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The 2020 Global Managed Services Report: Transformation reimagined

NTT Ltd.’s 2020 Global Managed Services Report, conducted by IDG Research, covers the challenges and opportunities felt by over 1,250 business and IT leaders across the world. Our research lifts the lid on the importance of smart sourcing for organizations and the service providers they partner with.
Join our experts as they discuss how organizations are still transforming. Yet, transformation shifts and pivots dependent upon the internal or external forces being applied. And right now, the pivot is towards the end user. That is keeping people secure, engaged and productive is paramount to ensuring business outcomes are still met.
Recorded May 26 2020 44 mins
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Presented by
Dan Greengarten, Senior Vice President, Client Success; Alex Bennett, Group Senior Vice President, Go to market: Customer
Presentation preview: The 2020 Global Managed Services Report: Transformation reimagined

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  • Banking & Investment Guide to NTT's 2020 Customer Experience Benchmarking Report Aug 25 2020 2:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Mike Wells, Group Senior Director, CX Consulting and Rachael Broughton, Senior Customer Experience Consultant
    Our experts unpack how Banking and Investment customers are expecting a hyper-personalized and effortless experience, as it relates to our three key trends:

    •Understanding and personalizing experiences
    •Engaging through omnichannel and automation
    •Accelerating and optimizing performance.

    Join Mike Wells, our Group Senior Director, CX Consulting and Rachael Broughton, Senior Customer Experience Consultant, as they discuss the results of NTT’s 2020 Global Customer Experience Benchmarking Report, with particular focus on the banking vertical.

    They'll provide insight into what it takes to design an effortless experience which delivers business value.
  • Sustainability: 3 questions you should ask when evaluating your data center Aug 18 2020 6:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Bruno Berti, Vice President Product Management, NTT Global Data Centers Americas, Inc.
    Everyone is aware of the importance of using renewable energy in data centers. But there is much more that data centers can do to support sustainability initiatives in order to give clients a solid feeling of being a good corporate citizen.

    In this webinar, you’ll learn how you should evaluate the answers to these 3 questions that you should ask your colocation data center provider:

    • What are your approaches to sustainable usage of water and energy? -- How do you decide whether to use water for cooling, and if you do, how do you minimize its usage? What kinds of temperature monitoring technologies do you use to achieve optimal energy efficiency on the data floor? Do you follow ASHRAE recommended or ASHRAE allowable guidelines?

    • How do you trace your supply chain and recycling program to ensure sustainability best practices are followed? – Is everything you're buying carbon-neutral? Sourcing is important. For example, how was the aluminum used for this data center dug out of the ground? Do you use recycled materials for carpeting, counters, and other furniture items throughout the data center? What kinds of items do you and your construction partners recycle, and where do they go (hopefully not just to a landfill!)?

    • What are your future plans for sustainability programs? -- What advances in energy efficiency, space requirements, recycling, batteries, and sourcing will generate new ways to improve sustainability in the future?

    Presented by: Bruno Berti, Vice President Product Management, NTT Global Data Centers Americas, Inc.
  • Building a Operational Technology Cybersecurity program for the Energy Sector Jul 30 2020 3:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Kazuo Yamaoka, OT Cybersecurity Consultant, NTT and Zhanwei Chan, Global OT/IoT Practice Lead, NTT
    Energy and utilities are critical to society, supporting millions of people and life-saving emergency services daily.

    Recently, there has been a push to digitize and modernize critical infrastructure networks, which in turn has exposed disconnected and isolated networks to cyber attacks.

    Join us to learn how Yamaoka-san has secured one of Japan’s leading energy companies.


    NTT’s OT Masterclass Series are interactive, technical webinars.

    In this series, we will focus on specific topics relating to securing OT networks by bringing in experts from the field.
  • How to use threat intelligence in conversations with your board Jul 28 2020 12:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Helge Tautorat and Craig Jett
    We know it’s important for CISOs and executive leadership to collaborate on security, but it’s not an easy task because often, CISOs and the Board don’t speak the same language. Communication is key to everyone understanding the threats to the business, and how to mitigate risk.

    Join this webinar to hear from expert – former CISOs and strategists with experience in having risk conversations with boards – and the significant role that intelligence plays in having effective conversations.

    •Helge Tautorat, Executive Business Consultant, NTT Ltd. and former Director Group Infrastructure Services, Richemont
    •Craig Jett, Global Cybersecurity Consulting Leader, NTT Ltd.
  • Data-driven insights of NTT Ltd.’s 2020 Global Network Insights Report Jul 21 2020 9:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Gary Middleton, SVP: Networking, NTT Ltd. and Andre van Schalkwyk, Principal Practice Director: Networking Advisory, NTT Ltd
    Networks are critical to the success of modern business and a vital contributor to digital transformation. Our experts analysed the results from 1,065 assessments carried out over 808,428 network devices in 5 regions and across multiple industry sectors, and a sample of over 200,000 incidents from our IT Service Management data across a range of client environments, to bring you NTT Ltd.’s 2020 Global Network Insights Report.

    Join Gary Middleton, SVP: Networking, NTT Ltd., and Andre van Schalkwyk, Principal Practice Director: Networking Advisory, NTT Ltd., for a detailed look into the real and data-driven findings on the state of networks today and will include a clear set of recommendations about how networks can be improved to deliver for business.
  • COVID-19 and the Data Center | How is COVID-19 impacting Data Centers? Jul 16 2020 6:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Kelly Morgan, Bob Woolley, Todd Lovell, Sean Morrison and Peter Judson
    We have all seen how COVID-19 has impacted every aspect of the data center industry. Basic data center operations such as security, IT, and NOC have had to revise scheduling and procedures. Construction projects and supply chains have had to rapidly adjust schedules and plans. How can data center operators and customers best navigate through these challenges?

    Join presenters from 451 Research, NTT Global Data Centers Americas, Global Data Centers EMEA and Vertiv on July 16th for an executive round table discussion about these topics and more.

    Presenters Include:
    451 Analyst – Kelly Morgan, Vice President of Services
    NTT Global Data Centers Americas - Bob Woolley, Sr. Vice President of Operations
    NTT Global Data Centers Americas - Todd Lovell, Director of Operations, Construction
    Vertiv – Sean Morrison, Director of Global Key Accounts
    Global Data Centers EMEA - Peter Judson, Vice President of Operations
  • Best practices for cybersecurity incident management and response Jul 14 2020 12:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Dan Saunders, Terrence Lillard
    The NTT Ltd. 2020 Global Threat Intelligence Report reminds us that the threat landscape is continuously changing. In such a dynamic environment, and with absolute security as an impossible goal, businesses must be ready for anything.

    Security Incident Management and Response Services are key to businesses being able to move from crises to continuity following the unexpected.

    In this webinar, our experts share the best practices for effective Incident Management and Response Planning, including:
    • Investigative forensics and root cause identification
    • Risk, vulnerability and weakness identification
    • Processes, tools and techniques for speedy and effective response
    • Detection and preventing reoccurrence
    • Limiting damage, reducing recovery time and minimizing the business impact

    • Dan Saunders, Senior Digital Forensics and Incident Response Consultant, UK & I, NTT Ltd.
    • Terrence Lillard, Senior Digital Forensics and Incident Response Consultant, Americas, NTT Ltd.
  • Digitalisation of recruitment and onboarding - Digital Roundtable Series Jul 14 2020 8:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Michaela Voller, Greg Kockott
    This event will serve as the first breakout session as part of the Digital Roundtable Series events and will center around discussing the topic of digitalisation of recruitment and onboarding in more detail. The session will also be used to showcase some of the technologies and platforms that we’ve been able to utilise to digitalise our own recruitment and onboarding processes.

    Presenters: Michaela Voller – Dimension Data, Greg Kockott – Hello Crowd
    Host: Danielle Barber – Dimension Data
  • Using tech for good | Incident Response services for Covid-19 Hospitals Jul 8 2020 7:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Peter Pappas, Operation Executive
    Dimension Data in conjunction with NTT offer Incident Response services for Hospitals that have been compromised whilst treating COVID-19 patients at no cost.

    The real and unfortunate reality we currently face is that the most critical providers in this crisis, being hospitals are also the most vulnerable. Threat actors have turned their attention to these institutions as they take advantage of the chaos for their own benefit. As a group, we will allocate our global resources to facilitate the continuity of these critical services in UAE and Saudi at no cost. Join us as we discuss how we are using tech for good.

    Peter Pappas, Operation Executive,
    Redouane Gaouar, GTM Practices Executive
  • How to effectively operationalize threat intelligence Jul 7 2020 12:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Jeremy Nichols and Joel Cedersjö
    Cyber threat intelligence (CTI) has become a key tool for security operation centers but many organizations still struggle to operationalize the disparate and volume of sources, institute an effective culture of sharing, and ensure it is actionable.

    In this webinar, our Threat Intelligence experts will discuss:
    •What is threat intelligence
    •The threat intelligence lifecycle
    •Our approach to intelligence curation
    •And how we integrate intelligence into our managed security services

    Our speakers:
    •Jeremy Nichols, Director, Intelligence Fusion & Analytics, Global Threat Intelligence Centre
    •Joel Cedersjö, Threat Intelligence Manager
  • Achieving Application Assurance and API Protection Jul 7 2020 1:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Vijay Chakravarthy, Senior Solutions Architect - Security at NTT, Dave Arthur, ANZ Security Solutions Architect atF5
    Cyber-resilience is now more critical than ever before as the threat landscape continues to evolve, and this is a key finding from the NTT 2020 Global Threat Intelligence Report (GTIR).

    The next generation of enterprise applications require architecture and infrastructure that is scalable and flexible, but with reduced complexity to more easily deploy, scale up and down, and operate. Digital transformation must however deliver an optimal and secure experience for users’ accessing and consuming the application and information.

    Following on from our last session ‘Getting the Foundations right for Securing the Modern Information Gateway’, this next session will provide a deeper dive into achieving Application Assurance and API Protection, with an emphasis on how F5 and WhiteHat Security, a recent acquisition by NTT, can help organisations’ better secure and defend your online presence and business applications.

    Join our presenters Vijay Chakravarthy, Senior Solutions Architect - Security at NTT and Dave Arthur, ANZ Security Solutions Architect from F5, as we describe how organisations can achieve application assurance through best practice application design process, lifecycle and controls implementation as pertains to performance and security for applications and their integration to the business operating fabric
  • SD-WAN: Ihr Wettbewerbsvorteil im digitalen Zeitalter Recorded: Jul 2 2020 56 mins
    Dieter Zehetmayer - NTT, Martin Karrer - NTT, Markus Hirsch - Fortinet
    Die digitale Transformation ist zu einem wichtigen Geschäftstrend geworden, der einen anderen Ansatz für die WAN-Architektur erfordert. Software Defined WAN oder SD-WAN ist für viele Unternehmen zu einer beliebten Lösung geworden, wird jedoch häufig missverstanden und viele Unternehmen sind sich nicht sicher, wie sie davon profitieren können. Gemeinsam mit unserem Technologie-Partner Fortinet werden wir die Fakten aufschlüsseln und erklären, wie Sie Ihre Netzwerkinfrastruktur aufsetzen können, um Kosten zu senken, die Leistung zu optimieren und die Sicherheit zu verbessern.

    Folgende Themen werden im Webinar behandelt:

    • Umgang mit komplexen Anforderungen: Use Case
    Global verteilte Standorte, Rollout von Infrastruktur on-premises sowie in Hyperscaler Umgebungen sowie das Sicherstellen von zentralem Management und Reporting sind Ihnen bekannte Anforderungen?
    Wir zeigen Ihnen wie wir einen unserer Kunden dabei unterstützt haben, diese Anforderungen erfolgreich umzusetzen.

    • Erhöhung des Security Levels
    Erfahren Sie in diesem Webinar, wie Sie angesichts des technologischen und sozialen Wandels auf Disruption und Herausforderungen reagieren sowie zeitgleich das Security-Level erhöhen können.

    • Bessere Usability & Kostensenkung durch den softwaredefinierten Netzwerkansatz

    Dieter Zehetmayer, Senior GTM Solution Manager Intelligent Infrastructure, NTT Austria GmbH,
    Martin Karrer, Solution Architect Security, NTT Austria GmbH,
    Markus Hirsch, Manager System Engineering, Fortinet Austria
  • The Impact and Threats of a Connected Society Recorded: Jun 23 2020 38 mins
    Edgard Capdevielle, CEO, Nozomi Networks & Warren Small, SVP Innovation and Sales, Security Division, NTT Ltd
    We believe in a secure connected world and enabling secure Operations Technology (OT) security is of paramount importance as the need for an always connected world, digitization, and environmental challenges. We have been immersed into enabling and implementing a standardized approach to managing employee populations to majority or completely remote leveraging advanced technologies , is putting more emphasis on ensuring greater integrity of infrastructure, OT applications, and cloud-based workloads. Join Nozomi Networks and NTT as we discuss how we have helped clients across different industries enable increased visibility and intelligence to optimize their security operations.
  • Solving the Risks and Challenges of Remote Access Recorded: Jun 18 2020 44 mins
    Alex Chan, Head of Solutions, Hong Kong, NTT Ltd.
    The sudden surge of remote users is revealing loopholes in cybersecurity and subjecting IT resources to extreme stress. During this webinar, Alex Chan, our Head of Solutions in Hong Kong, will discuss:

    - The security risks facing your remote workplace and the measures that you can take to future proof it.

    - Challenges associated with increased remote networking, bandwidth and VPN appliance costs.

    - Comparison of traditional on-premise VDI and cloud-based VDI solutions.

    - Introduction to NTT Ltd.’s Hybrid Cloud VDI Solution with Microsoft Azure.

    Strategic Partner: Microsoft
  • Enabling true connectedness. - Welcome to your Smart Virtual Recorded: Jun 17 2020 64 mins
    Theo Reddy, Dr Setumo Mohapi
    Enabling true connectedness. Any time. Anywhere.
    Welcome to your Smart Virtual Workplace. Come on in.

    Right now, employees should be focused on how they connect, collaborate and perform to achieve their goals, and organisations must ensure that they invest in the right technology, tools, platforms and spaces to support the right performance and enable the right outcomes. Our Smart Virtual Workplace solution is architected and designed for the end-user, to meet their requirements and experience expectations; for both customers and employees.

    The Smart Virtual Workplace solution is secure by design, monitored and delivered at scale.
    You can enable the next normal, now with Smart Connectivity, Secure Smart Access, Secure Remote Productivity, Advanced Collaboration and Secure Remote Desktop Access. Each aspect is essential and can be delivered as a stand-alone, however, its true power lies in the intelligent combination of services powered by a user-centric, digitally driven organisation.
  • Reflections on Business Unusual: Lessons from Navigating Lockdown Recorded: Jun 16 2020 45 mins
    Rory Duncan, NTT Ltd. UKI Security GtM Leader and Wayne Speechly, Principal Director: Digital Advisory
    In this time of business unusual – IT has an opportunity to demonstrate its true value to the enterprise – to show leadership in recovery and provide the technical expertise for strong, secure service provision.

    But disruption has not only demonstrated the ability for businesses to adapt, but highlighted the constraints to future agility, in terms of legacy systems, skills and capabilities and security maturity.

    In this webinar we will share recent NTT research and our own real-life lessons from navigating global lockdown to support organisations as they recover and in many cases re-imagine future business. Topics include:
    •Recover - New challenges old constraints
    •Re-imagine resources
    •Reset - Secure by design
  • Hybrid IT Operationalization Recorded: Jun 12 2020 32 mins
    Michael Ritchken, Principal Consultant & Kevin Cummuta, Principal Consultant
    You’ve implemented a new, cloud-based IT environment, but your to-do list to keep it up and running seems to be a mile long. How do you simplify your operations and effectively manage your IT environment after adoption? Our principal consultants, Michael Ritchken and Kevin Cummuta, walk you through the steps to easily maintain compliance, governance, performance & visibility, automation, and more.
  • Maximising Hybrid Cloud to aid Post-Pandemic Recovery Recorded: Jun 11 2020 48 mins
    Stephen Green, CTO UK & Ireland
    The pros and cons of a hybrid vs pure public cloud infrastructure model has been a topic of much debate in the media and around the boardroom table for several years. However, in the wake of COVID-19 organisations of all shapes and sizes have turned to public cloud in their droves to enable rapid deployment of remote working solutions.

    In this webinar, Stephen Green CTO for the UK & Ireland at NTT Ltd., discusses the impact of the global pandemic on hybrid cloud adoption and shares his insights about how multi-cloud solutions can be maximised to support clients through the recovery phase and build additional resilience and agility for the future. Stephen will also be joined by Dave Ellis, VP of Managed Services for the UK&I, who will share his views on the role Managed Services has to play and highlight key findings from our Managed Services report.
  • Unpacking 2020 Global Threat Intelligence Report MEA Insights Recorded: Jun 10 2020 45 mins
    Mark Thomas, NTT Ltd. Global Head of Threat Intelligence,
    The release of the Executive Guide to the 2020 Global Threat Intelligence Report compiled by our parent company NTT. Ltd. shows the continuously changing nature of the global threat landscape. In such a dynamic environment, making sure your business leading with an effective cyber resilient strategy is becoming more imperative.

    Join NTT Ltd. Global Head of Threat Intelligence, Mark Thomas as he unpack the latest MEA insights of the 2020 GTIR and share recommendations that will help you with a secure by design and cyber-resilient strategy.
  • Business Resilience - Gestärkt aus der Krise und für die Zukunft gerüstet Recorded: Jun 10 2020 56 mins
    Roman Oberauer, Vice President, Go to Market & Technical Services NTT Austria & Erich Artner, Para-Extrem Sportler
    Wir laden Sie sehr herzlich zu unserem Webinar „Business Resilience - Wie Sie aus Krisen gestärkt hervorgehen und Ihr Unternehmen für die Zukunft rüsten“ ein, präsentiert von NTT Austria gemeinsam mit dem Para-Extremsportler Erich Artner.
    Ob Corona-Krise, Bankencrashs oder Euro-Krise - Unternehmen müssen mehr denn je widerstandsfähiger gegen Krisen und Schocks werden.
    Gemeinsam mit dem Para-Extremsportler betrachten wir in diesem Webinar das Thema Resilienz aus zwei verschiedenen Blickwinkel: lernen Sie wie Sie Ihr Unternehmen widerstandsfähiger machen, aber auch wie Sie persönlich Krisen überwinden und an ihnen wachsen können.
    Roman Oberauer, Vice President, Go to Market & Technical Services NTT Austria & Erich Artner, Para-Extrem Sportler
Together we do great things
NTT is a leading, global technology services company. We believe that together we do great things. In a constantly evolving world, technology doesn’t stand still. And nor do we. Every wave of change is an opportunity to transform your business today, so you can reshape the outcomes of tomorrow. We’ve combined the capabilities of more than 20 remarkable companies to become one, leading technology services provider. Together, we help our people, clients, and communities do great things with technology to create a more secure and connected future.

Together we enable the connected future.

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  • Title: The 2020 Global Managed Services Report: Transformation reimagined
  • Live at: May 26 2020 7:30 am
  • Presented by: Dan Greengarten, Senior Vice President, Client Success; Alex Bennett, Group Senior Vice President, Go to market: Customer
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