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What’s New in Content Manager 9.2

Are you currently using Content Manager? Come and see the benefits of upgrading to Content Manager 9.2. We will explore the new features added in Content Manager 9 such as geospatial metadata, instant-on and cloud-enabling. Learn about the enhanced usability of the 9.2 release, focusing on the WebClient and enhancements like metadata validation rules and hierarchical lookup sets.
Recorded Jun 14 2018 55 mins
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Presented by
Anthony Drabsch, Presales, Micro Focus
Presentation preview: What’s New in Content Manager 9.2

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  • Say “No” to Ransomware Demands with End-to-End Data Protection Recorded: Nov 14 2018 27 mins
    Joe Leung, Ken Lamb and Ed Gavin, Micro Focus
    Hardly a day goes by without some news of ransomware attacks. Ransomware is a lucrative business. According to a recent report by security firm Sophos, one ransomware attack called SamSam, which attacks mainly healthcare organizations, has generated the attacker $6 million so far. With the wave of this epidemic continuing unabated, organizations face a tremendous risk of financial loss and business disruptions. Data, regardless of where it resides within your organization, must be protected to counter such a threat.

    Join us for this webinar to learn about how a holistic data protection approach, enabled by Micro Focus Data Protector and Micro Focus Connected MX, can be applied to:

    • Holistically protect your organization from ransomware
    • Securely back up data from servers and end-user devices
    • Enable simple data recovery in the event of a ransomware attack
  • Manage Oracle e-Biz Suite Cost & Growth with Micro Focus Structured Data Manager Recorded: Sep 25 2018 58 mins
    Eric Popiel and Luis M Burgos, Micro Focus
    Organizations that use Oracle e-Business Suite often find that they have waited too long to implement archiving and data management strategies for their application databases. This reactive approach can be much more costly and difficult to implement when your business begins to experience issues. With the right data management strategy in your Oracle environment, you gain benefits in a range of areas, including application performance, long-term compliance, manageability, and infrastructure costs.

    Micro Focus Structured Data Manager software, with its ‘ready-to-run’ modules, for Oracle e-Business Suite, manages production and related non-production databases that support the Oracle e-Business Suite environment. This allows you to gain the right data management strategy to make sure that your business can remain responsive, while keeping costs under control and meeting data retention and compliance requirements.

    Structured Data Manager helps you:
    ● Archive and manage your Oracle e-Business Suite database and reduce its size
    ● Discover and mask/encrypt sensitive data for GDPR & CCPA compliance and test data management
    ● Manage the lifecycle of your data and comply to privacy laws

    Join this live webcast to understand how your organization can enhance your Oracle e-Busi­ness Suite environment with Micro Focus Structured Data Manager.
  • Meeting FINRA Regulatory Requirements through Social Media Governance Recorded: Sep 14 2018 30 mins
    Michael Rutty, Micro Focus
    In increasingly complex business and regulatory environments, electronic exchanges, including social media and mobile must be managed to ensure compliance, reduce risk, and protect your brand. Learn how you can meet the challenge of governance, including supervision and surveillance, in an ever-changing landscape. You will also learn how Micro Focus’ Digital Safe 10 dramatically changes the way organizations address their most pressing compliance risks through machine learning, analytics, mobile messaging and social media governance, compliantly and securely through a single pane of glass.
  • Whats New in Retain Unified Archiving Recorded: Aug 31 2018 31 mins
    Que Mangus and Stephen Cohen, Micro Focus
    The latest Release of Retain Unified Archiving features voice and audio recording archiving, integration with TeleMessage to archive mobile communication on iOS, and updates to the Outlook plugin.

    Attend this webinar to see how this latest release of Retain can benefit you through support of these critical platforms.
  • Micro Focus Secure Messaging Gateway Recorded: Aug 31 2018 60 mins
    Ben Horne and Que Magnus, Micro Focus
    Micro Focus Secure Messaging Gateway protects your email system from spam, viruses, botnet attacks, phishing, and ransomware. Secure Messaging Gateway protects Exchange, Office 365, Gmail, IBM Notes, and GroupWise email environments.

    For GroupWise, Micro Focus Secure Messaging Gateway is the only solution to provide total protection from the inside-out, by scanning and intercepting all messages that pass through through the GroupWise MTA, POA, and WebAccess, and GMS (GroupWise Mobile Server) in real time, and ensuring they are free of viruses, spam, malware, and illicit images.

    View this webinar recording to learn more!
  • The All New File Governance Suite—Official Release Webinar Recorded: Aug 30 2018 64 mins
    David Condrey, Micro Focus
    With the File Governance Suite, you'll not only be able to know what you're storing on your network and who has access to it, but put policies in place to automatically manage, rectify, and protect your data from threats such as ransomware.

    This on-demand webinar will show you how the File Governance Suite can:

    • Report and analyze your network-stored files
    • Identify and move potentially sensitive files
    • Automatically manage your files and folders through policies
    • Protect and recover high-value targets from ransomware
  • Micro Focus Enterprise Messaging Recorded: Aug 30 2018 58 mins
    Wes Heaps and Que Mangus, Micro Focus
    Micro Focus Enterprise Messaging is a complete collaboration solution that provides your organization with email, scheduling, instant messaging, chat-based teamwork, security, archiving, backup, and disaster recovery. Enterprise Messaging enables your employees to collaborate anytime, anywhere on any device while maintaining security and meeting compliance.

    View this webinar recording to learn more!
  • Retain Archiving for GroupWise Recorded: Aug 29 2018 51 mins
    Que Mangus and Stephen Cohen, Micro Focus
    Micro Focus Retain securely archives GroupWise® email, appointments, files and attachments. This data is archived in one central location, which can be accessed by end users and administrators directly through Retain’s Web Access Archive Viewer. Retain also archives other email platforms, social media and mobile in one central archive

    Retain Unified Archiving helps you manage your electronic communication data, meet regulatory retention and supervision obligations. It allows you to capture, monitor and archive all business related communication data (email, social media, and mobile message data) for review, audits, eDiscovery, litigation, and compliance.
  • Deep dive into Micro Focus Filr 3.4 Recorded: Jul 25 2018 59 mins
    Robin Redgrave and Devadas Kovilakath, Micro Focus
    You need to keep your files and systems secure, however, your users may be sharing and storing files on cloud sharing solutions that are not secure and are not managed by your organization. Micro Focus Filr allows your users to have “follow me” files that go everywhere they go, on every device they want to work from—and your organizations has control and the ability to manage this system. With Filr, you will have the feel of a cloud file sharing solution, but the security and management of an on-premises solution. Join this webinar to learn the latest in Filr 3.4
  • Discover all the new features in the GroupWise 18 client! Recorded: Jul 19 2018 49 mins
    Bert Workman, Ed Hanley and Robin Redgrave, Micro Focus
    So you have upgraded or you are getting ready to Upgrade to GroupWise 18 and want to learn about the new features in the GroupWise 18 client? This webinar is for you. Come see the best new features including Conversation Threading and more!
  • Social Media Archiving with Retain Unified Archiving Recorded: Jul 3 2018 58 mins
    Baron A. Rohbock, Presales, Micro Focus
    Should your organisation be archiving it's Social Media presence?  What about SMS/MMS messages?  The way we communicate is evolving and so too are the policies and guidelines around what needs to be securely archived within an organisation. Join us and learn how Micro Focus is helping organisations capture data from various sources into one unified secure location.
  • Protecting personal data with the Secure Content Management Suite Recorded: Jun 19 2018 50 mins
    Simon Dugard, Presales, Micro Focus
    The Equifax data breach, Cambridge Analytics and GDPR  are all recent examples of the risks which today’s organisations face around the personal information they store. Come for a journey as we explore how Micro Focus can help you discover, secure, pseudonymize and control personally identifiable information within your organisation using the SCM suite. Learn how Structured Data Manager can target structured data, ControlPoint can target unstructured data, and Content Manager can secure both.
  • What’s New in Content Manager 9.2 Recorded: Jun 14 2018 55 mins
    Anthony Drabsch, Presales, Micro Focus
    Are you currently using Content Manager? Come and see the benefits of upgrading to Content Manager 9.2. We will explore the new features added in Content Manager 9 such as geospatial metadata, instant-on and cloud-enabling. Learn about the enhanced usability of the 9.2 release, focusing on the WebClient and enhancements like metadata validation rules and hierarchical lookup sets.
  • Act: Encryption Recorded: May 23 2018 29 mins
    John Elliott, EasyJet and Nathan Turajski, Micro Focus
    Encryption, tokenization and data masking are proven tools for risk exposure reduction that can help you to meet your GDPR anonymization and pseudonymization data privacy requirements. Learn more about Voltage SecureData and the Micro Focus Data Security portfolio with technologies that include format preserving encryption (FPE), tokenization and key management, and how data privacy can be enforced on your most sensitive data for compliance with privacy mandates.
  • GDPR: Practical Guidance for mapping technology to the GDPR Recorded: Apr 18 2018 27 mins
    Joe Garber, Global Head, Product Marketing Information Management and Governance, Micro Focus
    This is the first webinar in this series, we recommend you watch this one first.

    What is my readiness status?

    A common complaint about GDPR is that the articles are clear about the desired end result, but there is little guidance provided on how to get there. Organizations are thus often hesitant about building out a technology roadmap and executing upon it, especially when resources and budget are scarce.

    Learn how to break through this barrier by breaking down the complexities of GDPR into specific technology use cases, and then learn how to determine your overall readiness to address each one.
  • GDPR: Defensible Disposition – data subject to the “right to be forgotten” Recorded: Apr 17 2018 35 mins
    David Kemp, Specialist Business Consultant, SCM, Micro Focus
    How do I identify information for disposition that may be subject to “the right to be forgotten”?

    You need to be able to identify both structured and unstructured data for disposition that may be subject to the GDPR “right to be forgotten” requirements.

    This session will focus on:

    - Business drivers for compliance and long term corporate defence
    - Execution tasks under “purpose limitation” and operational efficiency
    - Technical flow requirements for auditable data deletion
    - Automated enforcement of policy across structured and unstructured data
    - How Micro Focus Content Manager and Structured Data Manager can assist you.
  • GDPR Use Case Secure: Breach Prevention with Identity Management Recorded: Apr 12 2018 37 mins
    Robert MacDonald, Identity & Access Management Lead, Micro Focus
    How do I best ensure sensitive data is protected, stored, and backed up securely?

    As the impact of GDPR continues to ripple throughout IT, organizations need to understand how their identity and access management ecosystem will be impacted and how identities will need to be managed going forward.

    In this webinar, we cover how GDPR regulations such as data capture, consent, right to be forgotten and more will change identity lifecycle management internally and externally forever.

    Enabling you to find known and unknown threats in real-time through powerful correlation and context, integrated with the leading user behaviour analytics solution. Close security gaps and prevent high value data loss by protecting personal data at data field level and automatically identifying application vulnerabilities for strong applications development operations.
  • GDPR Use Case: Litigation Preparedness Recorded: Apr 12 2018 31 mins
    Matthew Levy, Senior Business Development Manager & Product Evangelist SaaS Archiving and eDiscovery
    How can I cost-effectively respond to legal matters requiring information under my management?

    A likely by-product over time for organizations that fail to comply with GDPR will be investigations and lawsuits. Don’t develop a compliance strategy without at first understanding potential requirements for such urgent requests for information.

    Join us to learn best practices for legal holds, early case assessment, eDiscovery/ eDisclosure, so you can turn around requests quickly, with a high level of confidence and cost control, if necessary.
  • GDPR: Use Case Backup and Recovery of Mission Critical Applications Recorded: Apr 12 2018 36 mins
    Uli Wallscheid, Data Protection Solutions Product Marketing, Micro Focus
    How do I reduce my overall risk profile?

    Join this webinar to understand how Micro Focus’s Adaptive Backup and Recovery suite assists with GDPR requirements to protect your customer information from the core to the edge.

    This comprehensive suite of solutions combines real-time analytics and guided optimization to help make sure information is backed up at the right time, in the right way, on the right medium based on its relative importance to GDPR requirements—delivering cost savings while meeting strict recovery and service-level expectations. 
  • GDPR: Use Case: Data Privacy and Policy Based Governance Recorded: Apr 11 2018 18 mins
    Greg Clark, W Market Strategy Director, Secure Content Management, Micro Focus
    Armed with deep insight into customer data, organizations can streamline and drive cost efficiencies into the process of protecting, leveraging, and taking action on this information.

    Understand how the application and enforcement of policies to manage information throughout its lifecycle can be achieved using the Micro Focus Secure Content Management suite. Specifically Micro Focus ControlPoint (unstructured data) and Micro Focus Structured Data Manager (structured data).
Protect enterprises from risk, and harness value from information
Join this channel to gain key insights and best practices that can help your organization access and understand enterprise information; organize, control and protect data; and steps to intelligently manage your data and take action. Industry and product leaders will explore new approaches to intelligent data backup and recovery. Learn about new regulations that impact your organization’s ability to protect and preserve your data, as well as technologies available that enable you to address regulatory, legal and internal cost saving requirements. Learn more by visiting https://saas.hpe.com/en-us/software/backup-governance-solutions

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