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Multisourcing Service Integration - giving you the peace of mind

With the digital revolution came the multiplication of technologies.

Numerous endpoints & connected devices , an increase in suppliers, cloud & app services, data
flows & complexity … are already part of our daily business lives - and there is much more to

Maybe some of these thoughts already crossed your mind:

- I have multiple suppliers per region and/or per service. How can I manage them efficiently?
– How to manage my local internet service providers for my SD WAN deployment?
- Do I really have full visibility and control over my suppliers?
- Do I have the expertise to integrate globally my multiple suppliers from technical and
operational standpoints?
- Shall I completely or partially outsource my IT Service Management operations?
- How to maximize the benefits of all these growing technologies and specialized suppliers –
whilst embracing downsizing and cost savings ?

At Orange Business Services, our mission is to help you manage the increasing complexity
driven by emerging technologies and vendors every day. As a Service Provider and Integrator,
we orchestrate your data journey, coordinating and integrating service delivery in the most
efficient way with our Multisourcing Service Integration MSI).
Recorded Oct 10 2018 32 mins
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Presented by
Alex Rigaldo
Presentation preview: Multisourcing Service Integration  - giving you the peace of mind

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  • Data Mesh: A Paradigm Shift Towards Unlocking the Full Data Value Nov 3 2021 11:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Georg Roesch, Senior Data Engineer, The unbelievable Machine Company (an Orange Business Services company)
    The data mesh concept is a paradigm shift from a centralized approach to a decentralized one. This concept is especially for organizations applicable where a data lake was not the right solution. It helps to democratize data volumes – to structure them practically and to make them effectively usable. Its distributed, domain-oriented data architecture helps to enable convenient self-service analytics for the various specialist domains.

    However, the greatest impact of the data mesh concept is on a cultural, organizationally driven change: Instead of rigid departments, responsibility for corporate data is distributed to flexible, cross-functional domain teams that provide internal users with ready-to-use data products with immediate and best possible value.

    Learn more on how to unlock the full value of your company data.
  • “FinOps” – take back control of your cloud costs Recorded: Oct 12 2021 26 mins
    Paul Pizzey – Cloud Business Partner
    Gartner’s recent report “End User Cloud Buying Behaviour” clearly reaffirms the continued growth of cloud expenditure, with 98% of UK customers confirming they expected to spend the same or more on cloud in the year ahead. However, despite this trend customers cite “migration”, “cost control”, and “governance” as their biggest headaches in dealing with cloud service providers.

    At this webinar Orange Business Services will tell you how you can control and optimize your cloud including how to:
    • review your organization’s cloud estate,
    • check areas such as; resource sizing, usage patterns, and alike.
    • define a cloud cost strategy and detailed roadmap
    • deploy cloud cost governance.

    Our expert teams here at Orange can help you adopt the framework and cloud native or market standard tools for successful FinOps to unlock the business value of your cloud quickly.
  • Intelligence-led SASE - Finding the Right Path Recorded: Sep 6 2021 24 mins
    David Allott, Head of Orange Cyberdefense, Asia Pacific
    The modern business environment demands secure access to data and applications from anywhere, at any time, from any device. SASE has reframed security architectures to help companies cope with these shifting requirements. Vendors are scrambling to offer the breadth and depth of solutions necessary to support this model. Watch this video to learn how Orange Cyberdefense can support you on your SASE journey, and secure your digital, distributed business.
  • Building a Solid SASE Foundation Recorded: Aug 30 2021 26 mins
    James Soo, SDX Specialist, Orange Business Services, Asia Pacific
    Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) changes the way our applications traverse through our network and the Internet. In this session, we will look at design considerations on centralising network traffic in a converged SD-WAN and Security ecosystem, as well as business considerations on selecting a managed services partner.
  • SASE - The Big Questions Recorded: Jul 26 2021 20 mins
    Stephen Mullaney, SDX Sales Expert, Orange Business Services, Asia Pacific
    Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) is fundamentally about how you adapt to the changing connectivity and security needs around the use of cloud to drive your business digital transformation. In this session, we will answer 4 practical questions about SASE to help you understand more about how you can adopt and use SASE to meet your business challenges.
    Learn more at: https://www.orange-business.com/en/solutions/connectivity
    Contact us at: apac.marketing@orange.com
  • Hybrid working – a look at changing working practices & the impact on technology Recorded: May 27 2021 27 mins
    Tom Gavin - Head of Consulting, Europe at Orange Business Services
    One of this year’s business challenges will be supporting workers as they move to new working patterns. If 2020 was the year of home working, 2021 will be the year of hybrid working !

    How can workplace processes adapt, what digital tools could bridge the gap between remote staff and those in the office? How can organizations ensure colleagues both at home and in the office can collaborate seamlessly? Does the design of physical meeting rooms need to change? And what now is the purpose of an office?

    During this half hour webinar we will share with you what the post-pandemic workplace will look like and the factors you should consider when architecting this new hybrid working environment.

    We will discuss:
    • The ‘push’ and ‘pull’ factors that employees will feel to return to the office and what the post-pandemic workplace will look like
    • Which technology will be key in delivering this new work place.
    • How we at Orange Business Services are preparing for hybrid working.
  • Orange Solution Pill #10 – Health & Safety Solutions Recorded: Feb 8 2021 10 mins
    Pier Giuseppe Dal Farra & Michele Bellomo, Orange Business Services
    Orange Business Services offers with its solutions the whole path to digitalization, from data collection and IoT to transport, storage, analyze and share and on top of that, data security.
    This transformation produces a remarkable impact on almost every activity, including a new way of looking at worker’s safety.
    Safety is a vital component of each organization and becomes extremely critical in the industrial vertical where workers are at higher risk of injuries.
    Consider workers operating in dangerous environments, far from the HQ and dealing with dated machineries: how important is to get immediate online support and indications? How precious is for a safety manager to have real time visibility of the location of people in the plant he’s responsible for? Or to trigger alerts in case of fire, or to promptly limit access to an area that has suddenly become critical?
    Moreover, the Covid-19 outbreak has brought new requirements in terms of social distancing and contamination chain tracking.
    This webinar answers to these points and presents some available solutions to increase the safety and efficiency of the industrial operators.

    - Pier Giuseppe Dal FarraIndustry 4.0 Business Expert, Orange Business Services
    - Michele Bellomo, Solution Partner Southern Europe, Orange Business Services
  • Orange Solution Pill #8 - LAN evolution Recorded: Dec 29 2020 13 mins
    Massimiliano Brugnoli & Giulia La Rosa, Orange Business Services
    The Local Area Networks and the Wireless Networks inside enterprises are evolving due to internal and external driving factors. Like SD-WAN few years ago the SDx paradigm is impacting the LAN evolution, together with new security models.
    In this session we are going to explore why LAN transformation is important, how it will evolve and what we as network native digital service company see this evolution.

    Our LAN services are designed for Enterprises that are looking for a world-class, seamlessly integrated, secure and fully managed WAN, LAN & WLAN help businesses and their customers stay connected and protected.
    We offer quality of service design, end-to-end management, integrated customer care, ordering and billing.
    With our unparalleled OEM partnerships, our vertical knowledge and our global presence, Orange is the ideal fulfillment, deployment, professional services and multi-vendor maintenance provider now and in the future.

    -Massimiliano Brugnoli, Cybersecurity & COnnectivity Sales Specialist - South Europe, Orange Business Services
    - Giulia La Rosa, Solution Partner, Orange Business Services
  • Orange Solution Pill #9 - Smart Building Recorded: Dec 17 2020 13 mins
    Roberto Celin, IoT & Analystics Sales Expert & Ana Aragon, Solution Partner
    Orange Business Services helps companies to face challenges of change, supporting them in the transformation of work processes and in choosing the most suitable digital tools for collaborative work spaces management: meeting rooms management, flexible desks, spaces occupancy and usage statistics.
    Our solution contributes to create a friendly and collaborative work place that promotes the link between employees, improving creativity and innovation. All services are available in real time via mobile devices, using a single platform.

    -Roberto Celin, IoT & Analystics Sales Expert, Orange Business Services
    -Ana Aragon, Solution Partner, Orange Business Services
  • Orange Solution Pill #7 - Data Enabled Innovation Strategy Recorded: Oct 30 2020 15 mins
    Laura Ros, D&D Orange Business Services and Luka Reister, Innovation Tribe Lead, Business&Decision
    As of today, any company will be putting data at the hearth of their company. A digital transformation journey is a must in strategic decisions. But how can we valorize Data? How do we generate a positive ROI?
    At the same time, we see AI & Data platforms evolving to address Modern needs with agnostic technologies.
    In this Webinar, we share best practices on how to reinvent your business through the use of Data to attain fast ROI, and how to overcome the most common challenges we encounter in this journey.
    At Orange, we help our customers thrive thanks to a unique Data Journey including consulting, our co-building approach and end-to-end implementation of state-of-the art Data & Advanced AI techniques

    -Laura Ros, D&D Orange Business Services;
    -Luka Reister, Innovation Tribe Lead, Business&Decision
  • Orange Solution Pill #6 - Data Management Best Practices Recorded: Sep 23 2020 15 mins
    Laura Ros, D&D Orange Business Services; Benjamin Protais, Consulting Business Unit Director, Business&Decision.com
    With unprecedented challenges in managing and leveraging the vast amounts of data generated by your ecosystem, you might need help mastering the path to become a data-driven company.
    As Data is an asset enabling future business transformations, our goal is to put it at the heart of your company’s journey
    We help our customers thrive thanks to a unique Data Journey including consulting, our co-building approach and end-to-end implementation of state-of-the art Data Management techniques.
    Ultimately, ensuring the proper management of Data to achieve a higher business performance.

    - Laura Ros, Digital&Data Sales Europe, Orange Business Services
    -Benjamin Protais, Consulting Business Unit Director, Business&Decision.com
  • Orange Solution Pill #1 - IoT Managed Global Connectivity Recorded: Aug 6 2020 13 mins
    Roberto Celin & Giulia La Rosa, Orange Business Services
    We are seeing in the market an increased number of connected objects and a higher and higher demand for IoT applications. M2M Connectivity is a key enabler of the Internet of Things (IoT) allowing objects or devices to communicate and transmit information to centralized IoT applications. Mobile connectivity makes it possible to go even further by allowing all devices to communicate anywhere anytime and deliver all benefits of IoT. Orange is a leader in the development of IoT and Machine to Machine (M2M) solutions. Being present worldwide in more than 200 countries and territories makes Orange a natural key player in this arena.
  • Orange Solution Pills #3: EIC Business Evolution after an environment of disrupt Recorded: Jul 22 2020 15 mins
    Marco Zollinger & Fernando Rodrigo, Orange Business Services
    Recent events forced companies to focus urgently on measures to guarantee business continuity; this re-shaped the workplace and forced companies to review their organizational priorities and face new challenges.
    In our brief analysis we are considering that step to be an Evolution of the workplace, creating a new landscape that redefines the cost/productivity balance; we’ll take a deeper look into 2 key solutions.

    Marco Zollinger, Sr. Sales Expert Enriched Interactions & Collaboration, Europe Orange Business Services
    Fernardo Rodrigo, PreSales Solution Partner Southern Europe, Orange Business Services
  • Orange Solution Pill #2 - Cybersecurity and Digital Transformation Recorded: Jul 17 2020 11 mins
    Massimiliano Brugnoli & Michele Bellomo, Orange Business Services
    We have recently faced and unprecedented disruptive event that forced all the business to re-think about resiliency and security. The forced adoption of any kind of digital tool to keep the business going and maintaining social interactions has opened gaps into the security posture of many enterprises. Oftentimes the Disaster Recovery plan have not been sufficient to put adequate countermeasures in place, as the impact has been across all the line of business not just what in the DR plan (business critical-only processes).
    What have we learned to be better prepared for the future? We will go thru the key aspects impacting cybersecurity that characterized this challenging moment.
    Massimiliano Brugnoli, Cybersecurity & Connectivity Sales Expert Europe – Orange Business Services
    Michele Bellomo, PreSales Solution Partner Southern Europe
  • Orange Solution Pills #4:-OT/IT convergence & IoT Recorded: Jul 17 2020 15 mins
    Pier Giuseppe Dal Farra & Giuseppe Nantista, Orange Business Services
    Based on high-quality use cases, Orange Business Services spreads its unique expertise through converged OT-IT data insights.
    On one hand to enable advanced automation and increase worker’s safety. On the other hand, to leverage connected machines, to establish a state-of-the-art smart asset management and to improve the ecosystem innovation.

    Pier Giuseppe Dal Farra, IoT Industry Business Expert, Orange Business Services
    Giuseppe Nantista, PreSales Solution Partner Southern Europe
  • Orange Solution Pills #5 - Customer Engagement Recorded: Jul 17 2020 20 mins
    Laura Ros & Ana Aragon, Orange Business Services; Yves Van Den Brande, Business Decision
    From data to insights: With unprecedented challenges in managing and leveraging the vast amounts of data generated by your ecosystem, you might need help mastering the path to digital transformation & innovation.
    With Orange support through the whole Data Journey, we help our customers thrive on business performance through a consulting & co-building approach for building Customer Engagement strategies, applying Big Data and personalized interaction tactics for AI based Marketing, and many more Data related Solutions. Ultimately, optimizing Sales and driving up loyalty.

    Laura Ros, Digital&Data Sales Europe, Orange Business Services
    Yves Van Den Brande, Tribe Lead - Customer Engagement, Business Decision
    Ana Aragon, PreSales Solution Partner Southern Europe, Orange Business Services
  • Ensuring maximum collaboration performance in an environment of disruption Recorded: Apr 21 2020 36 mins
    Stephane Minana, Serge Schertzer, Bob Smart
    What are the best approaches for remote working and team and customer collaboration – how can you quickly create virtual contact centres, what are the best tools for collaboration and a how can you scale quickly and securely to facilitate more homeworkers.

    During this webinar Orange will demonstrate, using proven customer examples, what we recommend what actually works and how you too can implement it right now.

    This webinar will include how to:
    * migrate an in-house call centre to a cloud based environment preventing business interruptions and allowing your agents to work from anywhere.
    * uncover which collaboration and audioconference solutions work best for your business and how to augment capacity across these tools
    * scale up your virtual workplaces quickly using cloud

    * Stephane Minana – Head of Enriched Interaction and Collaboration Europe, Orange Business Services
    * Serge Schertzer – Enriched Interaction and Collaboration Global Operational Marketing, Orange Business Services
    * Bob Smart – Orange Cloud for Business Senior Business Manager, Orange Business Services
  • How to optimize your operations during a global disruption Recorded: Apr 15 2020 49 mins
    Charl van der Walt, Pierre-Marie Binvel, Laurent Lacroix, Sonia Gameiro
    Challenged by the needs to enable a large increase in remote workers, businesses are trying to figure out how to adapt and deliver a uniform level of performance across their entire user base without deteriorating the end user experience or compromise on security.

    At this webinar, Orange will discuss, using proven customer examples, what can be done and how you too can implement it right now.

    This webinar will include experience sharing and guidance on how to:

    * quickly scale up and down enterprise remote access capacity using a mix of security, network and cloud solutions

    * raise awareness amongst remote workers of the heightened cyberattack risks

    * monitor end-user experience to influence their behaviour and adapt IT resources accordingly

    Pierre-Marie Binvel - Head of Connectivity and Orange Cyberdefense Europe
    Charl van der Walk - Head of Security Research, Orange Cyberdefense
    Laurent Lacroix - Head of Security Europe, Orange Business Services
    Sonia Gameiro - Head of Application Performance Management Consulting Practice, Orange Business Services
  • Business Success in Russia: EY & Orange Webinar Recorded: Nov 19 2019 45 mins
    Stuart Lawson - EY, Richard van Wageningen - Orange Business Services
    Russia represents a huge opportunity for global businesses but what about the sanctions, tariffs, regulatory frameworks, cybersecurity requirements, compliance, data privacy and political concerns that stand in the way of success? And how can you combat them?

    Join EY and Orange Business Services to find out answers to these key questions and share case studies from leading global companies in Russia.

    * Stuart Lawson - Senior Advisor and EY; member of board SKOLKOVO Ventures, RBCC, AEB and university lecturer
    * Richard van Wageningen - Senior Vice President of IMEAR (Indirect, Middle East, Africa, Russia -CIS), Orange Business Services
  • Cyber-crime threat landscape through the eyes of an ethical hacker Recorded: Jul 2 2019 60 mins
    Charl Van der Walt is Chief Security Strategy Officer at SecureData, part of Orange Cyberdefense
    After many years in an "attack and penetration" testing role, thanks to which he developed a unique take on today’s cyber challenges, Charl Van der Walt makes an insightful case for threat detection.

    In this webinar you will discover:
    •Key principles to put effective detection to practice
    •Why a managed service can help your business improve security agility, access expert resources and continuously evolve your capabilities
    •Factors to consider when selecting a partner
From inspiration to transformation. Together.
Orange Business Services is a global network operator, IT systems integrator, managed security services provider and consultant. We have deep expertise in cloud, mobile, social, IoT (Internet of Things), big data and cybersecurity in a diverse range of industry verticals. Our focus is on “humanizing technology” – helping enterprises create better digital experiences for employees and customers to drive business growth.

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