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Finding Value in Asia: Discovering Tech Innovators in an Exponential World

Can the megacap tech elephants still dance? Or should the question be: Is there an alternative and better way to capture long-term investment returns, created by disruptive forces and innovation without falling for the “Next-Big-Thing" trap by overpaying for "growth" and chasing to invest in the fads, 'me-too' imitators, or even in seemingly cutting-edge technologies without the ability to monetize and generate recurring revenue with a sustainable and scalable business model?

We see a distinct value opportunity in an exclusive group of under-the-radar Asian SMID-cap tech stocks who are exceptional market leaders in their respective fields with unique scalable business models run by high-integrity, honorable and far-sighted entrepreneurs with a higher purpose in solving high-value problems for their customers and society whom we call H.E.R.O. - “Honorable. Exponential. Resilient. Organization.”.

- Investing in exponential innovators = The most relevant language in value investing?
- Why are these exponential & exceptional innovators overlooked and mis-priced winners and the most relevant multi-year investment trend and opportunity?
- The analytical framework to identify winners, including rejuvenating the defensive economic "moat" analysis by complementing with the more offensive “catapult” analysis, using this new lens to view the value creation process afresh and continually discover innovators creating, enabling and capturing new demand with exponential non-linear growth potential
- Remaining skeptical and grounded in the Asian capital jungles and avoiding the investing pitfalls and traps of Asian-style accounting fraud and mis-governance which western-based fraud detection tools and techniques have not been adequately adapted to the Asian context
- Selected case studies
Recorded Jul 12 2018 59 mins
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Presented by
Koon Boon KEE, Director & Co-Founder HERO Investment Management
Presentation preview: Finding Value in Asia: Discovering Tech Innovators in an Exponential World

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  • #Alternatives with Antonio Curia - Outlook from The Commodity Sector Sep 23 2019 1:00 pm UTC 60 mins
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    This panel will provide listeners with an overview of what can be expected for the next 6 months in the commodities market.

    The panel will discuss:
    - Macroeconomics driving the sector
    - Current situation of the Commodity Market and main Risks
    - Next 1 year view by each desk

    Panelists include:
    Callum Macpherson, Head of Commodities, Investec
    Antonio Curia: Executive Director, Wimmer Family Office LLP (UK)
    Rory McVeigh, Head of Precious Metals Trading Desk, Sumitomo Corporation
    Tamara Tosic, Associate Director, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)
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    Jennifer Sireklove, Director of Responsible Investing, has built Parametric's Responsible Investing practice over two years, including customized ESG data incorporation on $20 billion AUM, and firm-wide proxy voting on $100 billion AUM.
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    In this episode, Diligend's Wissem Souissi discusses what lead to the company's founding, the market problem they are solving, and the challenges they've overcome to make it to where they are.
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    This Week: The State of ETFs

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  • Alternative Investments: Art Advisory Pt 2 Recorded: Sep 13 2019 60 mins
    Antonio Curia (Wimmer Family Office) Giovanni Gasparini (Christies) Alain Mestat (Passion Protect)
    Investors seeking alternative investments are exposed to more risk than regular investments. Especially in the high-touch art world, having a professional advise on the intricacies of the industry is critical to investing.

    This webinar will discuss questions from our previous webinar:

    How long does it take for an 'outsider' become an 'insider'? Where to start?

    What drives appetite to invest in art? how much is emotion, i.e. "I like this piece of art", and how much is rational analysis of the art?

    What types of art are being bought besides Images, and who are they being bought by? Like Sculptures in Cities?

    I'm inclined to believe that "collecting" can be confused with "hoarding". The difference is SHOWCASING. Is this accurate? What is the difference?

    Are there any major collectors opening Museums? or using VR to share their art with the world?

    Participants include:

    - Antonio Curia, Executive Director Wimmer Family Office LLP (UK) [Moderator]
    - Giovanni Gasparini, Director Christie's Education (London)
    - Alain Mestat, Founder PassionProtect® (Luxembourg)
  • Ep 21: Ethical Markets Media and the UN SDGs Recorded: Sep 12 2019 30 mins
    Paul Ellis | Hazel Henderson, Founder, Ethical Markets Media
    Founder Hazel Henderson discusses the value of global frameworks like the UN SDGs to sustainable business growth.
  • Panel Discussion: Future of Income Funds Recorded: Sep 11 2019 51 mins
    Alan Blythe, Blythe Financial | Bonnie Lyn de Bartok, The S Factor | Adrian Lowcock, Willis Owen | Shelly Antoniewicz, ICI
    Over the next 30 years, the demographic makeup of societies will change tremendously. What effect will this have on income investment funds? Will people retire later, thus driving up the demand for Income Funds? What effect will interest rates and other factors have on people's desire to choose an income fund vs. a fund that reinvests its assets? Further, as investment preferences change, how will funds adapt to these preferences and drive market share?

    This webinar panel will dive into:
    - how will demographic changes drive demand for Income Funds around the world?
    - How will fund companies need to adapt in order to anticipate these change?
    - What investment parameters will need to be met to attract discerning investors with specific tastes.

    Adrian Lowcock, Head of Personal Investing, Willis Owen
    Bonnie Lyn de Bartok, Founder & CEO, The S Factor Co (a MacCormick Inc. company)
    Alan Blythe, Chartered Financial Planner & Managing Director, Blythe Financial.
    Shelly Antoniewicz, Senior Director, Industry and Financial Analysis, Investment Company Institute (ICI)
  • Panel Discussion - Strategies of Income Funds Recorded: Sep 10 2019 63 mins
    Kandarp Acharya, Wells Capital Management | Justin Simler | Etienne Vincent, BNP Paribas AM | Ewan McAlpine, RLAM
    Multi asset income funds have seen increasing interest as companies need better returns on cash; schemes become cash flow negative and individuals seek income in retirement. There are, however, many different approaches to generating an income including both fixed income and multi asset income approaches. These can have a focus on synthetic or natural income, and very different targets for income, capital growth and protection.

    This webinar will discuss topics that include:

    Is the demand for income likely to persist?
    Should income even matter?
    What is a sustainable level of income?
    What are the strengths and drawbacks of the different approaches?
    What are the risks of an income portfolio and how do you manage them?

    Moderated by Justin Simler - Consultant
    Kandarp Acharya, Senior Portfolio Manager, Wells Capital Management
    Ewan McAlpine, Senior Client Portfolio Manager - Fixed Income, Royal London Asset Management
    Etienne Vincent, Global Head of Quantitative Portfolio Management, BNP Paribas Asset Management
  • Investor's Digest: Ep 7 Recorded: Sep 3 2019 21 mins
    Ryan Ross, Ed Bryan, Alliance Bernstein
    Bi-weekly webcam discussions on markets, funds, finance and economics. Each episode provides an overview on one ecosystem within investment management.

    This Week: Case Study on ESG Projects
  • Investor's Digest: Family Offices Recorded: Aug 28 2019 43 mins
    Ryan Ross | Antonio Curia, Executive Director, Wimmer Family Office
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    This week: Family Offices
  • How to build a culture of of growth marketing in the financial services industry Recorded: Aug 27 2019 52 mins
    Jon Pittham. MD ClientsFirst
    In a post GDPR world, top of the funnel traditional direct marketing isn't a viable option for financial services firms. Data is more regulated, targeting is more limited and a broad approach is a strategy that will likely fail.

    Instead it's time to focus on a strategy that will attract, convert and delight engaged clients. This strategy is Growth Marketing. In this webinar we focus on how to turn your marketing culture from top of the funnel to a growth marketing culture where every stage of the funnel counts.

    Other key takeaways include:

    - Aligning your marketing goals into creating inbound opportunities which allows your firm to grow
    - How to use the inbound model to not only create more leads, but turn these leads into delighted brand ambassadors
    - How content is the new data when it comes to creating successful modern growth marketing campaigns
    - Using technology and automation to streamline your marketing
  • How to Read Financial News More Effectively: Tips from Six Investors Recorded: Aug 22 2019 62 mins
    Rob Martorana, Brian Gilmartin, Marc Gerstein, Jeff Miller, Ed Stavetski
    Six veteran investors explain how they cut through the clutter of sensationalism and pseudo-analysis that litter the landscape of today's financial journalism. The webinar is accompanied by a 30-page slide deck with embedded links. The content is based on an article published by the CFA Institute in July of 2016, and the authors will discuss and debate their approaches.
  • AI for Regulatory Change... why, what and how? Recorded: Aug 21 2019 46 mins
    Elliot Burgess, Head of Product, CUBE
    Since the financial markets collapse of 2008, the financial services sector has been engulfed in new rules and regulations. Compliance teams must track regulatory data, and assess the impact of every regulatory requirement, to avoid breaches and punitive enforcement fines.

    With 45 new regulatory documents to deal with every week, and more than 53,000 regulatory updates issued every year, manual approaches to monitoring regulatory intelligence and managing regulatory change are putting financial services businesses at risk.

    Artificial intelligence (AI) allows you to marry human expertise with the almost limitless ability of technology to consume and analyze huge amounts of data, automate manual processes and reduce complexity. In doing so, financial institutions can leverage AI to respond to regulatory change more efficiently and effectively.

    Join regulatory change expert, and Head of Product Management at CUBE Elliot Burgess to learn

    Why AI is the only answer to addressing big data compliance challenges, at scale
    What elements of AI are driving value for Risk and Compliance teams (e.g. Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Robotic Process Automation)
    How regulated financial institutions are utilizing AI today to ease and accelerate regulatory change processes
  • Solutions for MIFID II: Show me the value! Recorded: Aug 21 2019 34 mins
    Steve Kenny, Director, Square Mile Research
    The regulator wants asset managers to define more clearly the value they provide to their investors. In this session, Square Mile explores what they need to consider.

    The concept of a value assessment emerged from the FCA Asset Management Market study in 2018: this proposed certain changes to the structure of open-ended funds, including the appointment of a minimum of two independent directors (making up at least 25% of the board). It also stated that fund managers should start to provide an annual assessment on ‘value’ to this newly independent board.

    Since that point, there has been considerable debate on how ‘value’ should be defined. In January/ February 2019 Square Mile and Boring Money conducted market research with the aim to provide asset managers with an independent third-party view on how to assess and measure value. We asked consumers, advisers, investment trust directors, the regulator, service providers and academics for their version of value.

    The FCA already has its version. It defined seven elements in its non-exhaustive list: quality of service, performance, general fund manager costs, economies of scale, comparable market rates, comparable services and classes of units. In our discussions with the FCA, we found that there were also a number of key questions that the FCA wanted asset managers to think about from the clients’ perspective:

    · What do I get charged?

    · Can I see what I pay for?

    · What simple indicator do I have that will tell me what this fund is trying to do and what it will achieve?

    · What are the upsides and downsides?

    · Am I paying more for a choice that I’ve made and when I’ve made that choice can I understand it?
  • SM&CR: how to accelerate and de-risk your implementation Recorded: Aug 12 2019 41 mins
    Dan Ridler, BCS Consulting
    Senior Managers & Certification Regime (SM&CR) goes live on 9th December 2019 for FCA solo-regulated firms. BCS Consulting have supported vast numbers of banks, insurers and solo-regulated firms with their SM&CR implementations from which they have learnt key lessons about the challenges, regulatory consequences and the most effective solutions. Based on this experience, BCS Consulting will explain how firms can avoid the most significant implementation challenges and accelerate delivery timelines.
  • Investor's Digest: Best Practices in Asset Manager Evaluation Recorded: Aug 7 2019 29 mins
    Ryan Ross | Paul Greenwood, CEO of Pacific Current Group
    Bi-weekly webcam discussions on markets, funds, finance and economics. Each episode provides an overview on one ecosystem within investment management.

    This week: how to evaluate an Asset Manager
  • Behavioral Economics & the SDGs Recorded: Jul 30 2019 63 mins
    Nathan Maddix, CEO, Beglobal Insights | Patrick Lown, PhD, Head of Research Beglobal
    In this webinar series, we will discuss how behavioral economics mindsets apply to the goals and initiatives of leading organizations, including international orgs (UN, SDGs) and corporates (ESG).
  • Investors Digest: Crypto Assets Recorded: Jul 24 2019 26 mins
    Ryan Ross | Nic Niedermowwe, Co-Founder & CEO, Prime Factor Capital
    Bi-weekly webcam discussions on markets, funds, finance and economics. Each episode provides an overview on one ecosystem within investment management.

    This week: The first crypto asset manager to be authorised by the FCA as a full-scope AIFM
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  • Title: Finding Value in Asia: Discovering Tech Innovators in an Exponential World
  • Live at: Jul 12 2018 8:00 am
  • Presented by: Koon Boon KEE, Director & Co-Founder HERO Investment Management
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