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Data, Attribution & Reporting: Sales Funnel Questions You Should Be Asking

David Irvine, Head of Insight & Analytics at CleverTouch, runs through dashboarding and the sales funnel questions you should be asking.
Recorded Mar 19 2019 11 mins
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CleverTouch Marketing
Presentation preview: Data, Attribution & Reporting: Sales Funnel Questions You Should Be Asking

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  • The Inside Track: How Salesforce Marketing Tech Transformed a National Project Jun 10 2021 2:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Jamie Burrell, Director of Consulting, Clevertouch Marketing
    When it comes to delivering customer experience, are you struggling to turn your aspirations into reality through Salesforce Marketing Technology?

    Join us for our latest Inside Track as we look at how a national project utilised Salesforce Marketing Technology to deliver an exceptional customer experience.
  • 7 reasons marketers migrate marketing technology platform Recorded: Sep 22 2020 46 mins
    Jamie Burrell, Director of Consulting, Clevertouch Marketing
    Jamie Burrell, Director of Consulting, Clevertouch Marketing, presents the 7 reasons we see marketers migrate marketing technology platform.
  • 4 Imperatives for CMOs Implementing and Optimising Martech Recorded: May 19 2020 35 mins
    Adam Sharp, CEO & Co-founder, Clevertouch Marketing
    Many organisations have over implemented marketing technology to the point of internal chaos and confusion. Few have taken the time to prioritise which platforms are necessary for their business and even less have built a strong and integrated marketing technology spine first.

    So how can the CMO continue to expand marketing’s influence throughout the organisation? This session explores the current state of martech in 2020 and the 3 imperatives that CMOs must consider when they’re implementing technology this year, including:

    - How to prioritise marketing technology and form an effective martech spine before building out the stack.
    - The importance of simplification when our ability to consume marketing technology exceeds our ability to apply it.
    - Why Marketing should focus on connecting to the business, not just connecting martech.
    - How to use marketing technology to provide insight and value to wider stakeholders.
  • Data, Attribution & Reporting: Question & Answer Session Recorded: Jun 10 2019 11 mins
    CleverTouch Marketing
    A Q&A session with speakers Iron Mountain, Robert Walters and CleverTouch.
  • Robert Walters: The Journey to a Robust MarTech Spine Recorded: Mar 19 2019 24 mins
    CleverTouch Marketing
    Robert Nicholson, Head of Digital, shares his insight and knowledge of building a robust martech spine, and the important role of data in Robert Walters' digital transformation.
  • Iron Mountain: Marketing Impact on Real Revenue Results Recorded: Mar 19 2019 28 mins
    CleverTouch Marketing
    Leslie Alore, Regional Marketing Director, shares her insight and best practices on data, attribution and reporting at global data solutions enterprise, Iron Mountain.
  • Data, Attribution & Reporting: Sales Funnel Questions You Should Be Asking Recorded: Mar 19 2019 11 mins
    CleverTouch Marketing
    David Irvine, Head of Insight & Analytics at CleverTouch, runs through dashboarding and the sales funnel questions you should be asking.
  • Data, Attribution & Reporting: The Wow Factor Recorded: Mar 19 2019 11 mins
    CleverTouch Marketing
    CleverTouch and Integrate present the WOW! Factor: A Data, Attribution & Reporting Masterclass.

    Business today is overwhelming. Marketers face a constant avalanche of new products, technology platforms and ever-changing customer demands – all generating more data than can be managed by any one person alone.

    Meanwhile, C-Suite demands for ever-smarter business insight is putting pressure on marketers to deliver real sales and marketing intelligence – metrics that go beyond the vanity to deliver true attribution and prove marketing’s value as a profit centre.
  • The Simplification & Smarter Adoption of Marketing Automation Recorded: Nov 6 2018 108 mins
    CleverTouch Marketing
    Simplicity is probably the most underrated and underused concept in business today, yet as the rate of Marketing Automation growth and adoption continues to sky rocket, so has its complexity. Customers are feeling left behind, as are the associated Marketing Automation skills.

    This event provides insight and solutions to help simplify your Marketing Automation usage and adoption, including:

    Different approaches to Marketing Automation simplification
    How to drive better adoption across your organisation
    Building a framework for talent and skills
    Inhouse or outsourced: is there a better approach?

    We’ll be joined by Tim Creak, Marketing Operations Manager, Fujitsu, who will share the approach and learnings Fujitsu have taken in driving a successful Marketing Automation deployment across 30 countries and 300+ marketers.
  • How Fujitsu Have Driven Adoption and Simplified Marketing Automation Recorded: Nov 6 2018 47 mins
    Tim Creak, Marketing Operations & Strategy, Fujitsu
    CleverTouch client Fujitsu share insight and best practices on to implement marketing automation technology across 27 countries.
  • Simplifying Demand Marketing: The Role of Demand Orchestration Recorded: Nov 6 2018 32 mins
    Scott McNabb, VP Sales & Global Enterprise, Integrate
    Understand the role of demand orchestration in marketing and how marketing technology can help marketers realise the promise of revenue marketing.
  • Why Simplification is Important and the Business of Marketing Recorded: Oct 30 2018 12 mins
    Adam Sharp, CEO & Co-Founder, CleverTouch Marketing
    The Simplification and Smarter Adoption of Marketing Technology Breakfast Networking Event. This session introduces the event agenda before diving into the key approaches that Marketers need to simplify the way they manage and use the technologies available to them.
  • State of Marketing Technology Adoption Inside the Financial Services Industry Recorded: Jun 13 2018 45 mins
    Phil Ball, Joint Managing Director at Clevertouch
    This session will look extensively at the adoption and application of Marketing Technology in Financial Services, primarily amongst established brands, rather than over-focusing on the burgeoning FinTech space.

    For a fresh perspective it will compare and contrast to other industries, is FS leading or lagging? Finally, it will cover ‘the where next’ for the industry and highlighting a few of what we think will be the emerging/influential tech brands of the future.
  • The Role of Marketing Automation in Driving the Transformation Agenda Recorded: Jun 13 2018 22 mins
    David Shoesmith, Financial Services AE at Marketo
    Marketing automation technology is driving change in every industry – and financial services is no exception. More pressure than ever before is being put on creating personalized and meaningful connections through every stage of the customer journey, and marketing automation platforms like Marketo are helping marketers reach their goals faster.

    This session will focus on strategically implementing marketing automation to generate demand and amplify sales efforts within the financial services sector.
  • Transforming Content Marketing and Demand Generation in Financial Services Recorded: Jun 13 2018 26 mins
    Stuart West, VP of Sales, Financial Services at BrightTALK
    In this new era of information and connections, the relationship between buyers and sellers has changed forever.

    Whether you're beginning or mastering content and demand marketing, this session will provide actionable insights on:
    * How to organize your data, tech stack, campaigns and ABM to drive consistency and growth across the customer experience
    * Which content delivers the biggest impact across each stage of the customer experience
    * How advanced machine learning and AI can help connect your content, to the right audience, at the right time
    * How to more accurately attribute bookings and revenue growth ​to campaigns
  • 16 Tips and Recommendations to Capture Marketing Consent for GDPR Recorded: Mar 6 2018 50 mins
    Nick Burrell, Co-Founder, CleverTouch Marketing
    There are two areas of GDPR that are most relevant to us in Marketing - consent and legitimate interest. Without gaining one of these, we are unable to communicate with our marketing database in a post-GDPR world and therefore run the risk of losing a large percentage of our marketable database. Not only are we fearing that but with non-GDPR compliant fines being up to 4% of global turnover, this is a topic now very much on the radar of the c-suite.

    So how can we go about generating marketing opt-ins and capture consent?
  • GDPR with Marketing Automation in Mind: Modern Email Marketing Compliance Recorded: Aug 22 2017 59 mins
    Nick Burrell, Co-Founder, CleverTouch Marketing
    The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is fast approaching and whilst there's lots of information about GDPR from an IT security perspective, marketers are still trying to understand the implications it will have on their marketing efforts from 25 May 2018 and beyond.

    As the modern email marketing landscape changes dramatically with the introduction of GDPR, this webinar explores the role of Marketing Automation in helping organisations stay GDPR compliant.
  • Account Based Marketing in a Marketing Automation World Recorded: Jun 14 2017 38 mins
    Adam Sharp, MD & Co-Founder, CleverTouch Marketing
    Account Based Marketing is one of the biggest marketing buzzwords at the moment. This webinar aims to dispel some of the hype around ABM and provide a reality check on what it really means for B2B marketers in the context of Marketing Automation.
  • BrightTALK Live Panel: AI and Machine Learning Recorded: Apr 4 2017 60 mins
    Joel Harrison, B2B Marketing; Justin Hall, Soto; Adam Sharp, Clever Touch, Dorian Logan, BrightTALK
    Last year, marketers were focused on predictive analytics and ABM. This year is proving to be all about how machine learning and artificial intelligence will impact marketing strategies.

    Leading organisations powering the marketing technology landscape are quickly innovating to introduce new technologies and are determined to make marketers successful. But just how will this happen? What questions should you be asking in order to innovate on your go-to-market plans?

    Join us on Tuesday 4th April as we discuss how machine learning and artificial intelligence is shaping marketing decisions, driving growth and improving the customer experience.
  • Artificial Intelligence in a Marketing Automation World Recorded: Apr 4 2017 17 mins
    Adam Sharp, MD & Co-Founder, CleverTouch Marketing
    Predictive analytics and Account Based Marketing were marketing buzzwords thrown around a lot in 2016. Artificial intelligence and machine learning is now firmly on the marketer’s agenda to understand how they will impact and improve their marketing strategies.

    Adam Sharp, MD & Co-Founder, CleverTouch Marketing – Europe’s leading Marketing Automation consultancy – discusses the impact of artificial intelligence on Marketing Automation environments, including:

    - The importance of creating the marketing spine before implementing wider marketing technology
    - Why Business Insight tools are required before artificial intelligence is implemented
    - How Marketing Automation vendors are viewing and adapting to the hype of artificial intelligence and machine learning
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