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Payments in a Blockchain World

The payments industry has come under the microscope again as a means to apply blockchain technology. From tracking welfare payments by the government, to banks improving their payments products, to cross-border remittances becoming cheaper and easier, there is no stopping the impact the technology continues to have.

This panel will open up the debate and discuss the following and more:

-What is the effect of a distributed ledger solution on costly payment processing infrastructure?
-Can blockchain technology make payments more secure?
-Industry experts' experiences and applications
-Future opportunities and risks involved
Recorded Mar 14 2017 61 mins
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Presented by
Niamh O'Connell (Deloitte), Peter Bidewell (Applied Blockchain), Anders Brownworth (Circle), Philipp Netzer (Lykke)
Presentation preview: Payments in a Blockchain World
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    On Episode 3 of Thematic Investing: How Megatrends Power Thematic Portfolios, we will discuss how different industries are being affected by shifts in technologies and what it means for investors. Sub-trends include:

    Automation: key technologies include robotics and drones, autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence, and 3D printing
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    Advanced healthcare: Precision medicine, next- generation genomics, and drug discovery.
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    In Episode 2 of Thematic Investing: How Megatrends Power Thematic Portfolios, we discuss the impact of physical risks on the environment and impact of adaption and mitigation responses to these physical risks.
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    Join us on Tuesday 31st March at 15.00 BST for a discussion about change, through the lens of the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Learn from industry experts about how consumers, businesses and communities react to - and deal with - such volatile times.
  • Uncorrelated alternative investments in deep-value markets Apr 15 2020 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Alfredo Vargas, Managing Partner and Francesca Whalen, Managing Partner | Integra Groupe
    Please join us for a discussion around uncorrelated private investment opportunities to better diversify a global investment portfolio.

    This is an uncertain moment for the world and Latin America. COVID-19 is bringing new humanitarian and economic challenges to investment professionals disrupting lives of millions and becoming a major market driver. No region has provided sanctuary to the global market maelstrom which is the reason we are looking beyond the short-term disruptions and focusing on diversification around risks. Portfolio diversification is an essential building block of any asset allocation process providing uncorrelated return streams with the goal of capital preservation and appreciation.

    In this talk we will focus on sustainable long-term investment themes and opportunities created by current macro trends.

    - Alpha generation in distressed and uncorrelated markets
    - Restoring regional dynamism through middle market acquisitions
    - Economic consequences of COVID-19 on Latin American economies...waiting for April?
    - Which are most attractive sectors in Latin America?
    - Bringing the circular economy to Latin America
    - Real assets in distressed geographies
    - Opportunities beyond the 2 largest economies
    - Supply chain disruption, tourism disruption, lower commodity prices what opportunities does this dislocation create?

    This talk will be beneficial to private bankers, asset managers, alternative managers, family office and emerging markets professionals.
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    We are in the midst of a world that is changing faster than ever. A global health crisis combined with unprecedented monetary and fiscal policy have combined to create conditions not seen in recent history. Can anything be gleaned from history to help us understand what the future may hold? What might governments around the world do next, how will different asset classes fare in these environments, and how can investors prepare their portfolios for the future?

    This webinar will bring together the top minds in investment management to discuss:
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    - How to invest across fixed income, equities & ETFs.
    - What tools global leaders have left in their toolboxes, and how to prepare for any eventuality.
  • What to Expect: Market Outlook Q2 2020 Apr 15 2020 10:00 am UTC 45 mins
    Antonio Curia, Executive Director, Wimmer Financial LLP, London UK
    Attend this talk to understand the current economic and geopolitical environment from the perspective of the Executive Director at Wimmer Family Office LLP (FCA), Antonio Curia, who will cover:

    - Macroeconomic Outlook Q2 2020
    - Monetary Policies in the main Economic Areas
    - Is that enough to win the “sky-fall”
    - Is there a Recession “knocking at the door”
    - The year ahead with Fiscal actions by G7

    Antonio Curia is a senior investment banking professional, with a background as a legal practitioner, amassing over 17 years’ experience working either in the strategy, development and execution with international, Private and Institutional, Investors, having extensive cross border activities between Europe and Latin America.

    Prior to joining Wimmer Family Office in London UK, in charge of Private Capital Advisory and of Economic Research Unit, Antonio was a senior investment team member of a Private Equity Fund (Fir Capital Partners) and an IB boutique firm (G5Evercore&Sao Paulo Investments SA) based in Brazil for 9 years and began his career at an International Law Firm in Italy&Brazil. Antonio has extensive experience in Real Estate, Renewables, Infrastructure, Mining&Commodities and Consumer Goods across Europe & LatAm.

    Antonio holds a MBA from MIP Business School by Polytechnic of Milan, Italy 2012, along with a Bachelor degree in International Law from University of Milan, Italy 2003.

    Antonio is, from 2019, a Non-Executive Director at Academy Ambassador the School’ Network by Department of UK Education in London, UK and from 2018 at Eurus Financial Education in Zurich, Switzerland.” Antonio is frequently guest Panelist and Moderator at International financial conferences either the co-creator of Financial and Economic Series.

    He Speaks fluently italian/english/portuguese.
  • Thematic Investing: Analysing Megatrends as a System Apr 14 2020 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Justin Simler, Advisor, Tatton IM | Edward Bryan, AllianceBernstein | Rob Powell, Blackrock | Melissa Davies, Chalk Macro
    In investing as in life, “things take longer to happen than you think they will, and then they happen faster than you thought they could” (Dornbusch).

    Although a discussion of global change and megatrends can be traced back to Zbigniew Brezinki (“Between Two Ages: America’s Role In The Technetronic Era”, 1970) and John Naisbitt (“Megatrends: Ten New Directions Informing Our Lives”, 1982), the pace of these changes is accelerating.

    This series of talks will discuss the four most important megatrends with an episode devoted to each of them:

    •Environmental challenges
    •Technological transformation
    •Globalisation and shifting geopolitics
    •Society and demographics

    We aim to look deeper into each of these megatrends and their sub-trends, exploring the interconnections between them, what happens when multiple trends reinforce one another and how investors can manage exposure to these themes in their portfolios.

    This first episode of Thematic Investing will explore why megatrends have become so important and their implications for portfolio risk and performance. The panellists will discuss how Megatrends can power thematic portfolios.
  • Managing ESG Investing and Client Relationships during the Pandemic Recorded: Apr 2 2020 64 mins
    Paul Ellis | Alessia Falsarone | Jeff Gitterman | Ivka Kalus | Karen Wawrzaszek
    How financial services firms are adapting their business models to the COVID-19 pandemic. Practical suggestions for continuing to service clients and manage investment strategies online through your socially distanced and dispersed advisory practice and/or asset management team.
  • Covid-19 Social Data - How are companies managing? Recorded: Apr 1 2020 49 mins
    Bonnie Lyn De Bartok Founder and CEO, The S-Factor
    In this ‘special edition’ S-Factor™ COVID-19 DATA we have customized a specific view of COVID-19 related activity in a daily / volume feed beginning Feb 13th, 2020 (30 days min. and ongoing in real-time) – which evaluates how companies are managing the pandemic, in contrast to external sentiment, in contrast to market and stock performance, and in contrast to international norms on best practice.

    S-Factor™ data tracks public companies’ performance on social impact & risks in relation to geo-political externalities, public sentiment, regulatory controversies, and their financial performance.

    The current data set consists of a minimum of 5 years social specific, historical data for the global universe of public equities. The data drills down into standardized, norms-based benchmarks on social risks and impacts across companies’ operations and their supply chains management.

    Join us for this session to learn more about companies behaviour, management and impacts as it relates to the current Pandemic.


    Key Take Away for Participants:

    - How do companies scores and ratings compare prior to and during the Pandemic as it relates to norms-based screening on social issues - employee and community impact management and compliance?
    - How are companies reacting to negative public sentiment?
    - What are companies saying versus what the output on behaviour demonstrates?
    - What trends are emerging from public sentiment in relation to companies change of behaviour?
    - Which companies are managing the pandemic well according to a standardized set of norms-based benchmarks on social issues?
    - Which companies are profiteering from selling fear?
    - What is the role of fiduciary care in this scenario?
  • Covid 19 – Implications for Managing Systemic ESG Risks and Opportunities Recorded: Apr 1 2020 62 mins
    Martina Macpherson, Moodys | Dr Christoph Biehl, University of Birmingham | Elisabetta Colombo, Vigeo Eiris | Ed Bryan
    Coronavirus fears have led to a ‘historic collapse’ in investor sentiment over March as panic leaves the global economy teetering on the brink of a recession.

    Investors have lumped into defensive stocks with cash seeing its fourth largest monthly increase. Meanwhile well placed macro stocks such as healthcare and utilities allocation rose immediately.

    Governments are likely to need to do more than the current $1.9tn spending committed to tackle the economic fallout from the current health crisis.

    These challenging times might also see opportunities for investment innovation mitigating and weathering this crisis. Dedicated SDG-aligned pandemic / disaster recovery bonds could provide a means for financing the gap, while providing alignment with SDG3 (“Health and Wellbeing”).

    In 2017 the World Bank issued a pandemic bond designed to help fund the response to any widespread outbreak of a number of diseases, including coronavirus. The World Bank is preparing a second iteration of the scheme, dubbed Pandemic Emergency Facility (PEF) 2.0, which the Bank said last year was to be marketed in May 2020. But are these the best investment vehicles to mitigate the crisis and build long term resilience? And how can we assess a broader alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals?

    During this webinar, we aim to discuss with investors, insurance and ESG experts across industry and academia the impact of the Covid 19 health crisis, and where and how product innovation can help closing financing gaps, while addressing systemic environmental and societal challenges such as:

    - Are Pandemic bonds truly a financing option?

    - How can Corona- or Pandemic Bonds and/or other financial instruments provide financing opportunities in this global health crisis – and alignment with the SDGs?

    - What’s driving investor and capital markets appetite – can public private partnerships help to achieve further SDG-alignment and address systemic ESG challenges?
  • The Economic Impacts of the Coronavirus Recorded: Mar 31 2020 64 mins
    Ryan Ross | Antonio Curia | John Jennings | Jahir Miah MIoD | Dave Clark
    When the producer of the world's products closes its borders and ports - what happens to markets? When people across the world aren't allowed to gather, what happens to industries that rely on gatherings? On December 31st, 2019 the Coronavirus and "COVID-19", was announced to have originated Wuhan, China. It has since become a global health crisis unlike anything seen in history.

    As the weeks have passed, people and markets have been impacted in unprecedented ways. Governments across the world have forced citizens to stay home, Central Banks have used tools to increase liquidity, and the Market has seen record volatility.   This is a new reality, and understanding the effects on Markets moving forward is more important than ever. 

    This webinar will help investors understand the context of the situation  and learn about how to prepare their portfolios correctly by discussing: 

    - Stock market dynamics
    - The energy & hospitality industries
    - Labor markets
    - Globally-connected supply chains
    - Which asset classes to employ in crises
    - How to be investing alongside Headline risk
  • What's now, and what's next in financial services marketing communications? Recorded: Mar 31 2020 48 mins
    Katie Spreadbury, Director, Vested | William Higham | Paul Flatters | Simon Moore
    Join us on Tuesday 31st March at 15.00 BST for a discussion about change, through the lens of the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Learn from industry experts about how consumers, businesses and communities react to - and deal with - such volatile times.
  • Navigating The Financial Advisor Desktop by Copytalk Recorded: Mar 24 2020 21 mins
    Maree Moscati, CEO, Copytalk | Special Guest: Ted Toso, CEO Trinlogix.
    Technology, advice, and financial planning intersect on the financial advisor digital desktop. This rapidly changing desktop gives advisors the tools they need to better manage their client's portfolios, facilitate communications and have more data/analytics at their fingertips.
  • The Impact of Math: The Social Dimension Recorded: Mar 18 2020 61 mins
    Bonnie-Lyn de Bartok, Founder & CEO of The S Factor Co., a MacCormick Inc. company.
    Bonnie Lyn recently presented a TEDx Talk at the Fields Institute for Mathematical Sciences at the University of Toronto where she discussed The Impact of Math.

    Her firm, The S Factor Co., supplies data and market insight on the Social Factors™ for ESG and Impact Investing; an area Ms. de Bartok has specialized in for over two decades around the globe.

    The presentation is a deep dive into the Social Factors™ or the “S in ESG™” and its power of influence and performance in the realm of ESG considerations.

    Key take a way’s for participants:

    • The Information Gap
    • Unstructured Data Sources
    • Standardization
    • Materiality
    • Regulation
    • Value Recognition
    • Integration
    • Quantitative Modelling
    • Market signals

    Bonnie-Lyn de Bartok, BA, MCBA

    Bonnie-Lyn is the Founder and CEO of The S Factor Co., a MacCormick Inc. company. She brings over two decades of Social Impact, International Business, Finance and Technology background to the leadership of MacCormick Inc. and The S Factor Co.

    Bonnie Lyn has won several entrepreneurial and technology awards, led the creation of both firms, expanding globally and has worked across 57 countries, and has led the creation of several proprietary products including the MSPI™ and the S Factor™ Solutions.

    Her company has developed and is bringing to market, a proprietary algorithm and index that measures corporate social impact against, international standards, public sentiment and financial performance. She is a widely acknowledged expert and much sought after speaker on social impact and risk issues, and is a graduate from Saint Mary’s University, in International Development Studies (Development Economics) and International Politics, Marketing, Finance and Micro-computer Technology.

    Note: quotes 260 million people were involuntarily resettled as a result of industry – migrant workers subject to forced labour – source: ILO stats,

    I said 260 million a day / I meant 260 million a year.
  • How to Talk to Clients About Sustainable Investing Recorded: Mar 11 2020 36 mins
    Samuel Adams, CEO & Co-Founder, Vert Asset Management
    See how the best advisors communicate with clients about sustainable investing. Sam will share examples of the essential foundations of a communications toolkit. Advisors will learn compelling ways to articulate:

    - Their personal Sustainability Story
    - Their Sustainable Investment Philosophy
    - The Sustainable Investing Spectrum: ESG, SRI, and Impact

    Sam is the CEO and co-founder of Vert Asset Management. Sam leads the development of new products and tools to make sustainable investing easier for financial advisors. He has been a featured speaker on sustainable investing at financial advisor conferences in the US, UK, Europe, and Australia.

    Prior to launching Vert, Sam spent almost 20 years working at Dimensional Fund Advisors. He started Dimensional’s European Financial Advisor Services business and led the development and launch of their Global Sustainability Core Fund.
    Sam has a BA in Philosophy from the University of Colorado, Boulder and an MBA in Finance from the University of California, Davis. Sam lives in Mill Valley, CA with his wife and three children.
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  • Title: Payments in a Blockchain World
  • Live at: Mar 14 2017 11:00 am
  • Presented by: Niamh O'Connell (Deloitte), Peter Bidewell (Applied Blockchain), Anders Brownworth (Circle), Philipp Netzer (Lykke)
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