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Incremente la eficiencia del SOC mientras reduce el costo de operaciones

Más del 60% de las alertas en su SOC demandan tiempo de investigación y no constituyen un riesgo alto para su organización. SIEM 2.0 puede automatizar sus procesos de investigación para que los analistas se enfoquen en lo que realmente es una amenaza. Lo invitamos a un webinar donde nuestros expertos en UEBA de Securonix presentarán las ventajas técnicas y económicas al tener una solución de Seguridad Analítica Avanzada en su SOC
Recorded Jul 19 2018 55 mins
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Presented by
Luis Guzman, Security Engineer, Securonix
Presentation preview: Incremente la eficiencia del SOC mientras reduce el costo de operaciones

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  • [PANEL] CISO Challenges & Opportunities Recorded: Nov 13 2019 62 mins
    John Bambenek, ThreatSTOP Inc. | Yotam Gutman | Cyber Mktg Pros | Thomas J. Harrington, Securonix | Michal Jarski, Tenable
    What keeps CISOs up at night? What challenges are they facing on a daily basis? And what opportunities are they seeing in the industry?

    Join experts from leading security organizations as they discuss strategies, solutions and technologies CISOs use in the face of on-going security challenges:

    - Strategies for breach prevention
    - Strategies for making the most of AI technology and human talent
    - New technologies on the horizon
    - Security strategy recommendations

    Moderated by:
    John Bambenek, VP Security Research and Intelligence at ThreatSTOP, Inc.
    Thomas J. Harrington, Associate Deputy Director (Retired), Federal Bureau of Investigation; Managing Director and Chief Information Security Officer (Retired), Citi, Strategic Advisory Board, Securonix
    Michal Jarski, Territory Manager, Tenable
    Yotam Gutman, Community Manager, Cyber Marketing Pros
  • MITRE ATT&CK: Take Your SIEM and Insider Threat Detection to the Next Level Recorded: Nov 12 2019 57 mins
    Oleg Kolesnikov, VP Threat Research, Securonix Threat Research Labs and Sujay Doshi, Product Manager, Content and Threat
    The MITRE ATT&CK framework is seeing rapid adoption across security teams worldwide. Join Oleg Kolesnikov and Sujay Doshi as they discuss key insights into how you can better leverage the framework from a SIEM and insider threat/user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA) perspective.

    Viewers will also be shown practical examples of the most prevalent MITRE ATT&CK techniques in real-world attacks, as well as share technical insights into how you can better leverage the framework as part of your organization.

    Join this webinar to discover:
    - What some of the most prevalent real-world MITRE ATT&CK techniques – including Kerberoasting, DCShadow, and lateral movement using administrative shares – look like in your logs, and how you can detect them in your environment.
    - What are the key considerations when it comes to leveraging MITRE ATT&CK as part of your SIEM and/or insider threat/UEBA environment.
    - How Securonix is aligning content to the MITRE ATT&CK framework in order to improve threat detection and threat hunting capabilities.
  • Surfing a Tsunami: How SOAR Keeps Security Operations Ahead of Human Limitations Recorded: Oct 2 2019 44 mins
    Joseph Loomis, Founder and CSO of CyberSponse; Jon Garside, Director of Product Marketing at Securonix
    Join Joseph Loomis, Founder and CSO of CyberSponse, and Jon Garside, Director of Product Marketing at Securonix, as they discuss the evolving threat landscape in an increasingly common hybrid cloud enterprise environment. Discover how analytics-driven security automation lowers mean time to respond and resolve events, while reducing costs.
  • Modernizing Your SOC: Lessons Learned with AmerisourceBergen Recorded: Sep 18 2019 60 mins
    Kumar Chandramoulie, Senior Director, AmerisourceBergen Corporation; Shareth Ben, Executive Director, Securonix
    When it comes to taking your data from you, cyber criminals never rest. If they can’t get in one way, they'll try another. A sound Security Operations Center (SOC) - staffed by the right people and with the right tools - is an essential component in your cyber defense strategy.

    Join Kumar Chandramoulie, Senior Director of Global Cyber Threat and Vulnerability Management at AmerisourceBergen Corporation and Shareth Ben, Executive Director of Field Engineering at Securonix as they discuss how to:

    - How to incrementally build your cyber security program
    - How to effectively develop your team
    - Automate to reduce workloads and drive efficiency
    - Create strong KPIs and KRIs to measure success
  • Threat Hunting With Modern SIEM Recorded: Jul 24 2019 58 mins
    David Monahan, Research Director at Enterprise Management Associates, and Aditya Tirumalai Sundararam, Director at Securonix
    Cyber threats today are advanced and complex. Even with the best analytics, threats may not be fully uncovered. Cyber threat hunting enables you to investigate the indicators of compromise to get full visibility and context around the threat so you can prioritize your remediation accordingly.

    Legacy SIEMs fail to provide organizations the ability to rapidly connect, hunt, and pivot on historic events. Securonix Next-Gen SIEM leverages a big data platform to provide scalable and high performance search. In addition, Securonix leverages hundreds of machine learning operators to rapidly link and correlate events.

    Join David Monahan, Managing Research Director of Security and Risk Management at Enterprise Management Associates, Inc. and Aditya Tirumalai Sundararam, Director of Cyber Threat Analytics at Securonix to learn about:
    - Key requirements of effective threat hunting
    - How to carry out threat hunting - techniques and use cases
    - Leveraging threat hunting findings for incident response and tuning your SIEM content
    - Short demo of threat hunting scenario with Securonix
  • Must-Have Capabilities for a Next-Gen SIEM in 2019 Recorded: Jun 6 2019 59 mins
    Sachin Nayyar, CEO of Securonix, and Joseph Blankenship, Principal Analyst at Forrester
    The security monitoring and SIEM space is finally going through a much needed evolution to address with the growing volume of cyberattacks and data breaches. The increase in data volume and complexity and extreme shortage of skilled resources necessities innovation in technology and the approach to security monitoring.

    Join Sachin Nayyar, CEO of Securonix, and guest speaker Joseph Blankenship, Principal Analyst at Forrester, to learn about:

    • Security challenges in 2019
    • Market trends for security monitoring and SIEM
    • Evolution of security monitoring platforms
    • Joseph’s take on the vendor landscape as seen in The Forrester Wave™: Security Analytics Platforms, Q3 2018
    • Sachin’s thoughts on Securonix’s approach to Next-Gen SIEM with:
    o Scalable data collection (Security Data Lake)
    o Advanced threat detection (UEBA)
    o Intelligent response (SOAR)
    • Taking SIEM to the cloud - SaaS SIEM, managed SIEM service
  • Combat Phishing Attacks in Healthcare Using Next-Gen SIEM Recorded: May 8 2019 54 mins
    Ryan McDaniel, VP, Security & Technology, HCI Group. Rijuta Kapoor, Senior Security Engineer, Securonix
    Phishing attacks continue to be a significant threat for companies. This is especially true for highly-regulated industries such as healthcare, where phishing attacks often target sensitive patient data or valuable intellectual property. It is vital to understand what healthcare companies can do quickly detect, investigate, and respond when faced with phishing attacks.

    In this webinar we will cover:

    - The evolution of phishing attacks in the healthcare industry
    - How to weed through the noise to detect high-risk phishing attacks
    - How to use automation to rapidly respond
    - A practical demonstration using Securonix Next-Gen SIEM
  • Securonix Threat Research: Detecting LockerGoga Cyber Sabotage/Ransomware Recorded: Apr 30 2019 36 mins
    Oleg Kolesnikov, VP Threat Research, Securonix Threat Research Labs
    Recently the Securonix Threat Research team published its report focused on the LockerGoga targeted attack that impacted Norsk Hydro (one of the largest aluminum companies worldwide), Hexion/Momentive (a chemical manufacturer), and other companies’ IT and operational technology (OT) infrastructure, causing over US$40 million in damages.

    In this webinar Oleg will discuss some of the key details about the attack including:

    - Possible infiltration vectors
    - Defense evasion used in the attack
    - Propagation of the attack
    - Observed artifacts and high level behavior patterns
    - Mitigation and remediation recommendations
  • Threat Research: Detecting Cloud Infrastructure Attacks. Recorded: Feb 26 2019 30 mins
    Oleg Kolesnikov, VP Threat Research, Securonix Threat Research Labs
    As organizations have adopted cloud-first IT strategies, the cyberthreat landscape has shifted as well. In recent months, the Securonix Threat Research team has been observing an increase in the number of automated attacks targeting exposed cloud infrastructure, Hadoop and YARN instances.

    In this live webinar, we will:

    - describe the attacks we have been tracking, including Moanacroner which is a single vector attack
    - dive into more sophisticated, multivector attacks that combine cryptomining, ransomware and botnets
    - understand the predictive indicators and artifacts that can help protect your cloud IT resources

    This session will be led by Oleg Kolesnikov, VP Threat Research at Securonix Threat Research (STR) Labs.

    Link to Report: https://www.securonix.com/securonix-threat-research-detecting-persistent-cloud-infrastructure-hadoop-yarn-attacks-using-security-analytics-moanacroner-xbash-and-others/
  • Looking Ahead - Cybersecurity Predictions for 2019 Recorded: Jan 29 2019 59 mins
    Eric Ogren, 451 Group. Patrick Gorman, Former CISO Bank of America
    2018 was a landmark year from a cybersecurity perspective. We saw another set of very large and high profile cybersecurity incidents. Financial organizations and systems were hit with attacks such as KRONOS/Osiris banking trojan, millions of dollars siphoned off through the SWIFT network, and form grabbing Magecart attacks. Ransomware continued to wreak havoc across industries, and hundreds of millions of sensitive records were compromised in the Marriott, Quora, Facebook/Cambridge Analytica and other breaches.

    The job of cybersecurity teams seems harder than ever as they look ahead to another year of vulnerabilities and data theft. But how should you prioritize your effort in the face of limited resources and increasing alert volume?

    Join an expert panel of cybersecurity professionals for our 2019 predictions. We will discuss

    - What are the top cybersecurity threats you should watch for in 2019
    - What broader IT infrastructure trends mean for your cybersecurity strategies
    - Which industries are most at risk of suffering major security breaches and why
    - What SOC, CSIRT and compliance teams can do to prevent becoming another cybersecurity statistic
  • Cloud Risk-Based Authentication To Prevent Password Based Attacks Recorded: Nov 15 2018 51 mins
    Sujay Doshi, Sr. SIEM Solution Engineer
    Gaining unauthorized access to internal systems is one of the top mechanisms employed by hackers. Access control systems, however, are not yet equipped with the advanced analytics needed to detect the sophisticated techniques used by hackers. By integrating your SIEM with your SSO/IDM solution, SOC analysts can gain the visibility needed to prevent these access based attacks.

    Attend this webinar to hear about:

    - Why password access based attacks in cloud environments?
    - Threat detection and threat hunting use cases for password-based attacks
    - User account based orchestration and incident response actions
    - Walkthrough of Securonix - Okta integration with a live demo
  • Kerberoasting Attack Detection For SOC Analysts Recorded: Nov 12 2018 54 mins
    Oleg Kolesnikov, Director of Threat Research, Securonix
    "Kerberoasting" is one of the advanced techniques currently in use by hackers to compromise weak service accounts in an Active Directory environment. This webinar by the Securonix Threat Research team will take a deep dive into this attack. We will also show blue teams in a Security Operations Center how to configure their SIEM to quickly find this activity in the monitored environment.

    Join this session by Securonix Threat Research to gain insights into:

    - Kerberoasting 101: How it works
    - A complete attack demo showing Kerberoasting
    - Kerberoasting Attack Activity Detection

    Register now.
  • Under The Hood: Effective Threat Hunting For The SOC Analyst Recorded: Aug 22 2018 52 mins
    Aditya Sundaram, Director Cyber Threat Analytics, Aarij Khan, VP Marketing
    The Modern SOC cannot afford to rely just on cyber threat detection to stay ahead of sophisticated hackers and advanced attacks. Threat hunting - the proactive approach to root out attacks coming from within is an extremely valuable complement to even the most advanced cybersecurity detection technologies. Securonix includes the Securonix Spotter threat hunting platform for exactly this reason.

    Attend this live webinar to hear about:

    - The most prevalent cyber threats hidden in your environment (that you are unaware of)
    - What threat hunting in the SOC is and how it reduces your cyber risk
    - The different types of information available to you
    - Free resources that can root out the most nefarious threats
    - Example scenario - threat hunting using Securonix Spotter
  • Incremente la eficiencia del SOC mientras reduce el costo de operaciones Recorded: Jul 19 2018 55 mins
    Luis Guzman, Security Engineer, Securonix
    Más del 60% de las alertas en su SOC demandan tiempo de investigación y no constituyen un riesgo alto para su organización. SIEM 2.0 puede automatizar sus procesos de investigación para que los analistas se enfoquen en lo que realmente es una amenaza. Lo invitamos a un webinar donde nuestros expertos en UEBA de Securonix presentarán las ventajas técnicas y económicas al tener una solución de Seguridad Analítica Avanzada en su SOC
  • No permitas que personas malintencionadas violen la seguridad de tus datos Recorded: Jul 12 2018 59 mins
    Luis Guzman, Security Engineer, Securonix
    Todo lo que necesita saber de Amenazas internas: hasta el evento más sutil puede convertirse en fraude y un SIEM tradicional no puede darle una vista completa incluso antes de que las consecuencias sean fatales para su compañía. Lo invitamos a nuestro webinar donde expertos en seguridad Analítica de Securonix le contarán como SIEM 2.0 se constituye en la herramienta esencial para atender los casos de Insider threat
  • Monitoreo de seguridad en la nube para un nueva era digital Recorded: Jul 5 2018 53 mins
    Luis Guzman, Security Engineer, Securonix
    Usted ya superó todas las inquietudes para mover sus aplicaciones hacia el Cloud, el siguiente paso es resguardarse frente a las Ciber-amenazas y amenazas internas, lo único que necesitamos son sus logs!! Acompáñenos en un webinar donde expertos en Seguridad Analítica y UEBA de Securonix le contarán como minimizar el riesgo en su entorno Cloud para seguir avanzando con tranquilidad.
  • Aumente a eficiência do seu SOC, reduzindo custos operacionais. Recorded: Jul 5 2018 62 mins
    Marcelo Jackson, Security Engineer, Securonix
    Mais de 60% dos alertas do seu SOC demandam tempo de investigação e não representam um alto risco para a sua organização. O SIEM 2.0 pode automatizar seus processos de investigação, permitindo que os analistas foquem no que realmente representa uma ameaça. Convidamos você para um webinar onde nossos especialistas de segurança de UEBA da Securonix irão apresentar as vantagens técnicas e econômicas de possuir uma solução de segurança analítica avançada no seu SOC.
  • Não deixe que a segurança da sua empresa seja comprometida por usuários internos Recorded: Jun 28 2018 61 mins
    Marcelo Jackson, Security Engineer, Securonix
    Tudo o que você precisa saber sobre ameaças internas: a atividade mais simples pode se torna uma fraude com o passar do tempo. Um SIEM tradicional não pode proporcionar uma visão completa, inclusive antes que as consequências se tornem fatais para a sua empresa. Convidamos vocês para o nosso webinar onde especialistas em segurança analítica da Securonix irão falar sobre como o SIEM 2.0 se constitui como a ferramenta essencial para atender os casos de Insider Threat.
  • Security Threat Research: New Real-World Attacks Update Recorded: Jun 26 2018 44 mins
    Oleg Kolesnikov, Director of Threat Research, Securonix
    Join this webinar to learn about the latest threats and attack techniques that the Securonix Threat Research team is seeing in the wild. You will also learn how you can leverage user and big data security analytics to increase the chances of detecting such threats and techniques at an early stage.

    Topics we are planning to talk about include:
    - A persistent crypto jacking attack recently seen in the wild
    - One of the most virulent and prevalent mass-scale ransomware attacks seen so far this year
    - Techniques used by attackers to steal hashes without using mimikatz and without touching lsass
    - How security analytics can increase your chances of early detection of such attacks and techniques
  • Como monitorar e gerir a segurança do seu ambiente na nuvem? Recorded: Jun 26 2018 62 mins
    Marcelo Jackson, Security Engineer, Securonix
    Você já superou os desafios de levar as suas aplicações para a nuvem, o próximo passo é se proteger de ataques de cyber e ameaças internas. A única coisa que necessitamos são os seus logs. Nos acompanhem em um webinar no no dia 26 de Junho às 10h onde especialista em segurança analítica e UEBA da Securonix irão indicar como minimizar o risco no seu ambiente na nuvem.
Security Analytics. Delivered
Securonix is your Next-Gen SIEM, leveraging a highly scalable open big data infrastructure stack to uncover sophisticated cyber-security threats to your organization.

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  • Title: Incremente la eficiencia del SOC mientras reduce el costo de operaciones
  • Live at: Jul 19 2018 3:00 pm
  • Presented by: Luis Guzman, Security Engineer, Securonix
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