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Don’t get hooked: How to protect against Spear Phishing

Did you know that around 90% of all hacks start with a targeted email attack? Protect your users and their data and assets from the biggest security threat there is: themselves.

Join us for a video meetup where we’ll discuss the multi-layered security strategy you need to maximize your protection and minimize your risk.

What we’ll discuss:

- How spear phishing is evolving, and the social engineering techniques being used
- How to defend against email fraud and account compromise
- Stories from real-life attacks, and the lessons learned from them
Recorded Jun 26 2018 57 mins
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Presented by
Justin Ong, Lawrence Micallef, Peter Mullens, Junior Birkett
Presentation preview: Don’t get hooked: How to protect against Spear Phishing

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  • A View from the IT Practitioner: End User Predictions for 2019 Recorded: Dec 11 2018 55 mins
    Michael Flouton - VP Security Strategy, Barracuda; Jez Back, Founder & Principal Erebus Technology Consulting Services Ltd
    2018 saw some great strides in cyber security as well as some major breaches. Will 2019 be the same? As we all try and stay one step ahead of the attackers and look into our crystal ball on what the future holds, Barracuda wanted to see how our customers and channel partners feel about the past, present, and future of cyber security and how their approach has evolved over time.

    We surveyed more than 1,500 IT leaders and security professionals in North America, EMEA, and APJ about their IT security priorities, how those priorities have shifted, and where they’re headed next.

    Join this webinar with Barracuda’s, VP Security Strategy, Michael Flouton and Erebus Technology's Jez Back, Founder & Principal, to find out:

    - What 1500 IT and security professionals in North America, EMEA and APJ believe will be the next big trends in cyber security
    - How their priorities have changed over the last 15 years and where they will focus for the next 15 years
    - Which cyber security trends have impacted their cyber security strategy
    - How to prepare your organisation for these new trends

    Register today to find out what your peers believe will be the key trends in cyber security and advice on how to stay ahead of the attackers in 2019 and beyond.
  • Saving Money and Stopping Cyber Attacks - 3 Simple Steps for the Small Business Recorded: Nov 14 2018 47 mins
    Amar Singh; Steve Vickers
    Are you open minded to saving money and ensuring that your business is better protected from cyber criminals at the same time? Join Amar Singh and Steve Vickers as they discuss a simple checklist for charities and small businesses. A non-technical discussion, we layout step by step guidance on what you can do:

    - To save money on your current IT and security investments
    - To ensure your third party is delivering the right level of security and service
    - Increase your operational efficiency and lower total cost of operations.
  • Are EMEA organisations ready for SDWAN? Recorded: Nov 6 2018 58 mins
    Darius Goodall, Sn. Director, Product Marketing, Barracuda Networks; Kelsey Parish, Research Manager, Vanson Bourne
    Cut through the noise around SD-WAN. Join us for this all-new webinar, where we’ll dive into the eye-opening results of our recent global survey of IT administrators.

    Find out what 910 of your peers around the globe are thinking, saying, and doing about the move to SD-WAN—and understand how attitudes and trends in the EMEA region differ in some respects from those in other regions.

    Don’t miss this opportunity to gain a firm, practical understanding of the main SD-WAN concerns and challenges that your peers are dealing with, and how they’re achieving the right balance of WAN performance and security.

    Attend this important live webinar and get the insights you need to make the best SD-WAN choices for your organization.
  • Cloud Security: The next generation Recorded: Oct 22 2018 51 mins
    Chris Hill, RVP, Public Cloud EMEA; Alex Hilton, Chief Executive, Cloud Industry Forum
    Multi-Cloud or hybrid environments has become a growing strategy for many organisations moving their applications and data in the cloud as it gives organisations the ability to be flexible in what they need for their business. In fact, according to recent research by Computing, 26 per cent of enterprises surveyed were using a multi-cloud approach compared with 22 per cent last year. However, along with this approach one thing organisations should not forget is that the need for security does not diminish. As the cloud continues to offer more in services, organisations need to be aware of the protection they are responsible for to ensure their applications and workloads are safe.

    So how do organisations stay ahead of the curve with security as well as being able to manage these multi-cloud or hybrid environments?

    Join our latest webinar where, Chris Hill, VP Public Cloud EMEA at Barracuda, and Alex Hilton, Chief Executive and Cloud Industry Forum (CIF)will discuss the latest challenges when it comes to migrating to the cloud, especially in a multi-cloud environment as well as analyse CIFs latest research findings on what organisations need to consider when adopting these cloud services.
  • Implementing a Cloud Ready Software Defined WAN - Challenges & Opportunities Recorded: Oct 18 2018 61 mins
    Amar Singh; Steve Vickers
    With the explosion of cloud-based cloud ready applications, many organisations struggle with optimising application performance for cloud or hybrid environments. The culprit, in many cases, is the connectivity from the offices to the cloud. The wide area network, (WAN) connecting offices to the Internet and to other offices, is still playing catchup. WAN technology is stuck in the old-age.

    Think about this: Does your business, small or large, have two or more broadband connections, maybe a broadband and a dial up or some other form of Internet connectivity? Apart from the security risk of having too many Internet points of exit, your business is also wasting money and resources in managing these various connectivity channels.

    In this webinar, Amar Singh and Steve Vickers explore the problems typically faced by organisations based on the latest research and show how organisations can create a seamless and secure SD-WAN infrastructure without having to manage multiple products.
  • Obi-WAN: Simplify Your WAN like a Jedi Recorded: Sep 19 2018 55 mins
    Justin Ong, Klaus Gheri, Simon Lok
    With the rise in cloud services along with remote and mobile users, Software-Defined WAN technology can act like the Force to help optimize your WAN and troubleshoot issues with as little sysadmin/Jedi intervention needed.

    On this Video Meetup, we’ll be talking about SD-WAN and how it can increase performance for your users while also increasing visibility and control across your network. We’ll be talking with experts from Barracuda Networks as well as an IT pro from the Spiceworks

    What we're discussing:
    - How SD-WAN works with existing MPLS
    - Using SD-WAN to secure traffic going across your wide network
    - Weighing the cost benefit of SD-WAN
  • Next Generation Phishing Protection Recorded: Jul 19 2018 49 mins
    Peter Mullens, Product Marketing, Barracuda Networks
    Did you know email is still the biggest threat vector for phishing, with 74% of threats entered as an email attachment or link? Does your email protection do enough to help prevent your users from being phished?

    On this webinar you’ll learn how a multi-layered next generation email protection solution not only addresses the latest email threats but helps you stay ahead of the curve.

    What we’ll discuss:

    How advanced threats are evolving to use sophisticated techniques such as spear phishing and social engineering.

    The different layers needed in a next generation email protection solution.

    How you can get started today.
  • Why Threat Intelligence should be a key tool in your security portfolio Recorded: Jul 17 2018 50 mins
    Fleming Shi, Senior Vice President, Advanced Technology Engineering, Barrcuda; Brianna Fischer, Product Marketing, Barracuda
    Knowing which threats are trending right now—and which vectors criminals are using to attack you—is the key to optimizing and fine-tuning your security policies and solutions for effective protection.
    Barracuda collects a vast flow of real-time information and uses big data analytics to crunch those numbers in order to deliver up to date, actionable insights. In this interactive live session with Brianna Fischer and Fleming Shi will discuss:

    • Latest threats in cyber security
    • Real world examples of using threat intelligence in defending against cyber attacks
    • How to use threat intelligence to fine tune your security policies
    • How to gain access to the information you need to stay ahead of the biggest cyber threats

    Register to learn the fastest, easiest way to get the information you need to stay ahead of the biggest cyber threat trends.
  • The 5th Floor - Why Protecting Email Remains the Most Sensible Strategy. Recorded: Jun 28 2018 58 mins
    Amar Singh; Peter Mullens; Stefan Schachinger; Junior Birkett
    Ok, email is boring. Email is antiquated. Email is NOT dead, particularly with GDPR now in everyone's minds it remains the favourite attack vector for cyber criminals! Like it or not, if you don’t show the deserved love and attention to email, criminals will keep winning.

    No, User Education is not THE only answer. You need the right set of technologies that enable organisation to be cyber resilient.

    Join Amar Singh, practicing CISO, as he presents 'The 5th Floor - Why Protecting Email Remains the Most Sensible Strategy' and discusses with Peter, Stefan and Junior the lessons learnt and technologies available to businesses to increase their cybersecurity maturity.
  • Don’t get hooked: How to protect against Spear Phishing Recorded: Jun 26 2018 57 mins
    Justin Ong, Lawrence Micallef, Peter Mullens, Junior Birkett
    Did you know that around 90% of all hacks start with a targeted email attack? Protect your users and their data and assets from the biggest security threat there is: themselves.

    Join us for a video meetup where we’ll discuss the multi-layered security strategy you need to maximize your protection and minimize your risk.

    What we’ll discuss:

    - How spear phishing is evolving, and the social engineering techniques being used
    - How to defend against email fraud and account compromise
    - Stories from real-life attacks, and the lessons learned from them
  • The Day We Weaponised a Sleeper APT Recorded: Jun 15 2018 51 mins
    Amar Singh; Fleming Shi; Jonathan Tanner
    It’s not everyday you get the inside story on how a group of cybersecurity researchers stumbled upon an APT, an advanced persistent threat, when they were examining the intelligence data from their security kit.

    It appeared harmless and boring but of advanced attributes. But Fleming Shi and Jonathan Tanner suspected something was amiss.

    Facilitated by Amar Singh, practising CISO, on this exclusive webinar as he unpicks what Fleming and Jonathan did next. Their curiosity got the better of them and they set about tinkering to discover the true intentions of this benign malware.
  • Defending the Cloud Recorded: Jun 5 2018 51 mins
    Alex Hilton (CIF) | Chris Hill (Barracuda Networks) | Patrick Grillo (Fortinet) | Paul Dignan (F5 Networks)
    This panel of cloud and security experts will discuss the different ways enterprises are securing their cloud environments.

    Join top cloud and security experts for this interactive Q&A discussion on:
    - The top cloud trends in 2018
    - Encryption, key management and beyond
    - Biggest threats to the cloud
    - How to better safeguard data and privacy

    - Alex Hilton, Chief Executive, Cloud Industry Forum
    - Chris Hill, RVP Cloud EMEA, Barracuda Networks
    - Patrick Grillo, Senior Director Solutions Marketing, Fortinet
    - Paul Dignan, Global Technical Account Manager, F5 Networks

    The session will be streamed LIVE from London from the Infosecurity Europe conference.
  • Targeted Attacks in Office 365 - Risks & Opportunities Recorded: May 3 2018 45 mins
    Asaf Cidon, Vice President, Content Security Services, Barracuda Networks
    Microsoft Office 365 is so ubiquitous-with more than 100 million monthly active subscribers-that it's almost become part of our identities. Cybercriminals have taken notice-and Office 365 has become a breeding ground for an increasing number of highly sophisticated attacks.

    Join this interactive webinar with Asaf Cidon, VP Content Security at Barracuda to discuss:

    - Findings from a recent survey on the adoption of Office 365, including the associated risks, drivers and opportunities, both in North America and EMEA

    - Evolution of attacks and the rising threat from targeted attacks like spear phishing that rely on personalized social engineering to lure victims

    - Key ways to identify attacks with real-life examples
    Five steps to prevent targeted attacks and protect your networks, employees and data
  • Acceleration Your Journey to a Safe Cloud - Microsoft Azure Recorded: Apr 16 2018 22 mins
    Kurt Kirchberger, Sales Engineer Österreich
    The Journey to the Cloud mit Hilfe von Barracuda Lösungen. In diesem deutschsprachigen Webinar behandeln wir diese drei Kernthemen:
    Wie manage ich Security und Konnektivität in hybriden Umgebungen?
    Wie erweitere ich die Sicherheitskontrollen vor Ort auf öffentliche Cloud-Plattformen?
    Wie kann ich Anwendungen sicher in öffentlichen Cloud-Umgebungen zur Verfügung stellen?
  • Live Demo Cloud Security - Fixing the Fundamentals Recorded: Mar 30 2018 52 mins
    Amar Singh, Klaus Gheri
    Live demo of how to Dynamically Secure Cloud Infrastructure.

    The title says it all folks - we are going to talk about what's broken in the cloud and do a demo of why it is so easy to break down the current security infrastructure that most companies deploy in the cloud.

    Join me, Amar Singh and other specialists including

    - Amar Singh - CEO & Founder, Wisdom of Crowds and Cyber Management Alliance
    - Klaus Gehri - Specialist Cloud Security, VP Barracuda
  • World Backup Day - it's all about Recovery Recorded: Mar 29 2018 32 mins
    Phil Maynard, Senior Technical Director EMEA
    In this World Backup Day webinar, we will be sharing insights from a survey we conducted among 200 customers in EMEA. Surprisingly, many organizations struggle to consolidate their backup and disaster recovery strategy and as a result fail to meet their self-imposed requirements. In this webinar, we will explain how the Barracuda Backup as an all-in-one solution with integrated Office 365 protection can help your organization to streamline backup and disaster recovery. Public cloud technologies and disaster recovery features, such as restore and replication replication to AWS, and Barracuda Cloud LiveBoot, provide organizations an emergency tool to shorten restore times and ensure availability of critical services. Sign up for our webinar to find out how to establish an effective last line of defense to protect your organization against threats like ransomware, human error and other disasters.
  • How to Secure Your Web, Mobile, and API-Based Applications Recorded: Mar 21 2018 53 mins
    Gemma Allen, Barracuda; Dinah Barret, AWS
    A cloud-based DevOps environment on AWS can benefit from a security solution that is as agile as you are.

    In this webinar Barracuda and AWS will show you leading-edge application security techniques for creating secure application environments, embedding security into continuous deployment, and scaling security to perfectly fit your operations. We will do a demo to show you the power of automating security on AWS.

    Learn about the challenges of application security when moving to the cloud, how to secure your web, mobile, and API-based applications, and to view a demonstration of the Barracuda WAF securing an AWS application.

    Harness the power of cloud and DevOps for security that leaves traditional infrastructures behind.

    Join our specialists:

    - Dinah Barrett - Partner Solution Architect, AWS
    - Gemma Allen - Cloud Solution Architect, Barracuda
    - Chris Hill - Public Cloud Director, Barracuda
  • 2018 - The Best Year for Cyber Criminals. Period Recorded: Jan 19 2018 76 mins
    Amar Singh, Wieland Alge, Ramses Gallego, Mark Grantz, Tushar Vartak
    Meltdown and Spectre have set the scene for 2018 and make attending our webinar even more of an imperative. This year is going to see it all and we have top panellists and audience members joining. The US Secret Service’s Mark Grantz, Middle East’s top Cybersecurity executive, Tushar Vartak, Europes most recognised Cybersecurity and AI visionary Ramses Gallego, Cybersecurity SME Wieland Alge, a NATO cleared hacker and of course, your very own Amar Singh, CISO and co-founder of Wisdom of Crowds and Cyber Management Alliance Ltd.

    Join the debate, Share your opinions and hear a wide range of experts share their experience and insights.

    Cyber Management Alliance brings you our interactive and educational webinar, inaugurating the new year with an exclusive webinar on what to expect, how and what the criminals are going to do (or not do) and what you can do to protect yourself.

    Yes, we know GDPR is around the corner, but we believe there is much more ahead than just privacy concerns.
  • Are EMEA organizations behind the curve, developing their Cloud Backup Strategy? Recorded: Dec 8 2017 45 mins
    Phil Maynard, Sr. Director, Technical Sales EMEA; Alex Hilton, CEO, Cloud Industry Forum
    Many organizations within EMEA are beginning to host more of their business-critical applications and data in the Cloud. However, many of these organizations are not fully aware of the risks, so are not fully protecting their Cloud-based applications or data. In addition, the majority of organizations still rely on traditional on-prem focussed Backup solutions, many of which do not enable the cloud to be used efficiently, or cost effectively.

    Join Phil Maynard, Sr. Director EMEA, Technical Sales at Barracuda and Alex Hilton, CEO at Cloud Industry Forum to discuss:

    - Findings from Barracuda research on how companies are using Backup and Cloud in EMEA
    - What’s preventing companies from moving their backups to the Cloud
    - Why moving to Office 365 could break your data protection and IT security strategy
    - Real life examples of how organisations have adopted a hybrid on-prem and Cloud Backup Strategy
  • What does the Cloud mean for the Future of Cybersecurity? Recorded: Nov 16 2017 52 mins
    Darius Goodall, Director, Product Marketing - Security Products, Barracuda
    The growing migration of business critical applications to SaaS based solutions and public cloud platforms signals a fundamental shift in IT infrastructure. The cloud requires organizations to take a fresh look at their security posture in the light of new threats and an expanding deployment surface. We will discuss the emerging security requirements as results of these shifts and provide recommendations to securely operate in cloud environments
Barracuda Networks
Barracuda Networks

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  • Title: Don’t get hooked: How to protect against Spear Phishing
  • Live at: Jun 26 2018 2:10 pm
  • Presented by: Justin Ong, Lawrence Micallef, Peter Mullens, Junior Birkett
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