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AI + Environment Automation = the PB + J of Observability

Monitoring is a core Ops/SRE responsibility. If you operate an environment, you need to monitor it—this is Ops 101. But when releasing faster, monitoring the continuous output of code and infrastructure changes grows more challenging.

Emerging technologies in AIOps and environment automation make it possible for Ops Engineers/SREs to take the practice to the next level; when paired together, they efficiently connect observability with DevOps—increasing speed without losing control.

Join Maya Ber Lerner, CTO at Quali, and Dror Mann, VP Product at Loom Systems, in this fireside chat and demo as they reveal strategies for:

-Connecting monitoring data to continuous delivery through Environment as a Service
-Using AI to intelligently interpret data
-Achieving stronger product reliability and accountability without slowing down innovation
Recorded Jan 22 2020 28 mins
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Presented by
Maya Ber Lerner, CTO, Quali and Dror Mann, VP Product, Loom Systems
Presentation preview: AI + Environment Automation = the PB + J of Observability
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  • The Key to Maintaining Lab Continuity with a Distributed Workforce Sep 28 2021 4:00 pm UTC 49 mins
    Roni Dover, Field CTO, Quali; Krishna Khandavilli, Product Strategy, Quali
    Over the past year-and-a-half, the Coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we approach many aspects of our daily lives, especially the way we work. With so much of the workforce having gone remote, both employers and employees have had to adopt all new ways of approaching their day-to-day business. Shifting to a work-from-home model means more difficulty accessing labs for use cases like software testing, sales demos, training, and customer support.

    In this webinar, you’ll learn how to accommodate managing lab environments for a distributed workforce through:
    >>Standardizing environment configurations via blueprints
    >>Self-service access to lab environments
    >>Role-based Access Controls (RBAC) and Single-sign On (SSO)
    >>Maintaining Governance
    >>Ensuring security protocols and compliance standards
    >>Controlling resource utilization
    >>Maintaining productivity

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  • The Key to Automating Infrastructure Provisioning Recorded: Sep 8 2021 7 mins
    Tui Leauanae
    Welcome to our Tech Short video series on CloudShell! This is the first in the series where Tui from our Tech Marketing team will give you an overview of CloudShell.

    With CloudShell, you can enable self-service provisioning and automated decommissioning of hybrid and on-prem environments to streamline the development, testing, and certification of physical and virtual infrastructure. This is a first of 5 videos where we'll walk you through how to automate the provisioning process while reducing the heavy demand on IT.

    For more information on CloudShell, please go to quali.com/cloudshell or visit our community at community.quali.com/
  • Analyst Corner | Infrastructure Automation Recorded: Aug 17 2021 23 mins
    Mitch Ashley, Digital Anarchist; David Williams, Quali; Colin Fletcher, Quali
    Quali’s David Williams and Colin Fletcher join Mitch Ashley on Digital Anarchist to discuss the future of infrastructure. Learn about the challenges businesses are facing in digital transformation, how infrastructure has changed, how to manage complex environments, and what is to come in the cloud revolution.
  • Getting it Right: Self-service in Cloud Automation Recorded: Aug 3 2021 47 mins
    Maya Ber Lerner, CTO, Quali
    Everyone knows that infrastructure automation is fundamental to any DevOps platform. However, infrastructure automation requires not only coding abilities, but also cloud network, security and cost expertise, and Infrastructure as Code skills. It’s not something developers want to waste their time on. Being able to provide on-demand self-service infrastructure provisioning and deployment to dev teams can free them from building and maintaining their own cloud automation. It makes it possible for developers to focus on developing the features and products that really matter.

    But as self-service increases in popularity and becomes a mandatory requirement, you may ask yourself: are all self-services created equally?

    In this webinar, Maya Ber Lerner, CTO at Quali, will review common implementations of self-service and on-demand infrastructure, as well as share best practices for choosing the right implementation.
  • The Key to Automating Infrastructure Provisioning Recorded: Aug 2 2021 7 mins
    Tui Leauanae
    Welcome to our Tech Short video series on CloudShell! This is the first in the series where Tui from our Tech Marketing team will give you an overview of CloudShell.

    With CloudShell, you can enable self-service provisioning and automated decommissioning of hybrid and on-prem environments to streamline the development, testing, and certification of physical and virtual infrastructure. This is a first of 5 videos where we'll walk you through how to automate the provisioning process while reducing the heavy demand on IT.

    For more information on CloudShell, please go to quali.com/cloudshell or visit our community at community.quali.com/
  • Scaling Bottom-up DevOps Initiatives: Choose Your Tools Wisely Recorded: Jul 27 2021 13 mins
    Maya Ber Lerner, CTO, Quali
    Bottom-up DevOps initiatives are a wonderful way of bringing about positive change to application teams. A common danger is that local efforts can lead to local optimization. At some point, grassroots efforts start to build their own technical debt which hampers their initial promise and extinguishes the teams' excitement.

    At DevOps Experience, an annual virtual summit hosted by MediaOps, Quali's CTO, Maya Ber Lerner, discusses common life cycles of bottom-up DevOps projects and their use of specific open source and commercial tools, as well as pros and cons of each.
  • How to QA Infrastructure Automation Recorded: Jul 20 2021 62 mins
    David Williams, Quali; Michael Giacometti, Qualitest
    Better quality. Faster releases. Lower costs. These principles drive innovation in the DevOps world. As a result, software testing is no longer a point function buried in the software delivery pipeline. It now plays a broader, increasingly critical role in how modern organizations deliver digital business services by ensuring change value is met, quality is delivered, and risk is governed from concept to business realization.

    However, to maintain quality across the accelerated software delivery lifecycle, complex infrastructure and effective use of testing tools need to be built, managed and made available to teams with diverse roles in geographically diverse clouds and testing environments.

    Infrastructure Automation tools can create, provision, maintain, and decommission critical environments throughout the software development lifecycle to manage IT infrastructure demands easily and effectively.

    During this webinar, David Williams, VP of Product Strategy at Quali, and Michael Giacometti, Solution Architect at Qualitest, will discuss:

    -How enterprise organizations scale and evolve their development test practices
    -How to achieve software development excellence
    -How enterprise organizations define their software delivery processes and measure them against business value
  • How to Tame Chaos in Enterprise DevOps Recorded: Apr 28 2021 18 mins
    David Williams, Quali; Mike Andren, Quali
    DevOps practitioners experience various challenges when it comes to leveraging cloud environments for software development. Concerns around building, managing, and controlling costs of cloud environments can all be addressed and improved by the right infrastructure automation solution.

    In this webinar, we discuss how CloudShell Colony solves major challenges impacting every level of the business including DevOps practitioners, managers, and C-level executives.

    Join us to learn about
    >>>Overcoming the time-consuming obstacle of ensuring infrastructure automation scripts remain compliant with company policies
    >>>Maintaining environment consistency and avoiding errors in configuration
    >>>Reducing pipeline fragility and risk from piecemealed automation tools
    >>>Managing cloud spend
    >>>Increasing visibility of cloud resource consumption
  • QualiFYI | ep. 8: Future Proofing Infrastructure Automation Recorded: Apr 21 2021 13 mins
    Arta Shita, Quali; Lior Koriat, Quali
    Got #infrustration? We've got you covered. Check out our latest QualiFYI episode featuring Quali CEO, Lior Koriat, as we dig into all things automation, open source, and infrastructure. We're here to help you end the infrustration.
  • QualiFYI | ep. 7: Why Your Digital Transformation Relies on Automated Testing Recorded: Mar 18 2021 9 mins
    Arta Shita, Quali; Aviram Shotten, CIO, Qualitest
    "I like to call infrastructur eautomation hidden in plain sight because so many people, so many organizations feel the lack of it, but they can't even articulate the fact that this is their problem." See what else Qualitest's Chief Innovation Officer, Aviram Shotten, had to say about digital transformation in our latest #QualiFYI episode.
  • QualiFYI | ep. 6: Walmart's DevOps Best Practices Revealed Recorded: Mar 16 2021 20 mins
    Arta Shita, Quali; Bryan Finster, Walmart; Dana Finster, Walmart
    Ever wonder how Walmart does DevOps? Join their Head of DevOps Dojo to learn all about their DevOps practices, and get insight into why so many DevOps initiatives fail.
  • How to use Infrastructure as Code for automated self-service AWS environments Recorded: Mar 9 2021 60 mins
    Sean Davis, Ambassador, DevOps Institute; Chris Chapman, Partner Solutions Architect, AWS
    Organizations that achieve the automation and self-service ideals of DevOps are able to build, release, and deploy features and apps to users faster and with better quality than the competition. But those ideals are elusive to many teams, especially where changes to existing build and release pipelines are met with fear of losing control over security, compliance, and cloud infrastructure costs.

    Join experts from the DevOps Institute and AWS Marketplace to learn how to enable Development and QA teams with automated, self-service, and compliant environments across the pipeline to speed up application development and delivery.

    Join us to learn about:
    - Best practices on how to effectively implement GitOps with infrastructure version control
    - Getting Dev, QA, Ops and Security teams working together to enable self-service environments across the CI/CD pipeline
    - How to adopt immutable infrastructure patterns to avoid painful rollback scenarios and easily re-build vs. repair production environments
    - Using tools in AWS Marketplace, such as Quali CloudShell Colony, to provide controlled, self-service, on-demand environments for developers and QA
  • QualiFYI | ep. 5: The Secret to Accelerated Release Cycles Recorded: Oct 29 2020 12 mins
    Arta Shita, Quali; Edan Evantal, CPO, Quali
    For the latest episode, our host, Arta, sat down with Quali's Chief Product Officer, Edan, as he shared the secret to accelerating product release cycles while maintaining #visibility and governance. Check out the interview to learn more now.
  • The Essentials to Scaling DevOps Through Platform Ops Recorded: Aug 26 2020 46 mins
    Maya Ber Lerner, CTO, Quali; Mark Debney, Head of DevOps, 6point6; and Chris Porter, Managing Director, 6point6
    Making DevOps initiatives scale is a maturity milestone companies are struggling to achieve. While the benefits of value stream automation to business agility is clear, most businesses find it difficult to overcome the skill and knowledge gap. In this webinar, Quali's Maya Ber Lerner and 6point6's Mark Debney and Chris Porter will talk about the essential elements in achieving widespread adoption of DevOps practices. From taking a DevOps pulse, to overcoming the talent shortage and practical best practices for scalable Platform Ops.
  • The Secret Weapon of QA Modernization Recorded: Jun 23 2020 59 mins
    Maya Ber Lerner, CTO, Quali; Leandro Mendez, Performance Test Lead, Qualitest
    The world depends on software more than ever, increasing the risk presented by low software quality. QA teams are required to adopt modern approaches to quality in order to keep up.

    In recent months, the rising need for remote testing exposed weak links in many businesses’ QA processes. But it also presents an opportunity to tackle old QA patterns that hinder efficiency.

    In this webinar, Qualitest's Performance Test Lead, Leandro Melendez, and Quali's CTO, Maya Ber Lerner, will discuss how environment automation can change the way teams approach quality and be the basis of a successful QA strategy.
  • Bringing Governance and Cost Control to your Application Release Pipeline Recorded: May 21 2020 50 mins
    Pascal Joly, Quali; Mark Galpin, JFrog
    As your organization goes through the application transformation journey, DevOps engineers are faced with difficult questions around the need to maintain security compliance and infrastructure costs under control while implementing full automation of your release process.

    Join us and learn how JFrog and Quali combine forces to speed up the application release cycle and enforce governance and control. In particular, how Environment as a Service can help with security compliance, with a consistent blueprint throughout the value stream and cost control with built in automation and business-driven policies.
  • Why Your Test Automation is Failing and How to Achieve True Continuous Testing Recorded: May 12 2020 23 mins
    Maya Ber Lerner, CTO, Quali
    Only a few years ago, test automation was a "geeky nice to have," but it is now recognized as essential for continuous software delivery, according to Maya Ber Lerner, CIO at Quali, the test-environment-service provider. At the QA Financial Forum London on March 12th, Ber Lerner was presenting remotely from New York, explaining how financial firms can overcome the single major barrier that keeps them from optimizing the ROI from automation technologies: the lack of trust they have in their test environments.

    Provisioning test environments is a time-consuming, complex and mostly manual process that takes the automation out of test automation, and often results in mis-configuration and incorrect data sets. To achieve continuous testing and successful automation at scale, Ber Lerner explains in the presentation how QA teams can access automated production-like environments they can trust and achieve true continuous testing across value stream.
  • DevOps and SRE: Friend or Foe? Recorded: Apr 27 2020 60 mins
    Helen Beal - DevOps Institute | Craig Pearson - Creative Agile Partners | Mark Rendell - Accenture | Maya Ber Lerner - Quali
    Whilst some organizations believe that the SRE model can benefit DevOps teams, some prefer to embrace one or the other - even pitting the two methodologies up against each other.

    Join us for episode 2 of Day-To-Day DevOps, where we take a closer look at why this may be, the challenges it causes, and what silver linings can emerge when both movements work together to enable automation and reliability.

    Host Helen Beal, Chief Ambassador at the DevOps Institute, is joined this month by:

    - Mark Rendell - Principal Director, Accenture
    - Maya Ber Lerner - CTO, Quali
    - Craig Pearson - Director, Creative Agile Partners
  • Manage On-demand Demo Environments from Salesforce Recorded: Apr 9 2020 2 mins
    Arta Shita, Quali
    In this video, learn how to offer on-demand demo environments to your prospects directly from Salesforce.
  • QualiFYI | ep.4: How to Alleviate Continuous Testing Bottlenecks Recorded: Feb 18 2020 9 mins
    Arta Shita, Quali; Christine Bentsen, Broadcom
    Check out the latest QualiFYI episode with Broadcom's Christine Bentsen, Head of Product Marketing of Continuous Testing, as she discusses how to alleviate bottlenecks using automated test environments to continuously improve quality and more. With host Arta Shita.
Quali is the leader in delivering cloud-agnostic Environment as a Service (EaaS) solutions for development and testing, sales demo/POC, training, and cyber range teams. Global 500 OEMs, ISVs, financial services, retailers, and innovators everywhere among others rely on Quali’s award-winning CloudShell platform to create self-service, on-demand environments that cut cloud costs, optimize infrastructure utilization, and increase productivity.

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  • Title: AI + Environment Automation = the PB + J of Observability
  • Live at: Jan 22 2020 8:00 pm
  • Presented by: Maya Ber Lerner, CTO, Quali and Dror Mann, VP Product, Loom Systems
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