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Splunk RUM: observez désormais l’intégralité de la transaction utilisateur

Comprenez l’impact des erreurs, de la latence et des bugs sur les utilisateurs finaux pour chaque page, ressource, changement de route, dépendances tierces et composant dynamique grâce à Splunk RUM. Cette solution propose le dépannage le plus rapide et la vision la plus complète des performances des navigateurs web. Ensemble, Splunk APM et Splunk RUM offrent le seul outil de visibilité haute-fidélité de bout en bout sur l’ensemble des transactions des utilisateurs.
Recorded Jul 13 2021 37 mins
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Presented by
Stephane Estevez, EMEA Director of Product Marketing, IT Markets at Splunk
Presentation preview: Splunk RUM: observez désormais l’intégralité de la transaction utilisateur

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  • Data Age Series Ep3 - Thriving in the Data Age Nov 22 2021 1:00 pm UTC 49 mins
    James Hodge, Splunk I William McKnight, McKnight Consulting Group I Kat Holmes, Travelex
    The Data Age Series Episode 3

    According to a recent survey, two-thirds of organisations are expecting the value and amount of data to grow almost 5x by 2025. The ‘Data Age’ is here to stay, and the way that we prepare now and the actions we take today will impact our ability to thrive. Embracing technologies like 5G, IoT, blockchain and edge computing, will increase the volume of data produced, and the ways in which data can be used productively to transform business strategy.

    Join us in this final episode as we discuss:
    - How cloud both fuels the ‘Data Age’ and can help navigate it
    - How different industries, including retail, healthcare, finserv, manufacturing and the private sector are embracing the ‘Data Age’
  • Data Age Series Ep2 - Preparing for the Data Age Oct 25 2021 12:00 pm UTC 55 mins
    James Hodge, Splunk I Jasmina Lazic, Bayes Centre, Uni. Edinburgh I Jason Sarayno, Uniper I Maija Hovila, Kone
    The Data Age Series Episode 2

    Out of the 86% of businesses who reported that they are not ready for the ‘Data Age’, only 8% think that they will be ready in time. As businesses confront the rising tide of data, they will face certain challenges and hurdles. Being as prepared as possible, adapting to digital transformation, and shifting mindsets and cultures is key to making the most out of this business change.

    Join us in this episode, as we share:
    - How businesses can evolve from being data collectors to data innovators
    - The fundamental hurdles to overcome, from coping with the data wave to adopting new technologies
    - Recommendations from thought leaders on building a model and strategy to cope with the incoming data wave
  • Real Talk with eBay Episode 2: A Review of the Future of Development and IT Oct 16 2021 12:00 pm UTC 18 mins
    Josh Atwell, Sr Technology Advocate for Splunk and Randy Shoup, VP of Engineering for eBay
    In this session Randy Shoup re-joins Josh Atwell to discuss the future for development and IT operations organizations given the present availability of more capable tools and methodologies. Josh and Randy will explore the outcomes today’s technology professionals can anticipate in an environment better equipped to deliver the highest levels of business performance, minimized downtime, and world-class digital service and user experiences.
  • Best Practices for Multicloud Monitoring & Investigation Oct 13 2021 4:00 pm UTC 40 mins
    Nicolette Graham, IT Product Marketing; Nate Smalley, Technical Interlock Dir; Chris Crocco, Cloud Consult Engineer, Splunk
    83% of organizations are looking for new monitoring approaches to handle today’s cloud complexity. IT teams are challenged with monitoring cloud services and mission-critical applications by separate tools which lead to swivel chair approaches, runaway costs, and fragmented operational data getting trapped in siloed tools. This creates blind spots that halt teams’ ability to quickly detect and resolve issues, and negatively impacts customer experiences.

    What if there was a way to unify monitoring and investigation across the entire cloud stack? Wouldn’t the jobs of cloud architects and system administrators be so much easier if there were consolidated views enabling faster mean-time-to-detect (MTTD) and mean-time-to-resolution (MTTR)? Splunk is helping organizations across the globe accelerate their cloud journey with its analytics-driven, multicloud monitoring solution.

    Watch our webinar, "Best Practices for Multicloud Monitoring & Investigation" where you’ll learn:

    - Top trends in the market to maximize IT performance with a multicloud monitoring strategy
    - What capabilities organizations need to look out for when choosing the right tools
    - How to best optimize hybrid and multicloud management
    - How Splunk helps organizations tackle cloud complexity challenges
  • Scaling Kubernetes with Splunk and AWS Oct 7 2021 4:00 pm UTC 55 mins
    Amit Sharma, Dir. Product Marketing, Splunk | Igor Alekseev, Sr. Partner, Solution Architect, Data & Analytics, AWS
    Congratulations as you move beyond dev/test to roll out Kubernetes across your organization in production. While Kubernetes provides the agility for development teams, it also introduces operational complexity and monitoring challenges. In this session, we will discuss how to efficiently scale Kubernetes with Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) and how to gain observability into your entire Kubernetes environment with Splunk.

    Join Amit Sharma, Product Marketing Director, IT Solutions at Splunk, and Cuyler Dingwell, Customer Engineer at Google Cloud to learn:

    - Challenges in operating distributed cloud-native environments such as Kubernetes
    - Key considerations in choosing Kubernetes platforms
    - Real-time monitoring and troubleshooting strategies for Kubernetes deployments
    - Demo covering monitoring and investigation of real-world performance issues with Splunk
  • Data Age Series Ep1 - Defining the Data Age Oct 1 2021 12:00 pm UTC 52 mins
    James Hodge, Splunk I Ramesh Dontha, Digital Transformation Pro I Amit Bhattacharyya, Vox Media
    The Data Age Series Episode 1

    A recent survey reported that 86% of organisations are not ready for the ‘Data Age’. The force of digital transformation is stronger than ever before, causing data volumes to skyrocket and driving innovation and revenue growth. Data has become the fastest growing business asset, from providing valuable customer insight, to influencing your security strategy. Understanding the ‘Data Age’, and defining what it means for your business, is key to being prepared.

    Join us in this session as we discuss:
    - The transformative technologies that have influenced the ‘Data Age’
    - Trends in technology, from 5G to AI, and augmented reality to IoT, that have advanced digital transformation
    - The level of preparedness in organisations today to survive and capitalise on this coming wave of data
  • Enhance Your Threat Prevention, Detection, and Response Sep 30 2021 3:00 pm UTC 34 mins
    Wissam Ali-Ahmad, Lead Solutions Architect, Splunk | Roy Arsan, Cloud Solutions Architect, Google
    In this session, we'll explore Google Cloud security controls and how to export security findings from Cloud Security Command Center and asset changes from Cloud Asset Inventory into Splunk Enterprise or Splunk Cloud for further forensic analysis, incident resolution and compliance monitoring.

    We’ll show how GCP events, alerts and other data sources fit into the Splunk Enterprise Security SIEM framework, and how to comprehensively investigate a security event.

    We’ll also demonstrate how to respond to Google Cloud security events from Enterprise Security using Splunk Phantom automated playbooks, and how to set up automation for the high fidelity security detections provided by Cloud Security Command Center.
  • Fight Fraud with Data: How States Can Confront Unemployment Insurance (UI) Abuse Sep 29 2021 4:00 pm UTC 61 mins
    Joe Beck, Division of Information Technology, New Jersey | Juliana Vida, Splunk | Dan Lohrmann, Center for Digital Government
    Unemployment claims skyrocketed over the past year, as millions of Americans lost their jobs during the pandemic. Sadly, as the number of claims rose, so did instances of unemployment insurance benefits fraud. These cases have resulted in billions of dollars lost. In California alone, officials reported more than $11 billion in improper payments in the first nine months of the pandemic. And these fraudulent claims aren’t just costly – they add complications and delays to already-overwhelmed state benefits systems that ultimately affect regular citizens who are out of work. Each state provides a critical lifeline for individuals and it's incredibly important that these systems perform well and detect fraudulent activity immediately.

    How can states fight fraud? With better access to data. More comprehensive information on identity and behavior will help stem the tide of fraudulent claims.

    Join us for an in-depth discussion on how states can get a handle on waste, fraud and abuse in your unemployment insurance benefits program. Our panel of public officials and industry leaders will cover a range of topics, including:

    · How unemployment insurance benefits fraud has impacted states during the pandemic
    · How better access to data can help address gaps in state unemployment systems
    · How your state can build on and mature its fraud strategy
  • Scaling Kubernetes with Google Cloud and Splunk Sep 28 2021 3:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Amit Sharma, Technical Product Marketing & Evangelism, Splunk | Cuyler Dingwell, Customer Engineer, Google Cloud
  • Real Talk with eBay Episode 1: How Do You Deliver Always-On Services? Recorded: Sep 24 2021 21 mins
    Josh Atwell, Sr Technology Advocate for Splunk and Randy Shoup, VP of Engineering for eBay
    Real Talk with eBay Episode 1: How Do You Deliver Always-On Services Given Rising Complexities and Demands

    In this session Josh Atwell, Sr Technology Advocate for Splunk, speaks with Randy Shoup, VP of Engineering for eBay, about the growing challenges organizations currently face when working to deliver world-class digital services and customer experiences. Our conversation will explore the impacts of growing complexity for both development and operations, as well as the increased demands for stronger alignment between these groups and business stakeholders.
  • Splunk Threat Research: Cloud Federated Credential Abuse & Cobalt Strike Recorded: Sep 24 2021 22 mins
    Kelly Huang, Security Product Marketing, Rod Soto, Principal Security Research Engineer, Michael Haag, Snr Threat Researcher
    The Splunk Threat Research team is dedicated to understanding malicious actor behaviour and researching known threats to build detections and analytics that the entire Splunk community can benefit from.

    The latest analytics from the team cover Cloud Federated Credential Abuse of Active Directory Federation Services and between Cloud Providers. They also published an Analytics Story to enable detection of Malleable C2 profiles deployed via Cobalt Strike, an emulation software that Red Teams and pen testers use that recently got into the hands of adversaries.

    Join this webinar to learn:
    - Why Cloud Federated Credential Abuse has to be top of mind of every security team
    - What Cobalt Strike is and what it takes to detect injected shellcode with Splunk
    - How the Splunk Threat Research team works and how you can benefit from what they do
  • Simplifying Multicloud Application Management with Splunk and Google Cloud Recorded: Sep 22 2021 53 mins
    Amit Sharma, Dir. Product Marketing, Splunk | Jamie Duncan, Cloud Engineer, Google
    Managing applications across different clouds is easier said than done. Organizations often cite challenges with siloed tools, inconsistent management and visibility gaps. In this session, Splunk and Google Cloud will demonstrate how Anthos and Splunk provide consistent ways to manage and monitor your workloads across multiple clouds.

    Join our webinar, “Simplifying Multicloud with Splunk and Google Cloud's Anthos” to learn:

    - How to implement effective multicloud strategies and patterns.
    - Anthos - how to achieve portability using Anthos across multiple environments.
    - Multicloud observability with Splunk Infrastructure Monitoring and Splunk Cloud.
    - Monitoring and investigation of real-world performance issues with Splunk.
  • 'Rethink IT' Series, Session Two: Master the New Monitoring Imperatives Recorded: Sep 22 2021 45 mins
    William Cappelli, DevOPs Sales Specialist for EMEA at Splunk
    Session 2: Master the New Monitoring Imperatives of a Digital World

    On average, cloud-native apps extend across 2.25 public cloud environments, according to the "State of Observability 2021". This adds to an already complex architecture organizations are investing in to serve customers in a more digital way. So how can you manage this complexity and effectively identify, investigate and resolve critical issues in distributed and multicloud environments? This session will explore the paradigm shift in monitoring and how you can achieve portability, visibility and validation.
  • The 5R's: Strategy For Application Modernization & Migration to Google Cloud Recorded: Sep 14 2021 43 mins
    Stephane Estevez, EMEA Director of Product Marketing, IT Markets, Splunk
    So you’re up to speed on what the cloud is and why it’s the right move for your business. Now comes the how - and spoiler alert, there’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach.

    Many organizations are moving towards a multi-cloud or hybrid approach in the hopes of performance optimization, cost savings, and flexibility. Although achievable, this trend comes with various challenges in gaining visibility for monitoring, cost control and securing an organization's infrastructure, data and applications. So it’s important to implement the right migration strategy, in the right way, for your business.

    To help, this session will dissect the 5 different strategies for cloud migration and application modernization; Rehost, Refactor, Revise, Rebuild, Replace. We’ll walk through how to implement each one, review their pros and cons, and highlight the potential challenges if the time comes to combine them. Join us to explore:

    - Everything you need to know about “The 5 Rs” in order to select the right one(s) for your migration
    - The new challenges IT practitioners face from ‘Digital Transformation’ events such as Observability, Distributed Tracing, Service Monitoring, Business Insights and AIOps
    - How Splunk can help you migrate, manage and secure your workloads for on-prem (or existing cloud) to Google Cloud(s) such as GCP or Google Workspace
  • 'Rethink IT' Series, Session One: New World, New Imperatives Recorded: Sep 10 2021 97 mins
    William Cappelli, DevOPs Sales Specialist for EMEA at Splunk
    Accelerated migration to the cloud, remote work, and customer expectations around experience is causing new challenges for IT teams. As your organization's systems become more complex, ephemeral and distributed, you will need full visibility across the infrastructure, application services, and business services to get a full picture of your systems' state and ensure you are delivering what the business needs. This session will share some of the most common pain points we hear from our customers, and provide an overview of the new thinking that is helping IT teams successfully navigate the “new normal”.
  • Keys to Future-Proofing Unemployment Insurance Benefits Programs Against Fraud Recorded: Sep 9 2021 38 mins
    Juliana Vida, Tom Luparello, Ray Atencio
    As more agencies and the services they provide digitally transform, fraud and its associated risks are more prevalent than ever — and now on a global scale. Across state governments, agencies are struggling to outpace innovative fraudsters, with new threats seemingly lurking around every corner of digital transformation. What are the top tools and strategies organization and IT leaders should be armed with to future-proof their state workforce agency against the threat of fraud, securing their data to not only protect residents, but also to reduce loss of capital, reputation, and efficiency?

    In Splunk’s webinar “The Keys to Future-Proofing the Unemployment Insurance Benefits Program Against Fraud,” subject matter experts will discuss the essentials all agencies should implement to continue safely and confidently evolving their modernization initiatives that require next-gen monitoring and analytics. The episode, part of Splunk’s series dedicated to enhancing enterprise data analytics for public sector organizations, will explore Splunk’s capabilities to outpace innovative fraudulent practices and ultimately drive organizational success. Key points to explore include:

    -The limitations of traditional anti-fraud tools to detect the ever-evolving forms that fraud can take — and the impact of these forms on eligibility program success
    -Why massive amounts of unstructured data that agencies generate leave them less efficient and less capable of detecting fraud
    -How machine learning and machine data are equipping fraud teams to effectively monitor, identify, and respond to new kinds of fraudulent activity
    -Review the latest technology and tools to leverage when it comes to enhancing enterprise fraud detection

    Presented by Splunk's Juliana Vida, GVP, Chief Strategy Advisor, Public Sector; NTT DATA Corporation’s Tom Luparello, Senior Director, Public Sector Strategic Advisor for Unemployment Insurance
  • Super Charge Splunk with Observability Cloud (Podcast) Recorded: Aug 11 2021 36 mins
    Patrick Lin | VP of Product Management, Splunk Janelle Shaw | Staff Engineer, Splunk
    Building and running cloud-native services unlock breakthroughs in speed and new innovation, but they add complexity to both infrastructure and application architecture. Observability, when done right, helps your SRE and development teams cut through that complexity to react quickly to problems and continuously improve performance.

    In this session, we will walk you through Splunk’s Observability in-action. We’ll show how you can spot problems in your services, dig into their underlying cause, and get performance in real-time.
  • Enhance Your Threat Prevention, Detection, and Response Recorded: Aug 3 2021 34 mins
    Wissam Ali-Ahmad, Lead Solutions Architect, Splunk | Roy Arsan, Cloud Solutions Architect, Google
    In this session, we'll explore Google Cloud security controls and how to export security findings from Cloud Security Command Center and asset changes from Cloud Asset Inventory into Splunk Enterprise or Splunk Cloud for further forensic analysis, incident resolution and compliance monitoring.

    We’ll show how GCP events, alerts and other data sources fit into the Splunk Enterprise Security SIEM framework, and how to comprehensively investigate a security event.

    We’ll also demonstrate how to respond to Google Cloud security events from Enterprise Security using Splunk Phantom automated playbooks, and how to set up automation for the high fidelity security detections provided by Cloud Security Command Center.
  • Holistic Monitoring: All Systems Online Recorded: Jul 29 2021 36 mins
    Thomas Booth, Jay Etchings, Alex Kirk
    In support of mission objectives, today’s agencies run hundreds of applications, servers and virtual machines, which produce a constant stream of data in disparate forms. In addition, modernization initiatives are driving agencies to adopt new technologies and paradigms such as cloud, mobile and containers, microservers and serverless architectures. As a result, investigating, identifying and resolving issues has become more difficult, increasing time needed to bring systems back online. How can agencies gain end-to-end visibility across these environments and troubleshoot issues in real-time as well as preferably learn of them in advance, predicting issues before they occur?

    In Splunk’s “Holistic Monitoring: All Systems Online” webinar, part of a series dedicated to IT modernization, our host and guest speakers will share insights into confidently monitoring workloads and applications before, during and after modernization — regardless of the environment, including hybrid and multi-cloud and continuing to deliver services to meet mission and program objectives of their constituents. Key topics that this episode will explore include:

    -Gain real-time situational awareness of performance, usage, and availability of applications and workloads anywhere — on-premises, hybrid or multi-cloud environments
    -Remove blind spots by correlating data and events across environments — cloud provider, applications and workloads, and everything in-between, to gain a true holistic picture
    -Address problems faster with reduced time-to-decisions, and predict and prevent issues before they adversely affect the mission or experience
    -How to streamline incident response and encourage better collaboration, eliminating war-room efforts and reducing costs

    Presented by: Thomas Booth, Jay Etchings, Alex Kirk
  • Supercharge Your Security with Automation Recorded: Jul 28 2021 30 mins
    John Dominguez | Product Marketing Director, Splunk Philip Royer | Research Engineer, Splunk
    Drowning in repetitive security tasks? Too many security alerts to triage each day? Can't respond to security incidents fast enough? Stop working harder and start working smarter! Join this session and technical demonstration to learn how automation can help you eliminate grunt work and respond to security incidents faster.

    We'll show you how Splunk SOAR can automate repetitive tasks and enable incident response actions in seconds (versus hours or more if done manually), orchestrate security operations across your entire IT and security stack, and drastically increase SOC productivity.
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Splunk is the world’s first Data-to-Everything Platform. Now organizations no longer need to worry about where their data is coming from, and they are free to focus on the business outcomes that data can deliver. Innovators in IT, Security, IoT and business operations can now get a complete view of their business in real time, turn data into business outcomes, and embrace technologies that prepare them for a data-driven future.

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  • Title: Splunk RUM: observez désormais l’intégralité de la transaction utilisateur
  • Live at: Jul 13 2021 12:59 pm
  • Presented by: Stephane Estevez, EMEA Director of Product Marketing, IT Markets at Splunk
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