How Can "Pinning" Help Your Advisory Business?

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Blane Warrene, CEO, Arkovi; Caitlin Zucal, Marketing Coordinator, Arkovi
Pinterest has exploded onto the social media scene and is one of the fastest growing networks. With more than 10 million users (most of those also integrating with Facebook) it quickly emerged as the top visually-driven social platform. Being used by both business and consumers - learn how "pinning" can help your business.
Apr 18 2012
48 mins
How Can "Pinning" Help Your Advisory Business?
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  • George Kinder: Great Communicating Starts with Great Listening Sep 3 2015 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    George Kinder
    Effective listening starts with an inner awareness called Mindfulness, a simple internal practice done 10-20 minutes a day that can make an average communicator into a great one. Transform hollow interactions into engaged, dynamic relationships by being present and in the moment. Learn why successful organizations all over the world are bringing Mindfulness to the workplace. Developing inner awareness leads to productive relationship building, sharpening crucial skills in management, improving sales and operations at successful firms. Win the trust across the spectrum of those you communicate with, from clients to colleagues, employees to senior management, in every interaction.

    You Will Learn:
    1.What Mindfulness is and why it is useful in the business world.
    2.How this simple practice enhances self-awareness, making one a potent and attentive listener.
    3.How to be 100% in the present moment, focused, free of distractions.
    4.A 5-phase process that leads to effective communication and deep trust, yielding sustainable professional and personal relationships.
    5.How Mindfulness training has been embraced across industries, including health, financial services, technology, government, journalism, entertainment, social services, think tanks, law enforcement, the military and education. (Google, Apple, Aetna, Virgin, Madison Wisconsin Police Dept, Congress, and House of Commons.)

    Can’t Miss Takeaway:
    You will:
    •Learn the daily practice of Mindfulness and how it delivers practical benefits.
    •Have access to an audio guide to a daily Mindfulness practice.
    •Receive a free on-line copy of George Kinder’s book, Transforming Suffering into Wisdom: Mindfulness and The Art of Inner Listening.

    Who Should Attend?
    Anyone who wishes to be more effective in their communication skills, with greater control, clearer focus, more patience, flexibility and skill, greater leadership and access to intuition, values, creativity, and managing stress and difficult emotions with poise.
  • Securing the Financial Services Network and Changing the Game Aug 18 2015 6:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Araldo Menegon, Global Managing Director, Financial Services, Fortinet
    Fortinet protects the most valuable assets of the largest financial services institutions across the globe. Learn how they provide high-performance protection against cyber-threats by hearing from security experts and key customers.
  • Investing in a Recovering Europe Aug 12 2015 1:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Christian Diebitsch, Portfolio Manager, Heptagon
    US equities exceeded their previous all-time high in April 2013 but it took European shares another two years to reach that point. As a stock market region, we believe Europe is currently well-positioned to continue to outperform other developed markets. Not only do we expect USD-strength to bolster European exporters’ revenue and profit growth but accelerating economic activity should support intra-regional commerce and therefore economies of scale for businesses at large. In this presentation, Christian Diebitsch, the Portfolio Manager of Heptagon European Focus Equity Fund, explains where he currently sees opportunities for further outperformance by following a disciplined, time-tested, bottom-up, non-benchmark driven strategy based on quality-growth.
  • Europe: Separating macro from the micro and why business continues to thrive Aug 12 2015 12:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Robin Milway, Senior Portfolio Manager, New Capital Dynamic European Equity Fund
    Many local European companies are thriving even in the midst of political uncertainty and economic malaise. We will explain how the New Capital Dynamic European Equity Fund focuses on what are the most important drivers for any business, namely the management and the business model. We aim to show the listener that there is a rich diversity of phenomenal companies in Europe that are prospering, despite newspaper headlines to the contrary, and where we see opportunity in equity markets going forward.
  • The Eurozone crisis has ended Aug 12 2015 10:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Niall Gallagher, Investment Director, GAM
    Niall Gallagher will discuss why he believes the conditions for earnings growth are now firmly in place in Europe and explain how he approaches stock selection in the region to maximise the opportunity.
  • Supertanker funds: Liquidity issues in shallow waters? Recorded: Jul 23 2015 46 mins
    Jon "JB" Beckett, fund selector, CIO, author of #newfundorder
    If we liken funds to ships, then the largest today would most certainly resemble the largest supertankers. The biggest risk for these funds is liquidity 'draft' and 'shallow water'.

    Explore the concept of liquidity risk and why size matters (but not in a good way) with JB--fund selector, gatekeeper, CIO and author of the new book #newfundorder
  • How to get more leads from your firm's blog Recorded: Jul 23 2015 38 mins
    Sam Turner, Online Marketing Strategist, ClientsFirst
    Do you have a blog or news section on your website? Are you attracting high levels of traffic, but low numbers of leads for your firm? You're not alone! Converting website visitors to enquiries (and eventually clients) is a huge problem for many professional services firms. In this presentation, we'll talk about why this is the case, what you can do to combat it and how you can implement a full 'lead nurturing' system to keep converting visitors to clients, time and time again.
  • Take Control of Your First Impression Recorded: Jul 9 2015 27 mins
    Julie Currid, COO of Initiafy, and Sean Fennell, CEO of Initiafy
    No matter what you call it, the process of bringing new contractors and temporary employees into your company can be challenging. Nowadays, the most inspirational companies use technology to care for and manage their contingency workforce so that everyone feels engaged and has an impact on productivity.

    Contractors and temporary employees may spend much shorter periods of time on your workforce.They may have different skill sets and be carrying out different work.They may even work on different locations to your direct employees. But they still need to be on-boarded in a way which keeps them safe and gets them productive in a timely manner.

    This presentation will bring you through the steps you should take when planning your initiation process for contractors and temporary employees.

    It advises you on your obligations as well as the kind of information you may wish to impart.
  • Assessing High Potential in Leaders Recorded: Jul 9 2015 41 mins
    Rani Bains, Managing Consultant, YSC Ltd.
    YSC is a business psychology consultancy who have been at the forefront of assessing high potential in FTSE 100 organisations. This session will look at their model of high potential and identify the process of assessment involved to understand the psychological components which are deterministic of high potential performance and leadership.
    The model used by YSC is the most applied in the UK and has been formally validated through extensive research
  • How hybrid bonds and junior debt can help in a low yield world Recorded: Jul 8 2015 32 mins
    Jeremy Smouha, CEO, Atlanticomnium
    In this presentation, Jeremy Smouha, manager of the GAM Star Credit Opportunities Fund, will explain why investing in issues lower down the company’s capital structure of investment grade or high quality issuers can produce high income in a low return world.
  • How to profit from cheap inflation protection in the bond market Recorded: Jul 8 2015 41 mins
    Ben Lord, Fund Manager, M&G Investments
    UK inflation has seen steep falls in recent months, and has even seen months of deflation. This has been mainly driven by falling fuel prices as world oil prices have dropped by more than 50% over the past six months. However, while acknowledging that inflation could remain subdued in the short term, it appears that low or negative inflation will be temporary and it looks set to return to its 2% target within the next two years.
  • Eurozone and the Impact on the FI Market Recorded: Jul 8 2015 42 mins
    Andrew Belshaw, Head of investments – London, Western Asset.
    Andrew Belshaw talks about the Eurozone and the impact on the FI Market
  • What the TECH! Wealth Management’s rampant conqueror or unknown saviour? Recorded: Jun 25 2015 34 mins
    Sebastian Dovey, Owner, Scorpio Partnership
    Everyone is becoming accepting of the fact that technology has a role in the client experience and client journey within the wealth management industry.

    Many are better understanding the impacts on the operating costs for service delivery. While some have completely embraced the cost saving advantages to such an extent that they have stormed onto the scene and gaining market share.

    This rising presence of technology has brought about a new and unique relationship management standard. One that takes several steps away from the long standing traditional lorels of relationship management. However, it has allowed firms to take many a step closer to the ultimate focus, the client and their needs.

    Scorpio Partnership explores the current state of our industry and attempts to answer the new big questions that should be on everyone’s minds:
    How is technology really going to transform the wealth management landscape?
    What does this trend really mean for traditional wealth management?
  • Happiness and Humour: The Secret to Effective Leadership Recorded: Jun 11 2015 41 mins
    Stephanie Davies, Behavioral Strategist and CEO, Laughology
    There is a large amount of literature on happiness and the importance it has on our lives and work. There have been various studies into the connection between happiness in the workplace, learning and productivity and the general well-being of staff and individuals. This introductory webinar will introduce the neuroscience of happiness and the connection to creating a positive culture and how using humour as a cognitive tool helps create adaptable, resilient teams.

    In this webinar you will explore:
    - What is Laughology – The science and psychology of motivation, emotions, happiness and humour
    - Why happiness, humour and laughter is vital in all workplaces
    - What does happiness really mean for organisations
    · How a happy workforce is more flexible to change
    · Humour as a system for processing information and being positive
  • Asia: Charting turbulent waters Recorded: Jun 10 2015 54 mins
    Matthew Dobbs, Fund Manager, Schroders
    Matthew Dobbs, Fund Manager, will discuss both the short-term and long-term economic outlook for the Asia ex Japan region. He will lay out the case for investing in the region and discuss current issues facing investors there. Schroders' current investment policy in Asia will be outlined, including the countries and sectors we see as offering attractive investment opportunities.
  • It is time for active investing in US Value Recorded: May 13 2015 43 mins
    Jason Subotky, Portfolio Manager, Yacktman Asset Management
    In the last few years, the U.S. stock market has rallied sharply, largely from multiple expansion. It seems some investors might have forgotten about cycles and become complacent about risk. In this presentation, Jason Subotky, Portfolio Manager at Yacktman Asset Management, explains where he currently sees value in US quality stocks and how the firm, over the last 15 years, by following a disciplined, bottom-up, non-benchmark driven strategy has outperformed on a risk-adjusted basis over full market cycles. We are likely on the cusp of a period of strong outperformance by this strategy again.
  • The Alger American Asset Growth Fund Recorded: May 13 2015 44 mins
    Kevin Collins, CFA, SVP, Client Portfolio Manager, Alger
    With a dedicated focus on growth investment management, Alger has continued to progress within the marketplace since launching this Sicav in 1996, with the original US fund in 1976. In this webinar Kevin Collins will present Alger’s well regarded US equity fund, and key investment themes in the current market.
  • Finding Alpha Beyond Smart Beta Recorded: May 13 2015 29 mins
    Sheedsa Ali & Kate Faraday, Portfolio Managers, PineBridge US Research Enhanced Equity Strategy
    In today’s crowded investment environment, there are many passive and active strategies. However, there is a risk that passive strategies can become indistinguishable from one another while active strategies can be scale constrained, with an unjustifiable fee.

    There is also space in the market for an investment solution which contains both active and passive features. Join Sheedsa Ali and Kate Faraday, Portfolio Managers of the PineBridge US Research Enhanced Equity Strategy, to learn more about this “smart beta plus” approach and how it can help your portfolio.
  • US Growth Investing: Why Now? Recorded: May 13 2015 39 mins
    Mike Clulow, Portfolio Manager and Don Klotter, Client Portfolio Manager, New Capital US Growth Fund
    In the last few years, we have seen impressive bull market returns in the US equity space, however, strong economic fundamentals and 17x multiples implies strong equity returns that have yet to be realised. Interest rates and inflation remain at historic lows, corporate earnings continue to impress, US economic growth is accelerating, employment and housing numbers are strong and getting stronger, and consumers and businesses alike will soon start reaping the benefits of cheaper oil. Given these conditions, as a long only, active stock picker, we will explain why we see such tremendous opportunity in the US growth equity space right now. Using our proprietary fundamental research and financial analysis, we continue to identify the very best of the growth universe and then actively trade those names.
  • Why Europe is not Japan Recorded: Apr 22 2015 26 mins
    Niall Gallagher, Investment Director, GAM
    Join Niall Gallagher to find out why he believes that the factors that kept investors from Europe are dissipating:

    1. Structural improvements are driving the European stock recovery
    2. Austerity is coming to an end
    3. A positive ‘fiscal impulse’ will support economic growth
    4. Repair in the banking system is the key dynamic driving the credit impulse

    Niall will also explain why it is important to look at the change in the rate of credit growth rather than credit growth or outstanding debt levels, when assessing the long-term investment potential of this region, and give an update on how he’s positioning the European equity mandates he manages at GAM.
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  • Title: How Can "Pinning" Help Your Advisory Business?
  • Live at: Apr 18 2012 5:00 pm
  • Presented by: Blane Warrene, CEO, Arkovi; Caitlin Zucal, Marketing Coordinator, Arkovi
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