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Subscription management

The boom in the number and range of OTT services has provided viewers with more choice than ever before. Whether SVOD, TVOD, PPV or ad-funded, in such a competitive market the importance of providing a seamless user experience and understanding viewers habits and needs has never been greater.

During this IBC365 webinar, a panel of experts will consider the different models and discuss strategies for pricing products and services, as well as how to go about billing and collecting payments effectively in order to maintain customer engagement and loyalty and build viewership.

They will discuss:
- Defining packages and pricing
- Onboarding new customers and the user experience
- Maintaining and effectively monetising customers
- Customer experience and after sales management
- Measurement and reporting: understanding data and real-time analysis
- Understanding ARPU and reducing churn
- Outsourcing: identifying and engaging with third party service providers
Recorded Sep 15 2021 43 mins
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IBC | Peninsula Strategies LLC
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  • Virtual production: A creative revolution Nov 24 2021 2:00 pm UTC 75 mins
    IBC | Disguise | Vizrt
    The ability to create detailed and complex virtual worlds provides producers with unlimited creative options. Against a backdrop of restrictions resulting from Covid-19 - in particular limits on the size of crews and reduced options for location-based shooting - virtual production allows creative teams to augment their film and TV sets with large LED walls paired with gaming engines and camera tracking technology to speed up the creative process and reduce the time needed in post-production, with filmmakers able to fully control and shift virtual environments in moments.

    During this IBC365 webinar, those involved in establishing virtual production environments as well as producers who have created content using virtual production techniques will discuss:

    - The creative process
    - Implications for pre and post-production, the impact on talent, cost, and the key technology considerations for shooting effectively in a virtual world
  • Cybersecurity: protecting content in an online world Nov 10 2021 2:00 pm UTC 75 mins
    IBC | Avid | Synamedia
    Premium content, whether film, drama, entertainment or live sport, is an essential differentiator for broadcasters and OTT and D2C services. But what is appealing to legitimate viewers is also prized by pirates, and so it is essential that those involved in crafting and delivering content ensure it is guarded and protected at every stage. Following the shift from SDI to IP, production and distribution are increasingly highly connected environments, and with the recent pandemic-inspired shift to remote working security concerns have heightened.

    This IBC365 webinar, in association with Synamedia and Avid, will explore the tools and techniques for maintaining a secure content creation and delivery environment. It will cover:

    - Maintaining security among remote workers
    - Using secure remote applications
    - Tracking media movement
    - The importance of visible and invisible watermarking
    - The implications of streaming via 5G
    - Detecting unauthorised content distribution
    - Training and ensuring best working practices
  • Creating a personalised viewing experience Nov 3 2021 2:00 pm UTC 75 mins
    IBC | Synamedia | Teravolt
    A flurry of launches of new pay-TV services has created a plethora of choice for viewers, which in turn has helped to spur innovation as platforms and content owners seek to differentiate their services. One area of transformation has been in the realm of personalised viewing, in which operators have created experiences tailored to viewers wants and requirements to deepen engagement and enhance revenue.

    From free to premium services, this webinar will examine a range of aspects related to personalisation, from the gathering of information about viewing habits to the technology driving user interfaces and the way in which content is served to the need to support multiple devices.

    During this IBC365 webinar, experts from Synamedia and Teravolt will explore:
    - The use of data and demographic information
    - Creating a tailored user interface
    - Search and recommendation
    - Supporting multiple devices
    - Monetisation of personalised services
    - How the cloud can support end-to-end solutions
    - The role of machine learning and artificial intelligence
  • Post production: The tools for crafting quality content Oct 27 2021 1:00 pm UTC 75 mins
    IBC | Avid | Postworks | Twickenham Film Studios
    From the first cut of a project to the creation of a polished master, the post production process is where the many audio and visual elements of a project come together for the first time.

    This webinar will focus on the latest tools for crafting content, from the assembly of rushes through to mixing, mastering and the creation of deliverables. In considering the cutting-edge technology available to post professionals it will explore the trends that are shaping the way content is crafted, including the demand for UHD and HDR content, the importance of tools for project management and collaboration and working remotely, the impact of the cloud on storing and processing content, as well as the role of artificial intelligence in helping to boost efficiency.

    A panel of industry experts will examine tools and workflows for:
    • Importing and managing content
    • Audio
    • Offline edit
    • Online and VFX
    • Grading
    • Delivery
  • Selecting the right CDN strategy Oct 20 2021 1:00 pm UTC 75 mins
    IBC | Liberty Global | Limelight Networks
    Viewers expect the same level of service whether watching content delivered over the internet or via traditional broadcast technology. And, with an increasing amount of time spent watching streamed and on-demand content, media firms must now deliver a consistent playback and frictionless download experience. Against this backdrop, the role of the CDN (content delivery network) has never been more important. With CDNs providing geographically distributed servers and data centres they provide the means for hosting content closer to a viewer, delivering a faster and more reliable viewing experience. But for those who want to stream their content or make it available on demand, what are the considerations when devising a CDN strategy and selecting partners?

    During this IBC365 webinar, a panel of experts will discuss:
    - Understanding an audience’s needs
    - Live, VoD or both?
    - Dealing with latency
    - Scaling for large events
    - Creating interactive experiences
    - Multi-format delivery
    - Monitoring and data analysis
    - Public v private CDNs
    - Implementing an effective multi-CDN strategy
    - Maximising global coverage
    - Using CDN analytics
  • Localisation: Tailoring content for a global audience Recorded: Oct 13 2021 63 mins
    IBC | A+E Networks UK | BBC Studios | EGA | ZOO Digital
    As streaming services continue to grow in popularity and viewer expectations of customisation continue to rise, the localisation business is booming.
    With global SVoD platforms pursuing aggressive international growth, the need for content which is tailored to viewers wherever they may be in the world is helping to fuel a sector which requires complex, multifaceted systems that have evolved to serve the global demand for film and TV. And, without the correct tools and workflows in place, the logistics of managing the creation of multiple deliverables can become unwieldy and expensive.
    This IBC365 webinar will examine the process of localisation from start to finish, including the creation of subtitles, language dubbing, audio description, graphics and the importance of creating compliant and culturally appropriate versions for international markets.
    With a particular focus on efficient and cost-effective workflows, a panel of experts will explore:
    - The production process and the importance of involving creatives
    - The role of AI and automation
    - Standardisation and technical standards
    - Cloud-based workflows
  • OTT delivery and the launch of Fast services Recorded: Oct 6 2021 58 mins
    IBC | iWedia | Roku | True Digital Group
    Viewer demand for OTT services shows no sign of slowing down, and while the SVODs like Netflix, Disney + and Apple may steal the limelight there has also been a rise in the number of linear OTT services.
    The attraction of free, ad-supported, TV (Fast) isn’t limited to viewers struck by the burden of choice provided by SVOD giants; the likes of Viacom, Comcast and Fox have in the past couple of years spent hundreds of millions of dollars acquiring FAST services, while manufacturers such LG, Panasonic and connected TV and soundbar maker Vizio are among those to provide free, ad-supported channels with their products.
    This IBC365 webinar will explore all the key elements required to launch a robust and distinctive linear Fast service, from the tools needed to turn individual assets into a linear service to ad-insertion techniques and the development of apps.
    A panel of experts and key vendors will explore:
    • Channel origination platforms
    • Serverless playout and building channels in the cloud
    • App creation
    • Content security
    • Monetisation, the delivery of targeted ads including dynamic ad insertion and server-side ad insertion
    • Real-time monitoring and data and reporting capabilities
  • Building a sustainable broadcast industry Recorded: Sep 29 2021 58 mins
    IBC | Albert | Equinix | Sky
    Addressing climate change is a priority for governments and organisations around the world, and the media sector has an important role to play – not just in raising awareness but also by reducing its impact on the environment. According to film and TV sustainability consortium Albert, one hour of TV production contributes 9.2 tonnes of CO2 to the atmosphere. So, from set designers to studios to post-production facilities, how can all those involved in capturing and crafting content reduce emissions and cut waste?

    Join IBC365 for a discussion on:
    • Embedding sustainability into development and pre-production
    • The impact of remote production and role of the cloud
    • Post production
    • The role of vendors and kit suppliers
    • Offsetting carbon emissions
    • Education and training
  • Workflow Tour: Live sports and streaming video Recorded: Sep 28 2021 64 mins
    IBC | Comcast | Limelight | Phenix | LiveU
    Join IBC and some of the industry’s key technology suppliers for a tour of the tech that is enabling every aspect of live video production and streaming.

    Following a massive summer of sport, including the Tokyo Olympics and UEFA Euro 2020, there have been major advancements in in the way content is captured and delivered, from the tools and techniques for remote production to the latest in low-latency video streaming to consumers. Find out what has enabled these advances and what impact it will have on the way live sport and content is streamed in future.

    During this tour, IBC365 will be joined by key suppliers and industry experts who will explore every aspect of video-over-IP, from production to contribution, from encoding to streaming, from FAST to Edge.

    During this tour, you will hear from:
    - Comcast
    - Limelight
    - Phenix
    - LiveU

    Register now to discover what is new in the world of live sports and streaming video.
  • Live production: Capturing unmissable action Recorded: Sep 22 2021 61 mins
    IBC365 | Globo | Newtek | Seervision
    Live events continue to demonstrate their power in acquiring and maintaining audiences, with the drama provided by unscripted action - whether sporting, music or other cultural performances – providing the content for broadcasters and OTT platforms to deliver unmissable events that attract viewers and in turn create loyal customers. But for rights holders and content creators, the challenge lies in establishing workflows and systems that allow production teams to craft content that transports viewers to the heart of the action.

    During this IBC365 webinar, live production specialists will discuss the challenges they face, including the need for robust, secure solutions that deliver live content with minimal latency, the demands for higher quality content and the importance of providing fast turnaround highlights, particularly for social media and premium services.

    Industry leaders responsible for designing and implementing live production workflows will discuss: 
    - The role of IP in transporting live and file-based content
    - Live contribution solutions
    - Replay systems and servers
    - Tools for supplementing live feeds
    - Rapid review and approval
    - Augmenting content with engaging graphics
    - Delivering content to social channels
    - The demands of remote production
    - The importance of sustainable solutions
  • Subscription management Recorded: Sep 15 2021 43 mins
    IBC | Peninsula Strategies LLC
    The boom in the number and range of OTT services has provided viewers with more choice than ever before. Whether SVOD, TVOD, PPV or ad-funded, in such a competitive market the importance of providing a seamless user experience and understanding viewers habits and needs has never been greater.

    During this IBC365 webinar, a panel of experts will consider the different models and discuss strategies for pricing products and services, as well as how to go about billing and collecting payments effectively in order to maintain customer engagement and loyalty and build viewership.

    They will discuss:
    - Defining packages and pricing
    - Onboarding new customers and the user experience
    - Maintaining and effectively monetising customers
    - Customer experience and after sales management
    - Measurement and reporting: understanding data and real-time analysis
    - Understanding ARPU and reducing churn
    - Outsourcing: identifying and engaging with third party service providers
  • 5G for broadcast Recorded: Sep 14 2021 57 mins
    IBC | Cellnex Telecom | 5G Media Action Group
    5G technology has the potential to radically change the way people access high-quality digital media on the move. And with video consumption on mobile devices rocketing in recent years, telcos, media firms and vendors are examining how mobile technologies might be used to distribute content from linear services to immersive experiences. For network operators, 5G provides the opportunity to make infrastructure more dynamic, while content owners and broadcasters – particularly those hosting live events – provide higher quality content more efficiently, with lower latency. Join this IB365 webinar for a discussion on the state of 5G broadcast and the implications for broadcasters and content creators.

    • Broadcast pilots and rollout
    • 5G standards and roadmaps
    • The role of digital terrestrial transmission (DTT) in a 5G world
    • The importance of FeMBMS
    • Mobile and device ecosystem
    • Smart vehicles and the automotive opportunity
  • Embracing IP: The role of SMPTE 2110 in building flexible facilities Recorded: Sep 8 2021 58 mins
    IBC | NDI Vizrt Group | SMPTE | VRT
    SMPTE’s ST 2110 suite of standards and the NDI high performance IP standard provides the basis for sending digital media over an IP network and represents the bedrock of professional production and a relatively risk-free way to segue the industry’s legacy SDI base in production and distribution facilities by providing for uncompressed video and precision timing, both of which are essential attributes for managing and distributing live content. 
    But as the means of content consumption has started to change, and amid greater adoption of the cloud, the role and evolution of both SMPTE 2110 and NDI have garnered more attention.  
    During this webinar, industry experts will discuss how broadcasters and their vendor partners are working to break down barriers between production and distribution, and the individual yet complimentary roles of SMPTE 2110 and NDI, including:  
    ·        The evolution of SMPTE 2110 and roadmap for development
     ·       The evolution of NDI, and its expanding community of users and developers
    ·        Examples of adoption and recent projects 
    ·        Alternative options for video over IP   
    ·        Migrating from SDI and managing hybrid environments  
    ·        Accommodating 4K and HDR UHD 
    ·        Compression and the issue of latency
  • Remote production Recorded: Sep 1 2021 59 mins
    IBC | Sky Europe | Sony | The Switch
    Covid-19 has ushered in a new era of remote production, with restrictions resulting from the pandemic forcing many producers to accelerate adoption of new and pioneering ways of capturing and delivering content.

    This webinar will explore the lessons learnt over the past year, with insight from those responsible for designing, building and operating the most innovative remote and distributed productions sharing their experiences and advice. It will also consider how remote production will evolve to become an embedded way of capturing content.

    With a particular focus on live events, the webinar will examine:

    - Lessons learned during lockdown and the long-term impact on content creation
    - From cameras to the cloud, the essential elements of a live streaming workflow
    - Connectivity and infrastructure requirements and the importance of IP
    - The role of 5G
    - Measuring cost savings and efficiencies
  • Supply chain management Recorded: Aug 25 2021 61 mins
    IBC | Ateliere | Sinclair Broadcast | Sky | Tedial
    This webinar will explore how to establish and maintain an efficient way to manage, manipulate, package and deliver content.

    With content owners and broadcasters faced with the twin challenges managing costs while delivering an increasing amount of content to an ever-expanding array of platforms and devices, a cost-effective and efficient supply chain is more important than ever before.

    This webinar will examine the fundamentals of building a scalable easy-to-manage pipeline. It will consider:

    - Evaluating and understanding operational requirements
    - The key technologies
    - The role of the cloud and selecting partners
    - Artificial intelligence and automation
    - Maintaining control of all steps of a supply chain
    - APIs and integration
    - Understanding costs, pricing structures and ROI
  • 5G production Recorded: Aug 11 2021 60 mins
    IBC | BT | Fox Sports | Nevion | ViacomCBS Networks International
    With its high data capacity and low latency, 5G technology could have a profound impact on the way that content is created.

    Many early trials and case studies have focused on sport and music, from the use of 5G to relay footage from helmet mounted-cameras during the Winter Olympics to a more recent live music performance on MTV as part of the IBC Accelerator programme.

    As the technology matures, additional use cases are being developed and more productions in other genres are looking to explore how 5G could be of benefit to their creative processes.

    Through discussions with those involved in trials, this webinar will explore:

    - Workflows for capturing and sharing content over 5G

    - The technology at the heart of 5G-enabled production

    - 5G infrastructure and the availability of equipment

    - The use of 5G as a primary link for outside broadcast production

    - The creative benefits to productions
  • Shifting workflows to the cloud Recorded: Jul 21 2021 65 mins
    IBC | Avid | Globo | Microsoft | Prime Focus Technologies
    Join IBC365 on the 21st of July at 2 pm BST for this webinar, examining all aspects of moving a broadcast operation to the cloud, providing insight for anyone considering moving some or all of their content processing away from an on-premise solution.

    A flexible supply chain is essential for broadcasters and content owners of all sizes, from long-established, international broadcasters with multiple sites to new entrants to the world of media, all are faced with the challenge of delivering more for less.

    Regardless of size, the benefits to end users of using cloud-based tools range from harmonising multi-vendor solutions into one customisable platform, flexible, pay-as-you-go style billing, agility and the ability to rapidly launch new services and content and scalability to support growing businesses.

    But while on premise systems may limit capacity and flexibility, to what extent are cloud-based offerings able to provide the same resiliency and security?

    Through the insight of broadcasters and content owners who are tasked with managing workflows and implementing content processing systems, this webinar will consider the aspects of a media supply chain that can be delivered in the cloud, including ingest and the receipt of content, metadata enrichment, quality assurance, transcoding and delivery, including packaging for TX and online distribution.

    It will also explore the operational implications and examine the business case, providing insight into understanding cost and value compared to on-premise solutions.
  • Streaming to the big screen: delivering  content to smart TVs Recorded: Jun 23 2021 63 mins
    IBC | Amagi | Globo | Laura Chaibi | Synamedia
    Join IBC365 on Wednesday 23rd June at 2pm to explore the growing importance of smart TVs in the streaming landscape, examining the key demands and considerations for content owners as they look to ensure their content is accessible across all platforms, develop smart TV apps and tap into new revenue models.

    With a multitude of on-demand and linear streaming services available to viewers, a slick and streamlined TV experience is essential for all content owners and operators.

    This IBC365 webinar will explore the opportunities for content owners who can deliver VOD and FAST linear content across all platforms, from smart TVs powered by the likes of Android TV, Tizen and WebOS as well as set top boxes and devices such as Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and Roku.

    Industry leaders will discuss:
    - Consumer demand for consuming content on the big screen, and how this creates opportunities for content owners
    - Engineering challenges of developing apps and aggregation services across multiple smart TV platforms
    - Emerging business opportunities to monetise streaming services and FAST channels on smart TV platforms
    - The shape of the smart TV ecosystem, and the rise of new partners, revenue streams and competitors
  • Storage for creative teams Recorded: May 19 2021 61 mins
    IBC | Avid | Chromata Solutions | DAZN
    Join IBC365 on Wednesday 19th of May at 2pm BST to discover how best to cater for the storage needs of increasingly agile teams that need to access media from any location.

    The coronavirus pandemic has had a profound effect on the way film and TV is consumed and created, but what has been the impact on the way content is stored during the creative process?

    With many in the media and entertainment industry working remotely during the past year, and organisations now committing to adopting a more flexible approach to work, the ability to collaborate remotely and from multiple locations is vital.

    The webinar, which is taking place during IBC365’s ‘Content Management’ themed week, will consider how best to cater for the storage needs of increasingly agile teams that need to access media from any location. In addition, this webinar will explore:
    - Identifying and specifying your storage requirements
    - Creating a flexible and agile storage environment
    - The impact of higher resolution formats and increased file sizes
    - Security and the importance of protecting your media
    - Connectivity to applications and infrastructure
    - The role of the cloud and integration with on-premise solutions
    - How to identify the right technology and partners
    - Measuring return on investment
  • AI-powered post-production Recorded: Apr 21 2021 58 mins
    IBC | Digital Domain | DNEG | Twickenham Film Studios
    Join IBC365 on Wednesday 21st of April at 2pm BST to discover what the current role of AI is in post-production and how its adoption is likely to evolve.

    Artificial intelligence can help to reduce the number of hours spent on time-consuming tasks but what is its current role in post-production and how is its adoption likely to evolve? During this webinar, IBC365 will joined by post production professionals who will examine:
    - How AI is being deployed across various stages of the post process
    - Its use for logging and tagging assets
    - AI for assembling edits
    - The creation of transcripts
    - Its impact on productivity and helping to reduce bottle necks
    - The extent of its use by creatives, from grading to sound design to VFX
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