trends we’ve seen with ransomware and the more common crypto-ransomware. Learn why this threat has been increasing, what some of the latest crypto-ransomware threats do, and how best to protect your organization from this threat.
  • Chef integration with AWS and Deep Security Recorded: Feb 24 2016 51 mins
    Jeffrey Westphal
    Chef has quickly become one of the leading delivery methods for DevOps application and infrastructure deployments. As a platform Chef can be used to build compliance, resiliency, analytics, and high availability into your AWS workloads. What if you could also use Chef to automate your security posture within AWS?

    Using Trend Micro’s Deep Security we will evaluate different methods of automation using Chef Hosted Server, AWS Auto scaling Policies, and AWS OpsWorks and take security automation to the next level.
  • January Monthly Threat Webinar - Destructive Attacks to Critical Infrastructure Recorded: Jan 29 2016 38 mins
    Jon Clay, Sr. Manager, Global Threat Communications at Trend Micro; Ed Cabrera VP Cybersecurity Strategy
    Hear the latest on the most recent data breaches, web threats, and cyber security topics in the news.
    The recent attacks on Ukrainian Power Utility are highlighting a recent shift in destructive attacks against Critical Infrastructure. In this webinar Ed Cabrera, VP Cybersecurity Strategy and former CISO of the US Secret Service, will be joining us to cover this latest trend we’re seeing in the use of destructive malware against both critical infrastructure and commercial organizations. Learn the latest in destructive malware and why this technique is being used by threat actors today.
Global leader in security software and solutions.
Trend Micro, a global leader in security software and solutions, strives to make the world safe for exchanging digital information. For the past 25 years, its employees have been inspired to protect individuals, families, businesses and governments as they look to harness the potential of emerging technologies and new ways of sharing information.

· In today’s organizations, information has become the most strategic asset, embodying competitive advantage and powering operational excellence. With the explosion of mobile, social and cloud technologies, protecting this information has become more challenging than ever. Organizations need a smart protection strategy.

· Trend Micro enables the smart protection of information, with innovative security solutions that are simple to deploy and manage, and fits an evolving ecosystem. Trend Micro solutions provide layered content security for mobile devices, endpoints, gateways, servers and the cloud. Leveraging these solutions, organizations can protect their end users, their evolving data center and cloud resources, and their information threatened by sophisticated targeted attacks.

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  • Title: Realize Higher ROI On Security Spending
  • Live at: Nov 13 2013 7:00 pm
  • Presented by: Sean Owens - Forrester Senior TEI Consultant; Chris Sherman - Forrester Security Analyst
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