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Retail Now. Driving Success in Everywhere Commerce

We invite you to join us for this IDC Retail Insights Webinar on 25 January, 2018 at 2 PM (GMT) led by Ivano Ortis, Vice President IDC Retail Insights. During the webinar, Ivano Ortis will share insights on the future of commerce, and in a panel discussion, Luciana Padua, Director of Consumer Insights in Digital Brand Commerce at Adidas Group, and IDC’s Andrea Sangalli will share their vision on the current state of retail industry.
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Presented by
Ivano Ortis, IDC, Andrea Sangalli, IDC Retail Insights, Luciana Padua, Adidas
Presentation preview: Retail Now. Driving Success in Everywhere Commerce
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  • The Future of WorkSpace: Connecting, Managing and Augmenting Your Workforce May 24 2018 1:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Gabriele Roberti, Angela Salmeron, Jean-Francois Segalotto
    In the last decade, the way we work has changed beyond recognition. Today’s workforce is more open, agile and collaborative than ever before. The notion of the traditional static workplace is being transformed into the WorkSpace, where the activity is no longer restricted to a physical place, device or defined times of the day.

    The Future Workspace has been designed around the end-user, and has business in mind. New solutions are augmenting our skills and capabilities to new horizons never imagined before, connecting humans and machines, and positively impacting productivity (always on), efficiency (business at the speed of “now”) and customer engagement.
  • The Pulse of Outsourcing 2H 2017: IDC's Semiannual Look at Rolling 4-Quarter Dea Feb 22 2018 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    David Tapper and Xiao-Fei Zhang, IDC Global Services Markets and Trends
    In this IDC Web conference, outsourcing analysts David Tapper and Xiao-Fei Zhang will leverage IDC's BuyerPulse Services Deals Database to provide an analysis and assessment of outsourcing deals based on a rolling 4-quarter view from Q3 2015 through Q4 2017. The analysis will better enable service providers to pursue key markets, incorporate strategic capabilities, and ensure that they are optimally positioned.
  • A Look at IoT in Europe in 2018: Accelerating Data Driven Innovation Feb 20 2018 2:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Marta Munoz, Andrea Siviero
    The impact of IoT in current societies and organizations is now very much a reality as more and more examples of IoT ecosystems emerge and implementations take place across different industries.
    After the initial hype and an explosion of a myriad of use cases across industries, IoT is now experiencing a new maturity phase with early adopters now focusing on cross-sector integration and a deeper data value exploitation. Only when IoT is able to generate real data monetization, will it reach its ultimate goal and unlock its full potential. Understanding and anticipating IoT market trends will be key for fast-moving companies eager to truly make IoT work for their organization!
    This complimentary webcast will explore the main European IoT trends across technology areas and industries, highlighting market opportunities, key themes for 2018 and European successful real-life examples. This also leveraging the recent IDC EMEA IoT Survey results, that provides a fresh look at the European IoT end-users perception.
  • IDC Worldwide IT Channels and Alliances 2018 Predictions Feb 1 2018 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Steve White, Program Vice President, and IDC's Worldwide Channels & Alliances Team
    Join IDC's Worldwide Channels and Alliances team as they discuss the key trends they have been seeing in software and infrastructure channels as well as in strategic alliances, hear a brief review of 2017 predictions and outcomes, and then their predictions for 2018 and beyond.
  • IDC Canada MarketSpeak / Canadian Consumers and the Smart Home Jan 30 2018 5:00 pm UTC 30 mins
    Emily Taylor, Senior Analyst, Consumer & Mobility & Manish Nargas, Research Analyst, Consumer & Mobile Research - IDC Canada
    Join IDC Canada’s Emily Taylor and Manish Nargas as they review the trends impacting the adoption of smart home technologies in Canada. Attendees will gain insight into consumer interest, adoption, priorities and approach to installation as well as the factors currently shaping the market. Manish and Emily will also showcase a new consumer research offering that is designed to showcase topic-specific responses to questions asked in IDC’s consumer surveys at a cost-effective price point.

    The smart home: home automation and security
    Devices driving current adoption
    State of the market today: DIY vs. managed services
    Role of smart/intelligent assistants in the home
    Smart home control preferences
    Canadian Consumer Market Speak: What is your best view?
  • Developing the New IT Capabilities for Digital Transformation Jan 30 2018 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Joseph Pucciarelli & Serge Findling
    By 2022, IDC forecasts that 80% of enterprise revenue growth will depend directly on digital offerings and operations. To benefit from this growth opportunity, IT and business leaders of the enterprise must prepare by building up the correct capabilities.

    During this session, you will learn new IT capabilities (processes, platforms, talent, governance) needed for digital transformation, and walk away with the three critical digital strategies many organizations are pursuing: experiential engagement, data monetization, and digital business at scale.

    Key Questions Addressed:
    • What technology management strategies and practices should IT organizations adopt as digital business capabilities are requested by the various business units?
    • What is a technology capability, and how is it different than IT's existing implementation models?
    • How should CIOs and technology leaders begin their own technology capabilities journey?

    Who Should Attend:
    • Chief Information Officers, and their direct reports
    • Chief Technology Officers
    • Chief Digital Officers
    • Senior IT and business executives
    • Digital innovation leaders
  • Thrive in the DX Era with Data Services for Hybrid Cloud Jan 25 2018 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Ritu Jyoti, Research Director, Enterprise Storage, Server, and Infrastructure Software
    This IDC Web Conference will feature data highlights from the inaugural IDC Worldwide Data Services for Hybrid Cloud Forecast. Every vertical industry is now seeing the impact of digital transformation (DX). In DX, data is core as every change and process relies on converting data into actionable insights. And the leading digital organizations are discovering that the cloud – in terms of its power to deliver agility and flexibility in data management and faster time to insights – is indispensable for achieving their DX business objectives.

    IDC Research Director Ritu Jyoti will discuss the latest trends in hybrid/multicloud deployments, proliferation of application deployment models and data formats across hybrid IT, associated data management challenges, and how data services for hybrid cloud can help organizations gain a competitive edge and thrive in the DX era.
  • Retail Now. Driving Success in Everywhere Commerce Jan 25 2018 2:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Ivano Ortis, IDC, Andrea Sangalli, IDC Retail Insights, Luciana Padua, Adidas
    We invite you to join us for this IDC Retail Insights Webinar on 25 January, 2018 at 2 PM (GMT) led by Ivano Ortis, Vice President IDC Retail Insights. During the webinar, Ivano Ortis will share insights on the future of commerce, and in a panel discussion, Luciana Padua, Director of Consumer Insights in Digital Brand Commerce at Adidas Group, and IDC’s Andrea Sangalli will share their vision on the current state of retail industry.
  • IDC Sales Enablement Best Practices Series Jan 24 2018 7:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Randy Perry, VP, Business Value Strategy Practice & Nancy Selig, VP, Interactive Platforms Services
    Business Value: Top 5 Best Practices for Enhancing Your Digital & Sales Dialogue

    IDC research has shown that 90% of large organizations have deployed IT initiatives in support of digital transformation. Demand for technology that accelerates digital transformation is here today and growing. Companies unable to take advantage of this trend may be gone in five years.

    Join IDC Sales Enablement on Wednesday January 24th at 2 PM EST for a 1-hour free webinar on how to leverage business value and ROI tools and marketing material to help enhance your sales and online conversations.

    In this session, Randy Perry, Vice President of IDC's Business Value Strategy Practice, and Nancy Selig, Vice President of IDC's Interactive Platforms Services, will offer best practices on the following areas:

    • Provide research-based content – Tie your technology solutions to improving business outcomes and business performance
    • Integrate your sales and marketing activities to deliver a compelling business value case
    • Leverage new interactive tools - 80% of the buyers' journey is done on line
    • Improve customer experience with targeted personalized programs and content
    • Differentiate your message – everybody is talking Digital Transformation, what’s your unique story?
  • Future of Work: Are you Ready to Play in the New Normal? Jan 23 2018 12:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Roberta Bigliani, Marianne Kolding, Alex Stratis
    Technology is changing work as we know it. This impacts organizations’ culture, required skills, the way talent is sourced, the workspace, and the nature and make up of the workforce itself.

    How prepared are organisations to embrace the Future of Work (FoW) revolution? Most companies are puzzled and overly cautious about it, however burying their head in the sand is no longer a viable approach. Whether it’s Millennials requiring new workstyles, IT skills shortage, and work automation, these challenges require immediate attention and action. The adoption of new technology is just one pièce of the equation.
    A successful transformation needs a concerted effort between CIOs, CISOs, HR and business managers.

    Join Roberta Bigliani, Marianne Kolding and Alex Stratis to learn more about:

    - What Future of Work really means for your organization
    - Human - machine collaboration and its impact on work
    - Concrete examples on how technology is changing work, now and in the next few years
    - Best practices to overcome the challenges of Digital Transformation
  • What Is on the Minds of IT Services Buyers? Recorded: Jan 18 2018 51 mins
    Gard LIttle and Chad Huston of IDC's Worldwide Services team
    This IDC Web Conference will feature data highlights from the 2017 Worldwide Services Leading Indicators Survey. Key themes to be explored include: interest in services built around Innovation Accelerators, such as the Internet of Things, AI and Cognitive Computing, .and Blockchain; how the buying decision is moving from IT to line of business executives; changes in buyer pricing preference; productivity gains due to services; and which factors (exogenous vs endogenous) services buyers are most influenced by in their buying decisions.
  • Blockchain in 2018: Boom or Bust? Recorded: Jan 16 2018 45 mins
    Danielle Hernandez, Kamil Gregor, Giorgio Nebuloni
    In this webcast, IDC's European team will answer the following questions:
    •What is Blockchain?
    •Will Blockchain live up to the hype?
    •What are the key use cases driving Blockchain adoption?
    •Main examples of Blockchain usage in Europe?
  • Telecoms, Networks and Devices in Europe: What to Expect in 2018 – and Beyond Recorded: Jan 10 2018 57 mins
    John Delaney, Chris Barnard. Andy Hicks, Chrystelle Labesque, Francisco Jeronimo
    The telecoms industry in Europe is undergoing transformation. Telcos are striving to transform themselves into digital service providers, and to transform their networks into flexible, service-oriented platforms. Another wave of change is on the way in 2018, as the first set of standards for 5G networks emerges, and as new types of connected device grow in importance. At the same time, the Enterprise space is undergoing through the most significant change in many years: software-defined networking and SD-WAN reshape the technology and the market; vendors transform in the wake of the move to subscription models; the move from premise to cloud and primacy of customer experience disrupt unified communications; and mobility is ever more important in the 24/7 economy.

    IDC’s European Telecoms & Networking Group is dedicated to the big issues in network technology, device technology, operator strategy and end-user services. In this webcast, IDC’s unrivalled team of analysts presents its expectations for the European telecoms industry in this pivotal year, in areas including:

    •Telco strategy and prospects for growth in service revenues
    •Developments in public network technology, and how they will affect services & strategy
    •Key trends in enterprise networking and related professional services
    •Developments in Unified Communications and Enterprise Mobility
    •Key trends in the connected-device landscape

    Join us on 10 January for IDC’s complimentary webcast, to hear our comprehensive view of the direction of European telecoms between now and the end of the decade.
  • What’s Really On The Mind Of The European CISO? Recorded: Dec 14 2017 41 mins
    Dominic Trott
    Understanding your customer is critical in today’s competitive security market. IDC has grown its community of CISOs and privacy leaders over the last two years, and recently held its inaugural annual CISO Summit in Dublin. It provided valuable insight into the state of the industry from the customer perspective, and yielded some surprises too. What’s really on the mind of the CISO?
    In this vendor-only webinar, Dominic Trott, Research Manager in IDC’s European Security practice shares some insights from the CISO agenda, which include:

    -What do CISOs really want from their technology and services providers?
    -What do they expect the threat landscape to look like in three years?
    -What CISOs need to justify the cost of security?
    -How to measure the success of a GDPR programme, and what comes after May 25th?
  • IDC's Recommendations for Industry Collaborative Clouds in Manufacturing Recorded: Nov 23 2017 3 mins
    IDC Manufacturing Insights
    This short IDC video provides an overview of ICC adoption and trends among European manufacturers, while sharing benefits and guidance on moving towards collaborative ecosystems.
  • State of the Market Q3 2017: IT Spending Review and Outlook Recorded: Nov 16 2017 63 mins
    Stephen Minton, Vice President, Customer Insights & Analysis
    2017 is shaping up to be a good year for IT spending. New technologies including IoT, robotics, and AR/VR are expanding the overall market, while traditional categories migrate to cloud and mobile platforms and businesses ramp up their investment in analytics or social collaboration to boost productivity. Digital transformation initiatives are driving an uptick in project-oriented spending, as end-users seek to leverage technology innovation into business benefits. A stable global economy has also helped, with emerging markets rebounding while mature economies have continued to post stable growth despite wild cards like Brexit. While economic risks remain, the short-term outlook has improved in recent months. However, beneath this picture of apparent calm and positive growth, seismic shifts are taking place which will reshape the industry for the next decade and beyond.
    In this IDC Web conference, Stephen Minton will review the latest IT spending data and leading economic indicators for IT buyer behavior, alongside updated market sizing and forecasts from the IDC Worldwide Black Book.
  • Understanding Infrastructure Consumption by Service Providers Recorded: Oct 19 2017 41 mins
    Kuba Stolarski, Computing Platforms, and Deepak Mohan, Public Cloud Infrastructure as a Service
    The IT infrastructure market has seen an era of rapid transformation in recent years. The growth of public cloud in the enterprise IT segment, the emergence of new suppliers into the IT infrastructure market – both OEMs and ODMs – and the shift in spend from traditional IT suppliers to new ones, are all important changes affecting suppliers and buyers in this market. Within this transforming market, one segment of particular interest is the service provider market, who are operating an infrastructure platform to deliver IT and non-IT services to end customers in an "as a service" model.

    The service provider segment has been the fastest growing segment of buyers in the server and storage hardware market for the past few years. But the pattern of IT infrastructure consumption by service providers is slowly diverging from that of traditional IT enterprises, who have historical formed the largest segment of buyers in this market. This includes shifts in preferences of storage and server systems used in their deployment, as well as shifts from owned infrastructure to pay-as-you-go infrastructure (like IaaS and PaaS) for their computing and storage needs. IDC's Cloud Infrastructure Index is a recent study that brings together qualitative and quantitative insights into consumption by the top hardware buyers in the service provider market.

    This IDC Web conference provides a summary of key insights from this study, and introduces a framework that helps understand IT infrastructure related decisions by the growing service provider market.
  • Buyer Evolution for Optimizing Managed Digital Services Recorded: Oct 12 2017 55 mins
    David Tapper, Program Vice President, Outsourcing and Managed Cloud Services
    Firms are under growing pressure to transform into digital enterprises. Just consider that nearly 10% of U.S. firms expect to have an application provisioned in one day or less using cloud services. Or that enterprises need to respond to more event-driven situations, such as real-time price competition, product recalls, and cyberattacks. In addition to forcing enterprises to reevaluate the types of outsourced and managed services they consume, these types of market pressures are forcing service providers and outsourcers to make fundamental changes in their capabilities and offerings.

    This Web conference will use the IDC MaturityScape framework to evaluate the buyer evolution in utilizing managed digital services (including cloud, mobile, social, analytics, IoT, and cognitive) as well as the expectations that buyers will have of their service providers when it comes to helping them become mature users of these services.
  • Unlocking Opportunity: Understanding the Role of the Unlocked Smartphone Recorded: Oct 5 2017 30 mins
    William Stofega, Program Director, and Anthony Scarsella, Research Manager, Mobile Device Technology and Trends
    This IDC Web conference will explore the market for unlocked smartphones in both the consumer and enterprise markets. The presentation will focus on understanding the market drivers, pricing trends, and identifying which channels will benefit and suffer due to the recent growth in unlocked device sales.
  • Patient Engagement for Digital Transformation Recorded: Sep 19 2017 50 mins
    Mutaz Shegewi, Research Director, Provider IT Transformation Strategies, IDC Health Insights
    Patient engagement technologies play a vital role in the digital transformation of healthcare. These hold the unique potential to transform care-seeking consumers into new patients and empower existing patients to become more involved in their health and care. Tools, processes, and environments that nurture the adoption of patient engagement technologies can positively impact cost, quality, access, patient safety, and patient experience across the continuum of care. Therefore, patient engagement technologies have been mandated as an essential component of policies since the introduction of the Triple Aim and evolved into some of the most important and recent frameworks advancing health IT (e.g., the Medicare EHR Incentive Program, MACRA, QPP, MIPS, and APM). Regulatory mandates, competitive market forces, and emergent changes in health stakeholders are driving a shift to a new era of value-based and consumer-driven healthcare. It is necessary healthcare providers come up with innovative patient engagement technology strategies that also shift in response to these changes. However, despite widespread industry usage and market buzz, patient engagement is for the most part an unclear concept. There is no consensus on a clear way to plan and execute patient engagement or implement its technologies. Therefore, there is a growing need for guidance and evidence to support the application of patient engagement and its technologies to impact the digital transformation of healthcare.
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  • Title: Retail Now. Driving Success in Everywhere Commerce
  • Live at: Jan 25 2018 2:00 pm
  • Presented by: Ivano Ortis, IDC, Andrea Sangalli, IDC Retail Insights, Luciana Padua, Adidas
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