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Kaspersky Lab’s Industry and Technology Threat Predictions for 2018

Kaspersky Lab will present an in-depth review of its industry and technology threat predictions for 2018 – and consider what they could mean for some of the world’s most connected industry sectors over the coming year.
The session will discuss the top trends expected to affect enterprises, with a particular focus on connected healthcare, automotive, financial services, industrial security, and cryptocurrencies.
The aim of the webinar is to help IT security professionals in all industries to understand the rapidly evolving threat landscape and the actions they can take to defend their organization against these threats.
Recorded Nov 22 2017 52 mins
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Presented by
David Emm, Principal Security Researcher, Global Research and Analysis Team, Kaspersky Lab
Presentation preview: Kaspersky Lab’s Industry and Technology Threat Predictions for 2018

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  • Protecting containerized apps in hybrid cloud infrastructures Feb 14 2019 2:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Oleg Gorobets, senior global product marketing manager at Kaspersky Lab
    Containers are rapidly gaining in popularity, with more and more companies using them for production. But this situation also attracts cyberattackers. Join our webinar to find out more about the key security issues arising from using containers in production, and how their resolution can fit into your entire hybrid cloud protection strategy.
  • Security perils of the cloud journey – and how to avoid them Recorded: Dec 13 2018 43 mins
    Oleg Gorobets, senior global product marketing manager at Kaspersky Lab
    The cloud offers significant benefits for business, including flexibility and efficiency, but cloud migration has its challenges when it comes to security. Juggling multiple virtualized environments, keeping track of disparate security policies and dealing with containerization issues can turn your cloud journey into a nightmare. Join us to find out more about these potential complications – and how you can avoid them.
  • Kaspersky Lab’s APT review of 2018: the most active groups, the top targets Recorded: Dec 5 2018 54 mins
    Vicente Diaz and Costin Raiu, security researchers in Kaspersky Lab’s Global Research and Analysis Team
    Kaspersky Lab experts will present their annual, exclusive review of advanced persistent threat activity across the world in 2018, based on the company’s threat intelligence research throughout the year. These findings provide the foundations for the threat actor predictions published on November 20 and provide an invaluable insight into how APTs are evolving over time.
  • Remote Administration Tools in attacks on industrial enterprises Recorded: Nov 28 2018 60 mins
    Kirill Kruglov, Vyacheslav Kopeytsev
    Description: In this webinar we will show you how legitimate remote administration tools become weapons in the hands of threat actors and are used to penetrate industrial facilities. We include several case studies of some of our investigations, as well as statistics of how RATs have already been used in real world attacks on ICS. Remote administration tools do help remote staff resolve issues quickly from any place in the world. RATs also enable system administrators to assist their users from anywhere and anytime. However, using these tools can lead to cyber security incidents.

    Kirill Kruglov, Senior Research Developer, Kaspersky Lab ICS CERT
    Vyacheslav Kopeytsev, Security Researcher, Kaspersky Lab ICS CERT
  • Kaspersky Lab’s Advanced Targeted Threat predictions for 2019 Recorded: Nov 20 2018 58 mins
    Vicente Diaz and Costin Raiu, security researchers in Kaspersky Lab’s Global Research and Analysis Team
    Kaspersky Lab will share its predictions for what the world’s major threat actors could have planned for the coming year. The webinar will explore some of the key trends in terms of tools, techniques and processes likely to be used by such groups against government organizations, enterprises, critical infrastructure, society at large, and more – and consider what that means for organizations, the security community and international cyberspace.

    The aim of the webinar is to stimulate debate among IT security professionals in all industries and to increase awareness and understanding that will help them to defend their organization against these threats.
  • Live panel debate: The risks and rewards of transparency in cybersecurity Recorded: Nov 13 2018 55 mins
    Anton Shingarev, Jan-Peter Kleinhans, Kevin Limonier, Melinda Crane,
    An international panel of leaders and influencers from across the security landscape will explore how the global ICT industry can best build trust and assurance for their products in the current cybersecurity landscape. Among other things, the panel will discuss the need to prove trustworthiness and the risks and benefits of transparency actions such as code reviews.

    Panellists are:
    • Kevin Limonier, Associate Researcher, Castex Chair of Cyberstrategy;
    • Jan-Peter Kleinhans, Project Director, Stiftung Neue Verantwortung;
    • Anton Shingarev, Vice President of Public Affairs, Kaspersky Lab.

    Moderator: Melinda Crane, Chief Political Correspondent, Deutsche Welle
  • CISO summit: what is ‘enough’ protection in light of inevitable cyber breaches? Recorded: Nov 6 2018 50 mins
    Christian Toon, Ilijana Vavan, Thom Langford, Tilly Travers
    Kaspersky Lab will be hosting a digital panel, bringing together cybersecurity executives and experts, to discuss the challenges that Chief Information Security Officers are facing after 86% revealed they believe cyber breaches are inevitable in a global survey.

    More than a third of CISOs say they struggle to secure required budgets when they cannot guarantee security, but how can they persuade the board to offer them more resources? This summit will cover how CISOs can manage limited resources – such as internal talent and budgets – to effectively protect increasingly digital businesses, as well as the importance of collaborating with other departments and company boards to keep up with the ever-evolving cyberthreat landscape.

    The panelists will include Christian Toon, Chief Information Security Officer, Pinsent Masons LLP, Ilijana Vavan, Managing Director, Kaspersky Lab Europe, Thom Langford, Chief Information Security Officer, Publicis Groupe.

    The event will be moderated by Tilly Travers, Senior Corporate Communications Manager, Kaspersky Lab.
  • Kaspersky Web Traffic Security: the all-new core app for perimeter defense Recorded: Oct 30 2018 40 mins
    Oleg Gorobets
    Effective perimeter defense is essential. It significantly reduces the risks of an IT infrastructure breach and helps boost productivity by securing downloaded content and governing internet use. Learn about this new application's exciting features - and be among the first to try them for yourself!
  • Bridging the ICS cybersecurity awareness gap: Kaspersky Lab & Fraunhofer IOSB Recorded: Oct 16 2018 34 mins
    Christian Haas, David Meier, Fraunhofer IOSB, Christel Gampig-Avila, Kaspersky Lab ICS CERT, Jeffrey Esposito, Kaspersky Lab
    The current cybersecurity skills shortage in industrial control systems and operational technology has become significant. A lack of specific cyber-skills is putting businesses at increased risk of an attack infiltrating their network, which calls for more quality training materials to support specialists working in these fields.

    In response, Kaspersky Lab and Fraunhofer IOSB have collaborated to develop a new ICS cybersecurity training course, designed to help employees understand and defend their businesses against growing cyberthreats. The new course is aimed at IT/OT managers and engineers, as well as IT security generalists, who want to learn about the specifics of ICS cybersecurity.

    To find out more about how this course can benefit businesses, Kaspersky Lab and Fraunhofer IOSB are hosting a joint webinar highlighting the importance of ICS cybersecurity education. The session will explore recent ICS security related incidents and vulnerabilities, along with real-life examples, to show the true impact of cyberattacks on ICS equipment.

    The full webinar will cover the following topics:

    ∙ The differences between IT and OT security
    ∙ The relevance of ICS vulnerabilities and the need for ICS security
    ∙ A short overview of relevant standards and guidelines
    ∙ Sample demonstrations and an outline of advanced training course content
  • 7 cybersecurity improvements resulting from an EDR project Recorded: Sep 25 2018 72 mins
    Oleg Glebov, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Kaspersky Lab
    EDR technology has been an unceasing topic of conversation over the past 3 or 4 years. Meanwhile, we at Kaspersky Lab have become aware, in our interactions with enterprise organizations, of serious levels of overall dissatisfaction with the outcomes of investment in EDR. Let's try now to understand the main reasons for this, while looking at typical use cases and key enterprise scenarios. The webinar will cover:
    •Drivers of EDR implementation
    •EDR vs Next Generation EPP vs Advanced EPP
    •Key benefits and advantages
    •Use cases of EDR functionality: Integrated Endpoint Protection, Augmentation of the Incident Response process, Automation of the anti-APT solution reaction phase
    •EDR project business justification
  • Fraud beyond finance: multi-industrial approach to prevention Recorded: Sep 12 2018 30 mins
    Tim Ayling, Global Head of Fraud Prevention Solutions, Kaspersky Lab
    When it comes to discussions related to fraud, we think about the finance first. Financial institutions historically have suffered the most being the targets of various criminal schemes, malware, social engineering, money laundering and other fraud vectors.

    However, nowadays we see that organizations across different industries are suffering reputational, financial and other damages caused by fraud. Government agencies, healthcare organizations, retail and e-commerce, loyalty schemes, gaming industry and gambling rooms report cases of account takeover, new account fraud, even money laundering related attacks. Most of them have fraud prevention measures in place to fight or at least to monitor this. But fraud has evolved into a form of organizational crime and attackers offer training and knowledge sharing to help find a way past well-known fraud management solutions.

    At the webinar we are going to cover the most up-to-date threat landscape for different types of businesses and share some real cases of success.
  • The role of threat intelligence in an effective security operation Recorded: Jul 31 2018 60 mins
    Oleg Glebov, Threat Management and Defense Solution Leader, Alexander Liskin, Heuristic Detection Group Manager Kaspersky Lab
    Experts predict a busy year for cybersecurity threats… a rise in general and accidental malware infections, an increased risk of targeted ransomware attacks and new types of malware and malicious tools all lie ahead.

    Threat intelligence is a key component of any effective security operation. Without exceptional, coordinated threat intelligence, cyber threats simply can’t be reliably identified or stopped.

    Kaspersky Lab is hosting a webinar on the key role of threat intelligence in an effective security operation. The webinar will be presented by Oleg Glebov, solution leader for our Threat Management and Defense portfolio and Alexander Liskin, Kaspersky Lab anti-malware research expert.

    The webinar is aimed at anyone with a professional interest in cybersecurity and threat intelligence, in particular IT security officers, incident response specialists and SOC analysts.

    The webinar will cover the following topics:
    • the current threat landscape – and the methods cybercriminals use to evade detection;
    • the critical role threat data feeds play in protecting you from attack;
    • the increasing importance of proven, established sandboxing – and the capabilities of Kaspersky Lab’s Cloud Sandbox;
    • APT and Financial Threat Intelligence Reporting;
    • how our experts use Threat Lookup for incident investigation;
    • Kaspersky’s Threat Intelligence Services – and how we can help build a comprehensive Incident Response (IR) framework with our Threat Intelligence Portal and Cloud Sandbox.
  • APT Trends in Q2, 2018 – New campaigns, targets and a global router hijack Recorded: Jul 10 2018 63 mins
    Vicente Diaz and Costin Raiu, security researchers in Kaspersky Lab’s Global Research and Analysis Team
    Kaspersky Lab experts will present their review of advanced persistent threat activity in the second quarter of 2018. They will chart the latest campaigns, tools and techniques deployed by established threat actors, the reawakening of previously quiet groups, and how Asia remained the epicenter of APT activity during Q2, 2018.
  • Can bigger security budgets save businesses from costly cloud breaches? Recorded: Jun 27 2018 47 mins
    Maxim Frolov, Vice President of Global Sales, Kaspersky Lab and Jim Reavis, Co-founder and CEO, Cloud Security Alliance
    Nearly 1.5 million dollars. That’s how much an average data breach in the cloud costs enterprises, according to the Global IT Security Risks Survey 2018.

    Second only to targeted attacks, breaches affecting IaaS are among the most costly faced by businesses today. But what can be done about this? Apparently, investing more in protection is only part of the solution, as businesses are already allocating a greater share of their IT budgets to security…

    During the webinar, Maxim Frolov, VP Global Sales, Kaspersky Lab, will present key findings from the company’s latest report On the Money: Growing IT Security Budgets to Protect Digital Transformation Initiatives. Maxim, along with special guest Jim Reavis, Co-founder and CEO, Cloud Security Alliance, will discuss the potential damage and the main risks associated with cloud breaches, as well as what businesses can do to protect themselves.

    Webinar attendees will get the latest insights on the dynamics of corporate security incidents and IT security budgets. They will learn what financial, organizational and technological decisions should be made to protect businesses from the threat of cloud infrastructure breaches.
  • GDPR: A regulation, an opportunity, a call to action Recorded: Jun 19 2018 34 mins
    Oleg Gorobets, Senior Global Product Marketing Manager, Kaspersky Lab
    GDPR is an EU regulation that comes into effect on the 25th of May 2018.

    GDPR is designed to uphold the rights of the individual in terms of how their personal data is handled, stored and secured.

    It also places greater responsibility on businesses to observe data security and related processes and practices.

    Kaspersky Lab solutions help companies process personal data by offering effective measures to reduce the risks of a data breach, prevent security incidents and enhance visibility of the monitored infrastructure.

    During the webinar, we’ll look at the following topics:
    •What GDPR is - and isn’t - when it comes to cybersecurity.
    •How cybersecurity fits into GDPR-aligned processes.
    •The endpoint: a good starting point for the cybersecurity aspect of a data protection strategy.
    •The role of storage and the impact of storage security.
    •Guarding the bottlenecks: perimeter defenses to reduce the risks of human influence.
    •Why data in the cloud requires special security.
    •Forewarned is forearmed: the importance of cybersecurity essentials training.
    •Understanding the risks: get more from your Data Protection Impact Assessments.
    •Kaspersky Lab’s GDPR readiness.
  • The Cybersecurity Future Summit – Adapting to an ultra-connected world Recorded: Jun 5 2018 57 mins
    Kaspersky Lab and guests
    The connected world needs a strong, resilient cyberspace, but the landscape is increasingly fragile and fragmented. At this summit, hosted by Kaspersky Lab, leaders from across the cybersecurity industry will debate the growing need for transparency, collaboration and trust in addressing these challenges and more.

    The summit will be broadcast live and will also introduce Kaspersky Lab’s latest transparency activities.
  • APT trends in Q1, 2018: new threat actors and infection vectors Recorded: Apr 12 2018 51 mins
    Vicente Diaz and Costin Raiu, security researchers in Kaspersky Lab’s Global Research and Analysis Team
    Kaspersky Lab experts will present their first quarterly review of advanced persistent threat activity in 2018, charting new threat actors and campaigns in Asia and the Middle East as well as two growing areas of risk: routers and chip vulnerabilities.
  • Redefining Enterprise Security in an Era of Digital Transformation Recorded: Mar 27 2018 69 mins
    Kaspersky Lab and guests
    In the digital world, effective information security is now a key business success factor. As attackers find new ways to attack digital assets, the ability of the organization to maintain continuity, and the security of the information circulating in it, may be called into question. New attack methods and threat vectors require fundamentally new approaches to corporate protection.

    As part of the World Cyber Security Congress in London on March 27, Kaspersky Lab will be conducting a seminar exploring ways to solve the problem of protection in the digital world, where the risks are so high, and where the only sure defense lies a comprehensive security approach.

    Join us there to:

    • Find out about the threats organizations like yours are currently facing

    • Learn how to build reliable protection in the era of digital transformation

    • See how leading-edge global corporation has built its security on proven technologies

    • Put your questions to our experts

    During the seminar, our Principal Security Researcher in the Global Research and Analysis Team David Emm will talk about contemporary threats in ‘The Top Cyber-threats Facing Your Digital Business’.

    Next, in ‘Cybersecurity as Part of Your Digital Transformation Strategy’, Adam Maskatiya, General Manager, Kaspersky Lab UK & Ireland will outline how to build a cybersecurity system able to respond to highly complex threats.

    The seminar will end in conversation - CTO one of our customer talks about their success story in fighting today’s cyberthreats.
  • [Portuguese only] Arte e o jeitinho brasileiro da clonagem de cartão de crédito Recorded: Mar 15 2018 61 mins
    Fabio Assolini, Thiago Marques, Analistas de Segurança Kaspersky Lab
    O Brasil iniciou a migração para o padrão EMV em 1999, hoje quase todos os cartões de crédito emitidos no país são protegidos com um chip e uma senha. Fabio Assolini e Thiago Marques, analistas de segurança da Kaspersky Lab irão mostrar nessa apresentação como criminosos brasileiros aprenderam a clonar esses cartões, usando a técnica conhecida como "golden ticket", válida na maioria dos sistemas de pontos de vendas no país.
  • How underground intelligence could save financial services Recorded: Mar 14 2018 44 mins
    Sergey Lozhkin, Security researcher, Kaspersky Lab
    Underground cybercriminal flora and marketplaces have a lot to hide – from recent trends to upcoming prospects, from leaked vulnerabilities to the newest financial malware samples. Sergey Lozhkin, security researcher at Kaspersky Lab, will show you what can be found there. Join the talk and learn what can be done with the help of proper underground threat intelligence – and how it could help your business before any attack takes place.

    Want to know more about credit card hijacking? Join our next webinar (in Portuguese): https://kas.pr/9a1x
Latest on cyberthreats and protection technologies
Top-notch cybersecurity and protection technology experts share their knowledge on how to mitigate the most dangerous cyberthreats that any organization may face. Contact us at https://www.kaspersky.com/about/contact

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  • Title: Kaspersky Lab’s Industry and Technology Threat Predictions for 2018
  • Live at: Nov 22 2017 2:00 pm
  • Presented by: David Emm, Principal Security Researcher, Global Research and Analysis Team, Kaspersky Lab
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