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[In:Confidence Digital] How to Implement a Privacy Center of Excellence

Implementing privacy across your organization requires a lot more than just the right tools, it requires alignment across teams and people. Come learn how leaders are defining team structures to meet the ever-evolving challenges of protecting privacy. Attendees should expect to:

- Develop an understanding of both internal and external pressures in managing privacy

- Learn how to align their teams to overcome these challenges and increase the utilization of data inside the organization
Recorded May 22 2020 28 mins
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Presented by
Pat Bates, Senior Privacy Engineer, Privitar
Presentation preview: [In:Confidence Digital] How to Implement a Privacy Center of Excellence
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  • Powering Healthcare Informatics and Analytics with Safe Sensitive Data Jul 16 2020 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Sean Butler, Director of Product Marketing | Privitar
    As a healthcare organization, regardless if you are on the payer or provider side chances are you have collected a wealth of Personally Identifiable Information or PII around your patients and/or customers. The organizations that are able to provide the most effective and efficient care will be those that maximize the value of this data. In order to realize the incredible impact data can have it is critical you build privacy into your data provisioning process. This will allow you to provision this sensitive data quickly to teams who need access for any number of purposes, whether it is for research around a life-saving treatment or risk calculation across an insured population.

    Join this webinar to learn more about:
    How you can use de-identified data to optimize your patient experience, power more robust informatics, and assess risks.
    How best practices and emerging technologies are helping healthcare organizations drive patient and provider benefits.
    How to accelerate time to sensitive data analysis and usage while minimizing risk.
    How to transform data privacy from a challenge into an advantage
  • Limiter la durée du stockage des données sans en réduire la valeur Jul 7 2020 9:00 am UTC 45 mins
    Michaël Chouraki, Data Compliance Lead, Accenture France & Sébastien Cognet, Privacy Engineer, Privitar
    Les données sont au cœur de la transformation digitale des entreprises qui doivent respecter les diverses réglementations applicables aux données tout en optimisant leur utilisation pour accélérer l’innovation.

    Dans un contexte de globalisation des lois sur les données personnelles, la limitation de la durée du stockage des données (article 5), principe cœur du RGPD, pose un défi important aux entreprises en termes de maîtrise des coûts, de complexité, et de perte d’utilité et de valeur des données.

    Rejoignez le webinar organisé par Privitar et Accenture le 7 juillet 2020 pour partager notre retour d’expérience sur les meilleures pratiques et la technologie qui permettent de gérer ce principe de RGPD.

    Michaël Chouraki d’Accenture présentera les approches disponibles pour limiter la durée du stockage des données et Sébastien Cognet de Privitar décrira comment l’application automatisée des techniques de protection des données, en particulier les méthodes d’anonymisation, peuvent accélérer l'innovation tout en protégeant vos clients et votre réputation.

    Nous démontrerons que les méthodes de protection des données sont aussi essentielles pour répondre à l’article 5 que les technologies d’effacement des données, et qu’elles permettent aux entreprises de respecter les règles de conformité sans réduire la disponibilité ou la valeur des données à des fins d’analyse.

    Pourquoi participer?

    - Vous découvrirez pourquoi la diversité des types de données, des applications et des mesures disponibles a créé un défi complexe pour limiter la durée du stockage des données

    - Vous comprendrez la base réglementaire pour l’utilisation de l’anonymisation à la place de l’effacement des données pour se conformer à l’article 5 du GDPR

    - Vous apprendrez comment la technologie de protection des données facilite la mise en œuvre de l’article 5.
  • 4 Ways You Should Be Using Sensitive Customer Data for Growth Recorded: Jun 26 2020 50 mins
    Kish Galappatti and Pat Bates, Privitar Privacy Engineers
    As a financial services organization, chances are you have collected a wealth of personal data about your customers. The winners of the future will be the organizations that maximize the value of this data, and in order to do so it is critical they build privacy into their data provisioning process. This will allow them to serve data quickly across the enterprise while retaining analytical value.

    Join this webinar to learn more about:
    How you can use data to optimize your customer experience, update your product portfolio, and assess risks
    How best practices and emerging technologies are helping financial institutions drive commercial benefit
    How to accelerate time to sensitive data analysis and usage while minimizing risk
    How to transform data privacy from a challenge into a catalyst for business growth
  • Leveraging Sensitive Data with Confidence - AWS & Privitar Recorded: Jun 24 2020 25 mins
    Shashi Raina, Partner Solution Architect, AWS & Tom Kennedy, Director, Cloud and Technology Partnerships, Privitar
    As enterprises become increasingly data-driven, they transition from simply collecting and storing data to democratizing it and using it to enhance decision-making.

    With the realization that some of their most valuable data includes sensitive personal information, data leaders need a scalable data service enabling them to extract value without infringing on personal privacy.

    In this on-demand webinar, you will hear from AWS data and analytics experts, as well as AWS Advanced Technology Partner Privitar, as they discuss how your organization can extract greater value from data while preserving every individual’s right to privacy and achieving regulatory compliance.

    What will you learn?
    How to accelerate data provisioning for sensitive data across your enterprise while protecting the privacy of individuals
    Best practices for moving sensitive data to the cloud and extracting value from greater volumes of data with AWS advanced analytics & machine learning services
    What organizations achieve by using the Privitar Data Privacy Platform™ to leverage previously unavailable sensitive data for analytics
  • The US Data Privacy Landscape in 2020 Recorded: Jun 23 2020 57 mins
    Guy Cohen, Privitar Head of Policy
    2020 has already been a big year for data privacy in the US. With major changes and events at the state and federal level, the importance of data privacy continues to accelerate. Join Privitar's Head of Policy, Guy Cohen, to look at:

    - What's happening in California? California has been the instigator in the US's data privacy journey and 2020 saw the landmark CCPA come into effect, but much is still uncertain, from the Attorney General's draft regulations to the possibility of major changes in "CCPA 2.0".
    - What's going on in other states? In the absence of federal action many other states are considering their own laws. While some are similar to the CCPA, there are important differences that may create a patchwork of different requirements across the US.
    - What role will standards play? While disagreements block legislative action at the federal level, January saw NIST release their new Privacy Framework.
    - What can businesses learn from the events and trends of 2020 to help them prepare for 2021?
  • Le droit à l'oubli Recorded: Jun 22 2020 49 mins
    Marcus Grazette, Policy Lead - Europe & Christian Raza, Account Director, Privitar
    Conformément au RGPD, une personne a le droit d'obtenir du responsable du traitement l'effacement, dans les meilleurs délais, de données à caractère personnel la concernant. Souvent appelé “le droit à l’oubli” ou “right to be forgotten” (RtbF siglé en anglais), son traitement représente un grand défi pour les entreprises notamment dans un contexte “Big Data”.

    Dans ce webinar, Privitar vous expose les éléments clefs du RtbF et les bons réflexes à privilégier. En mettent en place une démarche globale de protection des données, les entreprises pourraient satisfaire l’exigence réglementaire par la de-identification et pas nécessairement l’effacement des données.

    Marcus Grazette, notre expert en politiques publiques européennes chez Privitar, vous expliquera:

    Qu’est ce que c’est le RtbF?

    Comment a-t-il changer suite à l'entrée en vigueure du RGPD?

    Quelles sont les lignes directrices des autorités de protection des données?

    Les entreprises, comment doivent-elles réagir?

    Notre conférencier
    Expert en politique publique et diplomé de l’ENA, Marcus a integré Privitar en 2019 après une carrière 10+ ans dans la diplomatie britannique (spécialisé en affaires européennes) et au cabinet du conseil Ernst & Young (EY). Chez Privitar, son travail porte sur le cadre réglementaire européen en matière de la protection des données.

    A propos du Privitar
    Pionnier mondial en privacy engineering (ingénierie de la confidentialité des données), Privitar s’engage à repousser les frontières pour permettre à ses clients d’accélérer l’innovation par les données et de se protéger contre les risques liés à la confidentialité.
  • Maximizing Analytics Initiatives with Sensitive Data Recorded: Jun 18 2020 26 mins
    Sean Butler, Director of Product Marketing | Privitar
    Leading organizations are looking to optimize how they leverage one of their most valuable assets, their data. A key component of maximizing the value of any organization’s data is ensuring that they can provide access and allow requests for the use of sensitive and personal data. As enterprises leverage data to power initiatives like analytics, improving customer experience, new product development, and the move to the cloud it is critical they contemplate how to protect sensitive data.

    Join this engaging session as we discuss how to implement a sensitive data management strategy to:
    -Accelerate time to sensitive data access while maintaining privacy
    -Increase the scope of data that can be used as well as who it can be used by
    -Optimize the value of analytical tools maintaining organizational and regulatory compliance
  • How to Leverage Sensitive Data with Greater Confidence Recorded: Jun 18 2020 51 mins
    Smita Baliga, PwC and Brian Herr, Privitar
    Do regulatory risks create barriers to extracting value from rich but sensitive data?

    Do the complexities of compliance lead to lengthy data provisioning times?

    Hear from speakers from PwC and Privitar discussion how Financial Services firms can leverage sensitive data with greater confidence.

    We discuss:
    What are the data privacy compliance challenges particular to Financial Services firms?
    How should organizations plan to address complex compliance challenges?
    What is the role of technology in navigating compliance and getting greater value from sensitive data?
  • Anti-Money-Laundering for the Modern Age: SaaS and Respecting Data Privacy Recorded: Jun 16 2020 61 mins
    Christian Herzog, Privacy Engineer, Privitar & Wolfgang Berner, CTO, HAWK:AI
    Financial Institutions all over the world put a lot of time and effort into Anti Money Laundering (AML) and Counter-Terrorism Financing (CTF) - a necessity to comply with regulation and reduce non-financial risk.

    The challenges are serious, and have been for decades:

    - Outdated, un-integrated systems are unable to adjust quickly to new requirements (own, or regulation-driven)

    - Uncertainty and limited knowledge to accept the paradigm shift, and employ data-centric, modern solutions - which are the only way to change for the better

    - Real and perceived hurdles with data privacy or residency, when considering cloud-based solutions or SaaS providers

    In this webinar you will learn how the integrated solutions of Privitar & HAWK:AI can be used to eliminate hurdles in moving AML/CFT transaction monitoring processes “into the cloud” or consume them as Software-as-a-Service. You will see that this is possible, while satisfying even the strictest of data privacy rules any Financial Institution might have to adhere to (or want to).

    You will understand:

    - Why using SaaS AML/CFT approaches are superior to applying on-premise solutions

    - How it is possible to use these cloud services without exposing customer/transaction data in the clear to the technology provider (e.g. in the sense of European GDPR personal identifiable data)

    - Who can help you to take your AML/CFT and Data Privacy efforts to the next level

    This webinar is jointly hosted by HAWK:AI and Privitar. Join this interactive session and understand how to unlock your AML/CFT potential without neglecting Data Privacy!
  • Data Privacy & Analytics in Retail Recorded: Jun 15 2020 59 mins
    Helen Woollett, Group Compliance Counsel & DPO, The Body Shop & Sydney Boncoddo, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Privitar
    Retailers from brick-and-mortar to e-commerce are increasingly aware of how crucial customer data is to staying competitive and meeting their financial goals. Shoppers across all channels are favoring those organizations that can offer a personalized, efficient shopping experience tailored to their interests. But in light of an increased number of data breaches being reported in recent years, these same customers are also experiencing heightened awareness of when and how their personal data is being used.

    Regulatory bodies are responding by tightening regulations across the globe, providing consumers with new ways to ensure their data is protected, increasing restrictions on when that data can be used and implementing stiff penalties when it is mismanaged or misused. In light of current events, timely access to data is more important than ever before, as consumer behavior adjusts to evolving governmental regulations.

    Learn how these regulations are changing the way data can be utilized - and how to navigate the conflict between compliance with consumer protections, while still leveraging key data required to increase basket size, reduce customer churn, evaluating every part of the customer journey to enhance cross-selling and up-selling opportunities, and personalizing each part of the customer experience.

    Audience Takeaways:

    - Explore the ways in which customer data is leveraged to increase revenue and customer basket size

    - Learn how personal customer data gathered by retailers is often no longer compliant with the growing number of regulations centered on consumer protection

    -Understand how to still leverage that customer data to stay compliant in an industry where personalization is critical to reducing customer churn and increasing conversion rates
  • Automating Safe Data Analytics for Financial Services Recorded: Jun 11 2020 62 mins
    Speakers from BigID, Privitar and Amazon Web Services
    The advent of the data privacy era compounds the compliance and regulatory challenges that have held back many financial services institutions from executing data-driven strategies for growth and innovation. There is growing competitive pressure to better understand and respond to customer opportunities based on insights from data that enterprises process themselves, as well as from external data sources. However, global privacy compliance regulations, decentralized privacy governance and the risk inherent in sensitive data have resulted in cumbersome data management practices blocking the ability to use certain data in analytics workloads.

    Automating privacy risk minimization strategies can enable financial institutions to realize the benefits of accelerating analytics usage and keeping costs in check through services from cloud providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS).

    Join us for an in-depth look at how BigID and Privitar come together in AWS to:
    – Streamline data discovery to identify all data that needs to be protected
    – Apply a wide range of data privacy protections to that data to minimize risk
    – Provide analytics applications with rich and safe data in the cloud to unlock value

    With these capabilities, global financial organizations are ultimately empowered to accelerate their time to data in a safe and compliant manner.


    Ilya Epshteyn, Principal Solutions Architect, AWS
    Sebastien Cognet, Privacy Engineer, Privitar
    Sachin Khungar, Senior Technical Architect, BigID
  • Accelerating Sensitive Data Access for Financial Services Recorded: Jun 8 2020 63 mins
    Sean Butler, Director of Product Marketing, Privitar & Steve Wright, Partner, Privacy Culture
    Financial service organizations have a wealth of sensitive data that enables them to create new products, drive improved customer experience, and manage risk across the enterprise. While this data is of great value, many companies have developed policies that dramatically slow time to data away or destroy its analytical utility in response to the ever-increasing threats, both internal and external.

    These policy decisions leave teams inside of these financial institutions that rely on sensitive data to do their job feeling unproductive and dissatisfied as they struggle to unlock the value they know is inside the data. Companies also struggle to open these policies up as data regulations like GDPR, and the CCPA continue to become more prominent.

    Learn how leading financial companies are automating key aspects of sensitive data management to accelerate time to data and broaden data access throughout their enterprise.

    Key Audience Takeaways:

    - Explore how policy-driven automation can accelerate the analysis of sensitive data

    - Learn how to build a scalable sensitive data management process

    - Understand how to effectively leverage this critical asset in a compliant manner
  • Ask Me Anything: De-Identification Techniques and Q&A With Privitar Experts Recorded: May 28 2020 20 mins
    Rick Conrad, Privitar Privacy Engineer
    Interested in adopting data privacy techniques more widely, but not sure which techniques are best in each context? Want to know more about how to make the most of your data to maximize utility and expedite innovation? Curious as to what data privacy experts in the field are seeing and hearing?

    Join Privitar Sales Engineer subject matter experts for bi-weekly demos covering a range of privacy enhancing techniques that enhance data usage while minimizing risk. After the demo, ask us anything!

    What You’ll Get:
    A short demo of a different de-identification technique each session
    A chance to ask our SEs anything - best practices, how-tos, and general advice from our technical experts

    Let Privitar help you streamline your data privacy processes and add context to your data privacy needs.
  • [In:Confidence Digital] How to Evaluate Your Data Protection Solution Recorded: May 22 2020 23 mins
    Mark Semenenko, Senior Privacy Engineer, Privitar
    Come and learn what to look for when constructing your Data Protection Solution tests; listen to a technical leader in the Data Privacy space talk about real world usage of Data Protection techniques and why you need them in your data platform. In this session the audience will:

    - Receive an in-depth look at the different methods for protecting data

    - Gain insight into what capabilities are the most critical for your sensitive data management platform
  • [In:Confidence Digital] Maximising the Value of Sensitive Data in the Cloud Recorded: May 22 2020 27 mins
    Tom Kennedy, Director of Cloud & Technology Partnerships, Privitar
    Tom will outline how organisations can move more sensitive data into the cloud and leverage cloud technologies to maximise the value of their sensitive data.
    Tom’s presentation will cover the following key topics:

    – Privacy challenges with sensitive data in the cloud
    – Common patterns with using sensitive data in the cloud
    – How to implement a safe data pipeline for a cloud or hybrid environment
  • [In:Confidence Digital] How to Evaluate Your Privacy Posture Recorded: May 22 2020 42 mins
    Marc Moesse, VP of Product, Privitar
    Privacy is continuously evolving discipline, and assessing where you are on the maturity curve is critical to evaluate what comes next. In this session, we will discuss how the state of privacy is evolving across the globe, and inside or organizations today as we dive into how to practically implement a privacy solution. Highlights will include:

    Insights into how to apply privacy to data based on context and use cases
    An overview of how automation can be applied to accelerate time to data
  • [In:Confidence Digital] How to Implement a Privacy Center of Excellence Recorded: May 22 2020 28 mins
    Pat Bates, Senior Privacy Engineer, Privitar
    Implementing privacy across your organization requires a lot more than just the right tools, it requires alignment across teams and people. Come learn how leaders are defining team structures to meet the ever-evolving challenges of protecting privacy. Attendees should expect to:

    - Develop an understanding of both internal and external pressures in managing privacy

    - Learn how to align their teams to overcome these challenges and increase the utilization of data inside the organization
  • [In:Confidence Digital] Learning to Use Sensitive Data Safely Recorded: May 22 2020 21 mins
    Jason McFall, CTO, Privitar
    This session will introduce the agenda for the day ahead: highlighting the power of data when you get privacy right and the steps that you need to take to make it a reality within your organization.
  • In:Confidence Digital [DAY 2] - Putting Privacy into Practice Recorded: May 21 2020 137 mins
    Privitar's privacy experts
    This multi-day virtual summit is focused on the importance of data privacy and the steps you should take to make it a reality within your organization.

    The opening day (May 14) featured interactive video sessions delivered by leaders from the data privacy and data analytics community. Topics covered the impact of COVID-19 on data privacy, unlocking the value of data in the cloud, the US data privacy landscape for 2020 and beyond, the role of technology in consumer empowerment and much more.

    You can access all the content from day one in the attachments of this webinar.

    Day two (May 21) features a series of workshops lead by Privitar’s team of privacy experts, who'll show you how to put the lessons learned on day one into practice.


    16:00 BST / 11:00 EDT
    CTO’s welcome
    Jason McFall, CTO, Privitar

    16:30 BST / 11:30 EDT
    How to Evaluate Your Privacy Posture
    Marc Moesse, VP Product, Privitar

    17:00 BST / 12:00 EDT
    How to Implement a Privacy Center of Excellence
    Patrick Bates, Senior Privacy Engineer, Privitar

    17:30 BST / 12:30 EDT
    How to Evaluate Your Data Protection Solution
    Mark Semenenko, Senior Privacy Engineer, Privitar

    18:00 BST / 13:00 EDT
    Maximizing the Value of Sensitive Data in the Cloud
    Tom Kennedy, Director of Cloud & Technology Partnerships, Privitar

    This is a unique opportunity to gain valuable insights, increase your knowledge and discover how to implement the latest data privacy best practices within your organization. Explore the full agenda in the attachment links and register now for both days of learning.

    We look forward to welcoming you to the conversation.

    *timings are approximate due to the live nature of the broadcast
  • [In:Confidence Digital] Transform (Sensitive) Data Into Value Recorded: May 19 2020 37 mins
    Bertram Dorn, Specialized Solutions Architect – Security & Compliance, AWS
    Bertram Dorn, Specialized Solutions Architect – Security & Compliance at AWS will talk about how organizations transform sensitive data into value with ever greater confidence in the cloud.
Leverage data with an uncompromising approach to privacy
The world is waking up to privacy risk and privacy harms. There is a clear realisation that unless we incorporate privacy into every aspect of the data supply chain we run the risk of impeding innovation and exposing customers to harm.

Privitar’s mission is to promote and facilitate the ethical and safe use of valuable data assets. Using leading privacy engineering techniques, we help companies get maximum value from data while preserving customer’s privacy.

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