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[Podcast] Episode 50! We got hacked + Interview w/ loanDepot CFO, Bitcoin.

Ryan and George interview Bryan Sullivan of loanDepot about the US home loan market. Then, we talk about Bitcoin's rise, Cryptocurrency mining, and the Hacking of Lending Times' website.
Recorded Nov 3 2017 33 mins
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Presented by
George Popescu & Ryan Ross
Presentation preview: [Podcast] Episode 50! We got hacked + Interview w/ loanDepot CFO, Bitcoin.

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  • The Race to Digital: Three Trends Driving Digital Lending and Asset Management Recorded: Sep 25 2018 60 mins
    Jim Lundy, Founder, CEO and Lead Analyst, Aragon Research, Rahim Kaba, Director of Global E-Signature , OneSpan,
    Today, documents are vital to revenue particularly in financial services, where a document tied to a financial instrument (e.g., mortgage, automobile loan, equipment lease) is recognized as an asset. Analog processes can slow down an enterprise and put them at a competitive disadvantage. The good news is that the financial services industry is shifting from paper files to digital assets for their contract-intensive lending applications. Join Jim Lundy, CEO and Lead Analyst at Aragon Research and Rahim Kaba, Director of Global Product Marketing at OneSpan to learn how to manage and protect assets for loans, leasing, and mortgages – from e-signature all the way through to vaulting and securitization. Key topics to be covered:

    · The impact of digital on B2B/B2C lending and mortgage

    · Adopting a fully digital, end-to-end asset management process – pre- and post-signature

    · Best practices for managing and protecting digital assets in a vault

    · Security, legal and compliance considerations

    · The future: impact of blockchain and smart contracts on digital lending
  • 2017 Digital Lending Fraud Report Recorded: Dec 6 2017 46 mins
    Al Pascual, Senior VP and Research Director
    The explosive adoption of the digital channels is changing the nature of lending. Consumers are coming to expect the kind of convenience and speed that a digital experience can deliver and lenders are increasingly looking to oblige. While many of the benefits to consumers of digital lending are clear, there are some complications related to fraud that arise when lending goes digital. In order to take advantage of these limitations and vulnerabilities, today’s fraudsters rely on a diversified playbook of schemes and techniques to commit loan fraud in digital channels, and they are becoming increasingly successful.

    This upcoming webinar will be moderated by Lending Times and sponsored by Mitek, and features guest speaker Al Pascual, Senior Vice President and Research Director at Javelin Strategy & Research. Attend this webinar and be one of the first recipients of the 2017 Digital Lending Fraud Report from Javelin, exploring how issues in digital lending have unfolded and the steps that lenders must take to effectively resist the growing epidemic of digital lending fraud.

    Key takeaways:
     Address factors in today's lending environment
    that have created a favorable environment for fraudsters.
     How different types of loans are being affected by fraud in digital channels.
     Techniques used by fraudsters to commit digital lending fraud, including synthetic
    identities, volumetric attacks, and device spoofing.
     Next steps lenders can take to optimize their lending fraud mitigation process.
  • [Podcast] Interview w/ Mitek, French News, Chinese ICO Recorded: Nov 24 2017 17 mins
    George Popescu & Ryan Ross
    George & Ryan Interview Patrick Swisher of Mitek, and talk about new in the French lending industry, and about a ICO from China.
  • [Podcast] Episode 50! We got hacked + Interview w/ loanDepot CFO, Bitcoin. Recorded: Nov 3 2017 33 mins
    George Popescu & Ryan Ross
    Ryan and George interview Bryan Sullivan of loanDepot about the US home loan market. Then, we talk about Bitcoin's rise, Cryptocurrency mining, and the Hacking of Lending Times' website.
  • [Podcast] Square, Betterment at 1 Billion & ICOs, Lending Ecosystem Recorded: Oct 27 2017 25 mins
    George Popescu & Ryan Ross
    George & Ryan Talk about 6 articles:

    FT Partners’ CEO Monthly Alternative Lending Market Analysis
    SoFi’s CEO Hiatus Stalls Its Big-Time Banking Ambitions
    Orchard’s Online Lending Ecosystem Update: “Lendscape”
    PayPal A Buyer, Not Seller, And May Seek A Big Target
    Why Square Is Entering the Bank Business
    Betterment is now valued at $ 1 billion in private market trading
  • [Podcast] Goldman will lend, Sofi will endure, & Private Credit Recorded: Oct 2 2017 20 mins
    George Popescu & Ryan Ross
    After a few weeks of vacation, We discussed 6 articles this week:

    Goldman Banks on Lending to Grow
    OneMain Deal Analysis
    Institutional Buyers and Loan Originators with New Opportunities in Private Credit
    Today In Data: SoFi’s Woes
    SoFi Condoned ‘Rampant Sexual Activity,’ Lawsuit Allege
  • E-Signatures & Digital Lending: How to Move 99% of Customers off Paper Recorded: Aug 31 2017 61 mins
    David Smith, Vice President, Application Systems, & Many More..
    In the sub-prime lending market, speed-to-close determines market share. Join us to learn how an end-to-end digital process with e-signatures transformed OneMain’s lending business – positioning the lender as the largest personal loan company in the U.S. Today,99% of OneMain’s loans are e-signed, enabling them to be closed and funded significantly faster than on paper.

    In this 60-minute presentation, you’ll learn how the company took a phased approach and implemented e-signatures in the call center and online channels, then expanded to the branch network. This year, OneMain will complete its e-signature roll-out to 1,700 branches, where the majority of its loans are transacted.

    Our speakers will share firsthand insights and advice on topics like:

    · Top e-signature requirements, such as security, deployment, scalability
    · Best practices for preparing a national roll-out – including working with regulators on a state-by-state basis
    · Designing optimal workflows for remote vs. in-branch transactions
    · Preparing the branch network for e-signature

    Presenters: David Smith, Vice President, Application Systems, OneMain
    Philip Hannah, Director of IT, OneMain
    Mary Ellen Power, VP Marketing, eSignLive by
  • [Podcast] Ethereum, Goldman’s SIMON, 2 x Sofi news and Consumers & Tech Recorded: Jul 26 2017 19 mins
    George Popescu & Ryan Ross
    George & Ryan Talk about 5 articles:

    DBRS Student Loan ABS report
    Goldman Sachs is looking to spinoff one of its tech bets at a $ 75 million valuation
    The State Of Consumers And Technology: Benchmark 2017, US
    SoFi loses another senior executive, as chief revenue officer Michael Tannenbaum departs
    SoFi CEO: Why Ethereum Is Much More Valuable Than Bitcoin
  • [Podcast] Fastest Consumer Lender, Prosper President, SoFi shuts Zenbanx, Blockc Recorded: Jul 7 2017 22 mins
    George Popescu & Ryan Ross
    George & Ryan talk about popular news articles;

    The Fastest Consumer Lenders to $ 1 Billion in Originations
    Ron Suber, Prosper President and Industry Legend, Stepping Down
    Six months after acquisition, SoFi is shutting down Zenbanx
    Bloomberg Report is Critical of Online Lenders
    Summer Fintech Reading Ideas
  • [Podcast]Amazon’s Bank, Loan Performance, SoFi adds 400, Platformitisation Recorded: Jun 22 2017 21 mins
    George Popescu & Ryan Ross
    Why Banks Are Going To Survive
    Amazon Has Secretly Become a Giant Bank
    FinTech company SoFi to add 400 Delaware workers by 2018
    Latest PeerIQ Loan Performance Monitor
    + 2 events
  • [Podcast] Goldman boosts rates, Orchard’s innovation, Ratesetter’s decision Recorded: Jun 13 2017 17 mins
    George Popescu & Ryan Ross
    George & Ryan talk about news & analysis from Lending Times, including:

    Behind the Scenes at Orchard Platform, a Struggle to Innovate
    Fitch Rates Prosper Marketplace Issuance Trust, Series 2017-1
    RateSetter decides not to lend to George Banco’s customers
    Goldman Sachs boost rates for savers in bid to attract deposits
    FinTech Alternatives to Short-Term Small-Dollar Credit — Helping Low-Income Working Families Escape the High-Cost Lending Trap

    Two events are also discussed:
    Event: Reg A+ Crowdfunding Conference
    Meetup: Risks and emerging solutions for investor confidence in online lending
  • [Podcast] Interview, LendingClub's 10 Years, Yirendai Results, Risk of Recession Recorded: Jun 1 2017 25 mins
    George Popescu & Ryan Ross
    Interview with Peter Aquart of American Wealth Builders
    Take-aways from May 25 Webinar
    LendingClub Celebrates Ten Years of Online Lending
    Yirendai Reports First Quarter 2017 Financial Results
    C&I Loans: Are We Headed For a Recession?
  • Latest Advances in Process-Automation for Digital Lenders Recorded: May 25 2017 60 mins
    Steve Craig, @ Mitek, Jami Schwartz @ Kabbage, Bill Nass @ TCI - George Popescu, Editor in Chief, Lending Times
    In today’s digital and mobile-first world, being able to seamlessly originate a loan is key for any organization looking to cut costs and increase top line revenue while meeting ever-stricter regulations. Additionally, the shift to digital lending has fraud rates skyrocketing.

    On the panel we will discuss:

    * Value prop of moving to digital channel – how to reduce costs and improve number of completed loans.
    * How do these latest automations fit with the latest financial institution’s compliance needs?
    * The latest advances in process automation for digital lenders.
    · For example, mobile capture for:
    o Data pre-fill
    o Identity verification
    o Submission of trailing documents
    * What is possible today, what is coming soon, and what is unlikely to be possible.

    Panel of 3 industry experts:
    Steve Craig, Director of Products & Experience - Identity @ Mitek
    Bill Nass, President and co-founder @ TCI Credit
    Jami Schwartz, Head of Content and Marketing Tech @ Kabbage

    George Popescu, Editor in Chief, Lending Times
  • [Podcast] SoFI’s New Bank and Old President, Household debt highs & Personal Loa Recorded: May 25 2017 25 mins
    George Popescu & Ryan Ross
    George & Ryan talk about:

    Legislative Update 158 (Experian Email), Rated: AAA
    Sofi plans to apply for a bank charter in the next month - Industrial loan company.
    SoFi President Nino Fanlo to Leave Firm for Biotech Startup
    The Future of Lending is Now with Latest TransUnion Prama Offerings
    American Households Return To Peak Debt, Thanks To Booming Student Loans
    Consumers Place Personal Loans Atop the Credit Mountain
  • [Podcast] Bitcoin’s Wannacry Significance, Auto Loans Decline, Zopa FCA Recorded: May 16 2017 24 mins
    George Popescu & Ryan Ross
    George & Ryan Talk about:

    Bitcoin & significance of Wannacry ransom
    Auto loan news
    Zopa receives FCA approval
    New York sues OCC
    Sofi Bank Charter
    OnDeck results
    Webinar on 25th
  • [Podcast] Webinar on Process Automation, Psychometrics, and OCC Fintech Charter Recorded: May 1 2017 34 mins
    George Popescu & Ryan Ross
    George & Ryan talk about:

    Webinar on May 25th
    Psychometric credit scoring for the developing world.
    Portrait of a marketplace lending investor
    Credit trends seen through delinquency rates
    The OCC Fintech Charter
    And details on the 2017 Bond-market Rally.
  • Orange starts bank, Wealthfront starts lending, Direct mail, Talking to investor Recorded: Apr 24 2017 35 mins
    George Popescu & Ryan Ross
    George & Ryan talk about articles including:

    Transparency remains a sticking point for online lenders.
    A Comparison of Funding & Liquidity Sources.
    Wealthfront to lend money.
    Getting the Most From Investor Calls.
    The Future of Financing and Vehicle Purchases.
    Why the Buzz Around Fintech Does Not Stop.
    Common Direct Mail Marketing Mistakes.
  • [Podcast] Fico’s & Digital Banking’s future, Pricing psychology, Events & Quora Recorded: Apr 17 2017 30 mins
    George Popescu & Ryan Ross
    Ryan & George talk about;
    Lending robot
    Future of digital banking?
    2017 wave of lending fintech

    New York on April 17New Panel Speaker: Jeff Zinn
    LendIt China: LTIMES17LDF

    Quora questions:
    Should I invest $50,000 in LendingClub, rather than let it sit in a bank account at 0.90% interest?
    How does a bank or lending company decide what is your interest rate?
  • [Podcast] Laplanche's Upgrade, Elevate IPO, Colorado sues, Securitization tracke Recorded: Apr 9 2017 23 mins
    George Popescu & Ryan Ross
    In this episode, we talk about Renaud Laplanche's new company Upstart, Elevate's IPO, who and why Colorado sued, a Securitization Tracker & big data for the lending industry

    2 Events happening:

    1) Lend it China - Shanghai
    - July 15,16. 15% off. Earlybird ticket. Code: LTIMES17LDF
  • [Podcast] Justice dept vs. CFPB, Fintechs turn FDIC Depositors, selling machine Recorded: Mar 30 2017 41 mins
    Ryan Ross & George Popescu
    George & Ryan talk about news on OnDeck, the Justice Department, Lending Club.

    We then discuss articles on:
    Banking as a service
    An explanation of Machine Learning.
    An analysis of digital electronics vs. Analog electronics.

    Plus, an event in New York City on April 18th.

    Find out more here:
Fintech credit: everything you need to know
Main source of news and coverage for the b2b aspects of the peer-to-peer (p2p), marketplace and the alternative lending market

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  • Title: [Podcast] Episode 50! We got hacked + Interview w/ loanDepot CFO, Bitcoin.
  • Live at: Nov 3 2017 8:30 am
  • Presented by: George Popescu & Ryan Ross
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