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A Software-based approach to drive innovation of your Cisco investment

Dimension Data invites you to an informative briefing on how you can maximise the value from your Cisco investment, and also how best to leverage your investment to drive innovation.

Join us in this webinar as we explore in detail the changing ICT environment including current trends and challenges, what this shift to software means for your organisation and its architecture, and how you can take advantage of the subscription offers available including in networking (WAN, Switching, Access), collaboration and security.

We’ll explore how you can be more agile, smarter and competitive, and how you can utlise the new model to consume, deploy and manage your business.

Speaker: Gregg Sultana, General Manager – Enterprise Architecture,
Jacqui Custodio - Software Services Specialist
Stephen Rickard - Software Services Specialist
Recorded Dec 5 2018 43 mins
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Presented by
Gregg Sultana, Jacqui Custodio and Stephen Rickard from Dimension Data
Presentation preview: A Software-based approach to drive innovation of your Cisco investment

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  • Embracing machine learning & intelligence to improve threat hunting & detection Recorded: Mar 24 2020 60 mins
    Joel Cedersjö ; Ulrik Holmén ; Ola Söderström
    Join this technical webinar to hear how our NTT’s SOCs have adopted Machine Learning and combined it with our vast data sources to perform machine-teaching, contextualization based on unique threat intelligence insights, and other traditional detection techniques to transform our threat hunting and detection capabilities.
    Combined, this has enabled us to:
    •Reduce the number of false positives
    •Improve the detection of advanced threats
    •Shift of focus from rule-based and repetition-based detection to behavior
    •Scaling-up capabilities to deal with exponentially increasing data volumes and threats
    •Speed-up response times and accuracy of response

    •Joel Cedersjö, Threat Intelligence Manager
    •Ulrik Holmén, Managed Security Services Innovation
    •Ola Söderström, Research Engineer
  • Security, data privacy & compliance. Viewpoints of NTT Privacy Officers & CISO Recorded: Mar 17 2020 55 mins
    Jaclyn Miller ; Ashleigh van Kerchoven
    Organisations are having to navigate an increasingly complex regulatory space around data privacy and compliance. But in a world driven by data and with data breaches now a regular occurrence, we also know that the regulations are in place for good reason: to protect your relationships, your brand and your bottom line.
    In this webinar, NTT’s CISOs and Privacy Officers review fundamental data privacy and compliance requirements across a variety of regulations already in place and discuss upcoming regulatory changes. Most importantly, they’ll share simple steps to chart a course around the challenges to increase effectiveness of security, data privacy and compliance, based on their industry insight and experience in NTT.
    •Jaclyn Miller, CISO - Transformation and Platform Services, NTT
    •Ashleigh van Kerchoven, Compliance and Data Protection Officer, NTT
  • Secure by Design 2020 – A new decade for Financial Services Recorded: Mar 4 2020 32 mins
    Rory Duncan, NTT Ltd., Ash Marston, Major Accounts – Fortinet, Ricardo Ferreira, Fortinet, Scott Cutler, UK&I Sales Director
    As FSI organizations manage an accelerated digital future, increased governance and compliance and adapt to new priorities created by shifts in the economic landscape, one common challenge will be establishing consistent controls everywhere stakeholders interact with enterprise systems – for every application and for every cloud.

    Presented by:
    Rory Duncan, Head of Security, NTT Ltd
    Ash Marston, Major Account, Fortinet
    Ricardo Ferreira, Principal Cloud Architect, Fortinet
    Scott Cutler, UK&I Sales Director, Fortinet
  • Securing Operations Networks – Where to Start? Recorded: Feb 12 2020 30 mins
    Dave Weinstein and Warren Small
    Major malware attacks have caused industrial and critical infrastructure asset owners to recognize their production facilities probably have significant, exploitable cyber risks. Unfortunately, many C-level executives only take action after experiencing massive financial losses.

    Join Dave Weinstein, CSO for Claroty and former CTO for the State of New Jersey, and Warren Small, SVP Innovation, Security division at NTT Ltd., for discussion of challenges, insights and guidance based on real world experience to answer the question, “Where Do We Start?”
    •What’s different since 2017?
    •Who owns the cyber risk challenges?
    •How to prioritize cyber risks, address staffing shortages, and the solutions available to accelerate securing your unique ICS/SCADA network.

    Dave Weinstein, Claroty, CSO, former CTO for the State of New Jersey and Non-resident Cybersecurity Policy Fellow at New America
    Warren Small, SVP Innovation, Security Division, NTT
  • Visibility and Performance Management Recorded: Jan 27 2020 36 mins
    Joe Maissel, NTT Ltd. Gregg Ostrowski, AppDynamics Alex Henthron-Iwane, ThousandEyes
    What impact has digital transformation had on IT infrastructure and operations — especially your network and applications? One thing is for certain: It’s complicated. Join experts from NTT, ThousandEyes and AppDynamics for this exclusive webcast exploring Visibility and Performance Management: Get ahead of runaway complexity. You’ll pick up some ideas for strategies for migrating apps, data and workloads to the cloud; how to assure maximum uptime; and how to this leads to seamless and rewarding digital experiences for customers and employees.
  • Hybrid IT: Software-defined Private Cloud unpacked Recorded: Jan 23 2020 62 mins
    Jeff Jack; Greg McDonald; Liezl van Staden
    Today, many businesses are seeing the vital role of cloud in their organisations. And while cloud had promised to alleviate many common business pain points, enterprises are struggling to unlock the desired and potential business outcomes from their cloud solution. This is why multiple businesses are seeing the benefit to the hybrid approach of on-premise data centres coupled with cloud capabilities.

    In this hour-long webinar, we intend to unpack all things cloud. Joined by industry-leaders in the space, we promise this session will be jam-packed with fresh insights on Hybrid Cloud – including the latest from VMWorld Conference 2019! Make sure not to miss out by securing your spot here.
  • Women in Cybersecurity: 2020 technology trends in Intelligent cybersecurity Recorded: Jan 22 2020 41 mins
    Tessa Kyd (moderator); Jaclyn Miller; Deidre Smith
    Disruptive cybersecurity technologies in 2020 - how digital twins, intelligence-driven cybersecurity, SOAR and more. NTT’s leading women in cybersecurity discuss how these will impact you.

    Tessa Kyd (moderator), Cybersecurity Global Alliances, NTT
    Jaclyn Miller, CISO and Privacy Officer, Secure24
    Deidre Smith, Senior Vice President, Delivery Transformation, NTT
  • Future Disrupted: 2020 technology trends in Intelligent Business Recorded: Nov 28 2019 59 mins
    Nemo Verbist; Minoo Dastur; Matthew Drayson
    Data is central to digital transformation as the information collected across the enterprise is used to re-engineer the organization and position it for success.

    Matthew Drayson Practices, Partners & Alliances, Australia, NTT Ltd.
    Minoo Dastur, President & CEO, Nihilent, an NTT company
    Nemo Verbist, Senior Vice President - Intelligent Business and Intelligent Workplace, NTT Ltd.
  • Future Disrupted: 2020 technology trends in Intelligent Workplace Recorded: Nov 27 2019 34 mins
    Nemo Verbist; Dr Fiona Lodge; Mark Alexander
    Intelligent Workplace trends in 2020: Designed for productivity and automated for efficiency, the intelligent workplace works for employees and customers alike. It’s also flexible enough to accommodate changes in the work we do, the work that machines do, and how we cooperate and collaborate in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Join our experts as they weigh in on the potential that lies in the changes we are seeing in the market … and the steps you can take in 2020 towards a disrupted future. 

    Nemo Verbist, Senior Vice President - Intelligent Business and Intelligent Workplace, NTT Ltd.
    Dr Fiona Lodge: Product & Strategy Officer, Cloud Communications division
    Mark Alexander: CEO Cloud Communications
  • [Panel] Implementing AI in Enterprise Infrastructure and Cloud Recorded: Nov 19 2019 50 mins
    Frost and Sullivan | iSpeak Cloud | Dito | Flexential | NTT
    According to Tech Beacon, over the next 18 to 24 months, AIOps will
    'allow companies to use intelligent software automation to make decisions on known problems, predict issues, and provide diagnostic information to reduce the operational overhead for engineers.'

    From managing cloud costs to safeguarding the cloud, ensuring compliance, and incorporating intelligent operations, AI will revolutionize infrastructure and reduce TCO in the enterprise.

    Join this BrightTALK webinar - live or on-demand - to hear a panel of experts explore and understand the impact of AI on the future of cloud.

    Moderated by Melanie Turek - VP of Research, Frost and Sullivan
    With panelists:
    Jeanne Morain, iSpeak Cloud
    Faizan Seedat, Sr. Cloud Architect, Dito
    Jason Carolan, Chief Innovation Officer, Flexential
    John F. Polmonari Jr., Director, Service Platform, DevOps & Innovation, Americas, NTT
  • Disruptive technologies for 2020: transitions, disruptions & transformations Recorded: Nov 19 2019 42 mins
    Ettienne Reinecke, Chief Technology Officer
    Technology is changing at the speed of light … but this is the slowest pace of change we’ll ever see.
    The democratization of innovation is providing companies with greater access to new technologies, fuelling the increased tempo of change and adoption.

    While the scale and use of some of these technologies is some way into the future, the rate of change we’re experiencing means that the future is not as far off as we may think. Today’s trend is tomorrow’s mainstream adoption, and organizations need to consider how this is affecting their businesses, and what they should prioritize.
  • Future Disrupted: 2020 technology trends in Intelligent Infrastructure Recorded: Nov 18 2019 47 mins
    Cedric Jarkovsky; Douglas Adams; Rob Lopez; Roger Vila
    Intelligent Infrastructure trends in 2020: The impact of data on infrastructure is accelerating. Infrastructure is supporting data for business intelligence and becoming a data source. As the hybrid cloud creates new challenges, the software-defined wide-area network is fundamental to adopting new connectivity technologies.
  • How to secure what you don't control: the multi-cloud security challenge Recorded: Sep 23 2019 52 mins
    Stefaan Hinderyckx, Senior Director: Security –NTT LTD Europe
    Eighty-five percent of organisations are committed to a multi-cloud architecture. The other fifteen are probably doing it by accident.

    The advantages of multi-cloud means that organisations can no longer afford to be held back by their security concerns. However, with every additional cloud comes increased complexity and risk. What organisations need is a migration strategy with security at its core, enabled by an architectural framework that protects critical data whilst providing speed and agility.

    This webinar will help you to succeed in a multi-cloud world by highlighting the key principles, solutions and technologies that enable you to deliver services securely across all your clouds.
  • Strategic approach to hybrid IT – compute, cloud, on-premise … all flavours! Recorded: Sep 11 2019 60 mins
    Jason Serda, SVP GTM Client Transformation, NTT & Malinda Perera, Principal Consultant, NTT
    More than 90% of all workloads will be moved to the cloud in the next 3 years. Cloud first strategies, and combination of legacy (brownfield) and new (greenfield) add complications. Today these on-premise, cloud and other solutions typically leverage multiple 3rd party supporting organisations, tooling and skill sets. Concerns like cost, spend and lack of resources/expertise will be top of mind for organizations migrating to the cloud.

    •What does it mean for your organization to be “cloud-first” and “cloud-native”?
    •How can you implement an effective hybrid IT strategy?

    Tune in to learn how to re-imagine your IT and cloud infrastructure to maximize ROI and decipher public, private, hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructures.
  • Tips for realizing value from & managing impediments to digital transformation Recorded: Sep 10 2019 61 mins
    Wayne Speechly - VP: Advanced Competencies – NTT Ltd
    Join us for a panel discussion about how organizations are realizing value from and managing impediments to digital transformation. We’ll be discussing some of the results from the NTT 2019 Digital Means Business Benchmarking Report which indicate that digital is starting to gain meaningful traction in organizations. It also reveals that they’re focusing internally to see quick wins but still grappling with prioritization and organization-wide execution of digital transformation.
    Listen to experts in different areas of digital transformation share their insights and provide actionable advice on where to focus and what to avoid.
    Please join our panel discussion:
    Wayne Speechly - VP: Advanced Competencies – NTT Ltd.
    Hayden Lamberti – Digital Strategist, Digital Advisory – NTT Ltd.
    Adrian Ryan – Organizational Design Lead, Digital Advisory – NTT Ltd.
    Brittany Anderson – Innovation Lead – Digital Advisory – NTT Ltd.
    Siegfried Schallenmüller – General Manager – Customer Experience – Dimension Data
  • Can You be Secure by Design, Compliant and Enable Optimum Functionality? Recorded: Sep 5 2019 71 mins
    Moderator: Dan Raywood - Speakers: Raef Meeuwisse, Rory Duncan, Greg Day
    The concept of being “secure by design” can be something of a pipe dream: we hope that the technology we buy will keep us secure, and we will still be able to operate efficiently with maximum visibility, ensuring we remain secure and compliant with an intelligence infrastructure.

    Well this may be a reality, but in this webinar will look at tactics and strategies to ensure that your network is secure by design, that you can get the maximum functionality from your existing assets and if compliance with GDPR and other regulations can be achieved.

    Key takeaways:

    Understand what secure by design actually means generally, and specifically for you
    How to get the most from your existing assets and your security spend
    How being secure by design can ensure a better standard of compliance
    Managing endpoints efficiently and reduce the attack surface
  • NTT 2019 Digital Means Business Benchmarking Report Recorded: Aug 21 2019 60 mins
    Wayne Speechly -VP: Advanced Competencies – NTT Ltd.
    Key highlights from the NTT 2019 Digital Means Business Benchmarking Report which provides insights and analysis from surveying more than 1,150 executives across five regions, 15 countries, and 11 industry verticals.

    Digital is starting to gain meaningful traction in organizations. They’re focusing internally to see quick wins but are still grappling with prioritization and organization-wide execution of digital transformation.
  • Cyber Incident Response from the Trenches: The IR checklist for the future Recorded: Jul 17 2019 46 mins
    Dan Garlick, Hitachi Vantara and Terrence Lillard
    Every week a new organization is in the news because they have been breached and their customers’ or their own data was stolen. More than ever, it is vital that CISOs and their organizations have robust Cyber Incident Response programs and capabilities. Security professionals are all well versed in the 6 steps to IR: detect, identify, contain, remediate, recovery, lessons learned. But having checklists and call rosters are not the only things to consider. Incidents basically come down to three phases. There is before a compromise/breach occurs, during the incident and the post incident. There are valuable takeaways for security leaders, their teams and the partners they may use for IR services to consider in each phase.
    WIth: Dan Garlick, Dir. Cyber Security Operations
    Hitachi Vantara & Terrence Lillard, Sr. Incident Response Analyst, NTT Ltd.
  • Tech Behind The Tour – Live from the Tour de France 2019 Recorded: Jul 15 2019 53 mins
    Peter Gray, Senior Director, Advanced Technology Group:Sport & Tim Wade - Senior Director of Technology & Architecture - NTT
    Join NTT’s Advanced Technology Group, live from the Tour de France as they celebrate 100 years of the Yellow Jersey and the technology behind this incredible event. They will share the new innovations that NTT, together with Amaury Sports Organisation (A.S.O.), the race organisers, are bringing to the event, and how they are delivered. Using machine learning, predictive data analytics, and platform-delivered Managed Services to drive continuous innovation, automation, and optimisation, for the world’s greatest cycling race.
  • Our technology in action: delivering superior experiences . Recorded: Jun 25 2019 34 mins
    Mark Burton, from Riverbed and Tim Wade, from Dimension Data
    For anyone following pro cycling, our web-based Race Center application is revolutionary. Combining live data, video, images, social media feeds and commentary, it gives fans, teams and organisers an unparallel view of the action. Through the smart application of machine learning and artificial intelligence it enables us to tell the story of pro cycling like never before.
    But in order for us to provide seamless access to the information Race Centre requires that the team have transparent view of the user experience.

    Join Dimension Data and Riverbed to find out how we’re using a high-performance platform to delivers superior experiences with quick access to data with 100% accuracy and no blind spots.
Together we do great things
NTT is a leading, global technology services company. We believe that together we do great things. In a constantly evolving world, technology doesn’t stand still. And nor do we. Every wave of change is an opportunity to transform your business today, so you can reshape the outcomes of tomorrow. We’ve combined the capabilities of more than 20 remarkable companies to become one, leading technology services provider. Together, we help our people, clients, and communities do great things with technology to create a more secure and connected future.

Together we enable the connected future.

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  • Title: A Software-based approach to drive innovation of your Cisco investment
  • Live at: Dec 5 2018 11:00 pm
  • Presented by: Gregg Sultana, Jacqui Custodio and Stephen Rickard from Dimension Data
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