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Transform Oracle Application Performance with All-Flash Storage

The benefits that all flash storage brings to Oracle database environments are fairly well documented - lower latency, more IOPS, operational simplicity etc. But how do these benefits translate to the applications running on top of the Oracle database? Do business applications, analytical tools etc. perform any better with Flash?

Register for this on-demand webinar to learn how your Oracle E-business Suite, OBIEE and Tableau environments can be transformed by Flash.

Featured Speakers:
Avi Nayak, Product Marketing Manager, Pure Storage
Dean Bolton, Oracle Data Architect , VLSS LLC
Recorded Oct 19 2016 27 mins
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Presented by
Avi Nayak, Product Marketing Manager, Pure Storage & Dean Bolton, Oracle Data Architect , VLSS LLC
Presentation preview: Transform Oracle Application Performance with All-Flash Storage

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  • Lunch & Learn: DevOps 101 Apr 1 2020 10:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Alfredo Nulli, EMEA Office of the CTO
    Join us and meet our DevOps experts. In this session we will discuss DevOps requiremenst with all the benefits and features available with infrastructure as code tools. DevOps team needs to watch at infrastructure with a REST API lens, used during code integration. What defines a solution to be DevOps ready, is the capability of the solution to be available externally. During this Lunch & Learn webinar we will highlight infrastructure as code benefits servicing a DevOps environment and show these benefits in a multi-cloud environment.
  • Pure "Info-Snacks": Flexibel, schnell und zuverlässig: VDI Lösungen mit Pure Apr 1 2020 8:00 am UTC 45 mins
    Martin Schulz, Pure Storage
    "Pure bietet eine schnelle, belastbare, einfach zu verwaltende und einfach skalierbare All-Flash-Plattform für Virtual Desktop Infrastructures (VDIs). Beschleunigen Sie Ihre Citrix- oder VMware-VDI-Bereitstellung mit der zuverlässigsten Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, die auf dem Markt erhältlich ist. Gartner bestätigt dies mit der höchsten Wertung 2019 für den VDI Use Case!
  • Lunch & Learn: DevOps 101 [ENGLISH] Mar 31 2020 10:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Alfredo Nulli, EMEA Office of the CTO
    Suscríbete al primer webinar del programa ""Lunch & Learn"" de Purestorage y conoce a nuestro experto en DevOps.
    En esta sesión, nos gustaría conectar las necesidades de DevOps con los beneficios y características disponibles de una Infraestructura como código.
    En el mundo de DevOps, es necesario cambiar la perspectiva con la que se consume la infrastructura, un consumo via REST API, del mismo modo que son las APIS las que se utilizan en la integración del código.
    El objetivo de este webinar es resaltar la importancia de trabajar con una infraestructura como código para un entorno DevOps y mostrar esos beneficios en un entorno Multi Cloud.
  • Lunch & Learn: incontra gli esperti - Devops&Storage 201 Recorded: Mar 27 2020 53 mins
    Eugenio Grosso, EMEA Office of the CTO
    Approfondisci gli aspetti tecnologici legati alle tematiche DevOps nel nostro secondo appuntamento della serie Lunch&Learn insieme agli esperti Pure.
    DevOps e Containers, orchestrati da Kubernetes, costituiscono il mix vincente per le applicazioni cloud. Un abbinamento di soluzione tecnologica e approccio metodologico chiave per le imprese che vogliono sviluppare moderne applicazioni in modo efficiente. In questo approfondimento illustreremo la nostra visione su come un sistema storage moderno e "agile" rappresenti l'elemento abilitante per questo tipo di strategia.
  • Scale Your VDI Environment - Move Quickly and with Financial Flexibility Recorded: Mar 26 2020 59 mins
    Vaughn Stewart, VP Technology Alliances & Scott Baker, VP Product Marketing
    Customers are seeking to scale their VDI environments to support a rapidly growing remote and mobile workforce. Financial flexibility, speed of procurement and deployment, and a proven track record of providing the best end-user experience are critical to the success of today’s VDI expansion efforts.

    Join Pure Storage as we discuss the following:

    - Current VDI growth demands
    - Why user experience quality is key to success with VDI
    - Real-world VDI customer success
    - Pure-as-a-Service 12 month VDI offerings
    - Speed of procurement and deployment
  • Lunch&Learn: incontra gli esperti - Strategie Devops 101 Recorded: Mar 20 2020 59 mins
    Alfredo Nulli, EMEA Office of the CTO
    Iscriviti al nostro primo Lunch&Learn e incontra i nostri esperti in materia di devOps. In questa breve sessione vogliamo cercare di unire i concetti legati a questa metodologia insieme agli aspetti importanti che
    permettono ad un team devOps di beneficiare degli strumenti tipici dell’Infrastructure as a Code. Il team devOps ha bisogno di vedere l’infrastruttura attraverso la lente delle REST API, della integrazione al codice. Non è il form factor che rende un prodotto o una soluzione DevOps-Ready ma il modo in cui essa si rende utilizzabile al mondo esterno. L’obiettivo del primo Lunch&Learn è quello di delineare gli aspetti di Infrastructure as a Code a servizio del mondo DevOps e dimostrarne la validità indipendentemente da dove l’infrastruttura sia installata (multi-cloud).
  • Enabling Splunk at Enterprise Scale (German Language) Recorded: Oct 1 2019 19 mins
    Martin Maier, FlashBlade Account Executive, Pure Storage
    In diesem Webinar erfahren Sie, wie Sie Splunk Umgebungen mit derselben Einfachheit und Agilität im eigenen Rechenzentrum betreiben können, wie es sonst nur in der Splunk Cloud möglich wäre.
  • Data-Driven Banking in the Digital Era Recorded: Aug 14 2019 37 mins
    Jerry Silva, Research Director Global Banking, IDC Financial Insights
    To compete effectively in the era of digital transformation, retail banks need to modernise their existing storage infrastructures using newer technologies such as solid-state storage, software-defined infrastructure, AI, and cloud.

    Join us as we discuss these trends and more with IDC Analyst Jerry Silva and Mihaela Risca from Pure Storage.
  • Evolving Data Protection to a Hybrid Cloud Model Recorded: Aug 13 2019 35 mins
    Jason Walker, Technology Evangelist, Pure Storage
    Modernise your current legacy protection for rapid recovery and data reuse, seamlessly between private and public clouds for your customers.

    Learn how to benefit from the economies of cloud by leveraging AWS as the destination archive tier, all while maintaining that single namespace and global deduplication pool.

    Key technical lessons:

    - Modernise your legacy protection without the pain of a forklift solution.

    - Meet the emerging expectations of data availability and reusability by taking advantage of the cloud as an archive tier.

    - Move away from the cold, static tape tier to the more reliable, durable cloud tier.
  • Embracing Cloud First: from Strategy to Execution Recorded: Aug 7 2019 59 mins
    Jonas Irwin, Pure Storage
    This webinar will cover a broad set of practical capabilities needed to be successful implementing or optimizing a cloud 1st strategy. We will not only tell, but also demonstrate Pure's robust data mobility framework, infra-as-code and our new cloud scale data protection technology combing both flash and cloud (F2F2C).

    The session will address VMware but also several CNCF - https://www.cncf.io/ - technologies that will help organizations build applications that can be written once and run anywhere.
  • Supercharging & Protecting Databases with FlashBlade & Object Engine Recorded: Aug 7 2019 65 mins
    Nate Klaphake, Pure Storage
    As enterprises evolve and modernize their database platforms, the need for resiliency and recoverability becomes ever more critical. Join us as we turbo-charge critical database architectures such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle Database, and MySQL with the unprecedented throughput and test/dev capabilities of Pure Storage FlashBlade.
  • FlashBlade: горизонтально масштабируемая СХД для современных предприятий Recorded: Aug 1 2019 92 mins
    Александр Кузьмин, Pure Storage
    Сегодня данные — самый ценный ресурс бизнеса, но их эффективному использованию зачастую
    препятствуют морально устаревшие, сложные, медлительные СХД. Ускорить получение
    информации и упростить инфраструктуру призвана FlashBlade — горизонтально масштабируемая
    СХД с лучшими в отрасли характеристиками.
    В программе вебинара:
    - Новый взгляд на СХД: FlashBlade — современная система, специально созданная для
    обработки большого количества параллельных нагрузок.
    - Первое горизонтально масштабируемое решение для хранения данных, сочетающее в
    себе большую емкость, скорость и простоту.
    - Передовые технологии: блейды, Purity//FB, коммутатор Elastic Fabric и др.
    - Отличная замена множества устаревших СХД: непревзойденная производительность в
    малом форм-факторе, 10-кратное сокращение расходов на электричество, охлаждение и
    размещение оборудования.
    Участие в вебинаре бесплатное с обязательной предварительной регистрацией.
    Не пропустите! Зарегистрируйтесь для участия в вебинаре здесь
  • How to Tackle Data and Application Growth with Pure Storage & Veeam Recorded: Jul 29 2019 40 mins
    Max Brown, Pure Storage & Anastasia Ellingsen, Veeam
    Veeam® and Pure Storage work together to drive application availability and application performance. FlashArray is integrated with Veeam’s Universal Storage API to provide seamless snapshot management.
  • Flash Enabled Availability - Evolving Beyond the Backup Recorded: Jul 15 2019 65 mins
    David Huskisson, Rapid Restore Solutions Manager, Pure Storage & Shawn Lieu, Solutions Architect, Veeam
    "Legacy, complex disk-to-disk-to-tape backup architectures can no longer keep up with the constant flow of data that businesses must protect today. Data backup is no longer simply about storing data: it’s about flexible protection, fast restores – and above all making your valuable data available for other uses, such as test/dev and analytics, that drive your business’ value.

    Introducing, Flash-to-Flash-to-Cloud (F2F2C) a revolutionary new solution that is designed for the scale and use cases of modern data backup and protection. Together, with Pure Storage and Veeam Backup & Replication this architecture provides significant improvements in recovery times, enabling organizations to meet stringent SLAs, RPOs, and RTOs to keep the business operational.

    Watch this webinar and learn more about how F2F2C leverages on-premises flash for efficient, portable snapshots and rapid recovery, while also employing cost-effective, highly durable, off-site, and self-protected public cloud for long term retention."
  • How to Protect NAS Data at Scale with Rubrik and Pure Storage FlashBlade Recorded: May 20 2019 47 mins
    Adam Fox & David Huskisson
    NAS data is growing at a rapid rate, but many customers are facing challenges in wrangling this data with costly, slow, legacy solutions. Rubrik and Pure Storage have developed a compelling solution to help protect your NAS data at scale. Rubrik NAS Direct Archive to Pure FlashBlade allows our customers to manage, protect, and store their NAS data in a cost-effective, scalable and high-performing environment.

    In this on-demand webinar, experts from Rubrik and Pure Storage present a technical deep dive on how to leverage Rubrik for NAS Direct Archive to Pure FlashBlade and the performance implications of this joint solution.

    Join this on-demand webinar to learn how to:

    Maximize backup and restore performance for any NAS host while reducing costs

    Achieve fast search and near-zero RTO with cataloged metadata

    Modernize your data center with Rubrik and Pure FlashBlade by simplifying management and providing the world's first datahub.

    Adam Fox, Sr. Solutions Architect, Rubrik
    David Huskisson, Rapid Restore Solutions Manager, Pure Storage
  • IT Strategies for AI Transformation in 2019 Recorded: May 14 2019 53 mins
    Pure Storage & Nvidia
    Join experts from Nvidia and Pure Storage for this webinar in which we explore one company’s IT journey, sharing their best practices and insights.
  • Modernize Data Protection With Flash + Cloud Recorded: Mar 27 2019 25 mins
    Marco Bal, Principal Systems Engineer - Benelux & Nordics
    While it is still widely used, Disk to Disk to Tape (2D2T) architectures have long been optimized for backup performance, with little regard for the true goal – recover data when and where it’s needed- within business Service Level Agreements (SLA’s).

    Tapes may relieve compliance concerns, but they lock data away, stranding any value residing in that data.

    Learn how data protection is about much more than just backup and how Pure Storage with the industry’s first Flash-to-Flash-to- Cloud (F2F2C) Object Engine solution taps the power of flash and cloud to modernize data protection. With Object Engine organizations can deploy a cloud-native solution with scale-out rapid recovery on premises, benefit from cloud economics and reuse data with cloud apps such as analytics and test/dev.

    During this technical webcast you will find out how Object Engine can help your organization to rapidly restore mission critical data exactly where it’s needed – and within an SLA.
  • Avoiding Log Data Overload in a CI/CD System: Streaming 190 Billion Events Recorded: Feb 7 2019 39 mins
    Joshua Robinson - Founding Engineer, FlashBlade
    Learn how Pure Storage engineering manages streaming 190B log events per day and makes use of that deluge of data in our continuous integration (CI) pipeline. Our test infrastructure runs over 70,000 tests per day creating a large triage problem that would require at least 20 triage engineers. Instead, Spark’s flexible computing platform allows us to write a single application for both streaming and batch jobs to understand the state of our CI pipeline for our team of 3 triage engineers. Using encoded patterns, Spark indexes log data for real-time reporting (Streaming), uses Machine Learning for performance modeling and prediction (Batch job), and finds previous matches for newly encoded patterns (Batch job).

    Resource allocation in this mixed environment can be challenging; a containerized Spark cluster deployment, and disaggregated compute and storage layers allow us to programmatically shift compute resources between the streaming and batch applications.

    This talk will go over design decisions to meet SLAs of streaming and batching in hardware, data layout, access patterns, and containers strategy. We will also go over the challenges, lessons learned, and best practices for this kind of setup.
  • AI in Financial Services, it's all about the data Recorded: Jan 24 2019 26 mins
    Patrick Smith, Pure Storage
    The increasingly competitive climate within Financial Services means that enhancing business outcomes by leveraging AI is essential. Data has never been more important to business success and a key aspect to optimising its value is in conjunction with AI.

    In this session we will discuss the areas in which Financial Services are looking to leverage their data together with AI and some of the considerations for successful implementation of an AI infrastructure that accelerates time to value for these projects.
  • FlashBlade Data Hub Recorded: Jan 11 2019 37 mins
    Andy El Maghraby, Flashblade Systems Engineer bei Pure Storage
    "Pure Storage hat mit dem Data Hub eine neue Klasse von Speicherarchitektur definiert, die nach vier Prinzipien für Modern Analytics entwickelt wurde. Es handelt sich um eine datenzentrierte Architektur für Backup und Data Warehouse, Data Lake, Streaming Data Analytics und KI.
    Für Kunden, die ihre Daten über Anwendungen hinweg vereinheitlichen und teilen möchten, nutzt Data Hub die wichtigsten Stärken jedes dieser vier Datensilos, einzigartige Funktionen, die sie für ihre eigenen Aufgaben geeignet machen, und integriert sie in eine einzige einheitliche Plattform.
    FlashBlade vereint alle Eigenschaften dieser Datensilos: hoher Durchsatz, natives Scale-Out, multidimensional performance und massiv parallele Architektur. "
Pure Storage
A WORLD OF POSSIBILITY: The power to transform your business today and pave the road to the future.
Pure Storage gives you the speed and agility you need to tackle the most demanding business and IT problems.

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  • Title: Transform Oracle Application Performance with All-Flash Storage
  • Live at: Oct 19 2016 10:30 pm
  • Presented by: Avi Nayak, Product Marketing Manager, Pure Storage & Dean Bolton, Oracle Data Architect , VLSS LLC
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