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NAB Show 2018 Deconstructed

Not everything that happens in Vegas stays in Vegas: join us right after this year's NAB Show for a full review of what went on, what was hot, and what happened at the conference and show floor.

It's an opportunity to take the pulse of the industry and find out what media and entertainment tech leaders are focusing on right now. Which vendor's product launches and announcements set the strip talking -- and which disappeared without trace? What's happening in the content supply chain, and what's the future for blockchain, AI, cloud and IP?

An international panel share their analysis of the big themes and announcements of this year's show - as well as revealing the unofficial themes and what people were really talking about.

Carolyn Giardina, Technology Editor, The Hollywood Reporter
Pzemek Bozek, Advisory & Consulting, Media & Content, IHS Markit
Paul Clennell, Chief Technology Officer, dock10
Amy DeLouise, Director / Producer, Amy DeLouise
Recorded Apr 18 2018 62 mins
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IBC365 | The Hollywood Reporter | IHS Markit | dock10 | Amy DeLouise
Presentation preview: NAB Show 2018 Deconstructed

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  • Shifting workflows to the cloud Jul 21 2021 1:00 pm UTC 90 mins
    Join IBC365 on the 21st of July at 2 pm BST for this webinar, examining all aspects of moving a broadcast operation to the cloud, providing insight for anyone considering moving some or all of their content processing away from an on-premise solution.

    A flexible supply chain is essential for broadcasters and content owners of all sizes, from long-established, international broadcasters with multiple sites to new entrants to the world of media, all are faced with the challenge of delivering more for less.

    Regardless of size, the benefits to end users of using cloud-based tools range from harmonising multi-vendor solutions into one customisable platform, flexible, pay-as-you-go style billing, agility and the ability to rapidly launch new services and content and scalability to support growing businesses.

    But while on premise systems may limit capacity and flexibility, to what extent are cloud-based offerings able to provide the same resiliency and security?

    Through the insight of broadcasters and content owners who are tasked with managing workflows and implementing content processing systems, this webinar will consider the aspects of a media supply chain that can be delivered in the cloud, including ingest and the receipt of content, metadata enrichment, quality assurance, transcoding and delivery, including packaging for TX and online distribution.

    It will also explore the operational implications and examine the business case, providing insight into understanding cost and value compared to on-premise solutions.
  • Developing apps for smart TVs Jun 23 2021 1:00 pm UTC 90 mins
    With a multitude of streaming services and options for watching content on demand available to viewers, a slick and streamlined TV experience is essential for all content owners and operators.

    This IBC365 webinar will explore the development of apps for smart TV, examining the key demands and considerations for content owners as they look to ensure their content is accessible across all platforms, from smart TVs powered by the likes of Android TV, Tizen and WebOS as well as set top boxes and devices such as Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and Roku.

    Industry leaders will discuss:
    - App design and development
    - Integration of TV apps
    - Distribution
    - Monetisation: AVOD, SVOD or TVOD
    - Billing
    - Analytics
  • Storage for creative teams May 19 2021 1:00 pm UTC 90 mins
    Join IBC365 on Wednesday 19th of May at 2pm BST to discover how best to cater for the storage needs of increasingly agile teams that need to access media from any location.

    The coronavirus pandemic has had a profound effect on the way film and TV is consumed and created, but what has been the impact on the way content is stored during the creative process?

    With many in the media and entertainment industry working remotely during the past year, and organisations now committing to adopting a more flexible approach to work, the ability to collaborate remotely and from multiple locations is vital.

    The webinar, which is taking place during IBC365’s ‘Content Management’ themed week, will consider how best to cater for the storage needs of increasingly agile teams that need to access media from any location. In addition, this webinar will explore:
    - Identifying and specifying your storage requirements
    - Creating a flexible and agile storage environment
    - The impact of higher resolution formats and increased file sizes
    - Security and the importance of protecting your media
    - Connectivity to applications and infrastructure
    - The role of the cloud and integration with on-premise solutions
    - How to identify the right technology and partners
    - Measuring return on investment
  • AI-powered post-production Recorded: Apr 21 2021 58 mins
    Join IBC365 on Wednesday 21st of April at 2pm BST to discover what the current role of AI is in post-production and how its adoption is likely to evolve.

    Artificial intelligence can help to reduce the number of hours spent on time-consuming tasks but what is its current role in post-production and how is its adoption likely to evolve? During this webinar, IBC365 will joined by post production professionals who will examine:
    - How AI is being deployed across various stages of the post process
    - Its use for logging and tagging assets
    - AI for assembling edits
    - The creation of transcripts
    - Its impact on productivity and helping to reduce bottle necks
    - The extent of its use by creatives, from grading to sound design to VFX
  • Managing your media: Which codec for archive and library? Recorded: Apr 14 2021 60 mins
    IBC |
    Join IBC365 on the 14th April at 2pm as they look at a vital aspect – and potential pain point - of the content supply chain: choosing the best codec for mastering and storing your media.

    If an efficient content supply chain is to be the key to managing content across multiple platforms and formats, particularly in the cloud, making the right choice of content format and video encoding is vital.

    During the discussion, we will explore the available options for making sure your library and archive content is kept in the most suitable format, including:

    - The role of mezzanine codecs
    - When to consider an open standard
    - The pros and cons of proprietary formats
    - How to future-proof your archive
    - Content management and playout considerations
    - Balancing video quality with storage , transcoding and bandwidth costs
  • Addressable ads: Inside the tech stack Recorded: Mar 24 2021 61 mins
    Join IBC365 on the 24th March at 2pm GMT to understand the key aspects of operating a successful addressable ad service:

    - The importance of addressable advertising to broadcasters
    - How to choose the right technology and service providers
    - Managing customer information and ensuring data compliance
    - Developing an effective commercial strategy

    Amid a challenging economic environment which has seen TV advertising revenue decline and audiences continue to fragment, addressable advertising could provide a welcome boost for broadcasters.

    By showing different ads to different households during the same programme, broadcasters can provide targeted messaging and respond to calls from marketers for the ability to deliver personalised messages to consumers.

    In this webinar, we will hear from those responsible for sourcing, implementing, managing and maintaining addressable ad platforms to understand the key aspects of operating a successful addressable ad service.

    In assessing the technology considerations, the discussion will examine the different approaches for linear, whether broadcast or streamed IP and on-demand via set-top boxes and channel apps and differing levels of available data.

    As well as exploring how best to manage customer data such as demographic information, browsing and purchase history to provide segmentation and the level of granularity required by advertisers it will also consider the importance of compliance with data regulations.

    It will also look at management of ad inventory, reporting metrics and audience management and analytics systems and the tools required to monitor and monetise inserted ads.
  • CDNs: Delivering a seamless and engaging viewing experience Recorded: Feb 17 2021 62 mins
    IBC |
    Join IBC365 on Wednesday 17 February 2pm GMT to get the low down on the key elements of a successful CDN strategy.

    Investment in content distribution workflows is set to top the agenda for many media organisations in 2021, as broadcasters accelerate their pivots to digital and content owners, rights holders and brands embrace the direct-to-consumer model. Combined with a surge in online viewing, it is not surprising that according to some estimates the overall global spend on CDNs is expected to reach $7bn by 2023, as media firms look to deliver a seamless and engaging viewer experience.

    This webinar will consider some of the key elements of a successful CDN strategy and the issues that need to be taken into account when selecting partners. It will also explore factors such as the ability to scale, the importance of a low latency solution – particularly for live sport and interactive content - the role of a CDN in aiding anti-piracy efforts and the implications of technology such as AI on the development of services and the impact of 5G adoption on content delivery infrastructure.
  • WFH: Is cloud-based production here to stay? Recorded: Jan 27 2021 57 mins
    Join IBC365 on Wednesday 27 January 2pm GMT to discover the inside track on the evolution of cloud-based workflows from industry leaders.

    As the world reacted to the spread of the coronavirus, working from home or remotely became the norm. Those involved in the creation and delivery of TV and film were forced to find new and innovative ways to capture, craft and distribute their content.

    Cloud-based tools and workflows enabled teams to continue editing, grading, mixing, conforming and collaborating to review, approve and store content.

    In this webinar, we will be discussing the industry-wide transition to virtualised production.
    - The sustainability of the rapid adoption of cloud-based workflows
    - Practical benefits of adopting virtualised-production (cost, diversity and inclusion, skills shortages)
    - The red flags: Security and connectivity
    - Creating new relationships with the vendor community to address novel challenges associated
    - Will we ever go back to pre-2020 workflows and where do we go from here?

    Join to get advice from industry-leading professionals on how to optimise your own own remote-production efforts, as well as long-term outlook on the sustainability of this approach. Is virtual-production here to stay and what does this signal for the industry?
  • How Canal+ Groupe and NAGRA Are Successfully Fighting Piracy Recorded: Dec 9 2020 60 mins
    IBC | Canal+ Groupe | NAGRA
    Join IBC365, Canal+ Groupe and NAGRA on Wednesday 9 December 1pm GMT to find out how the combined forces of NAGRA and Canal+ Groupe defined and executed a clear security strategy that has delivered impressive results – including the recent take-down of a pirate operation in Switzerland.
    In today’s hyper-connected world, consumer’s insatiable appetite for content means illicit means are sought and made available by an increasingly savvy group of content and service pirates.

    Streaming piracy touches all aspects of today’s content value chain and if you’re a major TV provider such as Canal+ Groupe that’s a lot of surface area across both your traditional pay-TV and OTT services.

    Mitigating against the risk of piracy is therefore key and requires a comprehensive security strategy that collectively delivers a picture of risk across the enterprise and includes everything from identifying credential sharing through to commercial piracy in the form of convincing but illicit services being offered to often unsuspecting paying subscribers.

    How to create and execute on such a strategy may seem a daunting prospect but working with NAGRA, Canal+ Groupe has combined a number of security technologies including conditional access, watermarking, cyber and anti-piracy services to strengthen their defenses. At an industry level, they have also actively participated in a number of anti-piracy coalitions such as ACE to strengthen their fight against those determined to steal from their business.

    If you’re a video service provider actively considering how you can play your part against content and service piracy, this webinar is for you!
  • Staying ahead of the curve: How three unique brands scaled their OTT growth Recorded: Nov 10 2020 63 mins
    IBC365 | Vimeo | True Royalty TV | Alchemiya | IZZY
    This year has been one unlike any other for the streaming industry. In fact, paid streaming services soared almost 20% since the pandemic hit, presenting a dramatic (and sometimes daunting) opportunity for growth.

    Join IBC365 and Vimeo’s Daniel Cebrian as we learn from three unique OTT streaming services — Alchemiya, True Royalty TV, and IZZY — about how their business strategies over the last few months positioned them for explosive growth into 2021.

    Daniel Cebrian, VP Sales EMEA, Vimeo
    Allan Wills, Head of Operations, True Royalty TV
    Navid Akhtar, Founder & CEO, Alchemiya
    Josh Hoffman, Co-founder & Head of Marketing, IZZY
  • Evolution of live production: From remote to virtualised to distributed Recorded: Nov 4 2020 62 mins
    IBC365 | Tata Communications | MotoGP | Omdia
    Live production operations are no longer the complex on-site circus they once were. Most live events – including sports, music concerts and entertainment events have now adopted leaner methods provided by remote production technology.

    In the post-Covid world, it has become even more important to embrace this technology. Distributed workforces have added another layer of cloud and security considerations over low-latency connectivity.

    These aspects combine to create the next-gen live production process and make it remote, virtualised and distributed.

    Sergi Sendra, Senior Director of Sports Production, MotoGP and Dorna Sports
    Dhaval Ponda, Global Head of Media & Entertainment Services, Tata Communications
    Kedar Mohite, Principal Consultant, Omdia
  • CDNs: Building a better video experience Recorded: Oct 14 2020 61 mins
    This webinar will look at the strategic drivers behind the deployment of CDN technology from the perspective of broadcasters and platforms.

    The drivers behind CDN strategy will be discussed in the context of prioritising user experience, scalability and the outlook for new technology. Panelists include Carlos Octavio, Head of Architecture and Analytics for Globo, Steve Miller-Jones, Vice President of Product Strategy at Limelight Networks, and Paul Tweedy, Lead Architect, Online Technology Group at BBC Design + Engineering.
    • How to ensure flexibility in your CDN
    • Increasing the reach of your CDN through the deployment of micro-pop network
    • Strategic investment vs tech pureplay - how to prioritise business decision making
    • Third-party supplier considerations, affiliate networks and partners
    • Capacity and quality for new services, customisation and operational integration.
  • Super-Aggregation and Cloud-Powered IPTV: A case study Recorded: Oct 7 2020 63 mins
    IBC | Xperi | Tivo | Liberty Latin America | Velocix | Waltenspiel
    Join IBC365 on Wednesday 7th October at 5pm BST to explore the implications for pay-tv operators in an OTT-centric world via a real-world case study focused on consumer centricity, super-aggregation, cloud agility, and the key components needed to deliver on them.

    The media industry has been in a state of tremendous disruption. How do pay-TV operators disrupt the disruptors? The answer lies in being consumer driven, adapting business models to become super-aggregators, and evolving to agile cloud platforms. However, this is no easy feat. Join Chris Thun, VP, Product - TiVo, Edwin Elberg, Sr. Director, Product Development - Liberty Latin America and Jim Brickmeier, CPO/CMO - Velocix for key insights as innovators already making this journey.
  • Addressable ads: Delivering a personalised viewing experience Recorded: Sep 30 2020 63 mins
    IBC365 | LTN Global | Mediakind | Beachfront
    Addressable ads promise greater engagement with viewers and therefore healthier return for advertisers, but what are the barriers to adoption?

    Ad spending has been severely reduced as a result of coronavirus, indeed global ad spend is set to fall by almost $50 billion – or 8.1% - this year as businesses in all sectors cancel or postpone media buys due to coronavirus, according to the World Advertising Research Center (WARC). But it is also worth noting that eMarketer has estimated that connected ad spending in the US alone could total $10.81 billion by 2021, with 59% of that being traded programmatically.

    As interest in Sky’s AdSmart continues to grow and US networks and members of Project Oar begin trials of the consortium’s technology, could addressable provide the media industry with a shot in the arm to deflated spending resulting from coronavirus?

    With viewers becoming increasingly used to personalised and relevant content, this webinar will consider the benefits for brands and broadcasters, which could include a reduction in channel switching and greater engagement.

    It will also assess the different methods of management, delivery and measurement of addressable ads, looking at the approaches for serving ads to linear and on-demand services.
    This webinar will also consider the available technology, for example, the importance of media processing at the edge and the role of the cloud. It will also examine the barriers to adoption and how they might be overcome.

    Finally, the importance of technical standards for TV programmers and platforms to deliver targeted advertising in linear and on-demand formats on smart TVs will be considered.

    Join IBC365 on Wednesday 30 September at 2pm BST to find out how and why broadcasters are adopting addressable advertising.

    Alan Young, CTO & Head of Strategy, LTN Global
    Daniel Church, Director of Programmatic, Beachfront
    Christophe Kind, Director Market Development, Video Advertising, MediaKind
  • Android TV: Inside Google’s TV platform Recorded: Sep 29 2020 63 mins
    IBC365 | 3SS
    As part of a themed week on the viewer experience, this webinar will focus specifically on Android TV, examining the vendor environment, including deployment options and key vendor partnerships.
    In considering the route to launching Android TV services, it will explore:

    -Video delivery and playback, including adaptive bitrate streaming
    -Hardware: Smart TVs and set top boxes
    -The viewer experience: User interface and quality of experience
    -Content discovery: Personalisation, apps and voice search
    -Understanding audiences: Managing and analysing viewer data
    -Monetisation platforms and commerce opportunities
  • How NEP UK is using Cerebrum control for managing complex broadcast workflows. Recorded: Sep 10 2020 58 mins
    IBC365 | EVS | NEP
    In this webinar, we will explore the basics of what the Cerebrum control system provides customers today, how NEP UK have been applying it within the solutions that they provide to their customers and then finally on some of the new and upcoming developments for this year.
    NEP UK are a leading provider of outside broadcasting, fixed rig, remote production and media workflow solutions and have over 30 years of experience serving the broadcast and live events industry. They have been using the EVS Cerebrum control and monitoring product over the past few years to facilitate some of their most recent production workflows and requirements.

    NEP UK are a leading provider of outside broadcasting, fixed rig, remote production and media workflow solutions and have over 30 years of experience serving the broadcast and live events industry. They have been using the EVS Cerebrum control and monitoring product over the past few years to facilitate some of their most recent production workflows and requirements.

    Ian Hollamby, head of R&D UK, EVS
    Adam Robbins, Guarantee Broadcast Engineer, NEP UK
  • Plug and play or plug and pray? Making microservices work Recorded: Jun 24 2020 66 mins
    IBC365 | MediAnswers | Global Eagle | Financial Times | American Public Television
    Building technology platforms from a set of off-the-shelf components, like Lego bricks, is being widely adopted for new media solutions including OTT services and content supply chains.

    Using these individual services, often cloud based, can help create more powerful solutions more quickly - embracing the latest AI and ML capabilities, and making it easier to swap out individual components like transcoders in future. This approach also paves the way for platforms that make dynamic choices of individual cloud-based services based on demand and cost on a pay-as-you-go basis.

    But does the reality live up to the promise? Explore how microservices are being adopted by broadcast and media companies, and find out:
    •How microservices can transform development of media content solutions
    •When to adopt a microservices-based approach
    •Why integration and interoperability of media microservices isn't always straightforward
    •Can microservices be a cost effective approach to building and operating media platforms

    Chris Lennon, president and CEO, MediAnswers
    Steve Sharman, vice president, Technology and Platforms at Global Eagle
    Sarah Wells, technical director for operations & reliability, Financial Times
    Gerry Field, vice president technology & distribution services, American Public Television
  • How to succeed in OTT in 2020 Recorded: May 27 2020 57 mins
    IBC365 | BritBox | Applicaster | Ampere Analysis
    ​A swathe of new OTT platforms – from Disney+ to HBO Max and Peacock - have launched or are about to come to market in 2020, looking to carve out a niche against longer established rivals.

    What does it take to stand out in such a crowded landscape, and what kinds of services are likely to thrive? And how has the coronavirus pandemic affected launch plans?

    This IBC365 panel will debate the key to success in the OTT sector, discussing the strategy, content, business models, technology, marketing and distribution that services need to succeed.

    Reemah Sakaan, Group Director SVOD, ITV and SVP Creative Head, BritBox
    Simon James, VP Sales Engineering, Applicaster
    Rahul Patel, Analyst, Ampere Analysis
  • Remote working: The new normal? Recorded: May 7 2020 64 mins
    IBC365 | Phantom Sun | ITN Post | Clear Cut
    What impact will the coronavirus have on the way we make and deliver content in future?

    With media companies scrambling over the past few weeks to adapt the way they make content, many producers, post firms and broadcasters have implemented remote working, with everyone from editors to presenters now working from home. There has been rapid and impressive innovation around remote workflows, but how much of this will remain in place when we eventually emerge from lockdown?

    During this webinar, we will look at what is likely to happen next by examining the impact on operational teams and considering the tools and the technology requirements as well as the economic implications. To find out whether remote working will be the new normal we will consider:
    •The lessons learnt so far from life under lockdown
    •What technology has proved itself invaluable for remote working
    •How remote working will be incorporated into daily working life in future

    Eben Clancy, Owner of Phantom Sun, Post Production
    Olly Strous, Director of Post Production, ITN Post
    Jess Nottage, Operations & Technical Director, Clear Cut
  • Working remotely in a crisis Recorded: Apr 15 2020 63 mins
    IBC365 | OWNZONES | The Farm Group | Yle Finland | IMG Studios
    As the Covid-19 pandemic changes the way the world works, broadcasters and media companies are having to adopt radically-different approaches to creating content.

    Ingenuity and innovation that might normally take years has sprung up in days as working from home becomes the new normal for everyone from video editors to on-screen talent.

    This webinar will help everyone across our industry deploy remote operations and technology as they battle to maintain content pipelines and stay on air. We'll share first-hand experiences, tips and advice on new ways of working, including:
    •Remote editing and cloud collaboration for post-production
    •Live broadcasting from fully remote distributed teams
    •Emerging newsgathering techniques

    Jack Edney, Operations Director, The Farm Group
    Johan Sundström, Head of Technology Vision, Yle Finland
    Rick Phelps, Chief Commercial Officer, OWNZONES
    Brian Leonard, Head of Engineering: Post and Workflows, IMG Studios
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