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Maximise your security posture on Microsoft Azure

Do you have a comprehensive security plan for your cloud infrastructure?

This eye-opening webinar will help you to combat ever-expanding business challenges and threats by strengthening your security posture.

Join us for this webinar co-presented by Microsoft and Barracuda and discover:

• How to secure your applications and data in Microsoft Azure
• How to secure remote access tailored to your needs
• How to easily protect your Office 365 data with advanced backup and recovery
• How to automate public-cloud security compliance and remediation

Plus, get answers to all your questions in the interactive Q&A session following the presentation.

Let us secure your cloud journey.
Recorded Jun 1 2020 48 mins
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Presented by
Aydin Aslaner, Microsoft, Chris Hill, Barracuda Newtorks, Gemma Allen, Barracuda Networks
Presentation preview: Maximise your security posture on Microsoft Azure

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  • Skalierbare SD-WAN-Konnektivität für Ihr Wide Area Network Dec 16 2020 9:00 am UTC 45 mins
    Felix Bültmann, Barracuda, Senior Consulting Engineer
    Wir stellen Ihnen in diesem Webinar den neuen Azure-Service von Barracuda vor und wie Sie damit höchste Benutzerfreundlichkeit, umfassenden Schutz und Cloud-skalierbare SD-WAN-Konnektivität für Ihr Wide Area Network realisieren können. Mit Barracuda nutzen Sie das Microsoft Global Network als Ihren WAN-Backbone und können teure MPLS-Leitung ablösen.
  • Using SD-WAN to build a secure digital enterprise | SD-WAN deployment demo Dec 10 2020 10:00 am UTC 18 mins
    Gemma Allen, Consulting Solutions Architect, Barracuda, Felix Bueltmann, Senior Consulting Engineer, Barracuda
    Using SD-WAN to build a secure digital enterprise: Episode 5

    Public cloud computing provides many benefits, but to leverage them, you need to ensure that branch offices have secure, reliable, low-latency access to applications and data hosted in the public cloud. Most wide area networks (WAN) today are still designed for a pre-cloud era, with all internet traffic backhauled to a central datacenter/breakout point where security policy is enforced.

    Don’t miss this chance to see how you can set up a global networking deployment in just 15 minutes, including:

    •Steps on how to deploy your own SDWAN
    •Connecting two locations leveraging the Microsoft Global Backbone
    •Why your WAN doesn’t have to be complicated

    Join us for this last webinar in a five-part series on SD-WAN to understand the different deployments and what might work for your organization.
  • Zero Trust Network Access: Security for the Remote, Distributed Workforce Recorded: Dec 3 2020 70 mins
    Mike Goldgof, Senior Director Product Marketing, Barracuda, Sinan Eren, VP, Zero Trust Access, Barracuda
    With remote work and cloud-based resources now the rule rather than the exception, your distributed enterprise requires a higher grade of security than is possible with traditional remote-access solutions.

    Join us to hear how Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) sets the new standard for continuously verifying that only the right person, with the right device and the right permissions, can access specific company resources.

    Barracuda’s Mike Goldgof and in-house ZTNA expert Sinan Eren will take you through an in-depth discussion of:

    - Why the ZTNA market emerged and how it has evolved
    - How ZTNA helps secure your remote workforce and mitigate risk
    - How your peers are using ZTNA to safely scale remote access capacity while maintaining productivity
    - Plus, you’ll see first-hand how Barracuda is expanding the capabilities of its CloudGen family of secure connectivity solutions with ZTNA to give distributed businesses like yours a new way to modernize remote access, enforce global security and access policies, and achieve seamless connectivity without compromising productivity.

    Don’t miss this opportunity to know more about this new paradigm for secure remote network access.

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  • Using SD-WAN to build a secure digital enterprise | Considerations with SASE Recorded: Dec 3 2020 14 mins
    Gemma Allen, Consulting Solutions Architect, Barracuda, Felix Bueltmann, Senior Consulting Engineer, Barracuda
    Using SD-WAN to build a secure digital enterprise: Episode 4

    According to Gartner, the future of network security is in the cloud, with SASE—Secure Access Service Edge—serving as the new paradigm for software-defined secure access. With cloud-native Secure SD-WAN you can move your network, WAN, and security infrastructures to your preferred public cloud with total confidence.

    Don’t miss this webinar to hear more about SASE, including:

    •What approaches are there to SASE
    •Discuss and compare how SASE solutions are evolving
    •How you can decide on your SASE solution

    Join us for this fourth webinar in a five-part series on SD-WAN to understand the different deployments and what might work for your organization.
  • 13 Arten von E-Mail-Bedrohungen, über die man aktuell Bescheid wissen sollte Recorded: Dec 2 2020 51 mins
    Julian Schreier, Sales Engineer, Barracuda Networks
    Schützen Sie Ihr Unternehmen vor allen wichtigen E-Mail-Bedrohungen – einschließlich der raffinierten Bedrohungen, die oft an sicheren Gateways vorbeikommen.

    Verpassen Sie nicht diese eingehende Betrachtung der breitgefächerten Palette aktueller E-Mail-Bedrohungen, einschließlich von deren Risiken für und Auswirkungen auf Unternehmen. Zudem wird erläutert, wie mit maschinellem Lernen und API-basiertem Schutz des Posteingangs die Lücken im E-Mail-Gateway geschlossen werden können und zu umfassendem E-Mail-Schutz vor Angriffen beigetragen werden kann.

    Verteidigen Sie sich gegen raffinierte E-Mail-Bedrohungen, die Abwehrmaßnahmen umgehen und über Backdoor-Verfahren wie Spoofing, Social Engineering und Betrug großen Schaden anrichten können. Schützen Sie Mitarbeiter auf Posteingangsebene – mit der richtigen Kombination aus technologischen Lösungen und Schulungen für das Sicherheitsbewusstsein.

    Reduzieren Sie mit einer mehrstufigen Schutzstrategie drastisch Ihre Anfälligkeit für E-Mail-Angriffe und verbessern Sie so den Schutz Ihres Unternehmens, Ihrer Daten und Ihrer Mitarbeiter.

    Wir zeigen Ihnen in diesem Webinar einen detaillierten Blick auf die 13 Bedrohungen sowie Analysen und Lösungen zur Stärkung Ihrer E-Mail-Sicherheit in einer immer sich weiterentwickelten Bedrohungslandschaft.
  • Using SD-WAN to build a secure digital enterprise | Solve remote work challenges Recorded: Nov 26 2020 17 mins
    Gemma Allen, Consulting Solutions Architect, Barracuda, Felix Bueltmann, Senior Consulting Engineer, Barracuda
    Using SD-WAN to build a secure digital enterprise: Episode 3

    Remote and mobile users increasingly require access to corporate information and applications. This can create numerous challenges that call for SD-WAN.

    Join us for to hear how the acceleration of remote work brought on by Covid-19 has changed how we should approach networking. See for yourself how you can leverage SD-WAN to solve these challenges, including:

    •How to include your remote workforce when designing your WAN
    •Why using the cloud makes this simple.

    Don’t miss this third webinar in a five-part series on SD-WAN to understand the different deployments and what might work for your organization.

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  • Email security threats - how to protect your business, people and data Recorded: Nov 24 2020 42 mins
    Nishant Taneja & Olesia Klevchuk, Product Marketing, Barracuda, Bryan Glick, Editor in chief, Computer Weekly
    Traditional email security solutions aren’t enough to protect businesses anymore. Strategies and processes need to be in place to actively defend your business, people and data against sophisticated email threats.

    Join Bryan Glick, Editor in chief at Computer Weekly, Olesia Klevchuk and Nishant Taneja, Product Experts from Barracuda as they explore strategies to improve your email protection and answer questions:

    - Why is email still the #1 threat vector?
    - What types of attack strategies are cybercriminals using during the pandemic?
    - How can IT security professionals make sense of the threat landscape?
    - How does remote work change the perspective on security?
    - What threats should end users be on the lookout for?
    - With email communication and messaging becoming integral to remote work, what can employees do to stay safe?
    - Why do traditional defenses fail to detect and stop advanced attacks?
    - Should organizations deploy 2FA to prevent account takeover?
    - When threats do get through, how should incident response work?
    - Beyond technology tools, how can organizations improve their defenses?

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  • DevSecOps in a Cloud, Containers and Kubernetes World Recorded: Nov 24 2020 59 mins
    Helen Beal - Chief Ambassador at DevOps Institute | Alan Murphy - F5 | Gemma Allen - Barracuda | Mark Peters - Technica
    Results from the RightScale 2019 State of the Cloud Report found that “Container use is up, and Kubernetes use is skyrocketing. The use of Docker containers continues to grow, with adoption increasing to 57 percent from 49 percent in 2018. Kubernetes achieving even faster growth, increasing from 27 percent to 48 percent adoption.”

    With the increasing move to Kubernetes and beyond, it's essential that DevSecOps best practices are incorporated. Join episode 6 of Day-To-Days DevOps, where host Helen Beal will be chatting to guests from the world of DevSecOps, cloud, containers and Kubernetes about:

    - How to shift left to a DevSecOps mindset
    - What the best practices are to protect your Kubernetes environment without compromising agility
    - Practical tips to overcoming the challenges of implementing DevSecOps in the cloud

    Guests include:
    Gemma Allen - Cloud Solutions Architect, Barracuda
    Alan Murphy - Senior Product Manager, F5
    Mark Peters - Lead Information Assurance/Security Engineer, Technical
  • Using SD-WAN to build a secure digital enterprise | When to use Secure SD-WAN Recorded: Nov 19 2020 16 mins
    Gemma Allen, Consulting Solutions Architect, Barracuda, Felix Bueltmann, Senior Consulting Engineer, Barracuda
    Using SD-WAN to build a secure digital enterprise: Episode 2

    Accelerating Cloud Deployments: When to use Secure SD-WAN

    Backhauling internet traffic to a central breakout is no longer sustainable once you decide to leverage SaaS applications like Exchange Online or SharePoint Online in Office 365. These cloud-connected applications increase overall traffic while requiring very low latency to work. To manage these demands, you need a different architecture that enables local internet breakouts at every location for direct access to cloud services.

    Don’t miss this opportunity to see for yourself how you can leverage the Microsoft Global Backbone to build a pay-as-you-go Global WAN and you’ll hear all about:
    •Cloud SD-WAN Backbone
    •Location flexibility
    •Site to site dynamic locations
    •5G connectivity

    Join us for this second webinar in a five-part series on SD-WAN to understand different deployments and what might work for your organization.

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  • Sicher aus dem Home-Office arbeiten mit Barracuda CloudGen Firewall Recorded: Nov 18 2020 50 mins
    Peter Nowak, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Barracuda
    Sichere Home-Office Arbeitsplätze sind heute wichtiger als je zuvor!

    Home-Office und die sichere Anbindung einer größeren Zahl von extern arbeitenden Mitarbeitern an das Firmennetzwerk ist angesichts der aktuellen Geschehnisse ein essentielles Thema in vielen Unternehmen, öffentlichen Einrichtungen und auch Bildungsinstituten geworden.

    Mit der Barracuda CloudGen Firewall profitieren Sie von vielen Optionen, um sicheren Zugriff auf unternehmenskritische Informationen und Anwendungen zu gewährleisten. Sie ist ganz einfach zu konfigurieren, so dass keine Zeit verloren geht.

    Außerdem ist in allen Barracuda CloudGen Firewall Lösungen Basis Client-to-Site VPN Funktionalität ohne Beschränkungen in der Anzahl an Clients kostenfrei enthalten.
  • Vos données Microsoft 365 méritent une sauvegarde optimale Recorded: Nov 17 2020 48 mins
    E.Heddeland VP South Europe Barracuda; JR.Jean-Simon Partner Technology Strategist Microsoft; A.Douville PreSales Barracuda
    Rejoignez les experts Microsoft et Barracuda pour comprendre les enjeux de la sauvegarde des données et des applications Microsoft 365 et assistez à une démonstration de la solution Barracuda Cloud to Cloud Backup.
  • Using SD-WAN to build a secure digital enterprise | Best SD-WAN approach Recorded: Nov 12 2020 18 mins
    Gemma Allen, Consulting Solutions Architect, Barracuda, Felix Bueltmann, Senior Consulting Engineer, Barracuda
    Using SD-WAN to build a secure digital enterprise: Episode 1

    Which SD-WAN approach is best?

    The perimeter is changing, and many organizations are turning to SD-WAN to address this change.

    Don’t miss this opportunity to hear different ways SD-WAN can be implemented, including:

    •How and why organizations are adopting it
    •Questions to determine which approach might work for you

    Join us for this first webinar in a five-part series on SD-WAN to understand different deployments and what might work for your organization.

    Save your spot right now.
  • Securing Azure Environments: Insights from PetSmart, Microsoft, and Barracuda Recorded: Nov 5 2020 62 mins
    R. Adams, Sr. Security Architect, PetSmart, N. Franssens, Cloud Solution Architect, Microsoft, F. Shi, CTO, Barracuda
    As you undertake the process of migrating your IT infrastructure to a public-cloud environment, one of your chief areas of concern is undoubtedly security. Attend this webinar to gain a thorough understanding of the specific challenges that you’ll need to address—and to get expert guidance and insight about best practices for overcoming those challenges and creating a more secure environment than is possible with on-premises infrastructures.

    This information-rich webinar will include presentations by:

    Nills Franssens, Microsoft Cloud Solution Architect, who will discuss the security environment, issues, and solutions of greatest concern for organizations migrating to the Azure platform during the current pandemic
    Ryan Adams, Senior Security Architect at PetSmart, who will share his first-hand experience of ensuring security during today’s remote work environment while utilizing Azure, along with his hard-won insights about best practices to avoid pitfalls and accelerate success
    Fleming Shi, Chief Technology Officer at Barracuda, who will explain the latest trends, challenges, and technologies driving advances in cloud security and connectivity
    Don’t miss this unique webinar that brings together experts from Microsoft, PetSmart, and Barracuda, and will deliver both in-depth industry know-how and first-hand insights from a fellow IT professional who’s been there, done that, and learned a lot in the process.
  • Keine Chance für Spear Phishing - Schützen Sie Ihre Mitarbeiter mit Barracuda Recorded: Nov 4 2020 46 mins
    Sascha Breitzke, Channel Sales, Barracuda
    Gewährleisten Sie den Schutz Ihrer Mitarbeiter und Ihres Unternehmens in der aktuellen Situation.

    Mit der zunehmenden Zahl der E-Mails, ständigen News Updates und verteilt und vernetzt arbeitenden Mitarbeitern mißbrauchen Cyberkriminelle die angespannte Lage für gezielte Phishing Angriffe.
    Erfahren Sie in dem Webinar:

    Welche neuen Angriffsarten von Hackern momentan vermehrt zum Einsatz kommen
    Welche Strategien Sie schnell umsetzen können, um Office 365 Anwender zu schützen und sie für Cyberangriffe zu sensibilisieren
    Wie Sie Automatisierungstechnologien einsetzen, um auf Sicherheitsvorfälle zu reagieren - und somit Ressourcen frei haben, um Ihre Remote Workforce zu unterstützen
  • Secure SD-WAN & The Public Cloud Recorded: Oct 15 2020 33 mins
    Michael Goldgof, Sr. Director, Product Marketing, Barracuda, Bryan Glick, Editor in chief, Computer Weekly
    If your organization is considering secure SD-WAN, then there is much to take into consideration. Why does your organization need it? How could it help your network evolve and reach new heights? What about the public cloud?

    If you have these questions and more, watch this informative webinar, which includes global survey results about SD-WAN adoption and insights on securing cloud workloads.

    Join Bryan Glick, Editor in chief at Computer Weekly and Mike Goldgof, Sr. Director, Product Marketing at Barracuda as they explore strategies to secure SD-WAN and answer questions:

    Is work-from-home creating additional security issues for organizations? If so, how?
    Why are organizations migrating their workloads to public cloud?
    What happens when an organization significantly increases the use of SaaS applications and public cloud without making changes to its network?
    What are the implications of a network not keeping up with cloud application consumption?
    Is public cloud infrastructure secure today?
    Is your data secure in public cloud?
    Why is the move to public cloud driving accelerated adoption of SD-WAN solutions?
    How is a secure SD-WAN solution able to both reduce costs and improve performance?
    Is your new solution built natively on Azure. Why is it important? Why does it matter to customers?
    How do you see networks evolving in the future?

    Save your spot now.
  • 6 ways CISOs are securing and navigating the cloud Recorded: Sep 24 2020 61 mins
    Jo Peterson, Clarify 360; Brian ThompsonVP, Veeam Software; Michael Goldgof, Barracuda Networks; Carl Eberling, Forcepoint
    Cloud Adoption is on the rise again. According to IDG’s 2020 Cloud Computing Survey, 59 percent of respondents said their organizations would be mostly or all in the cloud within 18 months. Cloud changes our approach on so many levels—new technology, new shared responsibility model and new cybersecurity considerations

    In today’s session, we’ll explore 6 ways CISOs are navigating the cloud:
    - Securing an extended perimeter
    - Upskilling the team
    - Balancing Risk Management in Third Party Relationships
    - Defining the Shared Roles in a Shared Responsibility Model
    - Enhancing Visibility
    - Taking Advantage of Automation

    Jo Peterson, Vice President, Cloud and Security Services, Clarify360
    Brian Campbell--VP, Cyber Security Architect, Veeam Software
    Mike Goldgof--Senior Director, Product Marketing at Barracuda
    Carl Eberling-- CIO/CISO- Forcepoint
  • Secure SD-WAN: the launch pad into cloud Recorded: Sep 22 2020 41 mins
    Michael Goldgof, Sr. Director, Product Marketing at Barracuda, Gemma Allen, Consulting Solutions Architect at Barracuda
    Organizations are aggressively moving their data and applications to the cloud, and the pandemic is further accelerating this process. However, security remains an obstacle to overcome for successful migrations. This session will present new research findings about cloud migrations and security challenges. We’ll also describe some solutions and recommendations.

    You’ll learn:

    • How quickly organizations are moving their IT infrastructure to public cloud
    • Security challenges they are encountering
    • How SD-WAN has emerged as a preferred way to secure access to the cloud
    • SD-WAN adoption patterns by geography and by industry
    • New technologies and solutions for secure SD-WAN deployment
  • Spear-Phishing: Top Threats and Trends Recorded: Sep 8 2020 51 mins
    Olesia Klevchuk, Sr Product Marketing Manager, Barracuda; Neil Shah, Software Engineering Specialist, Barracuda
    Protect your business from cybercriminals finding new ways to leverage spear-phishing attacks and exploit compromised email accounts.

    See all the revealing new details, including the latest tactics used by scammers and the strategies and best practices to defend your business against evolving attacks:

    - How attackers have created a specialized economy using brand impersonation, social engineering, and spear phishing to hijack email accounts and monetize them
    - Why early detection and mitigation of compromised email accounts is critical to prevent cybercriminals from wreaking havoc on your business
    - Which strategies businesses are using to successfully prevent costly and damaging email compromise attacks

    Join Email Security Expert Olesia Klevchuk for an in-depth webinar about the findings of the report, including analysis and insight to help defend your business with advanced detection techniques, forensics tools, and other incident-response solutions.

    Save your spot right now.
  • Securing public cloud with SD-WAN Recorded: Aug 18 2020 51 mins
    Michael Goldgof, Sr. Director, Product Marketing at Barracuda, Tim Phillips, The Register
    As you deploy your apps in the public cloud, are you worrying about accessing them securely? It's easy to ignore the importance of the underlying connectivity layer, but we know that using a software-defined wide-area network (SD-WAN) doesn’t just enhance the performance, reliability and operating costs of your cloud applications and services, it can also make access more secure.

    So where should you go to get this security and performance? Research conducted by Vanson Bourne on behalf of Barracuda found that more than half would prefer to acquire SD-WAN via their cloud provider, rather than a third party. But is this possible and how can we go about it?

    Join Mike Goldgof of Barracuda Networks for a live webinar as he explains to the Register’s Tim Phillips about:

    - Why now is the time to ensure your WAN delivers secure cloud access
    - The security and performance benefits of SD-WAN
    - The best way to deploy and integrate it in your business
  • Avoid common pitfalls when architecting secure, segmented industrial networks Recorded: Aug 11 2020 52 mins
    Ofer Shaked, Co-Founder & CTO, SCADAfence, Stefan Schachinger, Product Manager Network Security, Barracuda Networks
    Your OT (operational technology) environments require constant attention to fast-changing security needs, as the demand for increasing remote access capabilities presents an expanding attack surface. In order to manage OT security effectively, you need security and access solutions that scale easily and integrate seamlessly.

    Join us at this webinar co-presented by SCADAfence and Barracuda, and see how and why today’s OT infrastructures are coming under increasing attack from criminals using a new generation of sophisticated, tailored threats. Plus, see how the right set of security and access-management solutions can help you effectively build out industrial networks using smart, secure segmentation.

    At the webinar, you’ll hear from both SCADAfence and Barracuda representatives, and you’ll see how well their solutions complement each other to help you manage and secure your OT systems and networks no matter how fast your architecture grows and changes.
Barracuda Networks
Barracuda Networks

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  • Title: Maximise your security posture on Microsoft Azure
  • Live at: Jun 1 2020 10:00 am
  • Presented by: Aydin Aslaner, Microsoft, Chris Hill, Barracuda Newtorks, Gemma Allen, Barracuda Networks
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