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Forrester: Mastering Policy Setting in the Cloud

While the benefits of the cloud are many, there are trade-offs, too. When your data resides in the cloud, you’re giving up some ownership and control of that data. Still, with the right policies in place, it’s possible to ensure security and compliance.

Watch this webcast to gain more insights into:

- Protecting cloud data across SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS
- The importance of automation
- Pros and cons of different architectural approaches
Recorded Mar 18 2020 25 mins
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Presented by
Andras Cser, Vice President, Principal Analyst serving Security & Risk Professionals, Forrester
Presentation preview: Forrester: Mastering Policy Setting in the Cloud

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  • CXO Online: What If Cyber Security Was Just Created Today? Dec 15 2020 10:45 am UTC 48 mins
    Hamish Taylor Former CEO of Eurostar, Sainsbury's Bank, Lisa Forte, Renowned Global Voice on the Human Side of Cyber Security
    While companies increasingly rely on the modern strategies of global growth, transition to the cloud and a flexible workforce to increase productivity and profits, these same efforts can spread sensitive and critical data in a way that opens the door to new threats and new challenges. It’s more important than ever for successful companies to rely on modern security strategies to keep critical data and employees safe in a risky and complex world.

    In this session, we will explore:
    - What cyber security would look like if it were created today
    - What improvements could be made to better serve your role in the organization

    About the speakers:

    Hamish Taylor
    Former CEO of Eurostar, Sainsbury's Bank and Vision UK

    Lisa Forte
    Renowned Global Voice on the Human Side of Cyber Security & Social Engineering. In 2018 she won the “Top 100 Women In Tech” Award recognizing her achievements and contributions to the cyber security industry.

    Nico Fischbach
    As Global CTO, Nico Fischbach drives corporate level vision, defines the research agenda, and pilots technology and architecture road maps that underpin Forcepoint's human-centric cybersecurity solutions.
  • Slackers, Go-Getters, & Evildoers: Understanding Negative Workplace Behaviors Dec 15 2020 10:00 am UTC 44 mins
    Dr. Margaret Cunningham, Principal Research Scientist, Forcepoint | Daniel Norman, Snr. Solutions Analyst, ISF
    Even model employees are guilty of exhibiting bad behaviors and understanding them is critical to establishing effective cybersecurity solutions.

    In this webcast, the Information Security Forum’s Analyst Daniel Norman hosts Forcepoint’s research scientist Dr. Margaret Cunningham as they explore three different types of rule breakers and try to understand how their motivations can jeopardize security.

    Find out what drives your employees actions and learn strategies for mitigating the risks that stem from negative workplace behaviors.

    Dr. Margaret Cunningham is Principal Research Scientist for Human Behavior within Forcepoint X-Labs, focused on establishing a human-centric model for improving cybersecurity. Previously, Cunningham supported technology acquisition, research and development, operational testing and evaluation, and integration for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and U.S. Coast Guard
  • A Necessary Change in the Data Protection Mindset Dec 15 2020 9:00 am UTC 54 mins
    Raffael Marty, VP Forcepoint X-Labs | Homayun Yaqub, Snr Strategist, Forcepoint | Steve Wright, Partner, Privacy Culture
    It is time for a paradigm shift in security. Although trillions of dollars have been invested in keeping external attackers at bay, there seems to be no end in sight to the cat and mouse game between attackers and the security industry; zero day attacks, new vulnerabilities and ever increasingly sophisticated attacks dominate cybersecurity headlines. We need to expand the concept of threat intelligence and indicators of compromise (IOCs). Effective cyber security needs to understand behaviors; those of devices and those of humans in order to help us move left of breach, to identify bad actors early and provide a necessary building block for zero trust access to resources.

    Key Takeaways from Discussion:

    - Everyone can agree moving left of breach is the modern cybersecurity path forward, and it’s what every organization wants to achieve

    - Just as cyber threats are dynamic and ever-evolving, so too must be today’s security strategy -- dynamic, risk-adaptive with automated enforcement that stops breaches in real time

    - The cost of a data breach today can be astronomical for businesses – not only significant fines but also loss of revenue, brand trust as well as lost IP that can irrevocably mitigate an organization’s competitive advantage

    - Forcepoint’s differentiated strategy delivers what no one else can – understanding the behavior of people and data on your network while delivering adaptive and automated security response
  • 6 ways CISOs are securing and navigating the cloud Dec 15 2020 8:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Jo Peterson, Clarify 360; Brian ThompsonVP, Veeam Software; Michael Goldgof, Barracuda Networks; Carl Eberling, Forcepoint
    Cloud Adoption is on the rise again. According to IDG’s 2020 Cloud Computing Survey, 59 percent of respondents said their organizations would be mostly or all in the cloud within 18 months. Cloud changes our approach on so many levels—new technology, new shared responsibility model and new cybersecurity considerations

    In today’s session, we’ll explore 6 ways CISOs are navigating the cloud:
    - Securing an extended perimeter
    - Upskilling the team
    - Balancing Risk Management in Third Party Relationships
    - Defining the Shared Roles in a Shared Responsibility Model
    - Enhancing Visibility
    - Taking Advantage of Automation

    Jo Peterson, Vice President, Cloud and Security Services, Clarify360
    Brian Campbell--VP, Cyber Security Architect, Veeam Software
    Mike Goldgof--Senior Director, Product Marketing at Barracuda
    Carl Eberling-- CIO/CISO- Forcepoint
  • SASE Success Behind-The-Scenes Dec 15 2020 7:30 am UTC 25 mins
    Nico Fischbach, Global Chief Technology Officer, Forcepoint
    SASE converges network, web, data, and cloud app connectivity and security, but implementing a true SASE architecture is a daunting task and there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Join Forcepoint Global CTO Nicolas Fischbach for insights on Forcepoint’s approach to delivering the industry’s first true data-centric SASE as well as providing steps for a practical approach to implementing SASE today including evaluation criteria for SASE platforms and how to leverage existing, and identify new, areas for investment.
  • Preparing for the unpredictable: 2020, meet 2021 Dec 15 2020 7:00 am UTC 23 mins
    Nico Fischbach, Global Chief Technology Officer, Forcepoint | Myrna Soto, Chief Strategy and Trust Officer, Forcepoint
    2020 was not an easy year to be a CISO or CIO, that’s for sure. With everyone working remotely, cloud-deployment became a necessity and data became very difficult to protect. The traditional perimeter dissolved away and much of our security technology failed to adapt. So now that we’ve had a chance to digest what just happened, what did we learn? What do these events portend for the future? What are the emerging trends and how should we adapt to them? How do we prepare for the threats we can’t yet see?

    What are the emerging trends and how should we adapt to them? How do we prepare for the threats we can’t yet see? Find out in this thought provoking discussion.

    - When will we find out how much data was stolen from us amid the mayhem of 2020?
    - How the need for a converged, digital, cloud-delivered platform will lead to the emergence of the “Zoom of Security.”
    - Why machine learning will be plagued by bias unless paired with human intelligence.
    - How you actually can prepare for unpredictable user behavior while unleashing human potential.
    - How disinformation will continue to plague (and transform) our society.
    - How your employees could be recruited and weaponized by bad actors from outside the company.

    Join Chief Strategy Officer Myrna Soto and Chief Technology Officer Nicolas Fischbach as they debate the biggest challenges facing the cybersecurity industry in 2021.
  • I ❤ VPN said no one ever Dec 9 2020 5:00 pm UTC 19 mins
    Jim Fulton, Director – SASE & Zero Trust Solutions and Fabio Rosa, Consulting Systems Engineer, with Kim Hahn as moderator
    You heroically got your people working remotely overnight, but is it sustainable?

    If you’re still using VPN clients to connect remote workers to private apps in your internal data centers and private clouds, this session is for you.

    Learn how Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) products like Forcepoint Private Access let you give your remote workers seamless access to the specific apps they need without the complexity, bottlenecks, and risks of VPNs.

    Walk away from this session with the ability to:
    • Gain the flexibility of access to apps without VPNs
    • Move to the cloud easily
    • Enable remote employees to be more productive
  • Practical Advice for Implementing SASE and Zero Trust Dec 2 2020 5:00 pm UTC 58 mins
    John Grady, Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group Jim Fulton, Director, SASE & Zero Trust Solutions, Forcepoint
    Secure Access Services Edge (SASE) and Zero Trust have garnered significant attention over the last 12 months. Yet there remains some level of confusion around why these concepts are important, how they relate to one another, and where to even begin when implementing these approaches. This session will provide clarity into how SASE and Zero Trust complement one another, guiding principles for developing SASE and Zero Trust strategies, and considerations for expanding adoption over time.
  • Cloud Security Game Plan Recorded: Nov 10 2020 26 mins
    Nico Popp, Chief Product Officer, Forcepoint
    Current events have accelerated organizations' plans to migrate to cloud applications and their digital transformation efforts in general. And it’s clear that an ever-increasing number of customers expect cloud-powered security solutions moving forward. So how can you protect your remote workers wherever they are and the data they interact with? Through Secure Access Service Edge (SASE).

    In this session, see how you can:

    - Securely connect remote workers to apps and filter out non-work traffic while ensuring data accessed from both private and cloud-based apps are safe
    - Overcome the pain of dealing with traditional VPNs
    - Utilize behavioral analytics to assess and manage risk
  • A CISO’s Perspective on Zero Trust Recorded: Nov 4 2020 31 mins
    Myrna Soto, Chief Strategy and Trust Officer, Forcepoint and Andy Vautier, Chief Information Security Officer, Accenture
    During our closing signature keynote discussion we will be joined by two distinguished cybersecurity industry leaders who will share their perspectives on Zero Trust. Myrna Soto, Chief Security and Trust Officer, Forcepoint concludes the Cyber Voices Zero Trust Summit in the company of Andy Vautier, Chief Information Security Officer, Accenture.
  • Mitigating Risk in Real-Time with an Identity Aware Approach Recorded: Nov 4 2020 31 mins
    Leslie K Lambert, Lambert ASAP, LLC | Homayun Yaqub & Carolyn Ford, Forcepoint
    In today’s decentralized workplace, it’s a challenge to safeguard people connecting via personal devices and to protect the data they are working with remotely and in the cloud. We can use Identity Access Management (IAM) to onboard employees with legitimate credentials onto the network—but authenticating and authorizing users isn’t enough to ensure that everybody is acting in our best interests … or is even who they say they are.

    Learn how to best protect against compromised identities and how Zero Trust can secure enterprises from the risky behaviors of different users so you can shift left of breach, with tools and tactics including:
    - Multi-factor authentication, single sign-on, and other Unified Access Management (UAM) functions 
    - Continuous, automated analysis and scoring of user behavior to identify risky users
    - Automated, dynamic responses to risky behavior ranging from warnings and credential checks to limited or full blocking of user access and data usage

    Leslie K Lambert, Chief Executive Officer, Lambert ASAP, LLC
    Homayun Yaqub, Global Security Strategist, Forcepoint
    Carolyn Ford, Cybersecurity Research Manager Forcepoint
  • Enabling Safe Remote Working with Zero Trust Recorded: Nov 4 2020 33 mins
    Carl Eberling, Ravi Srinivasan Forcepoint | Merritt Baer, Amazon Web Services |
    Getting to the web and public cloud is easy; getting to private apps is a lot trickier, especially when we’re working from home. Doing it all safely is even harder. Keeping advanced threats out and sensitive data in when people are outside the traditional boundaries of enterprise security is more important than ever.

    Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) is the modern approach to giving remote workers access to private apps. It eliminates the complexities and bottlenecks of using VPNs. Delivering ZTNA from a cloud platform also provides enterprises with the latest capabilities for safeguarding against internet-based attacks, compromised endpoints, “dirty” Wi-Fi networks, and even risky users.

    In this session, learn how a Zero Trust approach to providing access to web, cloud, and private apps can:
    - Make your users everywhere more productive and lower your operations costs
    - Keep advanced threats out so you can safely move to the cloud
    - Give you visibility into and control over data in your cloud

    Carl Eberling, Chief Information Officer, Forcepoint
    Merritt Baer, Principal Security Architect, Amazon Web Services
    Ravi Srinivasan, Vice President, Solutions Marketing, Forcepoint
  • Opening Keynote: Moving Beyond Zero Trust Recorded: Nov 4 2020 18 mins
    Chief Executive Officer, Forcepoint | Chase Cunningham, Vice President, Principal Analyst, Forrester
    Welcome to the Cyber Voices Zero Trust Summit opening keynote! Matt Moynahan, Chief Executive Officer, Forcepoint is joined by Chase Cunningham, Vice President, Principal Analyst, Forrester during this inaugural discussion that sets the tone for the three-step blueprint for a data-aware Zero Trust approach .

    Matt Moynahan, Chief Executive Officer, Forcepoint and Chase Cunningham, Vice President, Principal Analyst, Forrester
  • Top 10 Cybersecurity Trends - influenced by Covid-19 Recorded: Oct 28 2020 21 mins
    Nico Popp, Chief Product Officer, Forcepoint
    This year in 2020, we’ve arguably witnessed some of the most dramatic changes to the working environment for a generation. With so many of us now working from home, security practices have rapidly adapted to protect the new world.

    In this webinar, Forcepoint’s Chief Product Officer Nico Popp, delivers his top 10 emerging cybersecurity trends in 2020, including:

    -The end of hardware?
    -Alternatives to never-ending patches
    -Replacing the VPN with ZTNA/PA (Zero-Trust Network Access)
    -The move to SASE (Secure Access Service Edge)

    Join Nico and get his perspective on the trends that are helping shape the future of cybersecurity.
  • Enhance Your Conduct Risk Management Strategy, The financial industry is at risk Recorded: Oct 14 2020 25 mins
    Myrna Soto, Chief Security and Trust Officer Homayun Yaqub, and James Wilde
    Hear Chief Security and Trust Officer, Myrna Soto discuss these challenges with 2 leading cybersecurity strategists, Homayun Yaqub, and James Wilde.
    Are you facing challenges related to:
    -Covid-19 impact and the need for insider risk management in the financial services industry.
    -Modern conduct risk and how organizations can evolve their strategies.
    -Using continuous risk monitoring to stay ahead of breaches.
  • RBI helps to protect your C-Suite, and can reduce data loss exposure Recorded: Oct 7 2020 26 mins
    Gerry Grealish, CMO of Ericom, and Tamarian DelConte
    This is episode 3 and 4, in a 4 part series on remote browser isolation or RBI. The first episode cover how to protect your C-Suite and power users from attacks. The last episode discusses how to reduce data loss from users accessing cloud and web apps
  • Reduce exposure from risky URLs, phishing attacks, and cloud apps using RBI Recorded: Oct 2 2020 24 mins
    Gerry Grealish, CMO of Ericom, and Tamarian DelConte
    Using remote browser isolation or RBI helps you to manage risk when it comes to user access. This session includes 2 of these business use cases including, how to protect against Risky or uncategorized URLs, and how to stay ahead of phishing attacks
  • Speed, Efficiency, and Resilience – Can You Have it All? Recorded: Sep 22 2020 29 mins
    Sandy Carter, Vice President of Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Myrna Soto ,Chief Strategy and Trust Officer at Forcepoint
    Global events this year have accelerated organizations’ digital transformation efforts out of necessity. Many have done more in the last six months than in the last five years. Sandy Carter, Vice President of Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Myrna Soto ,Chief Strategy and Trust Officer at Forcepoint, discuss how this has impacted Cloud and Security strategies worldwide. As we enter this new phase, can we apply lessons learnt about speed, efficiency, and resiliency to gain competitive advantage?
  • On the Cybersecurity Forefront - Behavioral Analytics to the Rescue Recorded: Sep 16 2020 43 mins
    Bob Bragdon, SVP/Managing Dir of CSO, Worldwide at IDG and Jim Fulton, Dir, Cloud & Edge Protection Solutions, Forcepoint
    Most companies have hundreds of apps deployed in the cloud, and those numbers will only continue to increase. Securing a growing collection of cloud apps is one of the most challenging tasks for IT security teams, according to a new IDG survey. Behavioral analytics are one powerful set of tools being used to battle ever-changing cybersecurity threats in a mobile, cloud-dependent world.

    Join IDG’s Bob Bragdon and Forcepoint’s Jim Fulton as we explore the survey findings, including why behavioural analytics is growing in use and best practices for deploying such solutions from IT security practitioners.
  • Strategies for Enhancing your Conduct Risk Management. Recorded: Sep 9 2020 25 mins
    Myrna Soto, Chief Security Strategist & Trust Officer | Homayun Yaqub | James Wilde
    Join us as we discuss best practices around developing your own strategy for enhancing your conduct risk management. With most employees having to shift to remote working overnight, it has become even more challenging to strike the balance between maximizing employee productivity and minimizing your risk.

    In this webinar we’ll cover:

    - Covid-19 impact and the need for insider risk management in the financial services industry.
    - Modern conduct risk and how organizations can evolve their strategies.
    - Using continuous risk monitoring to stay ahead of breaches.
Connect and protect your remote, global workforce
Distributed networks are the new reality of today’s mobile, global workforce. Transforming cloud connectivity and security within these networks is the new challenge. The right connectivity and security through digital transformation can provide important benefits, including increased productivity and improved user experience at a much lower cost, whether it’s for accessing cloud applications or legacy applications. Being able to use the same policies, the same tools for visualizing what's happening on a network, and extending that seamlessly into the cloud will help security teams understand use of and manage risk.

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  • Title: Forrester: Mastering Policy Setting in the Cloud
  • Live at: Mar 18 2020 3:00 pm
  • Presented by: Andras Cser, Vice President, Principal Analyst serving Security & Risk Professionals, Forrester
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