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Four Ways to Simplify Database Management

If there’s anything as important as making sure an app is running, it’s making sure the data underneath it is available as well. But the rapid changes in database technology and the quick adoption of cloud infrastructure have made that task extremely challenging for most database administrators and DevOps teams.

In just 30 minutes, you'll learn:

- How to monitor all database types (including SQL, NoSQL, cloud) in a single tool

- How to get up to speed quickly on new database technologies without adding experts to your team

- The fastest way to get an assessment of your organization’s overall database health

- Simple tools that will drastically reduce the time you spend on database and infrastructure administration
Recorded Feb 22 2017 27 mins
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Presented by
Mike Kelly, CTO SelectStar
Presentation preview: Four Ways to Simplify Database Management

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  • Previewing The Next Gen Full-SaaS Log Management Platform – observIQ Cloud Recorded: Oct 13 2020 46 mins
    Mike Kelly CTO, Joseph Howell Senior Product Manager
    In this webinar, Mike Kelly, CTO and co-founder of observIQ will discuss how observIQ Cloud allows engineers to effectively aggregate and monitor logs with the only solution that is able to handle the explosive growth in log data. Focused on streamlining the log management experience, observIQ Cloud offers lifecycle management, one-line agent installation, 30+ pre-made ‘sources’ for popular technologies. It is also built on Stanza, the industry’s highest-performing open source log agent.

    Joseph Howell, Senior Product Manager, will also give a guided tour of the platform, taking attendees through the rapid onboarding process, with real-world examples of how to visualize and investigate common incidents for several popular technologies.

    During this 45 minute session, you will learn:

    - The benefits of using observIQ Cloud and becoming a beta participant
    - Simple onboarding steps – showing how ship your logs to the platform within minutes
    - Lifecycle management capabilities for agents, sources, and templates
    - How to investigate common incidents for Apache HTTP Server, Kuberentes, and Windows server environments using Queries, Saved Searches, Visualizations and Alerts
    - How to utilize custom parsing, filtering and tagging rules to focus on the events you actually care about
  • The Cloud Podcast: Bring Order to Your Monitoring with BindPlane Recorded: Feb 11 2020 25 mins
    Mike Kelly
    Blue Medora CTO, Mike Kelly sits down with The Cloud Podcast to discuss current complexities when monitoring hybrid-cloud environments and how BindPlane was built to achieve observability across dispersed cloud technologies, legacy on-premise workloads, & sprawling microservices.
  • Monitor Metrics & Logs from All of Your Datacenters in Stackdriver for BindPlane Recorded: Dec 17 2019 54 mins
    Seth Vargo, Google & Craig Lee, Blue Medora
    Google Stackdriver and BindPlane will share how to increase observability in Stackdriver for your logs and metrics from all datacenters through BindPlane.

    Today’s modern IT environment is complex, mixed, and difficult to monitor from a single location. Google Stackdriver customers needed a solution that could easily combine on-prem and cloud monitoring from multiple database providers into a single view.

    Stackdriver and BindPlane from Blue Medora together bring an in-depth hybrid-cloud, multi-cloud and on-premises view into a single dashboard, connecting health and performance signals from a wide variety of Google and non-GCP sources. BindPlane’s managed log and metrics streaming capability simplifies extending Stackdriver’s observability to enterprise customer data centers and other public clouds, allowing Stackdriver customers to monitor metrics and logs from a single view within Stackdriver.

    Join Seth Vargo, Engineer, Google, and Craig Lee, Chief Systems Architect, BindPlane at Blue Medora for a live webinar on Tuesday, December 17th at 11 AM EST. They will present the relationship and increased functionality for Stackdriver customers sharing how they can:

    - Increase visibility by bringing your entire enterprise stack into a single view
    - Stream both metrics and logs in real-time without an agent
    - Achieve complete SRE (Site Reliability Engineering) observability
    - Understand and quickly diagnose health and performance issues

    The webinar will include a demo of BindPlane for Stackdriver and will be followed by a live Q&A.

    If you are unable to attend the webinar, register to receive a recording via email after the webinar concludes.
  • What is Monitoring Integration as a Service? Meet BindPlane. Recorded: Dec 3 2019 2 mins
    Blue Medora
    You don't need another monitoring tool. You just need a new metric collection strategy. Say goodbye to individual plugins, JSON files and agents. Breakdown metric silos in your organization with BindPlane, the first monitoring-integration-as-a-service. Learn more at Blue Medora.com/BindPlane.
  • Extend Google Stackdriver Logging with BindPlane Logs | Blue Medora Recorded: Dec 3 2019 7 mins
    Austin Georgiades
    Learn how to easily monitor all of your data sources in Google Stackdriver within a single, centralized location by using Blue Medora's BindPlane's new log feature.
    Learn more here: https://bluemedora.com/products/bindplane/bindplane-for-stackdriver/
    Check out which data sources that are currently supported: https://bluemedora.com/solutions/by-integration/
  • Automate Your BindPlane Configuration and Deployment in Minutes | Blue Medora Recorded: Nov 7 2019 5 mins
    Austin Georgiades
    With the help of Blue Medora's BPCLI and Terraform provider, you can automate the configuration and deployment of your data sources and collectors to BindPlane in under 3 minutes.
  • Extend New Relic Logs with BindPlane | Blue Medora Recorded: Oct 18 2019 7 mins
    Josh Williams
    Learn how to integrate your 3rd party data sources into New Relic log monitoring today! Its quick and easy.
  • BindPlane Metrics: First Time Setup | Blue Medora Recorded: Jul 29 2019 6 mins
    Austin Georgiades
    Follow along as we walk you through setting up BindPlane metrics for the first time for Google Stackdriver.
    For further instructions read our blog: http://bit.ly/BPmetrics
    and visit our docs page: http://bit.ly/BPdocs
  • BindPlane Logs: First Time Setup | Blue Medora Recorded: Jul 29 2019 5 mins
    Austin Georgiades
    Welcome to BindPlane! Follow along as we take you through a first time setup for BindPlane Logs with Google Stackdriver.
  • Monitoring 3rd party Database Visibility in GCP with Stackdriver (Part 1)| Blue Recorded: Jun 3 2019 15 mins
    BindPlane Product Team
    Today we will take you through a demo on how to monitor 3rd party databases in GCP stackdriver using Blue Medora's BindPlane and how to identify and solve problems you may run into. For more details visit our website at https://bluemedora.com/products/bindplane/
  • Monitoring 3rd Party Database Visibility in GCP with Stackdriver and BindPlane Recorded: Jun 3 2019 8 mins
    Product Team
    We continue to take you through the demo on how to monitor 3rd party databases in GCP Stackdriver using Blue Medora's BindPlane and detail how you can use Logs with Stackdriver to monitor databases like Oracle. For more details visit our website at https://bluemedora.com/products/bindplane/.
  • 3rd-party Database Visibility in GCP with Deep Telemetry in Stackdriver Recorded: Apr 24 2019 46 mins
    Cameron Jones
    Persistent data management is challenging, especially for companies experiencing fast growth or volatility in data proliferation. Performance telemetry is vital for operating databases like PostgreSQL, Oracle, and SAP HANA. Viewing third-party database telemetry in the context of a full Google Cloud environment allows you to understand impact and relationships. Attendees will learn how to use Stackdriver to monitor third-party databases along with Google Cloud resources at a depth that allows them to tune database performance and solve application problems more quickly.
  • Using Stackdriver to Observe a Hybrid-Cloud Enterprise Recorded: Mar 13 2019 38 mins
    Craig Lee
    Large enterprises run several (up to 20+) monitoring tools. Despite the number of tools available, teams struggle when it comes to overall visibility into their systems, because of the complexity of applications and services.

    Attendees will learn how to break down silos in tooling, metric, and log data collection. They will see how using Google Stackdriver improves cross-team collaboration, reduces alert fatigue, eliminates war rooms and shortens mean-time-to-recovery (MTTR). Attendees will learn best practices for monitoring large-scale, complex, dynamic and distributed systems using Stackdriver. They will also see several new full-stack visualizations that will drastically reduce troubleshooting time.
  • BindPlane for StackDriver Demo | Blue Medora Recorded: Feb 21 2019 8 mins
    Product Team
    Follow along as we demo BindPlane for Stackdriver
  • How to monitor Amazon EC2 in Azure Monitor using BindPlane Recorded: Jan 11 2019 3 mins
    BindPlane Product Team
    Take a tour of this Amazon EC2 dashboard powered by BindPlane for Microsoft Azure. This overview of an Amazon EC2 environment includes health scores and performance trends from EC2 instances running in an AWS cloud. Learn more about how BindPlane makes multi-cloud monitoring possible in Microsoft Azure Monitor at www.bluemedora.com/azure
  • Demo: How to monitor a hybrid cloud in Azure Monitor Recorded: Jan 11 2019 4 mins
    BindPlane Product Team
    Unify hybrid cloud monitoring inside Azure Monitor by adding Blue Medora BindPlane. This demo shows a VMware vCenter dashboard for Azure Monitor, which the health and performance of all of the ESXi hosts. Learn more at www.bluemedora.com/azure
  • Demo: How to track Google Billing in Azure Monitor Recorded: Jan 11 2019 4 mins
    Product Team
    In a multi-cloud environment, one of the number one things that you want to look at right away is cost. Are things where you expected them to be billing wise? Obviously, you’re going to be getting a lot of that out of Microsoft itself, when you’re working in Azure, but by adding Blue Medora BindPlane, you can get that same view into Google Cloud or AWS. Learn more at www.bluemedora.com/azure
  • BindPlane for Azure Monitor Demo | Blue Medora Recorded: Jan 11 2019 4 mins
    Mark Arbogast
    Azure Monitor gives you a comprehensive set of metrics and logs on your Azure environment including metrics, audit logs, activity logs, heartbeats and more inside the log management tab. When you add Blue Medora's BindPlane you'll get these same details from sources running outside of or on top of Azure, like Alibaba or Amazon, that you can dashboard and alert on just like you would with native Azure data. To learn more visit www.bluemedora.com/azure
  • 4 ways to use Azure Monitor beyond Azure resources Recorded: Nov 14 2018 45 mins
    Cameron Jones, Product Manager, Blue Medora
    Do you love Azure Monitor? Have you considered setting up an Action Group for when the office coffee maker is at 10% capacity? Do you wish you could ask the Azure Advisor anything? New infrastructure and multi-cloud integrations for Azure Monitor have made it possible to use it in dozens of new ways. Join us and get insight into how BindPlane enables:
    - Datacenter monitoring with Azure Monitor and Log Analytics
    - Data from multiple clouds in Log Analytics
    - Monitoring Azure workloads like MSSQL and Oracle
    - Query Analysis in Log Analytics
  • How to Reduce Critical Application Downtime Using vRealize Operations Recorded: Aug 13 2018 56 mins
    Tim George, Solution Architect, Blue Medora
    VMware vRealize Operations can do so much more than monitor. Learn how you can bring together monitoring on different infrastructure components—including multiple hypervisors and monitoring platforms to turn it into a troubleshooting tool for your most critical workloads. See new dashboards that can help you identify the root cause of issues in databases, storage and networking before they cascade to other parts of your stack.
Scalable Observability. Intelligent Control.
At observIQ, our mission is to build the best open source observability solutions for DevOps and ITOps.
Visit us at observIQLabs.com

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  • Live at: Feb 22 2017 7:35 pm
  • Presented by: Mike Kelly, CTO SelectStar
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