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5G and the broadcast revolution

Will 5G herald a complete shake up of the broadcast and media industry?

Watch now on demand to explore the implications and potential of 5G from a user and supplier perspective and gain technical and business takeaways for your 5G strategy.

Darko Ratkaj, Senior Project Manager for Technology & Innovation, EBU
Phill Lawson-Shanks, Chief Architect & Vice President of Innovation, EdgeConneX
Gianluca Noya, Managing Director Network Mobile Services, Accenture
Recorded Aug 10 2017 63 mins
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Presented by
IBC365 | EBU | EdgeConneX | Accenture
Presentation preview: 5G and the broadcast revolution

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  • Cloud playout: Unlocking global success for channel operators & broadcasters Recorded: Dec 4 2018 59 mins
    IBC365 | Tata Communications
    Broadcasters with linear channel playout operations are increasingly turning to the cloud to deliver the flexibility and efficiency they need to remain competitive and grow their international footprint.

    Cloud playout offers the potential for rapid channel launches, more efficient and resilient operations and a clear commercial model enabling linear channels to be more successful and profitable.

    In this webinar, we'll explore how Tata Communications customers are using Cloud Playout to deploy a unified solution for both playout and distribution on a global basis, and why cloud is fast becoming the preferred option for many linear channel operators and broadcasters.

    Join to:
    - Explore cloud success stories, like Woohoo TV, Latin America’s first dedicated channel for sports, music and youth culture. It expanded rapidly into new markets in the U.S. without needing capital investment by deploying Tata Communications' Cloud Master Control and Video Connect solutions.

    - Learn how Cloud Master Control delivers a future-ready virtualized IP environment powered by industry-leading technology vendors, enabling channel operators to scale rapidly from a single channel to a large-scale multi-channel operation, with complete flexibility and reliability.

    - Understand the business, technology and operational benefits and the crucial questions to ask before moving your channel playout operation to a cloud playout provider.

    Jeremy Dujardin, CTO Media Services, Tata Communications
    Dhaval Ponda, Global Sales Head Media Services, Tata Communications
  • Content convergence: Why telcos need content and content providers need telcos Recorded: Nov 15 2018 63 mins
    IBC365 | Huawei | Rights Stuff | O2 | Ampere
    The boundaries between broadcasters, pay TV platforms, OTT operators and telecoms providers are blurring.

    Competitors are becoming partners as content owners recognise the role of telcos to deliver their services to a bigger audience and drive new revenues, while telecom operators are creating compelling consumer experiences built around video.

    Convergence is now all about putting the consumer at the centre of a connected media and entertainment experience where the distinction between live broadcast and on-demand services disappears.

    It's an exciting time for every player in the content and connectivity business, and in this ground-breaking webinar we'll map out the future of convergence and hear:
    - Why high-quality video services are vital for telecom operators wanting to engage consumers and grow their revenues through "experience monetisation"
    - When is the right time for operators to license their own content or offer their own VOD platform
    - How becoming a super-aggregator of OTT services and TV channels can create a compelling offer without costing a cent in content rights
    - Why content providers, broadcasters and SVOD platform owners should partner with telcos to reach new audiences in new markets

    Richard Griffiths, Vice President Consultant Office, Huawei Technologies
    Wendy Bernfeld, Managing Director, Rights Stuff
    David Owens, 5G Ecosystem Liaison Technology Strategy, O2 (Telefonica UK)
    Tony Maroulis, Research Manager, Ampere Analysis
  • Accelerating innovation across Media & Entertainment Recorded: Oct 23 2018 44 mins
    IBC365 | IBC | TM Forum | MYCOM OSI
    IBC is collaborating with TM Forum – which represents more than 850 global communications service providers and their suppliers - to bring the TM Forum’s highly successful collaborative Catalyst innovation programme to the converging media, entertainment, technology and telecoms value chain.

    This special webinar will fully outline and explain the programme and, importantly, how you can get involved in this fast track innovation programme to showcase your leading role in developing and designing solutions to address some of the current media & entertainment industry challenges.

    Join this webinar to learn:
    •Current media & telecoms industry landscape, challenges & opportunities
    •Introduction to Media-Telecoms Catalysts Programme
    •Example Previous Catalyst Innovation Project
    •Potential Catalyst concept areas
    •How to get involved

    Dr Andy Tiller, EVP Collaboration & Innovation, TM Forum
    Mark Smith, IBC-TM Forum Collaboration & Catalysts Lead
    Yoann Foucher, Senior Director Product Management, MYCOM OSI
  • The future of satellite uplink amplifiers Recorded: Oct 10 2018 22 mins
    Rohde & Schwarz
    This webinar, brought to you by Rohde & Schwarz, explores the future of uplink amplifiers, including solid-state designs, linearity, signal quality in order to help you select the right amplifier for uplink scenarios.

    Christian Baier, Product Manager Satellite Amplifiers, Rohde & Schwarz
    Dr Florian Ohnimus, Director R&D RF Power Components, Rohde & Schwarz
  • Media at the Edge: A new content technology perspective Recorded: Oct 4 2018 62 mins
    IBC365 | Accenture | Schneider Electric | BASE Media Cloud
    What you will learn:

    - What is Edge computing and why it will be key to broadcasting, media and entertainment

    - How edge computing is rapidly evolving to provide content anywhere and everywhere through the IoT and soon across 5G networks
    - What mobile edge computing means for production, processing and video distribution
    - How new consumer experiences, VR, AR, UHD streaming will be driven by the availability of edge infrastructure
    - Protecting the physical and digital assets. How to secure the critical IT infrastructure which will house valuable content at the edge of the network

    Jefferson Wang, Managing Director, Accenture Strategy, Communications, Media and Technology
    Steven Carlini, Senior Director Data Centre Global Solutions, Schneider Electric
    Damon Neale, Chief Technology Office, BASE Media Cloud
  • What's in store at IBC2018? Recorded: Aug 23 2018 67 mins
    IBC365 | Tata Communications | Rohde & Schwarz | IABM | Marquis Media Partners
    Watch now on demand.

    Don’t miss the highlights of IBC2018 with this inside preview of the big themes and must-see tech on this year’s show floor.

    Our panel of broadcasters and exhibitors guide us through their predictions of the hot topics from IP to AI, the rise-and-rise of OTT, and the impact of 5G, blockchain and ATSC 3.0.

    Plus the new focus on building an efficient supply chain to create, manage, store and distribute content.

    Join us to help make your IBC experience the best yet.

    Jeremy Dujardin, CTO Global Media & Entertainment, Tata Communications
    Tim Felstead, Director of Strategic and Operation Marketing Broadcast & Media, Rohde & Schwarz
    Kathy Bienz, Director North America, IABM
    Jurgita Rhodes, Partner, Marquis Media Partners
  • Can computers be creative? Integrating AI in media content workflows Recorded: Jul 19 2018 63 mins
    IBC365 | Adobe | GrayMeta | Channel 4 | EBU
    Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are starting to transform the way content is created, managed and delivered.

    New cognitive-computing tools are enhancing creativity, eliminating mundane repetitive work and unlocking new value from content.

    AI is suddenly everywhere: the ready availability of powerful AI services from all the major cloud providers means hundreds of media technology products are plugging into AI and offering new ways of working.

    This webinar cuts through the hype to reveal how media companies are actually using AI tools throughout the content supply chain - from aiding craft and creative work in post-production, automating metadata extraction and compliance, to making smart content recommendations to audiences. Our speakers will explain how best to use AI, what we can and can't do, and how it will continue to change workflows into the future.

    Michael Gamböck, Senior Strategy Relations EMEA, Creative Cloud Video, Adobe
    Josh Wiggins, Chief Commercial Officer, GrayMeta
    Neil Taylor, Lead Data Strategist for Commercial Innovations, Channel 4
    Jean-Pierre Evain, Principal Project Manager, EBU Artificial Intelligence Committee
  • Winning the Battle for OTT Audiences Recorded: Jun 28 2018 71 mins
    IBC365 | Limelight Networks | Rede Telecine | DAZN | OTT Content Consulting
    Great content alone is not enough to sustain a successful on-demand internet-delivered OTT service.

    Whether it's broadcaster catch-up, special-interest content or producers like HBO and Disney going direct, the pressure is on for platforms trying to compete with the big beasts Netflix and Amazon. With the announcement of Salto as a joint venture of broadcasters in France, and UK channels investing in updating Freeview Play, OTT is centre-stage once again.

    Audiences have huge expectations of user experience, video image and quality-of-service - regardless of the network or device they are using. Delivering and managing a consistently-high quality of experience is crucial for media companies wanting to deliver a popular, engaging and profitable OTT service - whatever the content and business model.

    Leading OTT operators and their technology providers discuss how they have designed-in quality and user experience all the way through to consumers' devices, showing how this directly drives audience growth.

    They will reveal the risk factors that can destroy audience engagement, including poor streaming performance and data privacy and security fears.

    As OTT becomes inseparable from live broadcast, solutions for streaming time-sensitive, high-value live events and sports are assessed.

    Guilherme Saraiva, CTO, Rede Telecine
    Steve Miller-Jones, Senior Director of Product Management, Limelight Networks
    Jessica d'Ardenne, Director of Acquisition, Retention & Web, DAZN
    Kevin Cochrane, Managing Director, OTT Content Consulting
  • Transforming Live Sports Production with Artificial Intelligence Recorded: May 24 2018 62 mins
    IBC365 | Timeline TV | Salsa Sound | Tedial | MediaPro
    Producing and managing the most valuable live sport broadcasts is being transformed through AI-enabled tools automating critical parts the production process.

    From AI cameras focusing in on the action, automated multi-channel sound mixes, to powerful media management tools linking live action with real-time metadata to speed production and automate match highlights creation.

    In this webinar we'll explore cutting-edge tools for live sports production and hear from leading broadcasters that are using them.

    Daniel McDonnell, Managing Director, Timeline TV
    Dr Rob Oldfield, Co-Founder, Salsa Sound
    Jérôme Wauthoz, Vice President Products, Tedial
    Dr Ignasi Rius Ferrer, Product Owner Automatic TV, MediaPro

    Robert Ambrose, Managing Consultant, High Green Media
  • NAB Show 2018 Deconstructed Recorded: Apr 18 2018 62 mins
    IBC365 | The Hollywood Reporter | IHS Markit | dock10 | Amy DeLouise
    Not everything that happens in Vegas stays in Vegas: join us right after this year's NAB Show for a full review of what went on, what was hot, and what happened at the conference and show floor.

    It's an opportunity to take the pulse of the industry and find out what media and entertainment tech leaders are focusing on right now. Which vendor's product launches and announcements set the strip talking -- and which disappeared without trace? What's happening in the content supply chain, and what's the future for blockchain, AI, cloud and IP?

    An international panel share their analysis of the big themes and announcements of this year's show - as well as revealing the unofficial themes and what people were really talking about.

    Carolyn Giardina, Technology Editor, The Hollywood Reporter
    Pzemek Bozek, Advisory & Consulting, Media & Content, IHS Markit
    Paul Clennell, Chief Technology Officer, dock10
    Amy DeLouise, Director / Producer, Amy DeLouise
  • Cyber Security: Protecting Assets Recorded: Mar 28 2018 65 mins
    IBC365 | TVT | DPP | Juniper Networks
    With viewers consuming content on an increasing array of devices and platforms and the virtualisation of workflows, the task of protecting assets has never been so complicated and costly. Add to this the fact that the media industry is a high-profile target for hackers and it becomes clear that cyber security is at the top of the agenda for all those involved in the media supply chain.

    Join this IBC365 webinar, sponsored by Juniper Networks, to hear from senior industry figures who will examine where the weaknesses lie in the production, delivery and distribution workflow and consider what can be done to address vulnerabilities and make sure that film and TV is consumed as intended by broadcasters, platforms and content owners.

    The webinar will cover:
    - Identification of supply chain vulnerabilities
    - Best practice for safe guarding assets
    - The role of people in protecting content
    - How best to anticipate a cyber breach
    - What to do if your security is compromised

    Peter Elvidge, Vice President of Technology, TVT
    Dr Mark Harrison, Managing Director, DPP
    Spencer Stephens, Production & Media Technology Expert
    Lee Fisher, Security Specialist, Juniper Networks
  • Mobile World Congress 2018 review Recorded: Mar 7 2018 59 mins
    IBC365 | DTG | Futuresource Consulting
    As the worlds of media and telecoms continuing to converge and overlap, the strategies and concerns of fixed and mobile operators are of increasing importance to the media, entertainment and technology sector.

    With broadcasters and content owners required to deliver programmes to an ever-increasing array of platforms and devices the role of networks, carriers and operators has never been so vital. And for telcos, content can be used to boost offerings, helping to entice and retain customers.

    The IBC365 editorial team will pick through the product launches, announcements and themes of Mobile World Congress to make sense of the show for those involved in the media, entertainment and technology industry.

    Find out what was revealed and discussed at Mobile World Congress and why it is important for you by joining this IBC365 webinar.

    IBC365 Editor George Bevir will be joined by journalists and analysts from across the broadcast and telco markets who will dissect the main talking points of the exhibition and conference.

    Among the topics for discussion are:

    - The role of content in telco operators’ strategies: Acquiring, packaging and distributing content
    - Competing with tech giants and SVOD players
    - Broadcasters' increasing need for greater network access
    - 5G: Roll out, lessons from PyeongChang and the implications for broadcasters and content owners
    - Delivering content to mobile devices
    - UHD, HDR and HFR content
    - Immersive content: 360-video, VR, AR and MR
    - E-sports: the opportunity to connect with fans
    - Artificial intelligence and machine learning

    Richard Lindsay-Davies, CEO, DTG
    James Manning Smith, Research Analyst Consumer Media & Technology, Futuresource Consulting
    David Sidebottom, Principal Analyst Entertainment, Futuresource Consulting
    Ian Volans, Independent Consultant
  • Remote Production: Game changer for sports broadcasting Recorded: Jan 25 2018 61 mins
    IBC365 | Tata Communications | VISTA Worldlink
    Watch now on demand to explore how remote production is changing the way sports broadcasters operate.

    Remote production gives broadcasters the ability to produce live broadcasts at a distance from the actual event, by sending raw camera feeds, audio and equipment control over a telecom infrastructure to a central studio facility.

    It helps to generate high volume of sports content economically, thereby improving productivity and efficiency for sports broadcasters.

    Today, for any live event, about 30-40 people travel to each location with kit and other equipment to produce the broadcast feed at the venue. This is not only expensive but also logistically a nightmare.

    By producing feeds remotely at a central location only a handful of camera crew would have to travel while the technical director, commentator and other key crew members can finalise production at a central location.

    In this webinar we explore how broadcasters and production companies can overcome any technical and operational challenges to embrace the benefits of remote production.

    Jeremy Dujardin, CTO, Media Services, Tata Communications
    Dhaval Ponda, Global Sales Head, Media Services, Tata Communications
    Josh Liemer, VP Creative Services, VISTA Worldlink
  • The Early Adopters: Inside the latest IP-based facilities Recorded: Dec 6 2017 61 mins
    IBC365 | BBC Wales | SMPTE | Rohde & Schwarz | BCE
    IBC365’s second webinar on IP will offer practical insights on building IP-based broadcast facilities.

    The webinar features presentations from three media firms working with IP, including case studies from broadcasters working with end-to-end IP and one systems integrator who is providing IP tools and services.

    The switch from SDI to IP-based broadcast studios is now well under way. Going fully IP will allow broadcasters unparalleled flexibility from production to workflow to playout.

    Through a series of early adopter case studies, IBC365 examines how broadcasters and suppliers are meeting this transition and what real-world benefits the IP revolution can bring broadcasters, vendors and audiences.
  • Real world deployments: Making media operations work in the cloud Recorded: Nov 2 2017 61 mins
    IBC365 | Discovery | VICE | Phantom Sun
    IBC365’s webinar on the cloud will examine how the technology has been adopted by the post-production, content management and playout sectors.

    Three case studies from a post-production facility and two broadcasters provide the basis for a discussion about the adoption of cloud-based services and tools.

    According to a recent IABM survey, some 85% of broadcast industry buyers plan to deploy cloud technology in the next three years.

    Through a series of early adopter case studies, IBC365 will examine how vendors and technology suppliers have responded to this demand, whilst also looking at the changes broadcast and media businesses need to make in order to derive maximum benefit from the cloud.

    Josh Derby, Vice President, Technology Development & Strategy, Discovery Communications
    Tim Bertioli, Vice President, International Operations, VICE Media
    Eben Clancy, Co-Founder and Managing Director, Phantom Sun Post Production
  • 5G and the broadcast revolution Recorded: Aug 10 2017 63 mins
    IBC365 | EBU | EdgeConneX | Accenture
    Will 5G herald a complete shake up of the broadcast and media industry?

    Watch now on demand to explore the implications and potential of 5G from a user and supplier perspective and gain technical and business takeaways for your 5G strategy.

    Darko Ratkaj, Senior Project Manager for Technology & Innovation, EBU
    Phill Lawson-Shanks, Chief Architect & Vice President of Innovation, EdgeConneX
    Gianluca Noya, Managing Director Network Mobile Services, Accenture
  • Broadcast under attack: Protecting content and defending infrastructure Recorded: Jul 20 2017 63 mins
    IBC365 | Channel 4 | Sundog Media Toolkit | EY
    Cyber attacks are on everyone’s agenda but with so much at stake just how should Broadcast, Media and Entertainment players protect themselves in an increasingly hostile world?

    High profile attacks on broadcast and media players are on the increase. But what does the threat landscape look like? What are the new attack surfaces and how should broadcasters and media companies approach cybersecurity?


    Brian Brackenborough, CISO, Channel 4
    Richard Welsh, CEO, Sundog Media Toolkit & VP of Education, SMPTE
    Cameron Brown, Information Security Strategist & Cyber Defence, EY
  • IP – real world deployments from major industry players Recorded: Jul 6 2017 60 mins
    IBC365 | AIMS | Arena Television | Timeline TV
    With real world IP infrastructure projects being delivered, find out what non-SDI operation means for those involved in the design and build of next generation facilities.


    Mike Cronk, Chairman, AIMS
    Daffyd Rees, Deputy Director of Operations, Arena Television
    Daniel McDonnell, Managing Director, Timeline


    George Bevir, Editor, IBC365
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