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Qu'est-ce que le Réseau ouvert? Et pourquoi devriez-vous vous en soucier?

Réseau ouvert ou « l’open networking » . Vous en avez entendu parler, mais pourriez-vous l'expliquer à quelqu'un d'autre? Ou mieux encore, expliquez pourquoi ils devraient s'en soucier? Que vous convainquiez ou non votre organisation de sitôt, vous voudrez vous familiariser avec le réseaux ouvert car il remodèle le centre de données.
Recorded Jun 6 2020 32 mins
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Frank Lorentz, Account Executive, Cumulus Networks
Presentation preview: Qu'est-ce que le Réseau ouvert? Et pourquoi devriez-vous vous en soucier?

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  • New Era of Open Networking Recorded: Nov 17 2020 52 mins
    Pete Lumbis, Director of Technical Marketing & David Iles, Senior Director, Ethernet Switching
    The most advanced data center operators around the world leverage open networking to accelerate their networks towards the future. Watch this webinar to hear about the latest innovations in data center networking.
  • Network streaming telemetry with NetQ and WJH Recorded: Jul 21 2020 48 mins
    Amit Katz, VP of Ethernet Switching at NVIDIA, & Pete Lumbis, Director of Technical Marketing & Docs, NVIDIA
    Join Amit Katz and Pete Lumbis for a discussion on the evolution of network monitoring and telemetry from SNMP to streaming telemetry, how to use NetQ for fabric-wide validation and telemetry, and What Just Happened for next generation ASIC telemetry.
  • [Panel] The New Intelligent Network: AI, Edge and Beyond Recorded: Jul 16 2020 49 mins
    Jeanne Morain, iSpeak Cloud | Dobias van Ingen, HPE Aruba | Pete Lumbis, NVIDIA / Cumulus | Nitish Shrivastava, Samsung
    As the data era continues to bring significant opportunities and challenges, it’s crucial that businesses are set up to be successful at the edge. As such, network infrastructure is evolving fast to protect, optimize and scale businesses opportunities.

    Join this expert panel as network leaders come together to share insights and advice on how to build a future-ready network infrastructure that ensures success. Points of discussion will include:

    - Best practices for managing and converting data generated at the edge
    - How to utilise AIOps to automate network tasks such as shifting traffic
    - How to use intelligent networks to seek out and address issues before they impact the business
    - Essentials for moving security to the network edge

    Jeanne Morain, Founder, iSpeak Cloud (Moderator)
    Dobias van Ingen, EMEA CTO and Systems Engineer Director, HPE Aruba
    Pete Lumbis, Director of Technical Marketing and Documentation, NVIDIA Mellanox Ethernet Business Unit
    Nitish Shrivastava, Senior Director and Head of Product Management, Samsung
  • Jump-start your network automation, featuring Forrester Research Recorded: Jul 14 2020 44 mins
    Chris Gardner, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research & Pete Lumbis, Director of Technical Marketing & Docs at NVIDIA
    Join guest Chris Gardner for thought leadership on modern network automation projects, and Pete Lumbis for a live plug-and-play, open source, end-to-end automated configuration demo.
  • Building networks for cloud infrastructure Recorded: Jun 25 2020 64 mins
    Chris Grundemann VP, Client Success at Myriad360 & Rama Darbha, VP of Services at Cumulus
    Imagine the new normal for networking as a dynamic system: one where virtualization and integration allow switching and routing to be deployed anywhere between two flat spaces, scaling with the bandwidth and latency required for each application. Watch this webinar with Cumulus Networks and Myriad360 as they share their aligned visions of what defines “infrastructure with purpose” in a “cloud integrated network.”

    Chris and Rama will discuss how (and why) to build network infrastructure in multi-cloud environments, and the key elements of a cloud-suited network, such as:

    -Virtualization & integration: Why they’re at the core of new networking
    -One flat space vs. two: The evolution of disaggregation into a “Network of Pods”
    -Physical vs. virtual: How to best orient and split functionality in a virtualized environment
    -Visibility: Setting expectations for modern network control and management
  • オープンネットワーキングの定義とその重要性について Recorded: Jun 19 2020 43 mins
    Tomoo Yamazaki, Regional Sales Manager
  • NetQ reinvented demo Recorded: Jun 6 2020 14 mins
    Justin Betz, Technical Marketing Engineer, Cumulus Networks
    Due to the accelerating pressure of microservices, containers and virtual machines, the state of networking is rapidly changing and growing increasingly complex. When an issue arises, you’re forced to go hunting for the proverbial needle in the haystack (read: manual, box-to-box intervention because you don’t have a holistic view of all the activities putting demands on the network).

    Fortunately, there’s a highly-scalable, modern network operations tool set that provides the visibility and troubleshooting of your overlay and underlay network in real-time.

    Watch Cumulus® NetQ experts Justin Betz (Technical Marketing Engineer) and Faye Ly (Senior Product Line Manager for NetQ) demo the latest NetQ release, and how it can provide you with better insight into the demands on your network with:

    -Data collection: real-time and historical telemetry and network state information
    -Data analytics: deep processing of the data
    -Data visualization: rich graphical user interface (GUI) for actionable insight
  • Was ist Open Networking? Und warum es Sie interessieren sollte! Recorded: Jun 6 2020 37 mins
    Timo Klos, Account Executive, Cumulus Networks
    Sie haben bestimmt davon gehört, aber kennen Sie die Rolle, die Open Networking bereits in vielen modernen Rechenzentren spielt? Oder besser noch, was sind die überzeugenden Argumente, warum Open Networking mehr und mehr an Fahrt aufnimmt? Unabhängig davon, ob Sie und Ihre Organisation schon überzeugt sind oder nicht, sollten Sie sich mit Open Networking auskennen, da es längst Rechenzentrum zukunftsweisend verändert.
  • Qu'est-ce que le Réseau ouvert? Et pourquoi devriez-vous vous en soucier? Recorded: Jun 6 2020 32 mins
    Frank Lorentz, Account Executive, Cumulus Networks
    Réseau ouvert ou « l’open networking » . Vous en avez entendu parler, mais pourriez-vous l'expliquer à quelqu'un d'autre? Ou mieux encore, expliquez pourquoi ils devraient s'en soucier? Que vous convainquiez ou non votre organisation de sitôt, vous voudrez vous familiariser avec le réseaux ouvert car il remodèle le centre de données.
  • Infrastructure with a purpose Recorded: Jun 6 2020 40 mins
    JR Rivers, Co-founder & Former CTO, Cumulus Networks
    Architects and networking professionals today continually push the boundaries of what is possible, turning innovative ideas into real-world solutions. IT is no longer a commodity, but rather something that fuels the business and establishes a competitive edge. I&O professionals today are building infrastructure that will take the business to the next stage. At Cumulus, we call this "Infrastructure with Purpose."

    So how (and why) does one build "infrastructure with purpose"? There are many ways to do this, and it requires not just technology adoption but an operational mindset shift. Join our discussion in this on-demand webinar with JR Rivers, Co-founder and CTO of Cumulus Networks, as he shares his vision of what defines Infrastructure with Purpose and insights on how you can establish the building blocks of your infrastructure and IT success.
  • Change with confidence - a NetQ demo Recorded: Jun 5 2020 48 mins
    Faye Ly, Senior Product Management & Justin Betz, TME
    Whether they’re made intentionally or as a side effect of application changes, network changes cause disruption. Fortunately, Cumulus NetQ’s got you covered. With state-of-the-art network visibility, Cumulus NetQ catches network issues before and after configuration changes are made. Watch this live demo to see in realtime how NetQ can help you make a network change without disrupting your services.
  • The old way of networking meets the new way of innovation Recorded: Jun 5 2020 47 mins
    Justin Betz, TME and Scott Ciccone, Senior Director, Head of Product Marketing
    Compare traditional, legacy networking with open, web-scale networking and decide for yourself which methodology offers the most benefit to your business.

    This webinar, featuring TME Justin Betz and senior product marketing director Scott Ciccone walks through the outdated technologies in networking today and how innovative companies are thinking about data center network design.

    Watch the webinar to make sure your data center network stays innovative.
  • EVPN Best Practices and Lessons From Deployment Recorded: May 21 2020 58 mins
    Dinesh Dutt, Former Chief Scientist, Cumulus Networks & Pete Lumbis, Director, Technical Marketing, Cumulus Networks
    EVPN has become a de facto way to build data center networks, but the term refers to a big tent of technologies that continue to grow and change. Join Dinesh Dutt and Pete Lumbis for discussion on how to scale up EVPN networks using multicast replication, as well as the underlay design considerations for deploying multicast. They’ll address EVPN multihoming and how you can finally kill off MLAG without losing host redundancy, and they'll discuss the Linux and FRR work that has been done to support these technologies and how they enable next-generation EVPN deployments.

    Learning Objectives:
    - When and how to deploy EVPN multicast replication
    - Underlay design considerations when using multicast replication
    - How EVPN multihoming simplifies host deployments
    - EVPN open source contributions and the future of open EVPN networks
  • Navigating the New Zero Touch Network Recorded: Apr 22 2020 60 mins
    Steve Brumer (BH IoT Group), Brandon Heller (Forward Networks), Rama Darbha (Cumulus), Nathan McMahon (Avi Networks)
    With the need to deliver exceptional customer experience, the concept of the zero touch network has been gaining ground. While not a new idea, in 2020 the zero touch network is defined by most as being a network that ensures high availability, reliability and efficiency - automatically. Behind this is a management system that relies on many of the principles of software-defined networking and virtualization.

    As 5G begins to be deployed around the globe, the requirements for network transformation has ramped up quickly and is having a significant impact on network operations.

    Join this panel of networking experts as they share insights and lessons on how to navigate the new zero touch network and its demands on operations around capacity, latency, reliability and scalability.

    Steve Brumer, Partner, BH IoT Group (Moderator)
    Brandon Heller, CTO & Co-Founder, Forward Networks
    Rama Darbha, Director, Consulting Services, Culumus
    Nathan McMahon, Solutions Architect, Avi Networks
  • Modern Campus Networking Recorded: Oct 29 2019 48 mins
    Scott Ciccone | Sr. Director Product Marketing, Mike Courtney | Sales Engineer, and Justin Betz | TME, CCIE, CCONP
    If you're a data center user looking to extend the benefits of open, modern and disaggregated networking to your campus networks, then join networking experts in this on-demand webinar for a discussion around how Cumulus Linux and NetQ bring unparalleled benefits to Modern Campus.
Enabling a new era of accelerated data center computing
NVIDIA® is the leader in open networking, end-to-end at all layers of software and hardware. NVIDIA combines the benefits of NVIDIA Mellanox Spectrum based switches, providing the industry's leading performing ASIC, with the latest network operating system advances including NVIDIA Cumulus Linux, NVIDIA Mellanox Onyx and SONiC, offering choice and flexibility while removing restrictions.

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  • Title: Qu'est-ce que le Réseau ouvert? Et pourquoi devriez-vous vous en soucier?
  • Live at: Jun 6 2020 12:45 am
  • Presented by: Frank Lorentz, Account Executive, Cumulus Networks
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