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Area 1 Security Phish of the Week

Area 1 Security dives deep into an interesting phish and how they caught it. This week on Oct 11 2018, Sr. PM Kel Jackson takes a look at a compromised address phish.
Recorded Oct 11 2018 12 mins
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Kel Jackson
Presentation preview: Area 1 Security Phish of the Week

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  • How AVX Stops Targeted Phishing Attacks and Reduces Global Cyber Risk Oct 16 2019 6:00 pm UTC 30 mins
    Zack Moody, Global Head of Cybersecurity & Privacy at AVX and Carl Rogers, Solution Engineer at Area 1 Security
    With an ever-changing threat landscape, how can security leaders best prioritize projects to reduce cyber risk? Facing this challenge head-on, Zack Moody, GlobalHead of Cybersecurity & Privacy for AVX, a leading manufacturer of advanced electronic components, looked to solve for the threat at the root of 95% of damaging cyber breaches, phishing attacks. Register for this webinar and hear how AVX:

    - Blocks over 10,000 phishing attempts annually, reducing cybersecurity risk and IT fire drills.
    - Gets global insight into threats targeting the company.
    - Provides quarterly cyber security reporting to executives and the board, including the number and types of attacks blocked, and the ROI for anti-phishing security.
    - Maintains management confidence that cloud-based email is secure.
    - Integrates the most advanced anti-phishing controls
  • How a CISO Disruptor Stops Phishing Fire Drills Recorded: Jun 27 2019 29 mins
    Michael Britton, Oren Falkowitz
    Mike Britton of $7.7B leader, Alliance Data, shares a game-changing cybersecurity solution.

    Mike was seeing an increase in the frequency and sophistication of phishing emails hitting his organization’s Office 365 inboxes. C-levels were worried. SOC brush fires kept breaking out.

    To reduce risk and stop the fire drills, he launched an anti-phishing project. Join this live webinar and hear Mike discuss his priorities, approach and results. He’ll be joined by Area 1 Security CEO Oren Falkowitz to discuss how pay-for-performance solutions can close the cybersecurity gap.
  • Area 1 Security Phish of the Week Recorded: Oct 11 2018 12 mins
    Kel Jackson
    Area 1 Security dives deep into an interesting phish and how they caught it. This week on Oct 11 2018, Sr. PM Kel Jackson takes a look at a compromised address phish.
  • Security Awareness Training: Can Your People be Patched ? Recorded: Sep 24 2018 10 mins
    Jane Wasson, Area 1 Product Marketing
    Security awareness training is deployed by many organizations today for a variety of reasons including meeting regulatory requirements and reducing the risk of phishing breaches.

    But unfortunately, security awareness training alone doesn’t stop phishing.

    During today’s webinar, we’ll look at the role security awareness training plays in protecting from phishing and why analysts recommend that for best protection, organizations should combine anti-phishing technical controls and security training to defend from phishing attacks.
  • SIEM Security: Accelerate Phishing Detection and Incident Response Recorded: Aug 16 2018 11 mins
    Jane Wasson Area 1 Product Marketing
    The threat that most often breaches defenses is the phishing attack. One of the biggest challenges for security teams and is to quickly and effectively detect these attacks, and then efficiently investigate and respond to prevent damage.

    Watch this webinar and learn how customers that integrate Area 1’s pre-emptive anti-phishing service with a SIEM platform can:

    o Get deep insight and visibility into phish detected and blocked by the
    Area 1 service
    o Quickly and effectively uncover related advanced threat activity
    o More efficiently investigate and respond to incidents
    o Provide visibility into threat actor behavior and trends
    o Facilitate and customize threat reporting
  • Phishing Attack Vectors | How to Fortify Your Defenses Recorded: Jun 18 2018 12 mins
    Jane Wasson | Product Marketing Manager | Area 1 Security
    If all of the email systems in the world shut down tomorrow, would phishing attacks stop?


    Why? The attack vectors hackers use to execute phishing campaigns aren’t limited to only email traffic. So defense strategies that focus on protecting just email will miss phishing activity on other attack vectors. For best protection, your security strategy needs a unified approach to protect you from phishing activity across all common attack vectors, including email, web, and network.

    Join this webinar and learn:

    o Attack vectors hackers exploit to execute phishing campaigns

    o How phish bypass security infrastructure

    o Strategies to fortify defenses and stop phishing attacks
  • Why Secure Email Gateways Miss Phishing Emails Recorded: Feb 26 2018 13 mins
    Jane Wasson
    Email remains the number one threat vector for data breaches. Secure email gateways (SEGs), the very resource we depend on to protect our email, actually miss phishing attacks with regularity. Why? Watch this webinar and learn exactly how phish evade them. Ideally, SEGs detect emails sent from malicious sites, prevent users from accessing deceptive URLs, pinpoint attachments with criminal code, and sandbox suspicious files. So with all this smart technology on alert—why do targeted phishing attacks slip through?

    Join this webinar to learn:

    Why phishing attacks evade secure email gateways

    The breakthrough that fortifies defenses and stops targeted phishing attacks

    Demonstrated effectiveness of preemptive phish-detection from Fortune 1000 businesses
  • To Catch a Phish: Detection Innovations Recorded: Jan 29 2018 14 mins
    Vivek Bhandari, Director of Product Management, Area 1 Security
    There are new phishing campaigns being created all the time by threat actors. Area 1 proactively identifies and stops phishing attacks across all traffic vectors. This short webinar covers some of the more recent detections that have stopped several phishing campaigns for our customers. We will cover instant link analysis for emails, encrypted attachment analysis and exploit kit tracking.
Area 1 stops phishing—the #1 root cause of all data breaches
Area 1 Security stops phishing attacks preemptively and comprehensively across email, web, and network traffic. Phishing is the #1 cyberattack vector and over 95% of all breaches begin with a phishing attack—making phishing the cause of financial losses, data exfiltration and brand damage to organizations large and small.

By looking at phishing comprehensively and preemptively; and leveraging a cloud-native architecture, Area 1 Security has found great success in helping F500 customers secure their move to the cloud while supporting the needs of their global and mobile end-user base.

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  • Title: Area 1 Security Phish of the Week
  • Live at: Oct 11 2018 4:30 pm
  • Presented by: Kel Jackson
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