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InstaPay Webinar: How ready is Europe for SCT Inst?

How prepared are organisations for SCT Inst and what are their reasons for participating, delaying – or even ignoring this initiative?

In this special InstaPay webinar, you will hear from three very different perspectives - the view of a leading CSM, EBA Clearing, the view from a bank participating in SCT Inst, Caixabank, and from a practitioner committed to helping organisations adopt the scheme; Icon Solutions.

Join this webinar to hear our experts share recent InstaPay SCT Inst survey findings and discuss:

- Why are leading banks planning to join SCT Inst?
- Who will be the winners and losers of the SCT Inst service?
- How quick will the rate of adoption be across Europe?
- What are the routes to connecting to SCT Inst?
- What can we learn from the experience of others?
- What impact may the ECB TIPS announcements have?
Recorded May 3 2017 59 mins
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Presented by
David Renault (EBA Clearing), Xavier Herrero (Caixabank), Tom Hay (Icon Solutions)
Presentation preview: InstaPay Webinar: How ready is Europe for SCT Inst?

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  • Busting the Myths of Payments Transformation Recorded: Sep 29 2020 61 mins
    Icon Solutions, Danske Bank, NatWest and AWS
    ‘Payments transformation’ has emerged as perhaps the single biggest opportunity, and challenge, for banks. Given the proven link between successful payments transformation and payments profitability, the need to transform has fast become essential.

    However, with various organisations reporting a lack of information across strategy and best-practice,  misconceptions about payments transformation can stall progress and hamper innovation. Busting these myths allows financial institutions to avoid common pitfalls and seize the opportunities.

    Join us to hear speakers from NatWest, Danske Bank, AWS and Icon Solutions discuss:

    Myth 1: ‘Payments can’t be profitable’
    Challenging? Yes. Insurmountable? No. Danske Bank, will share experience of introducing a visionary payments strategy to enable innovation and reduce costs.

    Myth 2: 'Regulatory compliance is the end goal for payments transformation’
    Discover how, for NatWest, meeting regulations is only a springboard for a comprehensive payments transformation strategy

    Myth 3: ‘The cloud is too risky for payments’ 
    Hear from AWS on how a truly cloud-native, cloud-agnostic approach can deliver resilience, security and agility for bank

    Myth 4: ‘The only choice for banks is in-house or outsourced’
    Icon Solutions will share recommendations on how banks can leverage a hybrid approach to payments transformation. 


    Ian Povey, Head of Payments Services & Technology at NatWest
    Hendrik Van Der Watt, Chief Enterprise Architect at Danske Bank
    Matt Pitchford, Principle Solution Architect at AWS
    Simon Wilson, Co-Head Payments at Icon Solutions
    Moderator: Lauren Jones, International Payments Ambassador, Icon Solutions
  • Leveraging ISO 20022 in the US - What, why and how? Recorded: Mar 4 2020 59 mins
    Moderator: Lauren Jones | Speakers: Gene Neyer - Icon Solutions, Stacy Rosenthal - Santander, Cheryl Jacobs - Wells Fargo
    The ISO 20022 financial messaging standard is now seeing widespread adoption for domestic and international payments solutions worldwide. ISO 20022 is designed to enable organisations to communicate information across a wide spectrum of financial services applications. The structured, rich message format makes it easier to automate processing of financial messages, which can deliver business benefits such as simpler reconciliation and improved STP rates. ISO 20022 also offers the potential for greater interoperability between payment systems, both domestic and global. But is ISO 20022 delivering on these promises?

    Join this webinar to hear speakers from Wells Fargo, Santander and Icon Solutions:

    Take stock of ISO 20022 in use today
    Paint a picture of the future of payments
    Identify key developments already underway
    Examine what is needed from market participants.


    Gene Neyer, Executive Advisor, Icon Solutions
    Stacy Rosenthal, Head of Payments, Santander
    Cheryl Beth Jacobs, Global Product Manager, Wells Fargo
    Moderator: Lauren Jones, Independent Global Consultant
  • The Payments Transformation Race - who's winning? Recorded: Nov 26 2019 57 mins
    Lauren Jones, Editor, InstaPay
    The world of payments is going to be fundamentally transformed within the next 5 years. McKinsey & Co. have reported that payments will become a $2 trillion business by 2020 and potentially $3 trillion by 2025. Payments will be reshaped by technology and redefined by regulation, and most importantly, payments will be refocused from a commoditised proposition to a strategic, value-adding solution.

    There is no doubt that banks who have a clear and robust payments transformation plan will be more profitable than their competitors, widening the gap between the winner and losers in the transformation race. However, according to recent research by financial technology company Icon Solutions and consultancy firm Aite Group, The Payments Transformation Race: Criteria for Success 63% of top tier banks are reporting that they are either close to or below profitability hurdles for payments. So how can banks may sure they have a slice of the pie?

    The true success of a payments transformation effort is not immediately measurable so how do institutions reconcile themselves with a longer term pay off? Are there any quick wins that can help showcase return on investment?

    During this webinar we will take stock of the state of play today, paint a picture of the future of payments, identify key developments already underway and examine what is needed from market participants. Key insights will be shared from the research as well as on-the-ground perspectives from banks undergoing their own payments transformation program.


    Mark Evans, Global Head of Payments Advisory, HSBC
    Marta Stensheim Haugen, Head of Payments, Nordea
    Simon Wilson, Director, Global Payment Solutions, Icon Solutions
  • Real-Time Payments in The United States: A game of inches Recorded: Jun 13 2019 59 mins
    InstaPay, Accenture, Citizens Bank, Avidia Bank
    With over 10,000 financial institutions, 21 million business payers, and an $18 trillion economy, the U.S. is world's largest and most complex marketplace for payment services. Compared with nations where a relatively small number of banks dominate the entire financial system, any plan for Real-Time Payments (RTP) in the U.S. must consider the concerns of an exceptionally large and diverse set of stakeholders.

    Recognising the need to remain globally competitive – and to be able to connect with RTP systems around the world, The Federal Reserve’s Faster Payments task force set goals for a new payments system that included near-instantaneous transactions. The Clearing House launched RTP in November 2017, to meet these goals. Other instant payments solutions exist in the U.S. such as PayPal’s Venmo and Early Warning’s Zelle, but how is the market moving towards the Federal Reserve’s 2020 deadline for ubiquitous instant payments? Without any top-down mandates, encouraging innovation via a market-driven approach relying on voluntary collaboration among payment services and stakeholders can be a challenge. How are payments players reacting?

    Overlay services – social media integration, instant loans, request for payments – and open APIs (Application Program Interfaces) provide innovations that encourage consumers and businesses to use real-time payments. How is the U.S. moving forward with these innovations?

    Time: 11am EST / 4pm BST
  • What do real-time payments really mean for corporates? Recorded: May 23 2019 63 mins
    Gene Neyer - Icon Solutions, Steve Ledford - TCH, Peter Gordon - PAYFI, Adam Rust - Reinvestment Partners
    Faster Payments have changed the world for the better and many corporates are already reaping the benefits. Corporates being able to pay their employees daily enables better budget management for those living pay check to pay check. This can even mean getting 30 minutes of your life back every week because you don’t have to plan and track your spending. Faster Payments have already made an impact – with more to come!

    In this webinar we will hear from industry experts on the road they took to real-time payments and the wins that have come with adopting new technologies. We will explore the drivers compelling them to adjust their business models, their adoption of new payment options, and how RTP is enabling them to accelerate their growth in this open, data-driven and real-time world.

    This webinar will be moderated by Icon’s Executive Advisor, Gene Neyer, and will discuss how corporates are adapting to these industry changes, exploring:

    •The challenges and opportunities corporates are faced with,
    •Their vision and how they adapt the business case,
    •Interplay between old and new payment methods,
    •The future as they make moves to adapt in this new space.
  • Leveraging instant payments to deliver payments transformation Recorded: Apr 5 2019 59 mins
    BNP Paribas, CapGemini, Icon Solutions
    Much has been discussed on the challenges involved with the adoption of instant payments – but there has been little discussion on how instant payments can enable banks to revolutionise their payments systems and spearhead payments transformation for the future.
    In 2019, the banking market will increasingly be distinguished between those who are innovators and those who are not. Payment transformation will be a pivotal point for those wanting to go further than glossy exteriors to lasting transform. Those that embrace the new open, data driven, and real-time world with technology models that match will lead the market. Those that continue to lean on legacy systems will become laggards and fall behind.

    This InstaPay webinar will explore how instant payments is an opportunity for banks to review their payments architecture, understand how to unburden themselves from legacy systems and compete in an evolving digital economy.
  • The journey towards a faster, safer and more efficient payments system in the US Recorded: Dec 6 2018 61 mins
    Gene Neyer - Icon Solutions, Carl Slabicki - BNY Mellon, Steve Ledford - TCH, Jim Reuter - FirstBank, Connie Theien - Fed
    The Federal Reserve recently requested public comment on a number of proposals. What does the Fed request for comment mean to the Financial Community and ultimately, to the end-user?

    This webinar is an opportunity to hear directly from the Fed on what is included in the request, an insight into the reaction of The Clearing House, as well as hearing the views of both a large and a mid-sized bank. As your institution is thinking through the strategic implications, take a listen to the experts and then form your own opinions. We also do encourage you to submit your comments to the Fed by the Dec 14th!

    The webinar will be moderated by Gene Neyer, Executive Advisor, Payments, at Icon Solutions. Gene’s extensive payments experience includes membership of the successor to the Fed Fast Payments Taskforce, GFFT, and President of the Supplier Committee at BAFT.
  • Instant Payments in Central & Eastern Europe: Challenges & Use Cases Recorded: Dec 5 2018 61 mins
    InstaPay, Nets, Central Bank of Hungary, KIR
    This webinar, sponsored by Nets, examines the adoption, challenges and use cases for instant payments in Central and Eastern Europe.

    This webinar features speakers from:

    - Nets: an experienced instant payments solution provider in the Nordics and Europe
    - Central Bank in Hungary who have mandated instant payments in their market
    - KIR, the operators of Express Elixir, the instant payments system in Poland which has been live for six years

    Together they will discuss:

    - Instant payments developments in non-Euro denominated countries, particularly Poland, Slovenia, Hungary and Czech Republic
    - The considerations for non-Euro denominated markets and the dream of European cross-border instant payments
    - How these markets can leverage the expertise of international technology whilst still preserving national requirements
    - The trend towards regulation as a catalyst for instant payments adoption
    - Whether instant payments acts as an accelerator for innovation in the region
  • Real-time payments: Driving value for banks and their customers Recorded: Jul 17 2018 60 mins
    Gene Neyer, Carl Slabicki, Steve Ledford, Charles Ellert
    Worldwide real-time payments (RTP) are already offering businesses and consumers speed, convenience and 24/7 availability. So what is the current state of RTP in the US? What are corporates expecting and how are early adopters finding the experience so far? With RTP development budgets and real-time cash positions cited as top priorities by US institutions, how is this translating into actions?
  • Instant Payments in Germany: Connectivity, Culture and Global Considerations Recorded: Jul 3 2018 63 mins
    InstaPay, Deutsche Bank, EBA Clearing, European Central Bank, Icon Solutions
    This InstaPay webinar will explore some of the challenges in adopting instant payments in Germany and provide insights on how to prepare.

    Join this webinar to hear from different perspectives, from: Deutsche Bank, a bank at the forefront of instant payments adoption, the ECB and EBA Clearing on the attributes, reach and interoperability of TIPS and RT1, and from Icon Solutions, an instant payments implementer who will address the impact (if any) connectivity system choice will have on your technology approach for instant payments.

    Christof Hofmann, Head of Global Payments & Collections (Corporate Cash Management), Deutsche Bank
    Holger Thiemann, Adviser, ECB
    David Renault, Head of STEP2, EBA Clearing
    Gene Neyer, Chief Strategy Officer, Icon Solutions
  • Webinar: Transitioning to Instant Payments in Germany Recorded: Mar 22 2018 63 mins
    Britta Kotthaus-Kramer, Accenture Corinna Lauer, UniCredit, Elisabeth Kern-Thüringer, Raiffeisen Gene Neyer, Icon Solutions
    How can Banks in Germany prepare for Instant Payments whilst controlling costs and managing risks? And what can we learn from those who have already travelled the path to Instant Payments?

    This InstaPay webinar will explore some of the challenges in adopting instant payments in Germany and provide insights on how to prepare. You will hear from three very different perspectives, global industry insights from consultants Accenture, real world experiences from UniCredit and Raiffeisen, early joiners of the RT1 scheme, and from Icon Solutions a leading global payments practitioner currently implementing real time solutions internationally.


    - Britta Kotthaus-Kramer, Principal Director at Accenture GMBh
    - Corinna Lauer, Director, Global Transaction Banking at UniCredit Bank
    - Elisabeth Kern-Thüringer, Senior Product Manager, Raiffeisen Bank International AG
    - Gene Neyer, Executive Advisor, Icon Solutions
  • InstaPay Webinar: How ready is Europe for SCT Inst? Recorded: May 3 2017 59 mins
    David Renault (EBA Clearing), Xavier Herrero (Caixabank), Tom Hay (Icon Solutions)
    How prepared are organisations for SCT Inst and what are their reasons for participating, delaying – or even ignoring this initiative?

    In this special InstaPay webinar, you will hear from three very different perspectives - the view of a leading CSM, EBA Clearing, the view from a bank participating in SCT Inst, Caixabank, and from a practitioner committed to helping organisations adopt the scheme; Icon Solutions.

    Join this webinar to hear our experts share recent InstaPay SCT Inst survey findings and discuss:

    - Why are leading banks planning to join SCT Inst?
    - Who will be the winners and losers of the SCT Inst service?
    - How quick will the rate of adoption be across Europe?
    - What are the routes to connecting to SCT Inst?
    - What can we learn from the experience of others?
    - What impact may the ECB TIPS announcements have?
  • Avoid the common pitfalls of instant payment installations Recorded: Mar 9 2017 60 mins
    Mark McMurtrie - Editor, InstaPay.Today, Leo Lipis CEO of Lipis Advisors, Tom Hay, Head of Payments at Icon Solutions
    With over 25* installations already live around the world and 19 in the planning stage there can be no doubt that instant payments are a growing global phenomenon.

    Our Payments experts will share their insight, gained from organisations who have already transitioned to instant payments, and provide you with a practical and strategic approach to your implementation based on the recent Lipis Advisors’  Implementing Instant Payments: Insights from Early Adopters research.

    Register your place now to hear from our panel of experts who will show you that instant payments is a feasible proposition for everyone which does not require endless budgets and a massive headcount for successful implementation.

    Join this webinar to learn:
    - A review of the different technological solutions available and the preferred options
    - How you can overcome the challenges involved and leverage the business opportunities created by Instant Payments
    - How to avoid the trap of escalating costs
    - How to build a flexible solution which futureproofs for the consumer demands of tomorrow

    The webinar is being moderated by Mark McMurtrie - Editor, InstaPay.Today with guest speakers Leo Lipis, CEO of Lipis Advisors and Tom Hay - Icon's Head of Payments. They have seen and heard just about everything when it comes to payments and instant payments implementations and will be happy to share their insights with you.

    *Source InstaPay.today Tracker
  • Final PSD2 RTS on SCA and Secure Communication: What you need to know Recorded: Mar 7 2017 57 mins
    Tom Hay - Head of Payments, Icon Solutions and Chris Kong - Senior Consultant, Icon Solutions
    If you are looking for the key insights from the latest PSD2 RTS then this webinar is for you.

    The European Banking Authority (EBA) recently published the long-awaited (and much debated) draft Regulatory Technical Standards (RTS) covering Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) and secure communication.

    These Standards are the result of the difficult trade-offs between the various drivers behind PSD2, including: enhancing security, enabling greater customer convenience, and encouraging both innovation and competition.

    In this special, exclusive webinar, Icon Solutions’ PSD2 experts, Tom Hay (Head of Payments) and Chris Kong (Senior Consultant and Co-chair of the ECB/ERPB PSD2 Identity subgroup) will share their interpretation of the standards and the key things you need to know to meet your PSD2 obligations and beyond.

    Join this webinar to learn what impact RTS will have on:

    • Interface requirements and applicable standards
    • Strong Customer Authentication and generation of Authentication Codes
    • Exemptions from SCA and Transaction Risk Analysis
    • Certificates, identification and validation of Third Party Processors
Webcast for Financial Institutions and Payment Processors
We run a series of webinars on topics relating to Instant Payments and PSD2.
Our webinars are designed for all stakeholders within the payments industry.

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  • Title: InstaPay Webinar: How ready is Europe for SCT Inst?
  • Live at: May 3 2017 11:00 am
  • Presented by: David Renault (EBA Clearing), Xavier Herrero (Caixabank), Tom Hay (Icon Solutions)
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