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Future Proof Your EBS Investment now and to Cloud

If you’re an EBS customer, the notion of moving to the cloud in the future can leave you wondering what is going to happen to your reporting. Between creation and migration, you’re going to want to make sure the transition to the cloud is as seamless as possible.

Register for our webinar with Oracle EBS Specialist John Brooks where he will share how you can:

- Get the most from your EBS investment with third-party finance-owned reporting solutions.
- Save time each month with self-serve, real-time reporting.
- Build finance-owned reports that include the ability to drill-down to detail for easy reconciliations.
- Easily move all data and reports to the Cloud when it’s time.
Recorded Jul 22 2020 31 mins
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Presented by
John Brooks, Oracle EBS Specialist insightsoftware
Presentation preview: Future Proof Your EBS Investment now and to Cloud

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  • Replacing Discoverer: Top Ways to Move Forward with Real-Time Data Recorded: Mar 10 2021 66 mins
    Tom Williams - Divisional VP of Sales - insghtsoftware and Susan Adkison - Senior Solution Engineer - insightsoftware
    Over the years of DISCOVERER use, scores of reports were created.
    Are you struggling with the de-supported ORACLE DISCOVERER and not sure where to start with this process?

    Join Susan Adkison, an Oracle products expert, to learn a simple way to convert these Discoverer reports and explore easier ways to analyze Oracle EBS financial and operational reporting in the familiar Excel environment.

    We’ll discuss and demonstrate how to empower users with real-time and self-service EBS reporting. Through these tactics, you will learn how to achieve faster monthly closes, instant data refreshes, drill-downs, and automatic distribution. You’ll also see how you can keep your complete Discoverer reports in Excel without having to export or use additional hardware, all while improving your overall EBS financial and operational reporting.

    Join this Webinar to learn:
    - Options available to replacing Discoverer
    - Typical requirements of a Discoverer replacement or transactional reporting project
    - Conversion project plan including converting versus rebuilding reports
    - Modern, user-friendly options for transactional reporting from Oracle EBS
    - All using an easy to install Excel Add-In
  • Accelerate Your Monthly, Quarterly, and Year-End Reporting Recorded: Dec 9 2020 29 mins
    Nicole Meftah, Sr Account Executive - insightsoftware and Kevin Gibson, Sr Solution Engineer - insightsoftware
    Does it take you 5 days, 10 days, or even longer to complete your monthly, quarterly, or year-end close? Are you struggling with consolidations for multiple subsidiaries that each run different financial management systems? What if your closing cycle could happen in one or two days instead of in a month? A better close could mean time and money saved on audit prep, and higher confidence in the data you deliver.

    Watch this webinar on how to Accelerate Your Monthly, Quarterly, and Year-End Reporting in which you’ll learn how to:

    - Improve visibility into reconciliations
    - Accelerate report pack production
    - Drill- down to see the details behind each number
    - Find a solution that delivers real-time reporting directly from your ERP
  • Getting Strategic Incorporating Long Range Forecasts into your Tax Reporting Too Recorded: Dec 8 2020 49 mins
    Susie Cooke, Partner - Deloitte Canada, Jamie Eagan, VP Product Management, and Kathryn Abate, Pre Sales Director – Longview
    Watch this webinar to understand what government measures we could expect, and how scenario planning and forecasting can support you in translating these legislative changes into potential commercial outcomes for your business.
    Key takeaways from this webinar:
    - Understanding potential longer-term government measures
    - Factoring different outcomes into global long-range tax forecasts
    - Provide critical insight into the business
  • Data, Technology and Processes to Support Tax Forecasting and What-If Scenarios Recorded: Dec 3 2020 61 mins
    Andy Cale - Vodafone, Shan Sun - Unilever, Jamie Eagan - insightsoftware and Kathryn Abate - insightsoftware
    Watch this panel session to hear Andy Cale, Head of Financial Reporting at Vodafone, Shan Sun, Lead for Tax Innovation at Unilever, Jamie Eagan, VP Product Management at insightsoftware, and
    Kathryn Abate, Presales Director, EMEA at insightsoftware, discussing:
    - How can What-If scenarios bring the most value for Tax, particularly in the current climate?
    - What are the biggest data, technology and process challenges when accurately forecasting tax? How can they be overcome?
    - How can Tax teams be more strategic and insightful?
  • How to Unleash Your Data into Impactful Analytics Recorded: Dec 1 2020 41 mins
    Daniel Polprasert, Account Executive, insightsoftware - and Kevin Gibson, Senior Engineer, insightsoftware
    Data has never been more critical to successfully navigating uncertainty in the real estate market. As we move into a new year, businesses must seek ways to leverage their data to make better decisions about the road ahead. In this webinar, we will discuss:
    - The roles data collection, transformation, and distribution play in the decision-making process
    - Leveraging dashboards and other visualizations to create impactful analytics
    - The necessity of agile reporting in today's climate
    - How to provide data visibility across your organization to ensure the right decisions are made at every level
  • When Financial Results are Significantly Different to Forecast Recorded: Nov 25 2020 52 mins
    Sunil Murray, VP Sales - insightsoftware & Tim Caudill, Product Engineer - insightsoftware
    As crisis management turns to reshaping your organization’s path for future growth, is your business ready to start accelerating its recovery and for the challenges that lie ahead?

    The ability to quickly and frequently reforecast and adapt to change across supply chains, workforce, and overall business strategy, are now standard requirements for planning your organization’s route forward.

    In this webinar, Sunil Murray, VP, EPM, insightsoftware and Tim Caudill, Director, Pre-Sales, insightsoftware will discuss continuous planning supports business agility and can help your organization reshape future growth.
  • Leveraging Technology to Communicate the Story Behind the Numbers Recorded: Nov 3 2020 46 mins
    Vincent Lucey, Senior Account Executive - insightsoftware
    Does your finance team spend more time reporting on your company's performance than analyzing and communicating it to stakeholders?

    The more attention finance teams dedicate to spreadsheets and manual reporting, the less likely they are using their analytical skills to enable their companies to understand and make better decisions based on the dynamics of key financial and non-financial drivers of performance.

    Advances in automation now make it possible for finance teams to redirect their efforts away from preparing reports about past performance and focus instead on learning how their companies can positively influence future performance across the enterprise.

    During this session, we will reveal how finance leaders can:
    - Use automation to reduce or even eliminate the time they spend on manual reporting
    - Employ data visualization to communicate about their companies' performance far more clearly and succinctly than they can with numbers alone
    - Align financial and operational data to identify opportunities and inform decisions about how to improve their company performance.
  • Leveraging Excel in Ad Hoc Reporting to Empower Business Agility Recorded: Oct 27 2020 43 mins
    Chip Herring, Account Executive and Mike Wiley, Solutions Engineer
    Business agility has been more important than ever as the impacts of the global pandemic have created a new remote reality and are continuing to influence what will become the next normal. Robust reporting and analysis have always been necessary, but are now determining the fate of companies across all industries. Despite common myths, Excel can facilitate data truth and deliver efficient and effective financial reporting.
    In this session, we will demonstrate how to:
    - Educate your Excel users in Excel best practices to facilitate data truth at your company
    - Enable your finance teams to answer ad-hoc inquiries and create custom, refreshable, drillable reports in minutes using live data in Excel
    - Quickly and easily distribute financial and operational reports across departments
  • The Ultimate JDE Reporting, Planning and Analytics Tool Recorded: Oct 22 2020 35 mins
    Cuan de Vries – Senior Solution Engineer & Keriann Edwards – Senior Account Manager – Asia Pacific
    Hubble integrates all your critical business systems so that users at all levels have access to live data and automated reporting, planning, and budgeting. With this type of visibility, everyone can easily understand, manage, and predict business results via intuitive dashboards and analytics.

    Join our Product Specialist, Cuan de Vries, in this on-demand webinar to discover why Hubble by insightsoftware is the ultimate JD Edwards tool for all your reporting, planning and analytics.

    A single integrated real-time solution that fully understands JD Edwards, Hubble provides:

    - A faster way to build reports with hundreds of pre-built templates
    - Drill-down in real-time
    - Live actuals and budgets side-by-side to spot variances immediately
    - Simplify budget entry, workflow and upload your planning data back into JDE
    - Web based dashboards for visual analytics
    You’ll see a live demonstration, customer examples, and common issues JDE customers experience and proof as to why Hubble is your ultimate alternative to native JD Edwards reporting.
  • Scenario Planning For Enterprise Tax Teams Recorded: Oct 20 2020 51 mins
    Susie Cooke, Deloitte Canada & Jamie Eagan and Kathryn Abate at insightsoftware
    The ‘scenario planning’ approach helps every organization to react to small and large market fluctuations in the most cost-effective and strategic manner. Rapid advances in technology are helping to address this planning overhaul, allowing an organization to adopt a continuous planning mindset. Planning is no longer completed in silos in finance—it’s inclusive of many different business departments. Companies need the ability to be agile and insightful – completing ‘what-if’ scenarios and regularly reforecasting to understand how things are evolving in the short and medium term position. What can technology do to help?
    Susie Cooke, Partner, Deloitte Canada alongside insightsoftware’s Jamie Eagan, VP Product Management and Kathryn Abate, Pre Sales Director, Tax, will discuss how Tax teams can adopt a continuous planning mindset to keep everything moving in real-time.
    Key takeaways from this webinar:
    - How you can mitigate risk and respond effectively during a crisis
    - Which scenario planning models are right for your business and Tax team
    - The shift from quarterly to monthly reporting for Tax teams
    - Rapid and agile reporting – the need for technology solutions that are built for Tax
    Register to hear how Deloitte and insightsoftware are helping organizations to think differently and break the standard cyclical and quarterly reporting patterns. Hear how leading organizations are shifting ways of working and driving forward technology adoption.
  • Modernize Your Finance & Project Reporting With Live Deltek Data – In Excel Recorded: Oct 13 2020 26 mins
    Chad Wise, Partnerships Account Executive, insightsoftware & Kevin Gibson, CPA, Senior Solutions Engineer, insightsoftware
    Are your current reporting processes contributing to your business success? Deltek and insightsoftware recently partnered to provide a turnkey financial and project-based reporting solution with a live integration to Deltek ERPs.
    No more waiting on IT, no more manually dumping data into cumbersome spreadsheets, and no more back and forth between Deltek and Excel. Instead, you’ll find Excel-based access to real-time Deltek data that automatically refreshes at the click of a button and provides you drill down to journal level detail. Join us to see how easy it can be to automate reporting, create stunning visual dashboards, and save hundreds of hours of time each year – all with a solution that can be implemented in less than a week.
  • BSK Associates Finds Success Reporting From Multiple Data Sources and Empowering Recorded: Oct 8 2020 26 mins
    Connor Strapp, Vice President of Partnerships, insightsoftware and Kris Morton, Chief Information Officer
    Prior to implementing Spreadsheet Server, BSK Associates had trouble creating comprehensive reports with their data living in multiple systems, including their Deltek ERP. With their move from an on-prem to cloud version of Deltek, their reporting didn’t get any easier. PDF reports from Deltek were being manually re-keyed into Excel and custom reports became very complicated, even for Kris Morton, their CIO who is an SQL programmer.
    Join this session to see how Kris was able to perform six months of reports for five different cost centers in less than 20 minutes; empower his business users to create reports they need without going through Deltek technical services; and make migrating from Vision to Vantagepoint easier after implementing Spreadsheet Server, an Excel-based financial and project reporting tool using live Deltek data.
  • Brunch Bunch-Reshaping Future Growth Top Tips Recorded: Oct 7 2020 42 mins
    Susie Cooke, Partner - Deloitte Canada, Jamie Eagan, VP Product Management, and Kathryn Abate, Pre Sales Director – Longview
    Tax teams have a lot to deal with right now. From challenging global headwinds, jurisdictional variances and complexity, to senior leadership needing data even faster. On top of that, tax professionals need to prove that they can be more agile than ever.

    Susie Cooke, Partner, Deloitte Canada, alongside insightsoftware’s Jamie Eagan, VP Product Management – Longview, and Kathryn Abate, Pre Sales Director, Longview Tax, will discuss how organisations’ tax teams can be responsive to market uncertainty and organisational reforecasts as a result of the downturn.

    Watch this free webinar to hear how Deloitte and Longview Tax are supporting organisations with their scenario and planning capabilities, enabling organisations to report best case/worst case against current forecasts.

    Key takeaways from this webinar:

    Visibility and comparability of data
    The role of reforecasting throughout the year
    3-5 year forecast and potential long-term scenarios
    Elevating Tax to the position of a being strategic asset
  • Fast, Flexible Financial and Operational Reporting for Oracle EBS Recorded: Sep 10 2020 41 mins
    Tom Williams, Divisional Vice President of Sales at insightsoftware and David Rincon, Sr Solution Engineer at insightsoftware
    Oracle EBS reporting can be challenging with the options available like FSGs, Standard Reports, OBIEE and Discoverer that require too much manual effort.

    In this webinar, we’ll show how a typical day in the finance department can be much easier as users access and control their financial data with insightsoftware.

    - Easily build financial, operational, and ad hoc reports
    - Retrieve and refresh the data via the web or through Excel
    - Distribute reports to your team, other departments, and key stakeholders
    - Leverage insightsoftware ERP Smarts to quickly connect and configure to your Oracle EBS instance.
    - Operational reporting with drill through and drill across business areas – OBIEE, Standard Reports and Discoverer replacement
    - General Ledger Focus – drill to details, fast trial balances
  • How to Implement Continuous Planning in a Fast-Changing World Recorded: Sep 9 2020 53 mins
    Join Craig Schiff, President & CEO, BMP Partners and Tim Caudill, Director, Tidemark Presales
    You already know that to remain competitive, your company must transition from finance-driven quarterly forecasting to a process of continuous planning.
    In a recent study by BPM Partners, 54% of respondents identified more frequent forecasting as an area of increased importance as a result of the current global economic conditions.

    So what’s stopping organizations from planning at a pace that best suits their business?

    Join Craig Schiff, President & CEO, BMP Partners and Tim Caudill, Tidemark expert in this complimentary, CPE webinar as they review common barriers to initiating a continuous planning process, how to overcome these, and what to look for in a continuous planning solution that delivers real-time, up-to-date information from across the business.
  • Easy and Automated Real Estate Reporting Recorded: Aug 31 2020 31 mins
    MIke Wiley, Solution Engineer at insightsoftware
    Join our 30-minute webinar showcasing how Spreadsheet Server can transform your Real Estate reporting. Mike Wiley, Solutions Engineer, will cover key reports that you can create with our tool and how we solve reporting challenges such as:
    - Manual data entry
    - Data discrepancies
    - Building the same report multiple times
  • How can Financial Analytics Provide a Springboard to Insight? Recorded: Aug 17 2020 31 mins
    Gary Simon, Chief Executive Officer of FSN
    FSN’s newly released research, “The Future of Analytics in The Finance Function,” finds that only 14% of analytic effort is insightful.

    More than 50% of companies are simply reliant on cyclical reporting from ERP systems, with very few CFOs having the capability to go the extra mile. And while standard reporting can provide a robust foundation for analytics, rapidly changing circumstances such as Covid-19, or an aggressive acquisition strategy, bring home the need for a more agile response.

    So, the obvious question is, why are so few companies able to deliver insightful analytics and how can CFOs better prepare to answer any financial question sent their way?

    In this 30-minute webinar, Gary Simon, Chief Executive Officer of FSN, and Henry Schumann, Director of Finance at insightsoftware, discuss the crucial information that can be driven from financial and operational data in the quest for better insights and decision-making.


    Gary Simon is the Chief Executive Officer of FSN and Leader of the Modern Finance Forum for CFOs. He is a graduate of London University, a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales, and a Fellow of the British Computer Society. Gary has more than 30 years’ experience of implementing management and financial reporting systems. He is the author of four books and a popular independent speaker on market developments.

    Henry Schumann is Director of Finance at insightsoftware. With more than 30 years of experience in the finance sector, Henry has an extensive career spanning multiple industries and using various software packages to maximize financial functions such as forecasting, budgeting, process improvement and documentation, variance analysis, NPV, IRR, ROI, capital planning, credit analysis, transfer pricing, ERP implementation, and financial reporting to executives and boards.
  • How Financial Intelligence Can Help Improve Strategic Analysis Recorded: Jul 29 2020 57 mins
    Mark Pockl, SAP Senior Solution Engineer at insightsoftware
    Something all SAP users knows is that when it comes to creating timely reports, they face different challenges both in terms of data access and manipulation. Being forced to rely on IT to create the reports often means organizations must spend too much time preparing the data, instead of analyzing it, preventing them from gaining a real-time, relevant picture.

    This is where Financial Intelligence comes in. But what is Financial Intelligence? And how can it help organizations access real-time, accurate, and drillable data and easily identify the key indicators you should focus on to achieve better results?

    Register for our webinar to discover more on how to leverage your SAP data and improve your organization’s outcomes.
  • A Management Reporting Transformation: Sage & CXO Recorded: Jul 28 2020 45 mins
    Vincent Lucey, Sr Enterprise Executive - insightsoftware & Andrew Murphy, Finance System Manager - Sage
    Register to our on-demand webinar to learn how Sage, a global market leader of business management software for small and medium sized companies, transformed their management reporting production by 5 days. During this 45-minute webinar, we’ll take you through Sage’s journey to understand exactly how they were able to dramatically reduce their monthly management reporting time.

    Key takeaways include:

    - The impact of having a reliable, universally accepted single-source-of-truth
    - How quickly CXO was deployed and configured
    - And how global decisions could be made quicker and smarter
  • The importance of an agile reporting process in uncertain times Recorded: Jul 24 2020 26 mins
    Mark Pockl, SAP Senior Solution Engineer at insightsoftware
    The coronavirus’ crisis forced organizations around the world to drastically change the way they approach business. The Office of the CFO has been tasked to guide the organization across emerging realities that change almost daily.

    During this session, Mark Pockl, Sr SAP Solution Engineer at insightsoftware discusses and demonstrate how to implement an effective, agile reporting approach that effectively supports your business to answer ad-hoc questions accurately, identify critical scenarios, and quickly implement powerful, data-driven actions. Mark also shares how you can get free access to insightsoftware’s SAP reporting solution for 60 days, with free training and implementation.
Revolutionizing Financial Reporting and EPM
insightsoftware is on a mission to help companies turn their financial & operational data into better business outcomes that drive growth and ROI. Through their innovative, turn-key reporting and performance management solutions, insightsoftware provides users with real-time access to data-driven insights in an efficient, cost-effective and secure manner. Featuring integration support for over 130 tier 1 and tier 2 ERP systems, as well as full integration into Microsoft Excel, the company has the experience and flexibility to help business leaders unlock the power of their business data so they can understand, manage and optimize their business with ease. More information about insightsoftware can be found at www.insightsoftware.com.

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  • Title: Future Proof Your EBS Investment now and to Cloud
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  • Presented by: John Brooks, Oracle EBS Specialist insightsoftware
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