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The Digital Workplace: Understand the trends driving the workplace evolution

Digitalisation has changed how employees in your organisation collaborate with each other, support partners, interact with customers, streamline processes, and otherwise build a more effective, more efficient business. Enterprises need a digital workplace strategy to remain competitive and relevant in the current digital climate. To gauge the state of the digital workplace, Dimension Data surveyed 850 business and IT leaders driving technology and organisational change in their companies. They are from organisations with 1,000 or more employees and represent a wide range of industries.
In this session, we will discuss the key findings of the Report in more detail and provide deeper insights into how organisations today are evolving from a traditional office environment to a digital workplace, with examples of what is happening in the workplace right now.
Recorded Jul 26 2017 48 mins
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Presented by
Evan Kirchheimer: Research Director, Ovum. Alex Bennett: GTM Director and Robert Allman: Director CX and C, Dimension Data
Presentation preview: The Digital Workplace: Understand the trends driving the workplace evolution

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  • Meet the tech team bringing the Tour de France solution to life Jul 12 2018 12:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Peter Gray -Sports Practice Senior Director & Tim Wade - Senior Director of Technology and Architecture From Dimension Data
    Being able to track 176 of the world’s best cyclists over thousands of kilometres, while supplying live info to fans, organisers, and broadcasters means employing the latest in machine learning and predictive data analytics. Join Dimension Data’s Peter Gray and Tim Wade behind the scenes during a live stage of the Tour de France, to see how the latest tech comes together for the world’s favourite cycling race.
  • BYOA: The natural evolution of Bring Your Own Application Jul 11 2018 2:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Krista Brown: Principal Practice Director, Dimension Data & Shawn Bass, VP & CTO,VMware
    Once considered a source of risk for companies, the BYOA (Bring Your Own Application) approach to application management has rapidly evolved into a series of great opportunities for the modern digital workplace. BYOA means employees are now closer than ever to customers, and can operate in a more productive and efficient manner, all contributing to a better work-life balance.

    But how do companies strike the right balance between giving their employees the flexibility to manage their own applications, and establishing proper regulations to safeguard and govern BYOA safely and effectively?
    This webinar will cover:
    •The growth of BYOA from a security risk into a tool that can drive employee happiness and boost productivity, ultimately improving bottom line results.
    •How to embrace the versatility of BYOA without compromising on security efficiency.
    •How to ensure compliance by educating your employee.
    •Best practice advice for integrating BYOA process and methodology into your overall digital workplace transformation strategy.
    Join Krista Brown, Principal Practice Director: Mobility, CX and Workplace Productivity at Dimension Data; and Shawn Bass, VP and CTO of VMware End-User Computing, as they examine how BYOA has developed into a real opportunity for business success.
  • Enhancing Client Experiences through the Platform Economy Jul 5 2018 9:00 am UTC 45 mins
    Yasser Zaki,Technology Strategist at Microsoft, & Peter Menadue, SVP Dimension Data CX & Workplace Productivity
    The platform economy represents a fundamental shift in how companies operate. Organisations that rely on a single product are being rapidly overtaken by those who can almost instantly react to customer demand, generating product or service innovations as and when required. The flexibility and scale offered by a platform economy approach means every senior executive now has to be fluent in the application of data and technology, and the part the cloud plays in underpinning it all.
    But the platform economy isn’t just about doing things faster and more reliably – it’s about using data to accelerate customer interactions and deliver fresh experiences that weren’t previously possible. But how can companies adapt to an environment that embraces experiences and enablement rather than products and cost?
    Join this webinar to understand how the platform economy can underpin the customer experience and unlock new scenarios and markets. Yasser Zaki, Global Partner Technology Strategist at Microsoft; and Peter Menadue, Dimension Data, SVP Microsoft Alliance, CX and Workplace Productivity will explore what the platform economy is, and its potential to transform the client experience, as well as the tools you’ll need to effectively realise the platform economy’s potential.
  • How technology can help a pro cycling team be a thriving global business. Recorded: Jun 14 2018 49 mins
    Doug Ryder, Team Principal, Team Dimension Data & Scott Gibson, Group Executive, Digital Business Solutions, Dimension Data
    Team Dimension Data for Qhubeka are Africa’s first ever pro cycling team to ride in the WorldTour. In 2015 they became the first African team to ride in the Tour de France and they’ve continued to grow from strength to strength. The Team is a business, just like any other: 27 riders race over 270 race days in a year, in over 25 countries. Over 60 staff and management accompany these riders who, at certain times in the year, race concurrently in three different countries. This comes with its own logistical and collaboration challenges. In this webinar we hear from Doug Ryder and Scott Gibson about the power that technology holds to address the Team’s business challenges and needs. Dimension Data believes technology has the potential to accelerate the Team’s ambitious 2020 goals.
  • 2018 GTIR Report: Cybersecurity insights for protecting your digital business Recorded: Jun 12 2018 49 mins
    Mark Thomas from Dimension Data & Rob Kraus, from NTT Security
    Cybercrime remains a pervasive threat; attractive and lucrative in its ability to generate profits with minimal risk of attribution or interdiction. Barriers to entry are reducing due to the diversification of illicit subscription services, automated software toolkits, and vast online criminal support forums. Cybercriminal ingenuity continues to mature, making the most of attack opportunities arising from new technology adoption. In this webinar, we explore the findings of the NTT Security Global Threat Intelligence Report, and provide insights to guide your security investment decisions aligned with your industry sector, geographic profile, and risk appetite. We share notable insights into the evolving and emerging threat landscape, including ransomware, threat intelligence, industry targeting, and compliance regulations observed during the past year.

    Mark Thomas: Group CTO Cybersecurity,Dimension Data
    Rob Kraus, Senior Director, Global Threat Intelligence Center Operations, NTT Security
  • A new era of networking Recorded: Jun 6 2018 43 mins
    David Goff, Head of Enterprise Networks, UKI Cisco and Wayne Sanderson, Digital Infrastructure Solution Lead, Dimension Data.
    Digital transformation is radically changing the way we all do business, but is your network ready?

    Join Dimension Data and Cisco for a live webinar on Wednesday 6th June at 15:00 (BST) and learn more about how our approach to agile networks can help your network to become cognitive and adaptive to your business needs.
  • Citrix on Azure for Financial Services Recorded: Jun 6 2018 32 mins
    Jason Finbow; Head of Financial Services, Jonathon Merrix; Citrix Software Specialist, Nicholas Lovell; Citrix Specialist
    Your journey to the cloud simplified; find out how your financial services business can be faster to market, stay agile and be responsive to change. This webinar will help financial services organisations begin to plan the right way to migrate to the cloud, despite existing complex legacy infrastructure. We review business continuity, choosing what to migrate and when, ensuring comprehensive security, managing BYOD effectively and meeting budget requirements.
    Registrants also get free access to Dimension Data's latest annual 'Digital Transformation Research Report'.
  • IT Trends 2018 Webinar: How to turn your smart building into a smart workplace Recorded: May 24 2018 46 mins
    David Williams , Microsoft Digital and Alex Bennett, Dimension Data.
    Currently, buildings are only considered ‘smart’ if they manage consumption and security. Yet the world’s most innovative companies are accomplishing much more within their working spaces. In this webinar, we’ll look at how to go beyond energy savings and security,
    providing you with big-picture thinking that will inspire workplace action. To illustrate, we’ll look in detail at Microsoft’s Redmond Campus, which has saved millions of dollars thanks to the vast amounts of data harvested from its new comprehensive network of sensors.
    Watch the webinar to discover why digitisation and the Internet of Things are critical to creating a smarter workplace that can help drive down costs, improve customer experience, and allow employees to work better together. We’ll also take a closer look at how you can make these changes within your business, including the main benefits of a smart workplace and three starting points you can implement right away.

    SPEAKERS: David Williams Business Architect Applied Innovation Team Microsoft Digital
    Alex Bennett Group SVP Go-to-market: CX & Workplace Productivity, Dimension Data
  • The jury is out on digital Recorded: May 22 2018 41 mins
    Scott Gibson; Group Executive: Digital Business Solutions, & Wayne Speechly; MD - Digital Advisory, Dimension Data
    People in organisations are talking about digital. Of particular interest, is how organisations are understanding its application to their business and how digital spans every aspect of the organisation.
    Is digital being seen as the success story that everyone expects it to be? Are benefits actually being delivered and do leaders know where the value lies?

    During this Webinar, our presenters will share the thinking of global leaders around digital and more specifically the top challenges, best practices, and insights garnered from Dimension Data’s ‘Digital Means Business’ research report. Looking not only at how organisations are making sense of digital, but how they are mobilising the organisation for sustainable digital transformation. Digital applied effectively and diligently – can help organisations emerge as leaders in the digital age, but there are still many challenges to overcome.
  • Is your WAN ready for cloud and hybrid IT? And how can you be sure? Recorded: May 10 2018 35 mins
    Raoul Tecala, Dimension Data Networking Senior Practice Director, Mark Burton, Riverbed Global Technical Alliance Manager
    Organisations need their networks to become more cloud-like in order able to handle the demands of business requirements and digital initiatives, without compromising application performance and end-user experience. But how do you manage what you cannot see? Visibility into end-to-end performance and user productivity is essential - to justify investments in new technology, prove the ROI of digital transformational initiatives and deliver on the promise of cloud strategies.

    Join the discussion with Raoul Tecala, Dimension Data Group Networking Senior Practice Director, WAN, and Mark Burton, Riverbed Global Technical Alliance Manager on transforming your WAN, and leveraging the unique advantages of visibility from the perspective of the end user.

    The webinar will cover:
    Enabling technologies (such as SD-WAN and WAN optimisation) to transform your WAN, and a modern approach to managing hybrid, cloud-connected networks.
    The importance and value of visibility into your network and application performance, reducing the risk associated with/during application migrations, and ensuring end-user satisfaction.
    Real use cases that demonstrate the value of visibility analytics and insights.
  • Citrix on Azure for Financial Services: Compete to Win Recorded: Apr 25 2018 29 mins
    Jason Finbow; Head of Financial Services, Jonathon Merrix; Citrix Software Specialist, Nicholas Lovell; Citrix Specialist
    Your journey to the cloud simplified; find out how your financial services business can be faster to market, stay agile and be responsive to change. This webinar will help financial services organisations begin to plan the right way to migrate to the cloud, despite existing complex legacy infrastructure. We review business continuity, choosing what to migrate and when, ensuring comprehensive security, managing BYOD effectively and meeting budget requirements.
    Registrants also get free access to Dimension Data's latest annual 'Digital Transformation Research Report'.
  • Pop-up shops: more than just a fad? Recorded: Apr 24 2018 30 mins
    Raj Mistry, Group Sales Vertical Director & Joel Gamsu, Senior Client Manager, Dimension Data MEA
    Consumers today are actively looking for an emotional connection with a brand, and, are no longer staying loyal to a single retailer. However, one thing that has not changed is that shopping remains a social activity. To capitalise on this trend, retailers must change their sales strategies to take the brand experience directly to consumers in bite-sized formats or face risking their place in today’s retail world.

    This is where pop-up, or experience stores come into the mix. Global brands such as Nike, Louis Vuitton, and Marie Claire, are actively increasing their investments to support these pop-up shops; and in this webinar, we are going to investigate how even the smallest business can open pop-up stores by focusing on what retailers would need to consider and put in place to ensure stores are successful.
  • Achieve enterprise-wide protection in 20 minutes with Dimension Data and Cisco Recorded: Mar 26 2018 48 mins
    Rory Duncan, Head of Security at Dimension Data UK&I and Yoni Fine, CSE Cisco Cloud Security
    Digital transformation and hybrid IT are pushing security perimeters off premises, into the cloud, and into the digital workplace. As a result, enforcing cybersecurity policies is more complex than ever. As organisations explore new ways of doing business, you need to balance risk with innovation. We know that organisations are suffering a growing number of data breaches, and the potential security weak points keep growing as fast as technology changes. Users and apps are adopting the cloud, security must too.

    Join us on this webcast to find out why Cisco Umbrella is the ideal first line of defence against growing security threats. During this session you will learn how Dimension Data and Umbrella will enable you to:

    - Protect against threats such as malware, phising and ransomware
    - Understand how Cisco Umbrella performs the enforcement and how that enforcement builds the intelligence to provide greater protection
    - Review the different deployment models available to best suit your organisation
  • Is your network ready for….software-defined networking? Recorded: Feb 12 2018 54 mins
    Colin Murray, Principal Consultant at Dimension Data Justin Ong, Technical Advocacy Manager at Spiceworks
    How will virtualization, cloud, mobility and IoT impact your legacy network and what’s the best strategy moving forward? Join networking consultant, Colin Murray from Dimension Data, as we discuss how SDN provides increased network management flexibility and eases implementation of fine-grained security policies.

    Colin Murray, Principal Consultant at Dimension Data
    Moderated by Justin Ong, Technical Advocacy Manager at Spiceworks
  • Are you ready for the next IT disaster? Recorded: Jan 12 2018 52 mins
    Allan Swanepoel, Solutions Director, Data Center & Cloud; and Duane Bester, Principal Consultant, Business Continuity & Disas
    Did you know that 93% of organizations that have a data center outage of more than ten days eventually go out of business? Threats of natural disasters, malicious acts, and operational failures are putting your business and reputation at risk. Join Dimension Data consulting experts to learn about how the lasting effects of recent IT disasters could have been minimized with proper planning and staff training.

    Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) plan is more than just backup and recovery. We can show you the difference. Our on-demand webinar discusses common BCDR challenges and offers valuable advice based on years of experience, so you can apply our learnings to your own preparedness plan.

    Presenters: Allan Swanepoel, Solutions Director, Data Center & Cloud; and Duane Bester, Principal Consultant, Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery
  • Five practical machine learning lessons from the Tour de France Recorded: Dec 12 2017 39 mins
    Tim Wade, Senior Director, Technology & Architecture & Peter Gray Sports Practice Senior Director, Dimension Data
    The explosion of data is making the need for machine-learning capabilities almost non-negotiable. Data has become a critical part of all elements of sports with top teams using it extensively to improve performance. Predictive analytics and machine learning have the potential to transform the world of sport and your business. The exponential growth in this area is making it possible to predict the outcomes of sports events, a step beyond merely analysing historical data.

    In this webinar, our experts will take a deeper dive into our big data solution and advanced analytics to predict results at the Tour de France, the first time this has been used in the world of professional cycling. The success of the project was a direct result of a practical step-by-step approach that any organisation looking to use the power of machine learning and predictive analytics can build on and help transform their business.
  • Analytics accelerate digital workplace transformation Recorded: Dec 7 2017 22 mins
    Tommy Graham, Sr. Solution Executive, Dimension Data
    According to Dimension Data’s recently released 2017 Digital Workplace Research Report, 58% of organizations surveyed use analytics to benchmark their use of workplace technologies, and a quarter of organizations are investing in analytics tools to monitor and improve the adoption of collaboration tools.

    Understanding the adoption of collaboration tools represents a huge challenge for organizations. Today, UC is viewed in silos with decisions being made on limited information and few paying attention to the overlap. With evolving ways of working, an explosion of UC applications, and the constant pressure to reduce cost while improving productivity, the need for comprehensive BI to support informed decision making has never been more paramount. Join to learn how Dimension Data is using analytics to accelerate digital workplace transformation.
  • The Rebrand of Skype for Business – what it really means for your organisation Recorded: Nov 30 2017 21 mins
    Alex Bennett, Ross Bitove, Phillip Priestly from Dimension Data
    The rebrand and merger of Skype for Business Online (delivered from O365) into Microsoft Teams over a period of time, has resulted in a number of questions being raised from clients who've already invested in Skype for Business, and also from those looking to transition to Skype for Business / Office 365 in the future.
    In this webinar we will discuss what the evolution of Teams as the primary client for intelligent communications in Office 365 means to you and your organisation both now and in the future. In addition, we will cover points pertaining to the management of Teams and its associated workloads; as well as Skype for Business on premises.

    Alex Bennett, Snr Vice President: Workplace Productivity , Dimension Data
    Ross Bitove, VP Sales, Managed Cloud Services for Microsoft, Dimension Data
    Phillip Priestly: Practice Lead, Workplace Productivity
  • The digital social world. Impacts & opportunities for businesses, jobs & society Recorded: Nov 23 2017 63 mins
    Debra Bordignon, CTO Dimension Data Australia & Scott Gibson Digital Practice Dimension Data
    Every business is impacted by global digital disruption.
    Even the most successful and iconic 20th century businesses must transform to remain relevant and retain their leadership in the 21st.

    Tech-savvy start-ups with natively digital business models regard this point in time as the best time in the history of the world to invent something.
    The world is buzzing with technology-driven opportunities leveraging the solid platform provided over the past 30 years, birthed from the Internet, then mobility, social
    and now the massive scale of cloud computing and the Internet of Things.

    Join this webinar to learn how your business can leverage the opportunities of digital disruption.

    Debra Bordignon, CTO, Strategist and Innovation Executive, DD Australia
    Scott Gibson, Group Executive: Digital Practice, Dimension Data Group
  • IT Trends in 2018: Customer Experience Recorded: Nov 9 2017 45 mins
    Joe Manuele, Rob Allman, Dino Marasco from Dimension Data
    Businesses continue to transform their operations from the inside out to put customers at the centre of everything they do. In 2018 we will see more organisations take advantage of technologies such as the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence to modernise their way of working and deliver a leading digital customer experience.

    In this webinar we look at how emerging technologies are changing customer expectations and share insight into how companies can use such technologies to further enhance the customer experience in in the coming year.

    • Joe Manuele, Group Executive, Customer Experience and Workplace Productivity, Dimension Data
    • Rob Allman, Customer Experience and Workplace Productivity Practice-lead: Customer Experience, Dimension Data
    • Dino Marasco: Customer Experience and Workplace Productivity: Go-to-Market Lead, Dimension Data
If you believe you can do anything, we’re here to help you do it.
Dimension Data uses the power of technology to help organisations achieve great things in the digital era. As a member of the NTT Group we accelerate our clients’ ambitions through digital infrastructure, hybrid cloud, workspaces for tomorrow, and cybersecurity. With a turnover of USD 7.4 billion, offices in 46 countries and legal entities in 68 countries, and 30,000 employees, we deliver wherever our clients are, at every stage of their technology journey. We’re proud to be the Official Technology Partner of Amaury Sport Organisation, organiser of the Tour de France, and the title partner of the cycling team, Team Dimension Data for Qhubeka.

For more information, visit www.dimensiondata.com

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  • Title: The Digital Workplace: Understand the trends driving the workplace evolution
  • Live at: Jul 26 2017 9:00 am
  • Presented by: Evan Kirchheimer: Research Director, Ovum. Alex Bennett: GTM Director and Robert Allman: Director CX and C, Dimension Data
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