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[Chalk Talk] Integrating Sandboxes with CI/CD Tools

In this Chalk Talk Session we'll hear Maya, our VP of Product, talk about integrating Quali's Cloud Sandboxes with CI/CD tools like Jenkins Pipeline.
Recorded Feb 24 2017 4 mins
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Presented by
Maya Ber-Lerner, VP of Product at Quali
Presentation preview: [Chalk Talk] Integrating Sandboxes with CI/CD Tools
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  • Case study: How an Online Retailer Drove Digital Transformation with DevOps Recorded: Feb 6 2020 59 mins
    Maya Ber Lerner, CTO, Quali; Pavel Eliav, Head of DevOps, Resident; Kevin Wall, Solutions Architect, AWS
    Application development is driving the digital transformation. For the online retailer, Resident, that meant the need to quickly develop, test, and release business critical applications in AWS cloud using a DevOps approach. However, Resident needed to accomplish all of this within budget, while they were facing rapid growth, distributed development teams, and complex back-end applications that supported revenue generation.

    Watch this webinar to learn how Resident selected Quali’s Environment as a Service solution, CloudShell Colony, and AWS public cloud to:
    >>Provide self-service application environments to globally distributed development teams
    >>Control cloud costs with dynamic staging environments
    >>Gain visibility into cloud resources for predictable growth
    >>Consume native AWS services
  • AI + Environment Automation = the PB + J of Observability Recorded: Jan 22 2020 28 mins
    Maya Ber Lerner, CTO, Quali and Dror Mann, VP Product, Loom Systems
    Monitoring is a core Ops/SRE responsibility. If you operate an environment, you need to monitor it—this is Ops 101. But when releasing faster, monitoring the continuous output of code and infrastructure changes grows more challenging.

    Emerging technologies in AIOps and environment automation make it possible for Ops Engineers/SREs to take the practice to the next level; when paired together, they efficiently connect observability with DevOps—increasing speed without losing control.

    Join Maya Ber Lerner, CTO at Quali, and Dror Mann, VP Product at Loom Systems, in this fireside chat and demo as they reveal strategies for:

    -Connecting monitoring data to continuous delivery through Environment as a Service
    -Using AI to intelligently interpret data
    -Achieving stronger product reliability and accountability without slowing down innovation
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    "Production" is a loaded term for many organizations. Pushing new code to production can be a nerve-wracking ritual dreaded by many developers and ops engineers. So how to scale environment deployment and transition to continuous delivery without increasing the likelihood of production meltdown?

    In this episode, we discuss why production should not be treated differently from any other testing or development environment and how blue/green deployments can be a key driver to delivering new features safely into the hands of users.
  • Scaling DevOps Episode 6: Scaling governance and policies Recorded: Sep 12 2019 18 mins
    Roni Dover, Director of Sales Innovation & Joseph Zur, IT/Ops Manager
    DevOps is devouring big portions of the overall cloud cost. CFOs, IT and Ops managers are struggling to keep up and regulate spend and consumption without putting spokes in the wheels of the release process - slowing down releases or compromising quality. It often seems like Dev and Ops are speaking entirely different languages which can be a huge obstacle to coming to an agreement about what makes sense and what doesn't in using cloud resources. In this sixth episode of our series, we will talk with Joseph Zur, an IT manager accountable for cloud spend. We will talk about some of the challenges of correlating cloud cost to business impact as well as governing and setting policies to cloud usage.
  • Scaling DevOps Episode 5: Scaling standardization and expertise Recorded: Sep 5 2019 15 mins
    Roni Dover, Director of Sales Innovation & Tomer Admon, Lead DevOps Engineer
    Not everyone can be cloud experts and yet we require cloud environments to be compliant, secure and adhere to design best practices. How can you ensure that your organization standardizes how cloud environments are being created by multiple teams while avoiding the DevOps team becoming a huge bottleneck? What can we learn from software tools and how they address the creation of software environments?
  • Scaling DevOps Episode 4: Scaling Users Processes and Productivity Recorded: Aug 29 2019 17 mins
    Roni Dover, Director of Sales Innovation and Naama Gonczarowski, Product Expert
    The organizational structure and internal processes have a huge impact on your DevOps productivity. The "wall of confusion" between Dev and Ops can lead to multiple points of frictions which are further multiplied by other stakeholders involved in the DevOps processes. In this episode, we will discuss some of the challenges involved in making DevOps work efficiently when multiple teams and stakeholders are involved and discuss the age-old question - who holds the keys? (to the cloud)
  • Scaling DevOps Episode 3: Scaling Environment Complexity and Orchestration Recorded: Aug 22 2019 17 mins
    Roni Dover, Director of Sales Innovation & Alex Azrah, Senior Engineer
    DevOps cloud environments are becoming more complex and heterogeneous in the technologies and infrastructure types they include. As environments are shifting left to provide early integration with production architectures, they can include a combination of VMs, Kubernetes instances, serverless functions, and PaaS services and also the orchestration to set everything up, import data and artifacts and glue everything together. In this episode, we will discuss the challenges of automation complex environments end-to-end and as always bring up some principles that can help us manage that complexity.
  • Scaling DevOps Episode 2: Scaling CI Environments Recorded: Aug 15 2019 16 mins
    Roni Dover, Director of Sales Innovation & Meni Besso, Product Manager
    It can be easy to do cutting edge DevOps for small teams working on small-scale projects. However, different problems start to emerge when scaling DevOps processes and operations to multiple (sometimes distributed) teams, complex deployments, multiple technologies (Kubernetes, instances, and serverless functions), and critical production systems with millions of users being affected by each change.

    In the second episode in the series, we will discuss the specific challenges DevOps engineers and developers face in scaling cloud environments for continuous integration and CI tools such as Jenkins or Teamcity. We will discuss how we view the 'shift left' movement and how it impacts the complexity of developing scalable end-to-end automation for your cloud environments.
  • Scaling DevOps Episode 1: Challenges of Scaling DevOps Recorded: Aug 8 2019 20 mins
    Roni Dover, Director of Sales Innovation & Meni Besso, Product Manager
    It can be easy to do cutting edge DevOps for small teams working on small-scale projects. However, different problems start to emerge when scaling DevOps processes and operations to multiple (sometimes distributed) teams, complex deployments, multiple technologies (Kubernetes, instances, and serverless functions), and critical production systems with millions of users being affected by each change.

    In this webinar series, we will reveal and provide solutions to the challenges of scaling DevOps including:

    - Scaling Continuous Integration environments
    - Automating complex environments
    - Establishing processes for increased productivity
    - Standardizing environments from development to production
    - Managing governance and policies
    - Deploying to production

    In this first introductory episode, we'll lay the groundwork for the series and discuss some common challenges we've seen first hand at numerous organizations trying to scale their DevOps. Some of these challenges are technical in nature whereas others have to do with culture and processes and the need to balance the need of multiple stakeholders involved in the DevOps process. Why are DevOps engineers frustrated and what is always but always easy to scale?
  • Scaling DevOps with CloudShell Colony & jFrog Artifactory Recorded: Aug 6 2019 4 mins
    Naama Gonczarowski, Training and Documentation Manager
    This video provides a quick overview of the orchestration and deployment of dynamic application environments using CloudShell Colony and Jfrog Artifactory from dev to test to production.
  • Addressing Key CI/CD Challenges with CloudShell Colony Recorded: Jan 14 2019 14 mins
    Meni Besso,Naama Gonczarowski
    CloudShell Colony enables IT and Dev/QA teams to remove CI/CD infrastructure provisioning bottlenecks by providing a seamless workflow to deploy applications on the cloud or container infrastructure of choice.
  • Webinar: Migrate an on-premise application to AWS Public Recorded: Jun 28 2018 30 mins
    Dos Dosanjh, Sr. Solution Engineer, Quali, Pascal Joly, Dir. of Technology Partnerships, Quali
    Modernizing and migrating an on-premise application to the AWS cloud can be a daunting task without the right strategy and enablement tools. The challenges that organizations face as they modernize their legacy on-premise applications include a combination of factors pertaining to technology, personnel skills and operational tools to ensure a successful application migration.
    This webinar provides a step by step approach on how to address these challenges for
    application migration and enablement to the AWS cloud using the Quali CloudShell solution.
    You will learn how to re-platform a Drupal CMS application into AWS using self-service cloud sandboxes.
  • Webinar: Accelerate Technical Sales through Self-Service Demos Recorded: Jun 20 2018 37 mins
    Pascal Joly, Dir Techology Partnerships, Quali, Matt Branche, Services Lab Engineer, Broadcom
    Featuring: Industry Experts from Broadcom and Quali
    Are you spending too much time prepping demos? Not enough time running killer customer demos? That’s the challenge with demoing complex technology products: they’re hard to setup.

    Join us with industry experts from Broadcom and learn how to create a self-service catalog of demo environments that can serve your sales team effectively, how these environments can be deployed in minutes with built in orchestration, and how to expose "one-click" commands in the sandbox for demoing complex technology products. To be sure, there will also be a live demo :)
Quali is the leader in delivering cloud-agnostic Environment as a Service (EaaS) solutions for development and testing, sales demo/POC, training, and cyber range teams. Global 500 OEMs, ISVs, financial services, retailers, and innovators everywhere among others rely on Quali’s award-winning CloudShell platform to create self-service, on-demand environments that cut cloud costs, optimize infrastructure utilization, and increase productivity.

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  • Title: [Chalk Talk] Integrating Sandboxes with CI/CD Tools
  • Live at: Feb 24 2017 12:00 am
  • Presented by: Maya Ber-Lerner, VP of Product at Quali
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