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Embracing Automation (v1)

This session takes a humorous, yet informative look and why automation isn't just a passing fad, it's a necessity in today's enterprise. Covering both public and private sector, you will learn how automation in general and Ansible in particular can lead to not just job security, but also job satisfaction. This talk will include discussions of real use cases with measurable results and maybe even a few examples for fun.
Recorded May 7 2020 55 mins
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Presented by
Kevin Jones, SA Practice Lead, Red Hat
Presentation preview: Embracing Automation (v1)

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  • Automated patching for service providers Dec 3 2020 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Will Tome, Senior Solutions Architect, Automation, Red Hat
    Patching doesn’t have to be a drag. Red Hat® Ansible® Automation Platform puts the tedium behind you by orchestrating application and network dependencies that commonly slow down the patching process. Using the new content collection for Red Hat Satellite, you can automate the publishing and promotion of new patch content.

    Join this webinar to find out how Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform helps your teams patch faster and with fewer risks and headaches.
  • Bringing the DevOps lifestyle to life Dec 1 2020 5:00 pm UTC 44 mins
    Michael Walker, Senior Director and Global Head of Open Innovation Labs, Red Hat
    If DevOps is a better way to work, then why do so many DevOps movements fail to produce meaningful results in the enterprise?

    In this session, Michael Walker will share stories of enterprises around the world who have struggled to successfully adopt DevOps. We will examine the common barriers to change, and understand why traditional approaches have failed. We will then examine how principles of open source communities, and open organizations, can help enable effective DevOps in the enterprise. Finally, we will share techniques for building high-performing, product-oriented teams who adopt DevOps as their preferred way of working, along with examples of the results.
  • DevOps stories from the Client Experience Panel Nov 19 2020 5:00 pm UTC 44 mins
    Mike Cardy, Red Hat Canada | Mohamed Frendi, Shared Services Canada | Jamil Mina, Red Hat | Todd Wilson, Red Hat Canada
    Roundtable delegates will discuss the challenges we all face around DevOps in this new environment and share thoughts on real experiences.

    Mike Cardy, Chief Technology Strategist & Director Solution Architecture, Red Hat Canada (moderator)
    Mohamed Frendi, Director, Private Cloud and WLM, Shared Services Canada
    Todd Wilson, Chief Strategist, Red Hat Canada
    Jamil Mina, Chief Solutions Architect, Financial Services Red Hat
  • Leveraging the "platform" for developers Nov 17 2020 7:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    James Faulkner, Product Marketing Director, Red Hat
    Red Hat OpenShift is a leading enterprise Kubernetes platform, with full-stack automated operations to manage hybrid cloud and multicloud deployments. However, none of that matters to your organization without the purpose-built applications that power your business and deliver real innovation. Those applications are built by developers, and improving developer productivity directly translates better business outcomes.

    In this session, you'll learn how OpenShift meets the needs of your developers and simplifies how they interact directly with the platform, reducing the on-ramp time required to deploy code. You will see how OpenShift integrates into the tooling developers use to create applications and into the pipelines that define how applications move from development to production. You'll also learn how developers can use the platform to observe, control, and dynamically scale applications. Finally you'll understand how application services are deployed and managed using Operators, giving developers access to a wide variety of functionality that integrates with their applications.

    With its focus on streamlined developer workflows, Red Hat OpenShift enables your innovators to focus on what matters most: building extraordinary, personalized, and on-demand experiences that meet or exceed continually rising customer expectations.
  • Avoiding Shelfware: Your Critical First Steps in Enterprise Automation Nov 16 2020 8:00 pm UTC 40 mins
    Vinny Valdez, Sr. Principal Consulting Architect
    Whether you’re not sure where to start or you’re struggling trying to expand automation beyond some localized successes, you want to implement best practices for the sustained transformation and value that enterprise-wide automation brings. Join us for an hour-long webinar where we’ll delve into the critical early steps to take to adopt automation successfully.

    In this webinar, our expert will cover:
    How to identify and document your automation use cases
    Where to look for the best use cases to start initially, and;
    How to build a visible foundation that will get noticed

    Join us to understand how to adopt automation across your enterprise.
  • The value of "platform" for both application and operations teams Nov 12 2020 7:00 pm UTC 44 mins
    Brian Gracely, Senior Director Product Strategy, Red Hat Cloud
    In this session, we'll look at how successful companies have built standardization, automation, security and agility around their application delivery platform. Too often companies have a mismatch between the speed needed by applications and the stability desired by operations. This session will look at how the right platform approach can achieve both goals.
  • The Unicorn Project: The power of self-organization Nov 10 2020 7:00 pm UTC 59 mins
    John Willis, Senior Director Global Transformation, Red Hat and Gene Kim, award winning CTO, and DevOps researcher and author
    For the last 10 years, DevOps has been a reference point for aligning and driving organizational change. Recent challenges have global dynamics shifting daily. Your business may need to scale operations immediately to meet relentless services demand while others seek to strengthen and maintain core IT operations. We'll chat about how Gene Kim's most recent book, billed as “a novel about developers, digital disruption, and thriving in the age of data", has takeaways for your DevOps and digital transformation work as well.

    Join Red Hat Senior Director Global Transformation, John Willis and Gene Kim, award winning CTO, and DevOps researcher and author as they discuss current DevOps challenges and opportunities.
  • Future of Ansible Ecosystem - Ansible Collections Nov 5 2020 7:00 pm UTC 61 mins
    Sean Cavanaugh, Technical Product Manager, Red Hat
    This talk is both for Ansible novices and experienced users. We will cover Ansible Collections 101, walkthrough on how to build a collection, where to get supported collections, how to install and use an existing collection and what is Automation Hub and why you should care. I will also walk through roadmap related to Ansible Collections and Automation Hub.
  • The benefits of Kubernetes Nov 4 2020 5:00 pm UTC 33 mins
    Chris Short and Clayton Coleman, Red Hat
    Join this discussion with Chris Short, Executive Producer of OpenShift.TV, and Clayton Coleman, top contributor to the open source Kubernetes project, as they discuss navigating ever-growing cloud options. They'll chat through the benefits and advantages of each, the importance of Kubernetes, and orchestration across all the options so you can determine which cloud is right for you.

    Chris Short, Executive Producer of OpenShift.TV, Red Hat
    Clayton Coleman, top contributor to the open source Kubernetes project, OpenShift & Container architect, Red Hat
  • Open discussion panel - Securing your IT environments through open technology Oct 28 2020 7:00 pm UTC 51 mins
    Massimo Ferrari, Red Hat (Moderator)
    This is a recorded session from EMEA Security Symposium hosted late September:
    Approaching DevSecOps is a journey that involves people, processes, and technologies working together to implement security and compliance within each layer of the application and infrastructure stack and life cycle—for both traditional and cloud-native environments. Listen to Paul Costall, Simon Cashmore and Mike Bursell during the discussion moderated by Massimo Ferrari about their experiences.
  • Unlock the value of SAP S/4HANA: implement, transform, migrate and operate Oct 27 2020 6:00 pm UTC 57 mins
    Joe Gallego, Managed SAP Offering Manager, IBM and Amy Aurilia, Global SAP CoC Lead, Distinguished Engineer, IBM
    Discover the power of open source for SAP solutions with Red Hat®, IBM and SAP.

    Grab a cup of coffee or a bagel and enjoy these session highlights:

    • Understand which IBM Services unlock the value of SAP S/4HANA: implementation, transformation, migration and operation
    •Leverage IBM accelerators, tools and assets to speed up the move to SAP S/4HANA
  • Tackling Security in the World of Containers and Hybrid Cloud Oct 26 2020 6:00 pm UTC 34 mins
    Mike Bursell, Chief Security Architect, Red Hat
    This is the recorded session from EMEA Security Symposium hosted late September.
    In this keynote, we'll discuss some prescriptive steps you can take to tackle security successfully in the world of containers and hybrid cloud.
  • Automate Windows Environments with Red Hat Ansible Automation Recorded: Oct 23 2020 59 mins
    Orcun Atakan, Solutions Architect, Red Hat
    It's hard to find a homogeneous IT stack nowadays. You may have a Linux server farm, but an AD cluster providing identity. Or you have a cross-platform build environment that builds your software for multiple different targets.

    Ansible provides a robust set of modules to manage Windows environments. When you combine the power of Ansible with the Desired State Configuration resources, you can create automation that can massively scale and manage your Windows environment.
  • SAP data intelligence deployment with Red Hat OpenShift Recorded: Oct 20 2020 58 mins
    Michael Love, SAP Alliance Leader, IBM and Markus Koch, SAP Technical Enablement Manager, Red Hat
    Discover the power of open source for SAP solutions with Red Hat®, IBM and SAP.

    Grab a cup of coffee or a bagel and enjoy these session highlights:

    •SAP Cloud Platform (SCP) private edition with IBM and Red Hat OpenShift
    •Why do enterprises need SAP data intelligence?
    •Understand SAP data intelligence deployment with Red Hat OpenShift
  • Ansible 101 - Automate everything with Red Hat training Recorded: Oct 15 2020 57 mins
    John Walter, Red Hat
    Incorporating IT automation is key to managing large numbers of systems and applications efficiently and consistently at scale. Companies are increasingly turning to Red HatⓇ AnsibleⓇ Automation to provision operating systems and network devices, deploy applications, and manage configuration.

    For those that want to take their first steps towards Ansible adoption, Red Hat Training has developed several courses to teach you better ways to automate administrative tasks and use Red Hat Ansible Engine effectively, as well as how to use advanced features of Ansible to perform more complex tasks. This webinar will highlight the benefits of using Ansible to automate tasks across a variety of Red Hat Enterprise LinuxⓇ, Windows, cloud, and networking devices.

    In this webinar, our expert will cover:
    A technical overview of Red Hat Ansible and Ansible Tower.
    Benefits to using Red Hat Ansible and Ansible Tower to manage complex automation workflows.
    A demonstration of Ansible automating across multiple environments.
    An outline of Ansible curriculum offered by Red Hat Training.

    Join us to learn how to extend the use of Ansible Automation across your entire environment.
  • How customers successfully implement SAP HANA on IBM Power Systems Recorded: Oct 13 2020 52 mins
    Asim Khan, Americas Systems Sales Leader, IBM
    Discover the power of open source for SAP solutions with Red Hat®, IBM and SAP. Grab a cup of coffee or a bagel and enjoy these session highlights:
    • Understand which benefits a customer will achieve by running SAP on IBM Power Systems
    • IBM Power Systems value proposition for SAP and SAP HANA
    • How customers successfully implement SAP HANA on IBM Power Systems
  • How SAP S/4 HANA will help you to be agile and innovative Recorded: Oct 6 2020 58 mins
    Carl Dubler, Global Head of SAP S/4HANA Adoption Marketing, SAP
    Discover the power of open source for SAP solutions with Red Hat®, IBM and SAP. Grab a cup of coffee or a bagel and enjoy these session highlights:
    • Why do customers care about SAP S/4HANA?
    • Business value, innovative scenarios and drivers for SAP S/4HANA migration
    • Understand how SAP S/4 HANA will help you to be agile and innovative
  • Enhancing security operations with Automation Recorded: Sep 29 2020 59 mins
    Jamie Beck, Senior Principal Product Marketing Manager, Red Hat & Massimo Ferrari, Consulting Product Manager, Red Hat
    Join us for a webinar where we will show the benefits of automating your security operations with Red Hat® Ansible® Automation Platform.

    We’ll explore:

    How security professionals can use automation to unify security operations into structured workflows that reduce operational complexity, human error, and response time
    Using certified security collections in combination with security information and event management (SIEM) or security orchestration automation and response (SOAR) platforms
    The certified Cisco ASA collection and how it can be used to automate security operations use cases
  • The power of open source for SAP solutions Recorded: Sep 29 2020 59 mins
    Jochen Glaser, Global Head of SAP Business, Red Hat and Michael Love, SAP Alliance Leader, IBM
    Discover the power of open source for SAP solutions with Red Hat®, IBM and SAP. Grab a cup of coffee or a bagel and learn about:

    • Red Hat & IBM - Why does it matter for SAP customers?
    • Understand the Red Hat solution portfolio for SAP customers and our next generation cloud architecture
  • Renewing your IT culture with Red Hat Ansible Automation Recorded: Sep 28 2020 42 mins
    Abraham Snell, Senior Solutions Architect, Red Hat
    Whatever your role in IT, you know managing technology is tough, yet it pales in comparison to managing organization-wide relationships.

    In this breakout session, a senior IT analyst of Southern Company, a leading energy company, will share how they're using Red Hat Ansible Tower to reduce OS patching labor hours by approximately 90% and at the same time positively impacting longstanding social divides. He'll discuss:

    How, with automation, they forged a path that started the renewal of a large portion of the company’s IT culture.
    How these cultural changes are leading to greater synergies, efficiencies, improved relationships, and better quality of life
Learn how Red Hat can help change the economics of IT.
Bridging conventional and agile IT, Red Hat brings a portfolio of open, flexible, heterogeneous solutions that already power the world’s most successful, innovative companies. Open platforms, open management and open application development are the keys to funding the acceleration of game-changing digital strategies.

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  • Live at: May 7 2020 2:00 pm
  • Presented by: Kevin Jones, SA Practice Lead, Red Hat
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