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Automating networks of all sizes with Ansible

You can gain complete insight into your network—no matter the size or complexity—using Ansible as the cornerstone of your automation. Replacing manual processes lets you manage device states and save time. In this session, you’ll hear about real-world applications getting started and scaling Ansible in both small and large environments.
Recorded Mar 12 2021 37 mins
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Presented by
Landon Holley, Architect, Red Hat
Presentation preview: Automating networks of all sizes with Ansible

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  • Modernization of SAP landscapes and infrastructure with Intel and Red Hat May 12 2021 6:00 pm UTC 19 mins
    Ted Jones, Red Hat & Krishna Yalamanchi, Intel
    A modern foundation for both your IT infrastructure and your SAP landscape allows you to build a standardized, consistent architecture throughout your organization. Open source platform, container, automation, and integration technologies with innovative processors, storage, and networking help you deliver a flexible, high-performance foundation for critical workloads. Intel will talk about a solution that includes products that are tested and certified to work together reliably and integrated for increased performance, stability, and manageability.

    This solution helps:
    • Increase uptime with persistent memory and automation.
    • Scale-up designs that provide IT efficiencies and reduce TCO.
    • The use of containers in real-time use cases like 5G and autonomous driving.

    Join our experts:
    Ted Jones, SAP Architect, Solutions Engineering, Red Hat
    Krishna Yalamanchi, Cloud Solutions Architect, Intel
  • Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform ''Now'' May 11 2021 5:00 pm UTC 30 mins
    Walter Bentley, Kyle Benson, Rolan Wolters, Colin McNaughton
    See how you can be innovating with Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform today.

    This session is presented by:
    Walter Bentley Senior Manager, Automation Practice, Red Hat
    Kyle Benson Principal Product Manager - Technical
    Roland Wolters Principal Technical Marketing Manager
    Colin McNaughton Principal Technical Marketing Manager - Ansible Automation, Red Hat
  • SAP S/4HANA Application Integration Automation with Ansible and Ansible Tower May 7 2021 3:00 pm UTC 28 mins
    Ruud Blommaert, Red Hat & John Lenser, Swiss Postal Services
    Swiss Postal Service is the world's most innovative post for the fourth time. They are beginning to move to an open mindset to become more flexible and provide higher service demand. Their goal is to automate the application deployment process of all components of SAP and SAP S/4HANA with Red Hat Ansible Automation and Red Hat Ansible Tower to implement the continuous structure for all deployments and combine different technical workflows into one automated framework. they would like to grow their internal community of Ansible users which could potentially solve challenges in less time.

    Experts speakers from:
    - Ruud Blommaert, Business Development Manager, SAP BDM BeNeLux ALPS, Red Hat
    - John Lenser, Head of Linux Platforms Operation, Swiss Postal Services
  • SAP and the intelligent enterprise: a panel discussion May 6 2021 8:00 pm UTC 34 mins
    Hayley Wienszczak, Leonard Bodmer, Allan Coulter, Dr. Felix Diepenbrock, & Dr. Christoph Baeck
    The road to Intelligent Enterprise means change and innovation. Moving toward to this goal is only possible through simplification and cloud native innovation. With ERP as a cornerstone of the Intelligent Enterprise, SAP, Red Hat, and its partners will help you on your journey.

    Join roundtable delegates who will discuss the challenges, solutions and their experiences in implementing the intelligent enterprise and SAP infrastructure.

    Experts include:
    - Hayley Wienszczak, Red Hat
    - Leonard Bodmer, Red Hat
    - Allan Coulter, IBM
    - Dr. Felix Diepenbrock, SAP
    - Dr. Christoph Baeck, Hilti Group
  • How to introduce automation to your colleagues in IT Security Recorded: May 5 2021 30 mins
    Massimo Ferrari Consulting Product Manager - Ansible Content
    How can you help your security team learn a technology that you know and that can be extremely useful to them? In this session, we’ll discuss how to translate automation advantages into a security conversation to become the automation subject matter experts (SME) who can help SecOps kick off their own initiative and start building the basis for future collaboration across different teams in your IT organizations.
  • A platform story...demonstration of Ansible Automation platform 1.2 Recorded: May 4 2021 9 mins
    Red Hat
    Get best practices and expert tips to help you end repetitive tasks and free up DevOps teams for more strategic work.
  • 5 steps to better hybrid cloud security Recorded: May 4 2021 13 mins
    Lucy Kerner, Senior Principal Global Cybersecurity Evangelist & Strategist, Red Hat
    As traditional infrastructure transitions to a combination of bare-metal, virtual, cloud, container, and Kubernetes environments, maintaining security, governance, compliance, and reducing risk is important. To meet these standards, our expert has identified five prescriptive steps you can take to better secure hybrid cloud environments.
  • How to get DevSecOps right, the Ansible way Recorded: Apr 29 2021 28 mins
    Massimo Ferrari Consulting Product Manager - Ansible Content
    Security is more critical than ever. But developers and others in the IT organization often report that security policies hold them back. One response to this challenge is to move security more "to the left," modernizing its practices and introducing it as early as possible in the development and deployment process. That means bringing DevOps and security together—with the chance to generate even more business value. In this session, we’ll show how automation is one of the key building blocks of DevSecOps and how the Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform can help you automating all its pillars.
  • Free their minds: Driving culture change and workforce transformation Recorded: Apr 23 2021 30 mins
    Christopher Saunders Senior Solutions Architect
    Organizations are demanding more and more productivity from our employees. Tools like Ansible are ideal for streamlining service delivery and unburdening our teams. With so many advantages, why are organizations still struggling with Ansible adoption? Too often we expect the technology to speak for itself. We believe that once teams see tech in action, they’ll line up to use it. Tech alone is not enough. Our strategy focuses on understanding organizational barriers and perceived limitations before technical solutions. In this session, we’ll share how we’re approaching the challenge of culture change and workforce transformation at Sandia.
  • Deploying an automation strategy with Ansible Automation Platform Recorded: Apr 21 2021 30 mins
    Marc Petrivelli, Managing Architect, Red Hat
    Many large-scale enterprises have begun to adopt the Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform. In some cases, the usage is ad-hoc at the lab level. In others, Ansible automation has been institutionalized across the whole IT ecosystem. As enterprises try to make the jump from ad-hoc to widespread usage of Ansible automation, they often stumble and don’t fully achieve their automation goals.

    In this session, we investigate some of the most common reasons for failed adoption and how you can mitigate the risk of failure. Areas covered will be centered around the 3 pillars that affect your IT evolution: culture, process, and technology. We’ll focus on addressing how Ansible Automation Platform can help overcome institutional challenges.
  • How to master the journey toward an Intelligent Enterprise Recorded: Apr 20 2021 24 mins
    Karl Silhanek, SAP Business Developemtn CEMEA, Red Hat; Diego Barbisan, Senior Vice President, GPA Group
    Discover how you can go from digital transformation to an Intelligent Enterprise with automated processes and integrated data for business analytics supporting better business decisions. Hear from our experienced partner GPA Group on how customers mastered their journey around the SAP S/4HANA migration successfully, and used tools to automate their business and infrastructure processes while integrating data for analytics.
  • Open Demo: Network Automation with Ansible (4/7) Recorded: Apr 19 2021 57 mins
    Adam Mack, Red Hat
    Ansible's simple automation framework means that previously isolated network administrators can finally speak the same language of automation as the rest of the IT organization, extending the capabilities of Ansible to include native support for both legacy and open network infrastructure devices. Network devices and systems can now be included in an organization's overall automation strategy for a holistic approach to application workload management.
  • The role of IT automation in your SAP journey toward the Intelligent Enterprise Recorded: Apr 19 2021 28 mins
    Steve Delien, Global CTA for SAP on Cloud, Accenture Technology
    How can Red Hat automation support SAP customers during their journey towards the Intelligent Enterprise, in adopting SAP S/4HANA? During this session, Steve Delien, Global CTA for SAP on Cloud at Accenture Technology, will present Accenture's view, solutions, services, and accelerators to realise the opportunity of the Intelligent Enterprise. He will also address the importance of the strategic partnership between Red Hat and Accenture, and more specifically, what value this brings to SAP customers in their digital transformation journey.
  • Open Demo: Ansible Automation (4/12) Recorded: Apr 19 2021 68 mins
    Mike Savage, Solutions Architect, Red Hat
    Ansible Automation by Red Hat helps you scale IT automation, manage complex deployments and speed productivity. Centralize and control your IT infrastructure with a visual dashboard, role-based access control, job scheduling, integrated notifications and graphical inventory management. And Tower's REST API and CLI make it easy to embed Tower into existing tools and processes.
  • Fast vs. easy: Operators by the numbers Recorded: Apr 16 2021 24 mins
    Timothy Appnel, Fabian von Feilitzsch, James Cammarata, Jeff Geerling
    The Operator SDK supports 3 ways of implementing your app's operational knowledge: using Go, Helm, or Ansible. A compiled language like Go is usually faster than an interpreted language like Ansible and Python. But how much does it matter when implementing an Operator? How much speed is sacrificed for faster iterations and easier maintenance?

    We tried to answer these questions by benchmarking Operators written with the three Operator SDK types to manage the life cycle of a large number of application custom resources on a cluster. We then looked at ways to optimize execution speed of Ansible-enabled Operators to close the speed gaps with the other types of Operators.

    In this session, we’ll present our findings, lessons learned, and ways to optimize execution speed with development efficiency. You’ll see how to evaluate these tradeoffs for their own clusters.

    This session is presented by:
    Timothy Appnel Senior Product Manager, Ansible
    Fabian von Feilitzsch Senior Software Engineer, OpenShift
    James Cammarata Software Engineering Manager
    Jeff Geerling Owner
  • ASAP project: How Red Hat helped CEPSA move its SAP environment to AWS Recorded: Apr 15 2021 19 mins
    César Beltrán, Business Development Manager, SAP BDM MED, Red Hat David Liras, Head of Digital Platforms, CEPSA
    In this session, CEPSA will share their automation journey. From their first tactical approach, to use in their main project, SAP HANA migration, to an AWS space.

    CEPSA is a global, integrated company operating across the entire oil and gas value chain. They are present in more than 28 countries. The culture of innovation is one of their hallmarks. They use technology and research to generate value, be more competitive, optimize processes, and improve the efficiency and quality of their products--this is why they are involved in IT automation.

    David Liras, Head of Digital Platforms, will walk through the initial implementation of Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform for security automation and then use it in a SAP HANA migration project. They will explain the benefits of automation that they extended to all IT projects, creating an automation culture across the organization.
  • Deploy infrastructure better and more quickly Recorded: Apr 14 2021 32 mins
    Pieter Avonts Sr. Automation Architect Sudhish PT Director
    We as a DevSecOps team are responsible to provide Platform as a Service capability to many engineering teams. Services offered by our team are used by internal engineering teams for their development, build and CI/CD platform.

    Below listed are the major challenges we had in addition to supporting different infrastructure verticals with multiple product stacks and varying skillset requirement.

    Maintain Product Security, Subscription and New Feature Compliance
    Frequent Product Upgrades & Migration – Seamless, Availability
    Various Deployment Requirements – Standalone, Clustered, DMZ
    Application Integration and Consistency
    Easy to Repeat and Scalable model
    Support more Services with less resources

    Our answer to this growing problem was ‘IaC - Infrastructure as Code’. Watch this session to learn about how we developed a solution with following characteristics.

    Easy to start with minimal learning curve
    Repeatable Model

    In this session we will also share overview of how we were able to increase our team by 300% after resource-bump in no time while keeping our main areas of focus unaffected which are supporting, maintaining, upgrading and monitoring our services.
  • SAP as a cornerstone of an intelligent enterprise Recorded: Apr 13 2021 35 mins
    Michel Isnard, Will Watkins, Val Yonchev
    Using the benefits of new technologies is a key factor for the future success of every company. In this session, discover how the move to S/4HANA can be an opportunity to transform with help from Red Hat. Learn how Red Hat’s open source solutions, together with its partners and their expertise, can make your migration journey more manageable and provide the flexibility your business needs to stay competitive for years to come.

    Michel Isnard, VP EMEA Sales, Red Hat
    Will Watkins, EMEA Transformation Sales Lead, Red Hat
    Val Yonchev, Senior Manager, Consulting Services, Red Hat
  • Case study: Defending a defense company with Ansible Automation Recorded: Apr 9 2021 26 mins
    Jeff Vealey Federal Engineer, CyberArk
    As cyber attackers continue to focus more and more on government agencies and their partners, the stakes keep increasing. Whether a rogue attacker or a nation state, these organizations hold both sensitive data and the keys to critical infrastructure. Defending the global networks that keep these organizations running is critical and complex. In this session, we’ll provide insights into how a leading defense contractor uses automation to ensure the secure configuration and maintenance of their network’s switches and routers. With thousands of devices, the challenge was daunting, but with the credentials for the network devices already being managed and secured through a strong privileged access management program, we’ll discuss how the Ansible team was able to rapidly develop playbooks to use these credentials to automate the configuration process, and rapidly rotate device passwords based on policy or an incident. This approach not only helped to secure the network and the data passing through it, but also to more easily meet audit and compliance requirements--a win/win. Throughout this session, we’ll discuss all the challenges facing this organization, how using a combination of privileged access management and Red Hat Ansible Tower provided significant business benefits, and tips and tricks on how other organizations can do the same.
  • Open Demo: Ansible Automation (3/15) Recorded: Apr 8 2021 53 mins
    Peter Gervase, Red Hat
    Ansible Automation by Red Hat helps you scale IT automation, manage complex deployments and speed productivity. Centralize and control your IT infrastructure with a visual dashboard, role-based access control, job scheduling, integrated notifications and graphical inventory management. And Tower's REST API and CLI make it easy to embed Tower into existing tools and processes.
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  • Title: Automating networks of all sizes with Ansible
  • Live at: Mar 12 2021 7:00 pm
  • Presented by: Landon Holley, Architect, Red Hat
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