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DataMotion SDX: Secure Data Exchange Services Platform

Learn about secure data exchange services, why they are needed, examples of customer use cases and data flows, and the underlying DataMotion SDX Services Platform architecture.
Recorded Aug 7 2017 12 mins
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Presentation preview: DataMotion SDX: Secure Data Exchange Services Platform

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  • 10 Things to Consider When Implementing a Secure Message Center Recorded: Dec 12 2018 6 mins
    Ally Cancino, DataMotion
    Are you considering implementing a secure message center in your business client portal? If you're in the insurance, healthcare, or financial services industry, this is definitely a good choice. In this video/slideshow learn about how secure message centers improve your customer service, increase customer satisfaction, make it easier for your employees to track and maintain message strings, and of course-- stay compliant! If you'd like more detailed information on implementing a secure message center, check out our whitepaper at: http://info.datamotion.com/implementing-secure-message-center-white-paper-1-0
  • DataMotion Secure Form Demonstration Recorded: Nov 26 2018 6 mins
    Dave Muchhala
    This short 5 minute video shows how to send a form securing using DataMotion. DataMotion secure online forms are powerful tool your customers and partners can use to conveniently submit sensitive data from their desktop and integrating automatically into your back end systems. With DataMotion secure forms you can deliver electronic forms securely and directly to a customer’s email inbox, bypassing portal logins and expanding the reach of your business.
  • Integrating Secure Message Features Results in Happy Customers Recorded: Jul 10 2018 1 min
    Financial services customers want to interact with you securely, in multiple ways - whether through a mobile or enterprise app or on your customer portal. This short video briefly describes how to integrate secure message features and bring everything together for your customer.
  • Moving ePHI Securely at the Speed of Digital Transformation Recorded: Jun 25 2018 57 mins
    Hugh Gilenson, Director Healthcare Solutions
    How do you accelerate the move to efficient digital workflows containing ePHI and maintain compliance? In this informative webinar we'll discuss enabling healthcare delivery transformation when it requires sharing information. Topics covered include:

    - Digital transformation of legacy workflows across care settings
    - Communicating with patients, providing access and control
    - Maintaining security, privacy and regulatory compliance
  • Simple Facts About Encryption Recorded: Jun 14 2018 48 mins
    Andy Nieto
    Between Edward Snowden, the NSA, and the FBI we’ve all been hearing the term “encryption” thrown around a lot. But what do you really know about encryption? And as a business, what do you need to know? How does it work, and what are your options?
    In this 60 minute session, Andy Nieto, IT Strategist for DataMotion, provides a clear, simple overview of encryption, and will include plenty of time for questions, Topics include:

    The who, what, where, why, when, and how’s of encryption
    The difference between proprietary and open source encryption
    Encrypting data at rest
    Encrypting data in motion
    Key management
    Mobile devices and encryption
  • HIPAA Compliance in the Age of Population Health Management Recorded: Apr 3 2018 6 mins
    Andy Nieto
    This short five minute video reviews what population health management is, why it is needed, the HIPAA implications and how to deal with these workflows efficiently and securely.
  • Tips for Using Encryption to Reduce HIPAA Compliance Risk and Protect Your Data Recorded: Feb 6 2018 64 mins
    Chris Apgar, CISSP; CEO & President, Apgar & Associates; Andy Nieto, Health IT Strategist, DataMotion
    Learn some practical steps for implementing encryption to reduce your organization’s HIPAA compliance risk.

    In this webinar renowned security and privacy expert, Chris Apgar, CISSP, discusses options for protecting PHI data at rest, what steps to take and how to implement them. Andy Nieto, Health IT Strategist, will cover the role encryption and secure messaging can play in protecting PHI data in motion. Together, they’ll offer best practices you can follow to lower your risk, including:
    •How to get started – assessing your risk
    •What your options are – how to protect PHI
    •What’s the budget – dispelling the cost myth
    •Using encryption appropriately – balancing the need to encrypt
    with getting work done
    •Maintaining ease of use and efficient workflow
    •Mobile devices and encryption

    (Note video voice starts at 40 seconds)
  • Healthcare Holiday Tales Recorded: Dec 13 2017 6 mins
    A fun healthcare twist on a holiday tale reading. For anyone who has received health care from multiple providers, and all those working in the healthcare or technology industries. Happy holidays!
  • What You Need to Know: OCR Guidance on Patient Access Recorded: Nov 8 2017 63 mins
    Chris Apgar, CISSP; CEO & President, Apgar & Associates; Bud Walder, Vice President Sales & Marketing DataMotion
    In this webinar, security and privacy expert Chris Apgar will delve into the recent guidance issued by OCR (Office of Civil Rights) on patients’ right to access their health information, parsing out what you need to know to not only meet HIPAA requirements, but also engage and serve the patient.
    The HIPAA Privacy Rule requires health care providers and plans to give individuals the ability to view and receive copies of their medical and health records as well as make their medical record available to third parties. But what does this mean for providers? During the webinar, Apgar will brief you on:
    •Scope of Information included / excluded
    •Timeliness, fees and costs
    •Form, format and manner of access
    •Right to request providers send medical records to a third party
    •Denial of access
    •Steps to take now

    Who should attend:CIO, CISO, Data Security and Compliance Officers and Staff
  • Take Action: Improving Cybersecurity in the Health Care Industry Recorded: Oct 4 2017 59 mins
    Chris Apgar, CISSP; CEO & President, Apgar & Associates; Bud Walder, Vice President Sales & Marketing DataMotion
    In this webinar, security and privacy expert Chris Apgar will review highlights from a recently published Health Care Industry Cybersecurity (HCIC) Task Force report, including findings and recommendations for the industry and some practical implications for implementing these recommendations. The HCIC Task Force was formed by the 2015 Cybersecurity Act passed by Congress and charged with addressing challenges the health care industry faces in securing and protecting against cybersecurity threats. In June of 2017 the Task Force released a comprehensive 96-page report called “Improving Cybersecurity in the Health Care Industry”. During the webinar, Apgar will net out pertinent and actionable report content including:
    •State of Cybersecurity in the Health Care Industry
    •Risks across the Health Care Industry
    •Imperatives, recommendations and action needed
  • Securing Health Data in an Increasingly Risky World Recorded: Aug 25 2017 4 mins
    Bob Janacek, CEO and co-founder DataMotion
    This short video discusses why health data is a target for hacking and breaches, as well as how the DataMotion Platform can help protect health data.
  • DataMotion SDX: Secure Data Exchange Services Platform Recorded: Aug 7 2017 12 mins
    Presentation Narrator
    Learn about secure data exchange services, why they are needed, examples of customer use cases and data flows, and the underlying DataMotion SDX Services Platform architecture.
  • Using SecureMail with Office 365 Recorded: Jul 27 2017 2 mins
    Does the native message encryption meet your compliance and ease-of-use needs? This short 60 second video reviews how DataMotion SecureMail works with Office 365 to enhance its encryption capabilities.
  • HIPAA Compliance in the Age of Population Health Management Recorded: Jul 14 2017 6 mins
    Andy Nieto
    This short video describes what population health management means, how it works and the role of secure messaging in effective population health management.
  • Using Email Encryption with Cloud-based Email Applications Recorded: Jul 5 2017 1 min
    Matt Signorello
    This very short video clip discusses why you should use DataMotion encryption with cloud email services.
  • Encryption: Critical Protection Against Hackers Recorded: Jun 21 2017 4 mins
    Bob Janacek, CEO DataMotion
    In this short video, Bob Janacek discusses how hacking has evolved, and has become much more sophisticated, going after data previously thought to be relatively safe - and how encryption is imperative to its protection.
  • Mobile App Messaging to Salesforce Service Cloud Recorded: Jun 9 2017 2 mins
    Pete Cafarchio
    This short case study video gives an overview of how a large payer seamlessly connected their mobile messaging app to their Salesforce Service Cloud, automating customer support inquiries in a secure, HIPAA compliant manner.
  • Best Practices for Using Email Encryption in Office 365 Recorded: Jun 7 2017 55 mins
    Michael Osterman, President Osterman Research
    Email is the most frequently implemented application in Office 365, and whether you use a cloud or hybrid solution, email needs to be thoroughly secured. A failure to properly encrypt email can lead to loss of intellectual property, breaches of sensitive customer and employee information, and violations of data breach and privacy laws.

    Join Michael Osterman of Osterman Research and DataMotion for a
    55-minute webinar that reviews the Office 365 environment, the reasons for securing email, and addresses best practices for implementing and using email encryption.

    This webinar will address a number of important questions:

    • Why worry about encryption in Office 365?
    • Why should you encrypt email?
    • What are the best practices for securing email in Office 365?
    • Is the native Office 365 email encryption your best option for
    securing email?

    Whether you are just beginning your plans to move to Office 365, or you’re already fully implemented, you need to make sure that your organization is moving data as securely as possible.
  • Best Practices for Keeping Data Secure in Motion, in Use and at Rest Recorded: Jun 2 2017 5 mins
    Andy Nieto
    Business data exists in three different states: at rest, in use and in motion. This short video reviews best practices for protecting sensitive data in each of these different states.
  • The Administrator Experience Recorded: May 26 2017 5 mins
    Matt Signorello
    When it comes to email encryption, the recipient and user experiences are often discussed. But what about the administrator of the system? This short video reviews the administrator experience in implementing and maintaining email encryption from DataMotion.
Secure Data Exchange Services
Exchanging sensitive data is risky business. Encrypt, transport and track data between people or systems - any source, format, file size or destination - trusted security and verifiable compliance. www.datamotion.com

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