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Multi-Touch Attribution in the age of AI

Ordinary attribution metrics tell us next to nothing about what parts of the customer journey are more likely to influence a customer to make a purchase.

The holy grail of marketing, true multi-touch attribution modeling, has remained frustratingly out of reach. The best marketers could hope for were difficult-to-parse proxies like linear attribution and time decay attribution.

But now, in the age of AI, we can finally achieve the real thing—probabilistic attribution modeling. In this webinar, we will tell you how true multi-touch attribution can let you:

- Turbocharge ROI across all your marketing channels
- Grow your funnel with one-to-one marketing to customers most likely to buy
- Predict the customers most likely to buy, and increase per-purchase spend
Recorded Apr 6 2017 46 mins
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Presented by
Glenn Davis, Product Marketing, Treasure Data
Presentation preview: Multi-Touch Attribution in the age of AI

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  • How Marketers are Leveraging Customer Success for CDP Dec 2 2020 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Max King, Customer Success Engineer at Treasure Data
    ‘CDP is to a Marketer, what Marketer is to a CSM’ - For data-driven marketers, customer data platforms (CDPs) are becoming a critical component of their martech stack. CDPs enable marketers to drive deeper engagements with their brands across customer journeys - Join us to understand how to climb further up the CDP maturity model and make exponential gains utilizing the key resources in your Customer Success Team.

    Key Takeaways:

    · Evolution of Customer Success
    · Key features of an Enterprise CDP
    · 7 Steps of CDP Maturity Model
    · How Customer Success can help - Case Studies
    · Key areas where CSM’s add value to the relationship
  • How Marketers are Leveraging Customer Success for CDP (EMEA) Dec 2 2020 10:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Rajiv Gandhi, Sr. Customer Success Manager at Treasure Data
    ‘CDP is to a Marketer, what Marketer is to a CSM’ - For data-driven marketers, customer data platforms (CDPs) are becoming a critical component of their martech stack. CDPs enable marketers to drive deeper engagements with their brands across customer journeys - Join us to understand how to climb further up the CDP maturity model and make exponential gains utilising the key resources in your Customer Success Team.

    Key Takeaways:

    · Evolution of Customer Success
    · Key features of an Enterprise CDP
    · 7 Steps of CDP Maturity Model
    · How Customer Success can help - Case Studies
    · Key areas where CSM’s add value to the relationship
  • Leveraging Data and Digital to Transform Automotive Marketing Recorded: Nov 18 2020 54 mins
    Michael Harrison, Managing Director at Winterberry Group and Charles Martin, Partners & Global BD at Treasure Data
    The New Normal has accelerated the auto industry’s race toward a superior ecommerce-driven customer experience for new car sales and aftersales. But the obstacles are many:

    · Lackluster digital retailing experiences—characterized by misalignment of dealer and OEM offers plus an absence of real-time inventory access—are undermining a full digital shift.
    · Fragmenting paths-to-purchase have increased the importance of marketing attribution as consumers turn their attention, interest, and buying activity to digital channels.
    · A siloed approach to managing data—created by the distinct repositories OEMs and dealers maintain for customer, transactional, and marketing performance data—is inhibiting insights and activation.

    As automakers learn to leverage data and undergo digital transformation at the same time, marketers are also looking into the future to better position themselves. Discover the future of automotive marketing in a customer-centric world.
  • CDP vs DMP: What's the difference, Why it Matters. Recorded: Nov 11 2020 37 mins
    David Raab, Founder at CDP Institute
    Customer Data Platforms and Data Management Platforms both manage customer data, but they are still very different. This session explores the different goals that each is designed for, the different technical approach that each uses to meet those goals effectively, and the implications of those technical differences. We’ll then explore specific use cases including retargeting, prospecting, personalized recommendations, CRM integration, and inventory notifications, and illustrate why each is appropriate for one type of system or the other.

    You will learn:
    · The primary purpose of CDP and DMP systems
    · How each system is optimized to support its primary purpose
    · The types of data stored in each system
    · Which system works with known individuals and which with anonymous profiles
    · The systems that a CDP and DMP typically connect with
    · How CDP and DMP can work with each other
  • How National Debt Relief Transformed D2C Marketing Recorded: Nov 5 2020 15 mins
    Nicole Rothman, Director of Acuisition at National Debt Relief
    Nicole Rothman, Director of Acquisition at National Debt Relief, shares how her team used a Customer Data Platform (CDP) to unify customer data and gather insights on the consumer journey. With these insights, National Debt Relief tailored their brand experience on Facebook and scaled their efforts to acquire leads more efficiently and effectively.
    After this session, you'll be able to:
    -Gain visibility on the customer experience
    -Deliver a tailored brand experience
    -Leverage customer intelligence to personalize and effectively scale on Facebook
    -Apply lessons learned from CDP implementation examples to your own company
  • Increasing Importance of Data in the COVID Era Recorded: Nov 4 2020 30 mins
    Don Peppers, Founding Partner at CX Speakers and Author of "The One to One Future"; Tom Treanor, CMO at Treasure Data
    The business world is chock full of companies whose customer data is heavily siloed, with incomplete or conflicting customer profiles, and poorly organized, inconsistent data records. Customer data often comes in a multiplicity of formats from a variety of third-party vendors, or from unrelated and incompatible software applications.

    But suddenly the Covid19 crisis hit, and it hit every company, without respect to whether its customer data was in order or not. Technologists and research firms estimate that several years’ worth of digital progress has been made in just the last few months. However, as companies have been trying to hustle themselves online to salvage whatever business could be salvaged, virtually, customer data has become far more critical to their success.

    In this webinar, sponsored by Treasure Data, customer-experience authority Don Peppers will discuss:

    · Why customer data is critical to every company’s product and service quality, online or off;
    · What kinds of data can be used to measure, manage, and improve the customer experience; and
    · How to use the COVID Crisis as an opportunity for growth and competitive development, rather than being victimized by it.
  • Treasure Data Fall Launch 2020: Game Changing Analytics for Brands Recorded: Oct 27 2020 30 mins
    Huiyan Wong, Sr. Product Marketing Manager and Nick Kobayashi, Sr. Product Manager - Identity Services at Treasure Data
    Join us to learn about the newest features of Treasure Data CDP including: Treasure Insights dashboards and out of the box accelerators, our expanded connector network, and our new in-store SDK. We will share how our new analytics can help you navigate an increasingly competitive and complex landscape by extracting the most insights out of your customer data, as quickly as possible. We will also demo a few Treasure Insights dashboards to show you how to transform your marketing strategy.
  • Fireside Chat with Jon Miller: MarTech's New Normal Recorded: Oct 1 2020 43 mins
    Jon Miller, CPO at Demandbase; Moderated by: Steven Tsao, Digital Marketing Futurist at Treasure Data
    Marketing in the New Normal is stressful enough, what about my marketing stack? Am I equipped to understand my customers’ shifting needs and wants, as well as adapting to the dynamic marketing landscape for me to action on the customer data?

    In this fireside chat, sit down with Jon Miller, Co-Founder of Marketo, CEO and Co-Founder of Engagio, and now the CPO of Demandbase, and find out how the New Normal has changed marketing today, and what is the marketing architecture for success.
  • Choosing a Multi-touch Attribution Model - People, Processes, and Tech Recorded: Sep 16 2020 24 mins
    Scott Mitchell, Sr. Manager Solution Engineering at Arm Treasure Data
    All too often multitouch attribution (MTA) implementations focus on the technical application, but marketers should take care to focus on the people and process side of choosing and deploying multi-touch attribution for their marketing organization. This presentation, geared for marketers deploying MTA within their organization, will walk through the technical and organizational challenges involved in changing the way your team attributes revenue and assigns budgets.
  • Influencer Marketing in 2020 & Beyond: A Success Tale or a Nightmare? Recorded: Aug 26 2020 59 mins
    Shane Barker, Digital Strategist, Brand & Influencer Consultant
    In this webinar, we will dive deep into influencer marketing and discuss advanced strategies that can help your brand achieve sustainable growth. We’ll also look at the future of the industry.

    In this live session, you’ll learn:

    · A Quick Overview of Influencer Marketing
    · Discuss Advanced Influencer Marketing Strategies (Their Step-by-Step Process, Useful Tools, and Examples)
    · Case Studies (Influencer marketing practice within leading enterprises)
    · Insights on Strategic Evolution of Influencer Marketing and Its Future
    · 7 Mistakes You Should Totally Avoid
  • A CDO's Perspective: How to build a strong data foundation for what's next Recorded: Aug 19 2020 54 mins
    Mark Chiles, CDO of Hart Energy and Micki Collart, Sr. Product Marketing Manager of Treasure Data
    A Chief Digital Officer often sits in the intersection of marketing, business intelligence, and technology platforms. For marketers, insights gained from customer data are becoming increasingly important, and most marketers are undoubtedly data-driven. Whether you’re a brand manager, a B2B digital marketer, a customer intelligence analyst, or a CDO, you strive to make better decisions with clean, accurate data. The question is, how quickly can you make those decisions? And, can you empower your teams to make decisions in the moments that matter to customers and potential buyers?

    The future of data-driven business operations is built on a strong data foundation, with a single customer view and powerful audience management programs that not only scale across your organization, but also across divisions and regions. Want to unlock the knowledge and tools you’ll need to make that data-driven future a reality? Then join us on August 19th, Treasure Data’s Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Micki Collart, will be talking with Mark Chiles, Chief Digital Officer & Sr. VP of Digital at Hart Energy. They’ll discuss the current data-driven landscape for marketers and CDOs, the challenges they face, and provide advice for taking a leap into data-driven initiatives that deliver business results–now and well into the future.
  • Loyalty Loop: How small insights add up to big business. Recorded: Aug 12 2020 66 mins
    Andrew Davis, Keynote Speaker & Best-selling Author and Tom Treanor, Global Head of Marketing at Arm Treasure Data
    We’re in a race to connect with new and existing customers, clients, prospects, and leads before everyone else in the market. We’re targeting and re-targeting. We’re delivering smart creative, but we’re being outspent. We need an edge.

    Turns out one of the most effective ways to grow our business isn’t fighting with the competition for the consumers already in the market. Instead, it's building relationships with consumers BEFORE they need us or SO they need us. Brands are leveraging insights from the customers they’ve won to build insights for the customers they want. And, they’re using the data they have to create amazing experiences for the customers they already serve.

    They’re leveraging their Loyalty Loop.

    In this exhilarating, 50-minute webinar, best-selling author and marketing guru Andrew Davis, will help you harness the power of the new consumer experience. You’ll learn:
    · How to identify Moments of Inspiration
    · How to interrupt active evaluation
    · And the 6 Loyalty Loop Drivers that increase your ability to build better relationships, faster, before the competition at a lower cost

    Be inspired to rethink the way you win over new customers and how best to serve your current customers.

    Are you ready to embrace the Loyalty Loop?
  • Strategic Storytelling: How Slowing Down Fuels Faster Growth Recorded: Jul 30 2020 77 mins
    Ann Handley, Chief Content Officer of MarketingProfs and Tom Treanor, Global Head of Marketing at Arm Treasure Data
    Our goal in Marketing is to quickly break through the din, noise, and clutter that defines modern marketing (and modern life).

    So we move faster and faster and produce more and more... because isn’t that what it takes to break through in 2020?

    We think: “If only…” If only our budget were bigger. If only we had more resources. If only we could deliver ASAP.

    If only.

    Here’s the thing: The key to success in 2020 isn’t to breakthrough—but to stand apart.

    The key is to take a more strategic approach that leverages customer insights to do far more than reach the ears and eyes of the customers we want—to also touch their hearts and minds.

    The key is to slow down, to use data, and to hone our storytelling instincts to serve our existing customers and to reach new ones.

    So, maybe, the key to marketing success in 2020 isn’t wishing if only after all.
    In this 60-minute webinar, WSJ best-selling author and the world’s first Chief Content Officer, Ann Handley, will help you tap into the power of story to grow your own brand. You’ll learn:

    • How the notion of brand storytelling has shifted
    • What non-negotiable things your 2020 storytelling MUST do
    • Which are the best tactics for connecting with customers and prospects right now
    • + Bonus takeaway just for Treasure Data webinar attendees: A template for a good brand story

    Who’s ready to tell a more strategic story?! YOU ARE!
  • Customer Profile Enrichment using Third Party Data, Featuring Allant Group Recorded: Jul 29 2020 61 mins
    Paul Ernst, SVP Campaign Management @Allant Group; Jimmy Yi, Principal, Analytic Solutions @Allant Group
    Data Integration. First party data. Third party data. Tagging. Pixels.

    The familiar buzz words we hear every day in marketing. But how does each activity work? And, how do you make them all work together? Most importantly, how does it benefit YOUR work? If you’re ready to amplify your segmentation and improve your marketing personalization by crafting a view of what you know about your known customers, as well as uncovering details about your anonymous visitors, then this webinar will help you pull it all together.

    You’ll find out exactly how to enable data for use in real-time personalizations and activations when you:
    -Consolidate your first party data
    -Enrich customer profiles with third party attributes and segmentation builds
    -Integrate with machine learning models and custom programming

    During the presentation, we’ll demonstrate how Arm Treasure Data pixels are integrated into your website, advertising, social media, email and CRM platforms to collect first party digital data sources. The data sources will be connected to other platforms, such as SalesForce, Acoustic, and Google Analytics to show how automated integrations function with the collected data. You’ll also gain insight into how the accumulated data can be visualized with reporting and performance dashboards.


    About Allant Group:
    Allant Group is a marketing services provider focused on supporting brands by delivering end-to-end omni-channel data integration, modeling, analytics and campaign execution. Named “an analytically-minded marketer’s best friend” by Forrester in 2019, Allant’s data-driven marketing expertise enables clients to optimize marketing spend and revenue growth
  • A Marketer’s Guide to Protecting Customer Data Recorded: Jul 23 2020 34 mins
    Mousumi Bose, Director of Product Management - Security & Privacy at Arm Treasure Data
    As a marketer, you covet your customers and treasure their data. It helps you create personalized experience and increase conversion, but all that value can come at a hefty cost. In today’s increasingly complex regulatory environment, losing the right to use your customers’ personal data is an increasing possibility, not to mention fines and litigation. And, unless you understand how to protect their data, customer trust, as well as money, could be lost.

    This is where a Customer Data Platform (CDP) can put your mind at ease. By unifying customers’ data, understanding how it’s collected, who can use the data and auditing its usage across systems, you not only comply with privacy regulations, but you also ensure customer confidence that instills trust in your brand.

    In this webinar, Mousumi Bose, Director of Product Management - Security & Privacy at Arm Treasure Data will guide you through key components of CDPs that address customer data protection, including:

    · Capturing consent
    · Identity resolution across channels
    · Access management & permissioning
    · Data security
    · And more
  • The Future of Marketing 2030: Marketing to Machines and Augmented Humans Recorded: Jul 15 2020 64 mins
    Tamara McCleary, Futurist & CEO at Thulium and Tom Treanor, Global Head of Marketing at Arm Treasure Data
    Fireside Chat | Cast a glance around the corner, are you ready? In the next 10 years, we are headed to substantial increases in automation, a shift to the gig economy, and harnessing powerful technologies to support automation and a remote workforce. Technology is redefining what it means to be human and what's coming in the near future is poised to disrupt how we do business, how we market and how we sell products and services in the modern age. Brands will not own the relationship to the customer, platforms will. Digital assistants will be the new gatekeeper. Everything we thought we knew will be challenged as a new era dawns rewarding agility and innovation and in its wake, crushing businesses that aren't poised for the quantum leap into the immersive, digital experience.
  • Understanding (and Applying) Agile Marketing in the Real World Recorded: Jun 25 2020 49 mins
    Andrea Fryrear, Coach & Trainer at AgileSherpas, Co-Founder and Tom Treanor, Global Head of Marketing at Arm Treasure Data
    The long-time buzz around Agile marketing has become even louder in recent months, as marketers struggle to respond to a constant stream of unexpected change. But traditional Agile theory and its application in marketing often look very different.

    Without a tailored approach for their unique work, marketers fail prey to common myths and missteps and fail to enjoy all the benefits agility has to offer.

    In this webinar full of real talk from the front lines of marketing agility, Andrea Fryrear, certified Agile coach and 15-year marketing veteran, explodes common Agile marketing misconceptions and shows you how to really make it work for you.

    You'll walk away with:
    · Key distinctions between Agile marketing and Agile development, and what they mean for applying Agile principles outside of IT
    · The top 3 Agile marketing myths that derail our attempts to adopt it effectively
    · 3 Agile tools you can start applying today to ensure you're doing the right work at the right time, even when you're not sure what tomorrow looks like
    · Plans for moving Agile beyond a single marketing team and into your entire marketing function
  • Create a Unified Customer View with Identity Resolution Recorded: Jun 24 2020 33 mins
    Nick Kobayashi, Sr. Product Manager - Identity Services at Arm Treasure Data
    Rising customer expectations coupled with fragmented customer data, creates massive complexity for marketers across brands with millions of customer touchpoints from devices and systems. As customer experience and brand loyalty continue to be a priority, identity resolution will play an important role for progressive marketers to better engage and retain customers.

    In this webinar, Nick Kobayashi, Sr. Product Manager - Identity Services at Arm Treasure Data, will provide an overview for enterprise marketers interested in understanding the concept of identity resolution, why they may need it, how to go about it and the types of identity resolution possible using our approach.

    Identity Resolution will give you a 360-degree view, so you can
    · Personalize at scale
    · Increase revenue
    · Improve customer retention
    · Marketing efficiency
    · Deliver unique experience
  • An Agency-Perspective on CDPs vs DMPs: Fireside Chat with Promatica Consulting Recorded: Jun 24 2020 60 mins
    Aaron Hahn, Director, Data Strategy & Architecture at Promatica Consulting
    DMPs have served their purpose in collecting and aggregating multiple, large sets of data. The evolution of marketing, however, has led to a more streamlined approach where CDPs bring your customer insights directly to you. Today, it is less important to rely on data sources outside your own. We have shifted inward, to looking at our own customers and studying how they interact with us. This has led to captivating customer experiences, stronger customer relationships, and greater lifetime value.

    Join Aaron Hahn, Director of Data Strategy and Architecture at Promatica, and Henry Li, Director of Business Development at Arm Treasure Data for a casual, unscripted conversation on the state of adtech and martech, covering DMPs vs CDPs, the future of advertising in a cookie-less world, and more.


    About Aaron Hahn
    Aaron is a veteran of the Adtech industry who has been working in the industry for over 10 years. Starting his agency and adtech journey at Vivaki’s Audience on Demand Group, Aaron got a sense very early on of the programmatic and adtech landscape. As Aaron continued his time in adtech he has had various roles on both the buy and sell side, focusing on data collection and activation. Prior to his current role at Promatica, Aaron was a team lead on the Spark Foundry Data Architecture. He has since taken all of his skills and experience to help Promatica’s clients utilize and build a strategy around data first thinking, and understand all the audience, privacy, technology, and other nuances that come along with it
  • Panel: Digital Transformation and the Role of Customer Data Recorded: Jun 18 2020 62 mins
    Stefano Fanfarillo, Boston Consulting Group; Lucas Borges, AB InBev; Henry Li, Arm Treasure Data
    In this panel discussion, industry experts from Boston Consulting Group, AB InBev (Anheuser-Busch InBev), and Arm Treasure Data are coming together to share their perspective on:
    -The state of digital transformation in various industries
    -Top trends, challenges, and investment areas for the new normal
    -The pandemic’s impact on marketing practices and technology choices
    -Why a recent Gartner survey listed Customer Data Platform as the "least likely to be cut" technology investment for enterprises

    The coronavirus pandemic presented a serious business challenge for many industries--from supply chain interruptions to significant changes in consumer behaviors. Travel and hospitality industries saw bookings evaporate practically overnight while supermarkets couldn’t get enough supplies to keep essential items stocked. While the pandemic forced companies to react quickly, it also gave organizations an opportunity to evaluate their digital competency against real customer expectations. Companies with a strong digital presence are reaping the benefits. For many, the pandemic actually accelerated their pace towards digital transformation.

    Looking ahead, the ability to unify and utilize customer data across multiple channels, and connect the dots between audience, message, offer, and channel will only become more important as organizations enter the “new normal."
Translate Millions of Data Points Into Individual Customer Journeys
Treasure Data Customer Data Platform (CDP) empowers companies by delivering rich customer insights that drive outstanding customer experiences. Built on a strong data management foundation, our CDP enables brands to securely unify customer data across silos at scale so they can better identify, engage and acquire customers. The highly configurable platform evolves with your existing technology stack to future-proof all customer data initiatives. Treasure Data is fully backed by Softbank and has more than 400 customers including Fortune 500 and Global 2000 enterprises.

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  • Live at: Apr 6 2017 4:00 pm
  • Presented by: Glenn Davis, Product Marketing, Treasure Data
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